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Found 35 results

  1. Ntuafreak's Shiny only trade run

    Hello I'm on my 3rd playthrough of this awesome game and I decided to mix things up a little. Generally I would wonder trade any interesting pokemon I find in my runs to introduce some variety but this time I am putting an arbitrary rule to only trade any shiny pokemon I find. I would like to use the pokemon I get from this in at least a couple gym battles each but getting like 3 bidoofs in a row by wonder trading wouldnt be fun so I decided to make this thread insead. So to get to the point, if you have any interesting pokemon you would like me to have and use for my run, trade them to me and in return you will get some shiny I happen to have at the time. Keep in mind I am experiened with this game and pokemon games in general so I would like a small challenge but please no bidoofs and these kinds of filler pokemon cause that would not be interesting at all. Something unusual/rare would be perfect so surprise me! ATM I have a shiny Rattata and a Shiny beautifly to trade so hit me up! EDIT: I should clarify that I want pokemon the lowest level possible and I would prefer eggs, it's fun for me to raise pokemon form babies lol EDIT 2: I had an idea to name the pokemon I get by the trader's name just as a memorial to who sent what to me, but you could suggest another nickname for your pokemon if you want. Shinies for trade (always up to date): Sewadle, Tropius UPDATE 1: Rattata, Beautifly ---> Yellow Minior, Deino. Thanks @Lord Drakyle !! Renamed Lordy and Drakyle. UPDATE 2: Pidove ---> Snorunt (F) (undecided yet if it is gonna be Froslass or M Glalie) Thanks @CrimsonDragon21 !! Renamed Crimson. UPDATE 3: Trubish ---> Larvitar Thanks @HelloMegan !! Renamed Megan. UPDATE 4: Buizel ---> Ralts (M) gonna be Gardevoir Thanks @Karna !! Renamed Karna.
  2. looking for a jangmo-o

    I have completed my shiny living dex with all the available pokemon so far, but someone told me you could get a jangmo-o egg in teknike ridge?? So if anyone can trade me one so I can breed for a shiny and be one step closer to fully completed shiny living dex that would be so nice Thanks in advance, I can give any shiny in return, wanted all my shinies with good iv's so have bunch of rejects
  3. Silvally Build?

    I've been soft resetting to get a shiny silvally for a while, as I love the different shinies, I have my whole team shiny. I lucked out on the one I caught and it has really good ivs. I'm going to change silvally's type according to who I'm fighting, and due to it's ivs what build would you recommend? I can obviously change the nature as well
  4. My Shiny Giveaway

    Hey guys, so I've been breeding a lot of pokemon this winter break and now have an abundance of pokes i don't want or need, so I plan on doing a couple of giveaways since I think it would be better than just releasing these mons. So for today ill be giving away a box of shinies with random IVs, the pokes in the first half of the box should have at least one 31 IV stat if I remember correctly. Just comment in the thread the pokemon you want so others can also see if the mon they want was already taken. There will also be a 5/6IV giveaway probably tomorrow or saturday cuz I go back to school on like Sunday so stay tuned in for that and have a great day!
  5. I know that the shiny encounter rate is 1/100 in pokemon rejuvenation. But does this also apply to the static pokemon encounters (or the ones you see roaming around in certain areas)? I really want a shiny dodrio, and I have reset like 150 times and havent gotten one yet. Just wanted to check before I continue. Thanks!
  6. (Please inform me if I am using the wrong tags or forum, the way the website is set up confuses me sometimes) So I encountered the Type:Null event, being the asshole that I am, I decided to try for a shiny Type:Null, I eventually got one but when I went to battle with it something off happened. It looks like someone took an image from Google and copied and pasted it onto an already finished picture . . . . I don't know what forum, or post, or who to contact about this error, I just wanted to bring it to the attention to those who find this and know what to do better than I do. Have a very nice night/day wherever you may be
  7. I need a big AME Favor!

    Ima shorten this real quick. I need someone to trade for my shiny alternate vulpix too so they can "Give it It a ice stone and or teach it aroua veil with the TM! and then trade it back to me for a shiny out of a few choices. then I will give another shiny for any other Pokemon if this task is done. I really need the aroua veil Kinda struggling with gyms not even in ep 17 content yet! Shiny's up for trade: Odddish, Dunsparce, Donphan, Unown, Bouffalant, Woobat, Garbodor, Duskull, Unown, Foongus, And Gloom!
  8. As the title states: I want and NEED a cute, little Gastly. IVs, level and stuff doesn´t matter. Don´t have all pokes in shiny-form, so just ask for what you want and I´ll check if I have it. Of course I also give non-shiny mons
  9. I need a Jigglypuff for a certain quest. Mine got already evolved into Wigglytuff, so I need a new one. I will trade you one of those Shiny Pokemon of your choice: Skarmory Wingull Stantler Bellsprout Pidgeotto Beautifly Numel Slugma Maractus (recent) Let me know if you're interested in any of those (Beatufly is coolest of them all). I'll be wating for your response. First come, first served! EDIT: For Admins, it this is not a proper place for trading, you can move this topic to a different sub-forum.
  10. Shiny change?

