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Found 20 results

  1. [Spoilers] Corey in the house

  2. I'm back! And curious!

    So i am back from the abyss since i've been told E17 is out! Which is awesome! The bad news is that i had to format my computer not so long ago and i lost pretty much everything... Including my Pokémon Reborn files (I'll miss the last squad i had, THE MOST fun i've ever had in this game was with those guys). So, since i have no other option that starting from 0... Do you guys have any suggestions? Did the things change enough to make it worth it start again? Are the new Pokémon all in late game as usual? I don't need to know much... A yes or no would be enough... And as for the starter, i already don't know what to pick... As always... So feel free to let know what you think about E17 without spoiling much! Hahah! And let me know what would be a fun run to do! Thank you in advance for taking your time.
  3. save file glitch

    Way back last year, there was a post about fixing the bug about not being able to find Simon at the graveyard nor the apartment. I missed those days and i still have that bug sooo can anyone body help me Game.rxdata
  4. Based on the list created by Endstrom and others in the Reborn City subforum, I have compiled a list of all of the Pokemon available through new methods in E17. There might be a few instances where, if a Pokemon is wild, I missed one or more of its locations, but at least one is there for everything. If it’s bolded, I either have not found it yet or the aces are having difficulty figuring out where it is/how it works for events. As for italics, I’m slowly collecting information about axed Pokemon, either from changing events or wild locations changing. These are, at the moment, NOT exhaustive so if you start a new file and find out anything that’s different about availability, please point it out here and I’ll edit it in. Gen 1 Gen 2 Gen 3 Gen 4 Gen 5 Gen 6 Gen 7 Alola Forms - Note this is not exhaustive. I found just one location where I could find them and moved on, as encounters.txt doesn’t specify between Alolan/Kantonian forms. What’s to Come (major spoilers for future episode availability): Thanks to: Ice Cream Sand Witch, NickCrash, Bazaro, bepe, Gaunt for their additions during beta testing.
  5. in terms of: - Story, specifically which arcs you personally rank as the best and worst. - If you would like, include ranking for story aspects, such as the Garufa, Storm 9, dimensional rifts, etc - Characters - Map design: favorite and least favorite locations - Side quests, both HC and non-HC - And anything else you want to add! just remember, rank your personal favorite and least favorite for each section!! reasoning behind your rankings are preferred :-)
  6. If you choose not to read Titania's Diary when getting Surf, the game continues as of you had.
  7. (Developing) Byxbysion Ward

    Byxbysion Ward "In memory of what this place was, so that it may never be again." a content addition mod by AiedailEclipsed In the Episode 16 release of Reborn, we see Reborn City brought up from its previously squalid conditions and into a bright and shining new era. Well. Most of Reborn City. Arguably the area most physically affected by the machinations of Team Meteor -- inadvertently at that, -- is the Byxbysion Wasteland. It is a festering pit of filth and toxic waste, unable to provide refuge or home to most city residents in a time when they need it most. And during the player's absence and subsequent return to the city, many surely thought that we might see a restored Byxbysion area. Unfortunately, no -- during the development period, Ame did contemplate giving Byxbysion a fresh coat of paint (read: completely and totally gut the place and start over) like the rest of the city, but the effort required would likely have drastically pushed back the release date even further. We can see nods towards in-game acknowledgement that the Byxbysion area is the next major project to be undertaken in restoring the city, but it likely wouldn't be something that we could ever actually get to see. Well, I decided to change that. What this mod aims to do To put it simply, I aim to add in the Byxbysion Ward mentioned within the game's files. I plan to do this very, very carefully so that it could hopefully be able to be "dropped" into any current Reborn game and picked up without noticing any in-game weirdness or conflicting with the core Reborn game information. In order to do this, I've "set aside" the last 25 maps that can be created in an RPG Maker XP game in order to avoid conflicts with the core Reborn game for as long as possible (if it may ever happen). In addition, any events that will be created will be leaps after the current Reborn switches and variables. I'm hoping to minimize my impact on the core game as much as possible, in respect for what Ame has created, while adding my own flair and creating an experience congruent with the world it inhabits. I will also only be utilizing previously existing Reborn assets (minor edits to those not withstanding). What this mod will NOT do This mod will not add encounters of any kind that would happen before the "canon" location is available to you (ie, you won't be able to find a Scyther in the tall grass or through a gifted encounter). Further along those lines, you won't be able to find or buy items that would otherwise be inaccessible to you within the limits of the current canon game. Frequently Asked Questions Screenshots Click here to follow along with development snapshots arranged by date! Progress Report Change Log
  8. With hype for Version 10 firing up, I thought this would be a great time to start threads like this to spark up some conversation. I want to see what other people think of the game! So here I'll start with a fairly basic question--who's your favorite character in the game? Why are they your favorite? If it's a tiebreaker between several characters, what made those characters stand out to you?
