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Found 30 results

  1. Hey guys!! Trying to complete my pokedex, i OFFER SHINY: 1 meowistic 2 bronzong 3 primape 4 kindra 5 tentacruel 6 ursaring 7 stantler 8 bunery 9 pansear 10 rapidash 11 kingler 12 dustox 13 munna 14 pelipper 15 hoothoot 16 lombre 17 arbok 18 wooper 19 piloswine 20 venomoth 21 golett 22 claucher 23 gastrodon 24 marowak 25 ariados some others u ask, and all of my luv ALL I AM ASKING FOR ARE: 1 Archen 9 Solosis 10 Elgyem 11 Larvesta 12 Inkay 13 slurpuff (or sweetspoon) 14 amaura 15 tyrunt 16 goomy 17 mudsdale 18 tsareena 19 dhelmise 20 deino 21 mantyke/mantine 22 alomomola 23 croagunk 24 bagon
  2. - It is dangerous to go alone... Take a genetically modified monster... We offer a variety of "Quality Monsters" that will surely help aid you on your quest of being the REBORN CHAMP. We are offering ALL Monsters from Gen I-VI. Plus we can also offer items like Heart Scales, Ability Capsules, PP Up, etc. We also have an Art/Sprite Shop too in exchange for Monsters. We also appreciate if you can review our shop, if there is something we can improve. You can also suggest what will be our next breeding projects. Click this Link to "View" MonsterMasterList PLEASE READ FIRST!!! WHOLESALE!!! CLOSED!!! OPEN!!!
  3. TheInsurgent

    New Shiny Icons for Gens 1-6

    I made a topic asking if i should upload all of my redone icons, so here ya go. I'll add gen 7 in the future, along with all shiny following sprites. These are also the new icons for each Pokemon, so no more gross 3rd gen icons. http://www.mediafire.com/file/9v69dam977q761t/Gen_1-6_Shiny_Icons.rar/file Just add all pngs to the "Icons" folder inside of "Graphics," and replace everything. http://www.mediafire.com/file/px2235hnc3lay93/updated again because im dumb.rar - Fixed a few pointed out errors, add + replace after the first one.
  4. evrymetul

    All Shiny Battler Textures

    This mod replaces the regular battler textures with the shiny variant. All pokemon are shiny. Installation -Merge the graphics folder into Reborn's and overwrite all files. http://www.mediafire.com/file/9sqovcn59hv2n80/All_Shiny.7z/file Get New Shiny Icons as well
  5. schwibley

    Is Smeargle in the game?

    Is he in the game and if he is then when does he become available. hes my favorite Pokemon and i need to know when to get hype. side note: he is the first Mon i shiny hunted for in the game full odds in Pokemon Emerald back in the day and still have him in my copy of ultra moon
  6. i just caught a shiny trubbish, pidove, and pancham all back to back i don't know if i am the luckiest man alive or if the shiny rate has been buffed
  7. bada_mat

    Trading (CLOSED)

    Guys I m new here, sorry if I m making this post wrong. TRADING: i want- -STARTERS: squirtle, snivy, tepig, chespin, and the 3 starters of the 7th generation. - LOVE TO HAVE: larvitar and dratini but I think they r not available yet. I GIVE: - STARTERS: ALL the other starters not mentioned above - SHINY: bronzong, primape, maowstic, tentacruel, ursaring, kingler, pansear, 2 buneary (M&F), stantler, dustox, munna, pelipper, hoothoot, Lombre, arbok, wooper and ponyta. *also an EEVEE shiny but I love him so only for multiple trade - also others like shinx, aerodactyl, skarmory etc
  8. Just want some opinions i think its pretty cool i like red and black and didn't really like regular shiny so :I i messed with stuff hope you guys like it its my first project
  9. Hey guys, i want as the title says a larvesta, an axew, a froakie, a slowpoke, a goomy, and a shroomish of any nature,gender,and iv's I can trade you back these shinies: mudkip (M): 31/31/01/29/31/31 modest bulbasaur (F): 31/31/26/31/31/31 sassy magikarp (F): 31/31/00/25/31/31 brave aerodactyl (M): 02/31/31/30/05/30 jolly charmander(M): 09/31/31/14/31/31 naughty note:has dragon dance beldum: 02/25/31/13/31/30 timid p.s.: i know i can get slowpoke by fishing, but i've done that for half an hour and got nothing , and i'm too bored to continue
  10. i want to trade for one of the pokemon above for one of the pokemon i have multiple froakie with differnt natures and both male/femal i have two shiny trubish and a shiny makuhita with a good nature and ivs and i am breeding some shinx/salandit/ralts trade name is LXBDK
  11. julien

    Shiny trade

    Hello everyone, I have all these shinies to trade for other shinies I don't have yet or some with good IVs. Some of my pokemon have good IVs. I am also looking for a Dragon scale or other interesting items. I am waiting for your offers
  12. Zero1Six

    Massive Giveaway (CLOSED)

