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Found 9 results

  1. Anyone knows how ? I want to make my own trainer sprite.... so here's the question list : And if you curious what character i'm trying to sprite, just look at my profile pic
  2. So, I thought that a little customization wouldn't hurt and that led me to change sprites (of the Pokémon obviously!). Gen 6 animated sprites seem to be a lot popular, so I'm collecting sprites from the net, which are .gif files. I tested out some of the sprites myself and it seems that I am facing no buggy gaming so far. However, THERE IS ONE SLIGHT DISSATISFACTION.......the sprites appear to be a bit "small" in size (just a tiny bit). So I would really appreciate if anyone knew how to fix this(optional). Therefore, if anyone is interested, can you help me out in collecting them, like sharing the work? I have already started collecting gen 6 sprites of gen 1 Pokémon. Will anybody help out by collecting as well? (it's ok if you don't want to tho). If anyone is interested in grabbing a folder full of gen 6 sprites, let me know. OR if there is anyone who has accomplished such a feat, then pls share too! :-) Pls, note that custom shinies are not available (if people want them that is).....and of course, there is no animated sprites for PULSE and Dimensional Rift Pokémon. Here's the link for getting the sprites....... (Credits to Pkparaiso & Smogon and their community for the sprites) http://www.pokestadium.com/tools/sprites
  3. It happens when a pokémon uses Dig, Dive, Fly, or Phantom Force that I have known: If the pokemon fails the second turn, the sprite will just disappear, and remain invisible until attacking or receiving an attack (Or changing back). I think it should be around here yet but as I didn't find it, here it is ^-^
  4. i was on the last trial, at the mansion, but when i finished it, my character's sprite got back to the "normal" sprite, instead of the A.N.A. sprite (from the password(9494) at the start), i don't want to play with another sprite (cuz i put the A.N.A. was the name of my character....). Look at my save file, after complete this pool trial it comes back to the normal sprite T^T Game.rxdata
  5. Iori Yagami - Reborn Style W.I.P

    Hey There Guys and Gals ! it's been forever since i've posted anything ..so today i bring my latest creation ..... so,..how is it ?? what do you all think ??
  6. I don't really think that the part of the game I'm up to is relevant, so in order to avoid spoilers for others, I won't mention it. However, what does need to be mentioned is the fact that at the beginning of the game, I chose the dark skinned, black sweater and red shirt wearing male character. However, during a certain part of the game, I was required to play as a different character for a while. After I completed this section, I regained control of "my character", but he had the sprite of the light skinned male trainer with green shoes, a grey sweater and a hat. This kind of ruins the "immersion" for me and bothers me way more than it should, but I can't help it! Does anyone know how I can change my trainer's sprite back to the dark skinned male trainer?
  7. Sprite W.I.P Pokemon Master Ash

    Hey Guys ! i've been working on a new sprite sheet for character customization ! what you guys think
  8. - It is dangerous to go alone... Take a genetically modified monster... We offer a variety of "Quality Monsters" that will surely help aid you on your quest of being the REBORN CHAMP. We are offering ALL Monsters from Gen I-VI. Plus we can also offer items like Heart Scales, Ability Capsules, PP Up, etc. We also have an Art/Sprite Shop too in exchange for Monsters. We also appreciate if you can review our shop, if there is something we can improve. You can also suggest what will be our next breeding projects. Click this Link to "View" MonsterMasterList PLEASE READ FIRST!!! WHOLESALE!!! CLOSED!!! OPEN!!!
  9. How to make a sprite?

    So I've been thinking about enjoying reborn with my own custom character, but I've never made a sprite before, and I honestly don't know where to begin. I know that I'd need to replace a handful of assets from the character model to the back sprite, the overworked model's walking, running, surfing, and tauros riding animations, and their challenger cut-ins. That's a lot of work if I really want to do that right. Does anyone who does sprites have advice or assistance to offer with how to get started, what programs are best (mac friendly please)?