  9. My Thoughts

    So, I just finished V9, it was kind of a cool story so far, but a major cliffhanger after announcing all the protagonists are going to be a part of the tourney is kind of disappointing. I'd honestly say lower the shiny odds a bit, I've found a lot of shinies tbh. Few bugs here and there, such as Blacksteeple Castle messing with the character sprite, some typos, etc. Also, in the past, why does Madame X care if we die? I mean I understand why Konan or whatever his name is is saved by Madame X, he's probably one of the 4 of the Dark Prophecy. Madame X should probably be replaced by Crescent in that one part. It's also a little disappointing how Nim/Lorna has no relation to the story as of V9. Now, a talk about the Gym Leaders and Level Cap. The Level Cap is extremely annoying, especially when your only flying type is a Swoobat to combat Crowli. And then you can't even overlevel to combat it ;-; And then it's annoying as hell when the Gym Leaders on Normal Mode have levels equal to level cap, with their weaknesses being restricted by the terrain, like the stupid Psychic terrain blocking all Dark-type moves. At least raise the level cap like 5 levels :/
  10. Reborn City aftermath (Spoilers)

    So, um. Did anyone else tear up a little after finally getting Fly, and flying back to Reborn City, and seeing it...completely restored, like that? The industrial wasteland turned into a beautiful city?
  11. Sooo.... A long time ago I was playing Rejuvenation, V8 I beleieve it was at the time.... I had just reached the Grass Type Gym Leader and was getting my ass repeatedly handed to me, so I "rage quitted" the game... Eventually I forgot about the game at all... Real life and all that... And a few days ago shofu restarted his playthrough and I was like "Oh shit! I never picked it up again".... This is where the awkwardness sets in... I cant remember a thing about what is happening.... And while I would gladly start over, I just dont have the time.... So, could some kind soul sum up what the hell is going on by the time I reached the Grass Gym Leader? I vaguely remember getting on the train for the Dream City, but all else is a blur.... I'll list some of the things I remember, in case some detail changed... ->Aelita is in a coma, something about a golden cave and Groudon? ->Saki & co are still missing since the whole "volcano thing"... That was like... 3 episodes ago? ->Venam and Melia are with me... Am I forgetting anyone important? ->Aparently I did something to the Gym Leaders Sister? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ->The gym leaders so far were Venam, Aelitas Sensei, Marienette, "The Ghost Chick whos name I dont recall", "The Water chick that hangs with Saki & co", "The Bug Dude", "The Crazy Ice Lady", Amber, and "The one I cant remember who it was".... Right? Grass Dude is to be the 10th... ->We went to the past once before I seem to recall? And some white-haired dude came back with us? ->Crescent is a bitch for manipulating my "Psychic friend whos name neither I nor her recall" Plot Points: We went: Gearen Sewers (Who keeps a generator here?); Attack on Goldenwood Forest (Demon Gyarados Saga); Amethyst cave (Pychic Friend, sorry for forgetting your name); Sheridan (Sensei was a Xen, Shadow Mewtwo Saga?); Goldenleaf assholes and attack in the Radio(?) Tower; Route to Aqua(?) (Town which was deserted); Prison Saga (Melia was undercover with a different name, Mommy NO!); Crash in Terajuma (Demon Carnivine?); Bug Gym; Crazy Ice Lady's Cult (She got frozen); Volcano Saga (Magma Stone and Groudon, RIP Jenner); Amber's Gym(PARTY, Xen couple defect?); We went to West Gearen (?) and this is were it gets fuzzy... I dont even rememeber who was the Gym leader there, let alone what happened, but I seem to recall Ice Lady got thawed out? Sorry if I offend the creator or any hardcore fans for daring to forget btw, and thanks for any help in advance
  12. After I replayed the game for V9 to rejog my memory, I got kind of curious as of what others also did within the game. This wont only include choices, but also battle results and such. Most of these choices aren't actually that important. Pretty large spoilers might be following: 1. Did you beat Amaria/Amanda & Ren in your first battles? 2. Did you defeat Dimensional Gyrados? 3. Who did you team up with in Amethyst Cave? (Against Zetta & against the Dimensional Rift Galvantula) 4. Did you beat Shadow Mewtwo? 5. Did you receive Anju's pendant in the Marble Mansion? 6. Did you beat Madame X? 7. Did you free Kreiss or not? 8. Did you choose to hand over the Magma Stone or not? 9. Did you snoop through Kanon and Melia's diaries :V 10. Who did you attempt to free: Maria or the Police Officer? 11. Were you able to save Dimensional Garbador? 12. Who did you team up with in Darchlight Caves: Florin, Flora, or Erin? 13. Did you expose Flora? 14. Which ribbon did you choose for Melia?
