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Found 7 results

  1. There was a desert, as far as the eye could see. They were inside their Evangelions, but even though the cockpit should be a carefully controlled environment, it seemed that they could actually feel the heat outside. And they weren't alone - now they noticed hundreds of carcasses of Angels lying in the sand around them, some still twitching slightly - although clearly at Death's door - and a bigger number already rotting in the sun, all with their cores missing. Did they do that? They didn't know. Aside from the Angels' corpses, another thing now got their attention. A lone tree on fire, right in the middle of nowhere. Although they just had noticed it's presence, it somehow felt like it had been there forever. They walked their EVAs towards the tree, drawn by it's strangeness. As they got closer, they started seeing something in the fire, and listening to something other than the sound of the flames consuming the wood. They got closer and closer. They saw the end of the desert and a narrow sea, or a big river, beyond it. Somehow they knew they had to cross those greenish blue waters to get to the other side, but they didn't know how - where would they find an EVA sized boat to begin with? And then, as they were looking for a solution, the sea got darker and darker, and suddenly a huge mass of dark blue jumped out of the water, showing jaws so huge that they could swallow them all whole, as if the sea itself took form to get rid of them. Right before they got helplessly impaled by those huge teeth, the image in the fire changed and they saw the face of a girl with light blue hair and blood red eyes. She looked straight at them and said something, something they knew was important, but that they couldn't hear over the sound of the flames. Asuka woke up with a scream, jumping up so hard that she hit her head in the bottom of Beverly's bed. "Verdammt" she cursed as she came to her senses, still breathing heavily. Calm down - the red head thought to herself - She's dead ok? And this was just a dream. Even so, it had been way too vivid - and she had been way too loud about it, apparently, as the shrink didn't take long after that to appearat their door with worried expression. "Asuka? Is everything alright?" Alma asked, her blue eyes scanning the room for the source of trouble. "Yeah, yeah, just a nightmare. Nothing for you to worry about." The girl answered. It had already been three days since their fight with the Angel. Kyou and Ahmed were living in the apartments right across theirs, though they hadn't heard much from them since they were still adjusting to their familiar losses. The shrink tried to convince her, Beverly and Ranga that it would be good for their 'friends' to have company to distract them and pass the time, but Asuka disagreed. Sometimes being alone could be the best terapy for this kind of situation. "Ah, at least it was just that." Alma answered, then changed the subject. "It seems we have a meeting with Admiral Sauer and Dr. Hashimoto this afternoon, so I was going to call you all soon anyway... You girls want some breakfast?"
  2. Part 1 - Shattered Dreams "So, this is the promised land then?" "It´ll have to be." "Well... it looks really good, that´s for sure." The sunlight bathed the metal covered bridge of the Ark where the two people were standing. Beyond the glass of the huge window before them, a new Sun blessed a green world with the light of life. It was a bigger planet than Earth, they could now see, and with much more land than their original home. It´s predominant colour was that of forests and fields, though there were more than enough spots of blue for them not to worry about water. The yellow and reddish of deserts and the white of ice caps were also present, making for an environment as varied as they could hope. Admiral Adalard Sauer allowed himself a smile on his usually stern face. It was true that they still had a lot of work to do, but a finding such as this was a relief after all that time searching. "Truly a blessing of God in the emptiness of space..." The big man completed in contemplation. "There is no God." Answered the girl´s voice from before in an irritated tone, her familiar sillouette still hidden in the shadows. "And we´re better off this way, trust me." Adalard sighed and looked down for a bit. "Right, you know more about that than me anyway. I´m just happy the search is over." His eyes took back their usual severe gaze as he walked to the command panel of the spaceship. He pressed some buttons on the complicated interface and then took a microphone connected to the ark´s speaker sistem. "Attention all personnel of Ark-01 Noah, prepare for landing procedures and posterior Cryosleep release of the