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Found 5 results

  1. - It is dangerous to go alone... Take a genetically modified monster... We offer a variety of "Quality Monsters" that will surely help aid you on your quest of being the REBORN CHAMP. We are offering ALL Monsters from Gen I-VI. Plus we can also offer items like Heart Scales, Ability Capsules, PP Up, etc. We also have an Art/Sprite Shop too in exchange for Monsters. We also appreciate if you can review our shop, if there is something we can improve. You can also suggest what will be our next breeding projects. Click this Link to "View" MonsterMasterList PLEASE READ FIRST!!! WHOLESALE!!! CLOSED!!! OPEN!!!
  2. bada_mat

    Trading (CLOSED)

    Guys I m new here, sorry if I m making this post wrong. TRADING: i want- -STARTERS: squirtle, snivy, tepig, chespin, and the 3 starters of the 7th generation. - LOVE TO HAVE: larvitar and dratini but I think they r not available yet. I GIVE: - STARTERS: ALL the other starters not mentioned above - SHINY: bronzong, primape, maowstic, tentacruel, ursaring, kingler, pansear, 2 buneary (M&F), stantler, dustox, munna, pelipper, hoothoot, Lombre, arbok, wooper and ponyta. *also an EEVEE shiny but I love him so only for multiple trade - also others like shinx, aerodactyl, skarmory etc
  3. Ladies and gentlemen! I hereby present you the thread to my newest run - one themed a nostalgia run. Like probably most of us, I grew up during the early generations of Pokemon, my first games being the blue version and the gold version. On the latter, I reached my first milestones, the most notable being getting my first Pokemon to level 100. It was my old friend Typhlosion. Now going into the details of every milestone and all the fun I had during the first two generations of Pokemon would be too much to cover in this post. I was still heavily involved when Pokemon Ruby came around, and that was probably the first game where I really got into trying to complete that Pokedex as far as possible, trading the get what was exclusive to Sapphire or Fire Red/Leaf Green. And I did it. (As far as it was possible without cheating) After that, things got a bit slow, and while I still enjoyed Diamond and Pearl and played the 5th generation as well, those and the following ones just weren't the same. (Actually, I haven't played S/M or US/UM at all) And I'm not really a fan of Arceus and all the hype around it (#TeamMew - although Lugia is my favorite legendary) And as the nostalgia hit me some time ago, I decided that I was gonna do a run on Reborn to remember and honor that time. Obviously, there are rules to this run: I believe I have covered the essentials. At this point, this run is still in the "set-up" phase. Uni is very time-intensive right now and I want to make this an experience all of you can follow and enjoy with me properly, therefore it will take some time to get things started. However, there is something you can do to take part in this before the run has even started. Initially I had planned on choosing Cyndaquil as my starter (for obvious reasons) and just going from there. Things changed a bit when I just managed to breed a shiny Cyndaquil - the first shiny I've EVER bred. Even though I'm not sure what I think about shiny Typhlosion yet (mainly because the pictures I found of it don't match the sprite it has now - I believe it's shiny form was changed at least one or two times), I will use that one. That being said, I will still have to choose a starter at the beginning of the game, therefore I have created a poll for you to vote. Yours truly, MRC (also, I apologise for any mistakes in advance as English isn't my mother tongue)
  4. Damian Grey

    Will this break my game?

    I love reborn as a game and how challenging it is,even in the first gym when i went with my dartrix-espurr-munna-linoone i had to level them all up close to lvl 20 in order to beat it and that is nice but i hate how most of the pokemon we get are the "ugly" ones and the just generally rejects of the game. So if i started a run with mudkip and then brought fennekin as my replacement for growlithe and espurr and then added rowlett as my grass and continued on with these 3 only..will it be game breaking and would i just win gym fights too easily?
  5. Rules: (I'm too bored to write new ones, so I copied those from the type hurt/heal topic) Once a day, you have the ability to Hurt (You are evil) a Starter (and its whole evolution line) by 2 points and also heal (That doesn't make it okay) a Starter (and its respective line) by 1 point. Each Starter will start with 20 points and will be eliminated once they reach 0 so just remove them when they do so. Have fun! Bulbasaur: 20 Charmander: 20 Squirtle: 20 Chikorita: 20 Cyndaquil: 20 Totodile: 20 Treecko: 20 Torchic: 20 Mudkip: 20 Turtwig: 20 Chimchar: 20 Piplup: 20 Snivy: 20 Tepig: 20 Oshawott: 20 Chespin: 20 Fennekin: 20 Froakie: 20 Rowlet: 20 Litten: 20 Popplio: 20