  13. Passwords (S P O I L E R S)

    So anyone who started over from the beginning would know that after you tell Amanda your name and all that jazz, you can enter in a password. Jan already gave us one of the passwords, which was to skip the entirety of the boat cut scene at the beginning. Obviously, i got a bit curious and started typing in random passwords. Normally I would have just went into RPGMaker like a nerd and looked at what all the passwords were, but well... My trial expired LOL. So after about 20 minutes of thinking of random numbers to put in, I jokingly put in my now former phone password: 9494. And what happened is... Interesting. Password screen. After typing in the password "9494" And this happens... Which is the extremely interesting part. If you have done the quest in the underground involving the A.N.A. android thing, you'll notice that this is the exact same sprite... So basically the password turns you into this... girl? I have no idea if this affects the story at all, and I'm fairly certain that this password isn't found anywhere in game... But yeah... All this got me wondering if theres anymore passwords than just this one and the boat skip. Obviously someone can just go into the game with RPGMaker and check but like i said my trial expired... And i wont have the money to buy it for another week or two so... Anyways what are your guys' thoughts on this? I think it's really cool and I'm considering replaying the game as this thing just to see if there's any changes at all.
  14. Hey, remember when I made a Viability Rankings Thread and kinda left it to rot after a while? Yeah, those were good times. Fortunately, my College semester just ended, and I have more time to work on stuff like this, so with the new Version of Pokemon Rejuvenation out, I decided to reboot the thread! Remember, read the rules, AND SPOILERS AHOY. Here are the rules, ripped straight from the 3.0 thread (which in turn were ripped straight from the 2.0 thread... yeah...) Definitions Of Each Rank:S Rank: These Pokemon are extremely useful in every or most battles and rarely find themselves outclassed. They almost always have a lot to contribute during the tougher battles. These Pokemon are incredible.A Rank: These Pokemon are very good in most battles, but may struggle a bit with a few others. Nevertheless, they are still capable of holding their own in these. These Pokemon are great.B Rank: These Pokemon are above average and help in a lot of battles, but there are times when they find themselves unable to do much in a few parts of the game. These Pokemon are above average.C Rank: These Pokemon may help in certain battles, but fail at doing much in others, or they may be only useful for the beginning of the game. These Pokemon are average.D Rank: These Pokemon have poor strength. They have little niche in the game and should not be used unless you seriously have no options left. These Pokemon are below average, but they may have some strange use, such as being able to use many HMs.E Rank: These Pokemon should never be used.Information For Contributors:If you want something ranked, you must include:- What rank you are nominating it for, preferably at the beginning of your post.- What useful moves it can learn (italicize Shadow moves) or useful Abilities it can have (nothing illegal), and it would be nice to note which are used by breeding. Items are unnecessary, but if you'd like to name one for a specific reason, go for it.- When it is obtainable (as in, "Available before Gym 1" or "Available before Gym 3"). Also mention if it's a limited event (so you can only get one of multiple Pokemon from the event, like choosing a starter), or if the event is particularly difficult (like Litwick's Event).- What battles / parts of the game it is useful for.- (Optional) Extra Usage: HMs? Sweet Scent? etc. - It must be available in the current version of the game! NO AXED POKEMON! Check here to see if the Pokemon is available first. Here's an example of a submission, using the poster boy of Disc One Nukes in Pokemon, Blaziken: Blaziken (S-Rank, by Lord_Chespin) And finally, reservations! So, yeah. Happy Ranking! Continued below...
