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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Guys! wanna post my Fan-Art to Pokemon Reborn/Pokemon in General So I uhhh...had this art for awhile and finally decided to post this right about now, initially i was about to send them earlier here but the "schedule" I'm having is a bit, intertwined because of, "School" Now i'll be covering the entire details so that it won't look boring, you can check them underneath the spoiler Long Story Short: It was out of nowhere and it just chained to curiosity to another.. So because of this i decided to make this and really i don't know why i was making this until i reach the part where i decided to put lineart. I was afraid doing this cause..well satan and stuff..But here i did it and it took a week to ensure that all the details are just right, I decided to give a different look cause i don't want it being a too accurate and make it unique..and i just managed to have time to color this and do some final touches... but here's the OUTLINE! Its already too big i can't even fit the original sketch LOL XD The ridiculous thing here, Its too big for the entire Forum (but one of my sketches and lineart are fine what the?) so i gotta place a link so that you can see it there instead, It's on my Twitter account and don't worry, nothings bad there, (except my terrible tweets..) So this concludes everything about this and I'm not gonna be online that much to be updated about this post or in the Discord for awhile..again...I'll just say hello when i have time lol.... If you have concerns about it, go ahead, i try to make things detailed so no one would be asking too much but I'm open for some "Constructive Criticism" lol (If you're planning to, I recommend you to check the extra details/spoiler first. cause it was a lot of process.) Sincerely, Spooky Machine 990. P.S. how is this sprting you may ask? cause i use pixels..mostly in the outlining part but the colors are different. Another P.S. I don't know if i broke a lot of rules about adding links to the post but I state what those links are...pls tell me if its wrong its only my first time
  2. So to recap the storyline: You prevent somebody from killing themselves. You screw up the timeline, so you have to go back in time and let that person kill themselves. :/ Woah. Since me and a lot of others are experiencing a major snow storm, I finished the game super early and am just listing things to do in the post game of v10. Theres not a lot of things to do :/ but there are a few things you can still do. 1. Cherry Tree (Credit: *Dev* Ice Cream Sand Witch): If you go back to Sheridan Village in the past, you can chop down that cherry blossom tree that resulted from the death of Vivian. Now where else were there a bunch of cherry trees? Route 3? Hmmm..... I wonder what happens if you go back there after chopping the tree down? Actually there is a building where you can get research notes (key item). However, leaving the building crashes your game and there will be a patch out tomorrow or today. 2. Replanting the Cherry Tree (Credit: *Dev* Ice Cream Sand Witch): Rethought your actions and have regrets on chopping down this significant tree? Fret not. Because if you just interact with the broken tree again, you can replant it and restore everything to normal. You can go back to Route 2 after replanting the tree and give the research notes to some guy blocking an area and he will unblock the way, which will let you catch Flabebe. 3. Spiritomb Event: If you go into Darchlight Woods and talk to people 30 times exactly (WILL RUIN IF YOU GO OVER 30) and bring an odd keystone in order to get yourself a Spiritomb, which isn't that good of a pokemon anyways. :/ 4. Carnival Games: Just like the Agate Carneval from Reborn, this is the same thing except its in Rejuvenation. It has all of the same games except the a fish tank game. 5. Darchlight Woods: Yes I know, the place is really annoying if you do not have repels but theres new areas in the woods to explore that are completely unrelated to the storyline for v10. So I would check it out. Theres even a small bunker that you can fall into with absolutely nothing inside it. :/ However, there is TM Leech Life if you want it. 6. Continuation of the "Missing Children" Sidequest (Credit: DreamblitzX): If you go to the police station, you can continue the side quest that involves Dylan and the robot girl. You continue up until it tasks you to enter the Scholor District. 7. Gearen City Glitch: If you enter Gearen City and keep going east, you encounter a glitch where the game repositions your character to walk into the building sprite and put you into a softlock. According to the devs, they are putting out a patch but I still wouldn't recommend doing it until then. 8. Seabound Cave: Around Akura Town there's new area to explore. You can enter Seabound Cave, which has an ice puzzle leading to nothing, but does hint that it will be explorable in future versions. However, there is a guy who says that "a cave should be around here, not Seabound Cave, but another one, that he will 'find' some day." Now this might not seem like anything to you but I think I know what Jan is trying to hint out. *cough* regis *cough*. Since its snowing in the background, I have every reason to believe that its Regice. Now we just have to do the relicanth thing :/ I'm sure that I'm probably missing events so please share down below all the stuff I missed out on :] #frenz
  3. so i noticed there's still people who are trying to figure out how to get the true ending. i'm also cursed with being a completionist so i thought i'd go ahead and just conjure up a guide so that people can experience the true ending, because with the normal ending you're missing out on some important information (as it's essentially an extension of the normal ending), and of course, a much better ending. plus who doesn't love the feeling of collecting everything :}
  4. After playing through the events of episode 10, I am really curious about what this role of "interceptor" means for MC and gang. Maybe we can talk about it abit more since I am not really that knowledgeable about the game. Major spoilers ahead