    I noticed that some of the gender specific shinies were removed in E 17 is there a reason for this?? EX Nuzleaf and Torchic
  11. Hey there, I am looking for a strong Ditto to start breeding some of my favourite Pokemon. As i didn't know much about breeding my Ditto was not perfectly scouted when I obtained it. The Ditto should have at least 4 perfect IVs with priorities on Attack, Speed and Sp. Attack. For 5 or 6 IVS, i would give up to 5 Pokemon of the ones listed beneath. Despite it's not much I could offer the following Pokemon: Shinies: Magcargo Muk Trubbish Klink Golem Sandshrew Unown Boldore Porygon Gulpin Audino Noctowl Noibat Oddish Crustle Mantine Spearow Alola-Diglet Somewhat good IV + some egg moves: Poliwag 31/31/8/30/30/0 f + Water Sport Amaura 0/31/31/31/31/31 m Deerling 31/31/24/31/31/31 f Helioptile 17/31/31/31/31/31 m + Electric Terrain Tynamo 31/4/31/31/31/31 f Litwick 31/31/31/31/9/31 m Chikorita 31/31/31/31/31/23 m + Ancient Power Tangela 31/31/26/31/31/20 m + Leech Seed Froakie 31/19/23/30/31/30 m Gible 5 of 6 IVs 31 m/f Gastly 4/5 of 6 IVs 31 m/f Others: A bunch of Gibles and Honedges If you are interested PM me. There is no need to extend this Threat. I will delete it once i got what i wish for
  12. Shiny hunt riolu!?

    So I found Riolu but it is a egg and I am trying to shiny hunt but I don't know if it would look shiny when I first see it in the hatch screen or on the Pokemon screen please help this could save me some time.
  13. I have 3 shinies to give.

    So yesterday in a matter of 10 minutes i found 3 shinies and i not thinking in using them to i will giving them to anyone that wants them, they are a buneary (lvl 49), a tauros(lvl47) and a stantler(lvl45), if anyone want them or just one i can give it if no one wants them they will stay in my PC.
  14. This is the topic to ask for pokemons! Ask here, and our mods and leaders will grant your wish! Occasionaly, if i have enough time, i'll grant your wish myself .
  15. Shiny Giveaway

    Have some random Shinies, with random IV'S, which I caught to giveaway, cause I don't really need them^^ If somebody is interested let me know it Also I will update this when I caught a new one
  16. Eye on turtwig

    Hey guys, I was wondering if I could trade anyone for a shiny 5-IV Turtwig or a female 6-IV Turtwig? I can give u a either: 5-IV Charmander, 5-IV Honedge, 5-IV Larvesta, 5-IV Larvitar, or 5-IV Lapras(I'm also open to bargaining and givining more than one of the choices for the shiny 5-IV Turtwig: i.e someone can choose the honedge and larvitar). Or maybe I might have some other mon u might want that I didn't mention if you don't want one of those.
  17. So close but yet so far away

    I have almost completed my shiny living dex, I only lack the pokemon that are primary watertypes, primary firetypes and flyingtypes but considering that these three are large groups the road is still long I want them all to have decent IV's and that makes it way more time consuming that it already is, goal is still yo finish before E17 public release so when the new pokemon is open to the public I can start to hunt for those at once
  18. Shiny wondertrade GIVEAWAY!!

    Celebrating the release of E17 I will be wondertrading away 6 shiny pokemon each day until the community release, whenever that will be So here are the stuff you need to know, I will be wondertrading the pokemon away at around 10 am CET (today the trades will happen at 10 pm instead of am) The pokemon will all be named Milli157 and 50% or so will have 4 or 5 Iv's, I would appreciate anyone getting on of these: 1. Give it a name 2. Either comment here what pokemon you got and what you named it or send it to me on a pm 3 Enjoy the pokemon
  19. Just wondering because I have been soft resetting the Shuppet event for a while now in an attempt to get a shiny version of it. Will update saying I got it in the situation where I get it before an answer, but until then, I would like to know so I am sure if I am wasting my time or not.
  20. Jackpot shiny chance?

    Curious to know if i just lucked out or not but do jackpot pokemon shinies have the same rate as the other starters at being a shiny? just got a shiny riolu firt try, getting me worked up after 3 hours of resetting. (●´ω`●)
  21. Shinies

    Why are most of the shiny sprites pure evil?
  22. Heyyyoooo ! I decided to create a second trade topic where i'm going for a breeding party. Like my other trade topic , all pokemons will be free giveaway Also , all the breeding pokemons i will offer will have 5iv or 6iv and pokerus if you want. When you want a pokemon ( whichever ) , just ask me and i should be able to give it to you , immediately or with a small delay , but the promise will always be kept no matter what ( i hope ). If i don't answer immediately , it's because i'm out or because i'm sleeping And for those who just want a normal pokemon or a shiny one , it's here : http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/27009-zarc-professional-provider-of-pokemons-and-shiny/ edit ( 16/01/18 ) : From now on , gen 7 are available to trade on the topic , thanks to Sayia. Ask everything except jangmo-o and silvally You're welcome by the way Here is a little overview of this topic : I hope you will enjoy it ! See you ps : sometime on the first trading attempt , my game crash ( idk why ) . So if this happen , please do not panic and just re login , i will send you a request again and it will work.
  23. On the Xen Brigade Ship, is it possible to get a shiny mawile ? i already finished the ver. 9, so i started another save file trying to get only shiny pokemon on my team, but i don't know if it is possible to put a shiny mawile on my team :/
  24. Looking for a shiny elekid

    Hey guys i am looking for trade of a shiny elekid (preferablyv has cross chop) . Does anyone have that??