  15. So with e17 in the making, the information is comming out for the future episodes(s). With the previous episode the information was all over the place and it was confusing. If I wanted a post for gen7 I had to search mega dragonite in the searchbar to find it. Even now the information about next episode, is scattered over the threads. For E16 I did a compilation thread for the dev team's animations. However this time I'm going bigger. So I'm going to (try to) compile all the spoiler/teaser information made by the dev team into a single post. When I refer to teaser/spoiler I do not include ingame accessable information or unconformed information. If you have information I missed please let me know, and I will post it. Enough useless chatter back to spoilers/teasers. General teasers UI makeover Normally I do a summary and some flavor but for this one I think a bit more context is necessairy. So UI stands for user interface and is basically the way software and person interact. The problem is that the term is a bit too general for practical use and in this case I will refer it to menus and boxes. So a new style of boxes and menus can be expected for E17. However the exact changes are not known but for info a (very very) likely suspect for the mod is being put in a link right here. https://twitter.com/amethystvl/status/818250695375724545 Ame's desert stream: It's going to be just 3 maps but one will be huge. There will be sand, mountains, sandstorms, aosises, trains (lots and lots of trains),... . Who knows what you will find there? Rumour goes that if one listen closely he can still hear Ame's laughter over a simple pun. Because the desert is being created and the train has a close connection to it will result in that the intro is going to be remade with the player entering from the desert. I even got a gif of a (small) portion of it. sorry link has expired. 7 main areas announced Ok there are going to be 7 new areas comprising multiple maps in E17. Have fun exploring (and cleaning up the hidden trash). http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/26268-when-is-e17-going-to-be-released/&do=findComment&comment=634496 Brand new intro! With extra foreshadowing! Well Ame released the new intro and it is absolutely stunning. It introduces some old characters a bit earlier and gives an explenation about the other characters. Also right now look and gender are completely seperate. Finally it gives some insight of the desert. http://www.rebornevo.com/index.php?/pr/development/records/e17-redone-intro-r20/ Well the mirage tower appears? Well If the intro was a bit too obscure. Right now the mirage tower is confirmed and will better then the one in emerald (not that difficult). http://amethystblack.tumblr.com/post/164074983777/the-development-blog-said-that-mirage-tower-was Ame's school for AI Ame is now busy with improving the AI. Of course what does that mean? Well it seems she is teaching the AI how to pokémon. She explains to the AI what each move does and how it interacts with fields. Let's hope the air balloon blunders stop now. http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/29393-what-exactly-is-that-function-code-crawl/&do=findComment&comment=688811 Reborn title music Reborn finally gets a proper tittle music music. Thank you Ame and O Colosso. I might not even play the game because that title music is just too good. Make reborn bad again That's right. Ame just ruined the reborn economy. Income is going to be low, people. Only six evolines left Well Ame confirmed only sic pokemon lines will remain unavailable until the end of e17. How much of you do wanna bet Magikarp is one of them? http://www.rebornevo.com/index.php?/pr/development/records/we-will-be-arriving-at-our-destination-shortly-r23/ Generation 7 Release date moved So gen 7 is comming to reborn earlier then previously expected. Instead of the last episode it is now planned for episode 17. http://www.rebornevo.com/index.php?/pr/development/records/alolaconfirmed-r2/ Psychic field confirmed and old ones reupated So with gen 7 a psychic field and the old fields will be reupdated with new moves. http://www.rebornevo.com/index.php?