  5. Hey guys. So if you guys have been keeping up with the V10 Status Thread, you'll know that the only remaining factor that we're waiting on is the Beta Testing, which is estimated to be at 80% according to Jan. This means that the release of Version 10 is imminent, and I wanted to hear what you all are hoping to see/predicting to see, and since I believe that there's currently no other theory thread about V10, I decided to make one! It'll be fun to hear all of your opinions, so have at it! I'll even throw mine in after I think it through properly! Thanks, and have fun! NarutoK
  6. Apparently Hurricane is supposed to blow away Misty Terrain. But it stayed on the field. "* These moves will terminate this field effect: Whirlwind Gust Razor Wind Hurricane Defog Tailwind Twister Supersonic Skystrike for misty terrain" -Azery
  7. Idk about everyone else, but I got Kingdom Hearts vibes from this game. That being said, this game's pretty damn epic. lol
  8. Zander

    Stuff about Amaria

    This contains all kinds of spoilers Story Lore After Titania I battled Amaria. I had chosen the Zekrom route. When I went into Amaria's gym I found it simply beautiful. Pretty unpopular opinion but yeah I did not mind the puzzle at all. The calming music plus excellent scenery has me sold. Now Amaria herself was very docile. She knew what her situation was, her relationship with Titania and everything else. She was still suicidal but she didn't want to kill herself on her own which is a definite improvement. That is the character that I prefer for her. After the gym battle Titania decides to stay with her and support her despite saying that it is her hell. Then there's the Reshiram route. Amaria is the complete opposite. She tries to drown you, and is completely crazy. Also refuses to listen to your request of battle type and does the complete opposite. This Amaria seems really whiny and everyone probably hates her. Before the gym battle itself Titania leaves Amaria because she is tired with her and decides that Amaria finally crossed the line by trying to kill your character. I think that people are looking at this the wrong way. Amaria relies heavily on Titania. She truly loves her. In the Zekrom route she is very docile because you talk to her after Titania has already spoken to her. In the Reshiram route you talk to her before Titania even arrives at the house. Amaria's mental stability really depends on Titania's existence. Even if their relationship goes bad, just being there makes Amaria happy. So I don't think she's a whiny person but all she wanted was some love. I would love for her past to actually be revealed so that we can understand why she behaves this way. I also don't understand what Zekrom or Reshiram have to do with any of this. There is nothing about truth and ideals that is being shown here. It's simply Amaria's personality to act like that. Now for the route selection. I think that is pure bs. The route splitting was a horrible choice. I get that Amaria's character is trying to be shown and expanded upon maybe too much, almost like she's the main character instead even though we are just spectators but it could have definitely been shown differently. Maybe two different scenes, one with Titania and one without just to show how Amaria acts in different situations. That would definitely speak more clearly about her character. A random Taka battle should really not decide how such an important character like Amaria acts. Taka went as fast as he came(at least in the Reshiram route) and his character doesn't have depth at all. He seems to just complain about stuff instead of trying to find a way out while Amaria probably has some kind of past trauma which affects her. So the two characters should not have been interrelated like this. Gym Battle That gym battle was super tough. Her field is so broken that it makes Titania seem tame. On her field this is what you have to remember:- 1) All water type attacks are doubled 2) Dive and Fly change the field 3) Above water no ground type moves like earthquake work and electric type attacks do more damage 4) Under water all damage from physical attacks are almost halved and electric moves do double damage 5) All non water type pokemon have their speed halved Now you will not understand how frustrating the 5th point is until you face off against Ludicolo that somehow outspeeds a freaking Noivern above water! Keep in mind that Noivern is a flying type meaning that it should not even be affected by water and it's speed it still halved because that's just how the game is. On top of that her seeds do some insane stuff like sharply boost sp def over water or speed underwater along with a free aqua ring. Had to change my movests so much and had to give Noivern and Nidoking a focus sash just so i could survive attacks. That rotom was annoying too which is why I needed Ndoking with focus sash brick break to remove screens after I fainted rotom. Magnezone took out Rotom at the start with a nice crit(even after 5 resets Magnezone was always finishing rotom with a crit so maybe it just hates rorom that much). Greninja managed Swampert with grass knot. Noivern was using hurricane against Ludicolo after sash(had to reset like 50 times because hurricane kept on missing). Granbull okoed Kingra with play rough after surviving scald. Wishiwashi was taken out with Magnezone after using other pokemon as fodder for healing. The Lapras was just stupid. It kept on ice sharding my Greninja when I thought it would use dive so i basically revived 3 members before deciding that it was time to kill it. Overall bs battle and I did not like using brick break and changing my movesets but it had to be done. And that was my overall thoughts about Amaria and her situations. Since you already read so much, you might as well say whether you agree with my points or not. Did I miss something of importance or maybe am I seeing this whole situation in a wrong way? I would really like to know. Thanks for reading!