    So my birthday is this weekend, and to celebrate, I'd like to give out a ton of mons to you all. However, I've added a little bit of a twist to the giveaway... I have filled four boxes that randomly contain the following: Shiny Starter/Shiny Psuedo/Shiny Super Rare Shiny Random Random w/ Pokerus Random with 3+ IV *There are a total of 30 of each kind* I'll give away up to 2 mons per person (the availability will be shown in the spoilers above), so comment which slots you want to pick. If you are unhappy with one of the mons you received, DM me and I will allow you to pick one more slot, in exchange for the mon you would like to give back. Additional Details If you would like to choose an additional slot, you will be allowed only one more selection. In order to make an additional selection, you must trade back one of the old mons, so that you will end up with two mons at most. Once traded back, the old mon will be placed in a random slot in a random box. I do not ask of anything special in return for these mons, but anything will be accepted.
  13. Hey guys I am extremely happy today! My fav team Chelsea FC won the FA CUP so I am doing a giveaway in the process DM me! its first come first serve I have only 1 of each good IVs
  14. This is the topic to ask for pokemons! Ask here, and our mods and leaders will grant your wish! Occasionaly, if i have enough time, i'll grant your wish myself .
  15. Updates (New 09/02/17) Candy is looking for (Semi-permanently down) Quick Look at Pokemon offered, use Ctrl+Find to find them in the listings 5IV Giveaway 4IV Giveaway 5IV HP Mons Giveaway 5IV Trading 5IV Shiny Trading 6IV Hidden Power Trading 6IV Trading
  16. HelloMegan

    My Shiny Giveaway

    Hey guys, so I've been breeding a lot of pokemon this winter break and now have an abundance of pokes i don't want or need, so I plan on doing a couple of giveaways since I think it would be better than just releasing these mons. So for today ill be giving away a box of shinies with random IVs, the pokes in the first half of the box should have at least one 31 IV stat if I remember correctly. Just comment in the thread the pokemon you want so others can also see if the mon they want was already taken. There will also be a 5/6IV giveaway probably tomorrow or saturday cuz I go back to school on like Sunday so stay tuned in for that and have a great day!
  17. What's up people.... I'm looking for anyone who is willing to part with an Oddishweed so I can have an extra one left after doing the Lady's Husband sidequest. Just for completion's sake. I have quite a few items to trade back or even PKMN, so if you require something specific let me know and I'll see if I have it available. I also have the following shinies which might be of interest: Spearow, Sandslash (regular), Meowth, Mankey, Weepinbell, Tentacool, Magnemite, Koffing, Phanphy, Gulpin, Kricketot, Buizel, Woobat, Basculin, Trubbish, Vanillish, Noibat, Sandygast
  18. Hi everyone! I picked up spriting this week and I decided to do the entire Torterra line through all 4 seasons. Thank you to those on the Discord for giving me feedback and advice. Here are some of my favorites, but you can find the entire collection in the attached zip file. Autumn Turtwig: Spring Grotle Summer Torterra: Winter Torterra: Torterra Through The Seasons.zip
  19. Millianne157

    Shiny Giveaway Right NOW!!

    Giving away between 300/400 shinies continuously from now until I run out
  20. luis

    Shiny Trading (DONE!)

    Hi everyone, I have a very specific request I need 17 shinys from different trainers. Can be any shiny like woobat or noibat. I also don't care about IVs I can trade any last stage pokémon except Silvally, Kommo-o or legendaries, All of my pokemons are shiny, have 5 IVs, are EV trained and come with an item of your choosing Let me know if you are interested! Progress: 17/17 - OT: Trufa - OT: Minmey - OT: Kiet - OT: Yams - OT: Sanford - OT: Casandra - OT: Nebiros -OT: Dev -OT: Marc - OT: Luna - OT: Vance - OT: Anakin - OT: Cece - OT: Osserc - OT: Che - OT: Pereto - OT: Estelle And DONE!! Thank you all!
  21. kyle3927

    Type: Null Shiny?

    I' m trying to get a null shiny, but i' m failing. Even with the shiny charm he won't come. Should I have given shiny Pokémon when it's time to do it, is it impossible to get, or do I just have bad luck?
  22. Millianne157

    Huge Shiny Giveaway Right NOW!!!

    Hi guys and galls some time ago I finished my shiny living dex and do the fact that I wanted my shinies to have at least decent iv's A LOT of rejects occurred Now time to give them away on March 6th I will be giving away roughly 400 shiny mons through wondertrade starting a 21.00 CET Hope everyone who gets one they are pleased with will leave me a comment or send a pm Hope that as many of you as possible gets to pick up at least 1
  23. LynxBach

    Giving Cyndaquils

    Hello everyone! So I've been trying to breed myself a shiny, perf Cyndaquil... The quest thus far has failed... BUT... In it's wake I have some perfects and 5x31 Shinies that I'd like to share with you guys. So here's whats up, ummm I'm gonna try to do my best to get back to everyone. Right now I have an entire box. REGULAR PERFECT MALE: 21 REGULAR PERFECT FEMALE: 3 5x31 SHINY MALE: 5 5x31 SHINY FEMALE: 1 Oh! On the off chance that one of you guys has a Dedenne or Pikachu or any of the starters to trade I would appreciate it, but they are NOT required. I'll trade for anything.
  24. Heyyyoooo ! I decided to create a second trade topic where i'm going for a breeding party. Like my other trade topic , all pokemons will be free giveaway Also , all the breeding pokemons i will offer can have 5iv or 6iv and pokerus too if you want When you want a pokemon ( whichever ) , just ask me and i should be able to give it to you , immediately or with a small delay , but the promise will always be kept no matter what ( i hope ). If i don't answer immediately , it's because i'm out or because i'm sleeping edit ( 16/01/18 ) : From now on , gen 7 are available to trade on the topic. You're welcome by the way Here is a little overview of this topic : I hope you will enjoy it ! See you ps : sometime on the first trading attempt , my game crash ( idk why ) . So if this happen , please do not panic and just re login , i will send you a request again and it will work.
  25. kalzone678

    Shiny for Oval Stone?

    Hey does anyone have a spare oval stone they can trade me? i just got Happiny but i don't wanna beat two gyms before it becomes somewhat useful. If anyone can help me out I'd be more than happy enough to trade you one of my shinies (Cubone and Roselia up for grabs). Thanks in advance