/pr/development/records/e17-status-categories-r6/ Gen 7 animations are implemented last First all animations will be implemented for previous generation moves before the gen 7 ones. http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/24061-pokemon-stat-changes-next-episode-question/&do=findComment&comment=599258 Ame's gen 7 shiny sprite stream So Ame did a stream where she sprites the custom shinies of gen 7. So with all the shinies some extra information came through. Like Serra getting a new team and giving arora veil as TM or direct confirmation about of Ultra Beasts. For those wondering about gen 7 changes, Alolan vulpix will be catcheable in the wild and wingull will be axed (or at least delayed). sorry link has expired. Silvally Shiny: So the last shiny to be devellopped will be Silvally. However unlike many shinies this one wil just not be a simple recolloring but rather a true transformation . One for every type, dedication must appriciated. As of right the work is done, you still can see some examples in the thread but most aren't public yet. http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/24648-the-last-genvii-custom-shiny/ Z-moves are a thing: Well in the Tourmaline stream it is said that Z-Moves are going to be in Reborn and that the animations are being worked on (or at least should be) by Inuki. Marcello also finished the framework for the Z-Moves. http://www.rebornevo.com/index.php?/pr/development/records/putting-the-z-back-in-zzzzzzzzzzzzz-r12/ Seeds Seeds are a gen 7 exclusive one time use item to boost a stat of a pokemon on a specific seed for a specific pkmn. Now since reborn has far more fields, fields are spread over the seeds instead of logging over 30 kinds of seed. On top of that instead of a stat boost seeds now offer a different effect based on the field. So experiment and find the different applications of your seeds. http://www.rebornevo.com/index.php?/pr/development/records/sewing-the-seeds-r14/ A wild Type:Null appeared Well that's all Ame posted. A wild encounter wiith a Type:Null. What it could mean is uncertain but it is still there. https://twitter.com/amethystvl/status/838198855556546560 On the event list Well we can still enjoy our drifloon and fight with the venipede in E17 but who cares about that? More importantly we get Salazzle. http://amethystblack.tumblr.com/post/165578816657/hey-you-know-that-even-with-the-drifbloon-and-the Fern & Lurantis Well Ame gives her opinion on whether Fern gets a Lurantis. Most likely not. Besides stripes make you look fat and no way Fern would be seen with that. http://amethystblack.tumblr.com/post/165578676712/is-fern-going-to-use-a-lurantis-fits-him-rather One of Aya's team Aya has a Salazzle. http://amethystblack.tumblr.com/post/165746451112/salazzle-is-perfect-for-cain-2017 Story Branched story Right now the story is confirmed to be branched. The amount of branching will not be massive but comparible to previous instances. http://www.rebornevo.com/index.php?/pr/development/records/e17-status-categories-r6/ Dragon's Den is used twice for a gym leader battle Get your swords ready because we are slaying a gym leader in the dragon's den not once but twice . http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/19617-if-you-wish-to-slay-a-dragon/ Desert confirmed Unless Ame has the strangest sense of priorities we will be entering the desert in E17. No derailing by a missing set of children. It's not all sand Unless I completely am misinterpretating Victoria as a character and she loves prancing aroun in the desert, E17 will come a with a nice piece of nature. Maybe it is the oasis? A hidden cave? Who knows? http://amethystblack.tumblr.com/post/163590269292/where-would-the-rivals-take-a-date-if-they-had Luna is not done yet So Luna will still have some involvement in the story. https://twitter.com/amethystvl/status/824361180038922240 The daddy issues continue It seems that the story about Radomus, Ell and Luna will continue. http://amethystblack.tumblr.com/post/160938117697/did-real-life-elias-ever-find-out-that-luna-was Elite four A tad bit about the elite four unlike new generations, the elite four will have a fixed order. http://amethystblack.tumblr.com/post/158306077972/for-the-elite-four-is-it-gonna-be-like-the-ones PULSE HUMANS A PULSE machine will be used on a human. Please don't be Fern, I can't handle more of his pathtic smugness. http://amethystblack.tumblr.com/post/157724644807/what-happens-if-a-human-is-put-on-a-pulse-machine Place your bets people The match of the century people. The butcher of reborn vs the decapitator, that's right it is Lin vs Titania coming soon. http://amethystblack.tumblr.com/post/163591371782/is-lin-good-in-a-fight-outside-of-battle-knife Sprites/animations Rockruff, Alolan Ninetales and Vikavolt front sprite Celesteela Tsareena Toxapex Alolan Ninetales back sprite and WishiWashi front sprite Exeggutor front and back sprite Shiny Bewear Frontsprite Shiny Tapu Fini, Shiny Dhelmise, Shiny Sylvally Fire,Shiny Sylvally ground(?),Shiny Alolan Ninetales, Shiny Sylvally ghost, Shiny Bewear, Shiny Oricorio pom-pom style Tapu Fini backsprite Shiny alolan Exeggutor backsprite Type: Null frontsprite Pulverizing Pancake Ever gen 7 mon including alolan forms, eggs and shinies: All standard gen 7 sprites have been finished and can be downloaded here (1.21 MB in size): http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/24410-gen-7-sprite-pack/ Please do note that custom shinies are still a thing, so changes are still possible. Fields Dragon's Den Well with a dragon gym leader comming up you will need any advantage you'll get. Unfortunatly for you a field tailored for dragon's has been revealed. Behold the dragon's den. http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/19617-if-you-wish-to-slay-a-dragon/ Flower Garden field Just how green how are your fingers? Test it out with this new field. Will you create a barren wasteland or a beatifull field with 8 different colors of flowers? http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/20520-please-set-this-field-on-fire/ Starlight Arena This field will create a pretty surrounding to relax while your pokemon are fighting with extremely dangerous abilities. So no worries,just look up and forget about losing. The stars are so pretty. http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22004-i-wish-you-play-i-wish-you-fight/ Psychic terrain So april 1 is over and the psychic terrain is revealed. The field is special to say the least. But don't worry if you keep a calm mind you can guide yourself through victory. Just be careful for the nasty plots of the enemy. http://www.rebornevo.com/index.php?/pr/development/records/unleasing-the-psychic-terrain-r15/&page=3 Z-move + Nature power+Reborn = madness The horror, the madness, glitch field strikes again. This time with the help of normalium Z . What makes this interesting is that right now Z-nature power is in a limbo. Nature power normally has only offensive moves as options however in reborn we have status moves as well in the ashen beach field ,the flower garden field, the inverse field and the glitch field. What Z-nature power does in these case is as of now up to debate. Will it work like metronome and fail to z-fy the moves or will it actually give the boosts? We know what it does in the glitch field, execute three different z-moves, but metronome is again a special case of a status move. So who knows? https://twitter.com/amethystvl/status/824484945389383684 More glitch field madness It's glitchfield nough said. Apparantly the post does seem to imply a new way to create the field. For those with basic coding skills or reading skills can see that the porygon2's type is changed to something new but before that something went wrong and the glitch field came to be. What might have happened who knows ? my guess would be trying to do conversion2 before your foe has launched a move or datachip/dubious disc as held item while using conversion(2) http://www.rebornevo.com/index.php?/pr/development/records/field-updates-are-long-r13 Psychic terrain used Psychic terrain will be used by in (important) trainer battle. So we will all enjoy this field.
  16. Welcome to this topic, with the purpose of providing quick answers to your E16 questions. You can ask and recieve help for playing through E16, finding newly introduced stuff, ask help for quests and puzzles, whatever. First, to get out some of the important stuff out of the way... Community release and info Online Play subforum E16 Un-stuck me - Save File fixing Bug reporting subforum Up-to-date Obtainable Pokemon List Topic guidelines: Ask anything you want that doesn't fall into the above threads Use spoiler tags for both questions and anwers. It's the eye icon on the text editor. Make things easier. If asking, give a hit about what you're asking beforehand. If replying, quote the post you're replying to Don't rely too much on this thread and enjoy the game. Go out there, explore, adventure, battle, DIY Use the in-game resources, the Pokedex and Field Effects app Help without giving it all on a plate. Try to point to the right direction, not spit everything out