settlers on the surface of planet..." He stopped for a bit, thinking maybe Kepler 452b wasn´t such a good name for their new home. "...Canaan." He finally completed. A giggle sounded behind him. "Damn, you don´t look like it but you´re a hopeless romantic, Adalard. You should be a poet or a writer." "Oh well. A man can dream sometimes, right Asuka?" ------------------------------------------------------------ Awakening from Cryosleep was almost like waking up from a really long nap - just colder. After the individual cryo chambers opened, a trained member of Noah´s medical staff checked the basic life signs of it´s occupant. After that they were divided into age groups and sent in line for a more complete medical analysis. A multitude of people, soldiers, doctors, scientists and workers were walking around and talking excitedly. Seemed like they had suceeded in finding a new habitable home. In that ship bustling with activity, in a line like many others at the doors of a doctor´s office, five children ended up meeting - a meeting that would, more than anything else, determine the fate of the whole exodus. ((Just as the post says, fate brings you together at the doctor´s door. Time for some presentations and some reencounters!)) Opening
  3. Banner Theme Setting Sooo I thought I wouldn´t get around to hosting anything again for a while, but while doing some procrastination on class I was hit by an old idea of mine: an Evangelion based RP. So I started thinking a bit, the story started to unfold in my head and now I find myself presenting the idea to you guys. Neon Exodus Evangelion is set more than 150 years after the events of Neon Genesis Evangelion and The End of Evangelion. I´ll not take the Rebuild version of the story into account, seeing as it is not over yet, but some elements introduced on it may appear. Even though not in the same circumstances as the original story, we will be seeing EVAs, Angels, epic fights and deep rooted secrets and plotting behind the scenes - hopefully, everything that made Evangelion the sucess it was. Players will take place of the space pioneers aboard one of the arcs, after a new inhabitable planet has been discovered by it´s systems. As you land and start exploring your new home, the story will unveil with old and new foes trying to stand in your way. Although knowledge of the original story is certainly helpful, I´ll try to make it so people that haven´t watched the anime can hop in and play without worry. Though if that´s your case you should be prepared for spoilers! It´s important to notice that, since it´s such a controversial story and - specially by the ending - many of the details aren´t very well explained, the RP will follow my undestandment of what happened in the original series (heavily backed up by EVA Geeks, a sort of Evangelion Wiki). MECHANICS AND RULES This will be a free-form RP - meaning no numbers, dice roling etc. We will focus solely in the writing aspect, and battle outcomes will be ultimately decided by the host, should any doubts arise in this point. As for rules, first and foremost comes respect for other players and the host (we´re here to have fun, right?). I will also ask for restraint with the use of swearing, sexual content and gore/violence (a bit more freedom than usual with the last one since, well, this is Evangelion). Avoid taking those over the top ok? Bunnying (playing other peoples charaters without consent) is out of the question, as is playing your character based on your OOC knowledge. They should react based on what they know, not what their player know´s, about what is going on. Avoid making your character too Mary-Sueish for the sake of fun and character development. Have fun! World Information (May contain Neon Genesis Evangelion spoilers for those who didn´t watch the show) Discord Server Character Sheet Accepted Characters Kyou Verethragna - King Murdoc Ahmed Albadhinjan IIII - Cronos5010 Beverly Connors - rustytengo Satomi Hashimoto - Twinwolf Ranga Durian - Bfroger6
  4. [Game] Tri Spectrum

    INTRO: Hello, I would like to show you all a game that I made for my engineer project. The game itself is in active-development. It is playable, but I want to add new weapons, animations and maybe some more sound effects in the future. The actual game itself is a sci-fi themed massive multiplayer online game. The battle system in it is turn-based and at the begin if you want to know how to play there is an NPC that gives you a detailed instruction. I would also like to mention that game is a pure pvp game. (No AI fights) LINK: http://www.byond.com/games/Kisuo/TS# SCREENSHOTS: HIRING STAFF: - Host - Someone who could host a server as long as possible (24/7 would be perfect, but I will accept shorter times) - Iconner - Someone who is good with pixel art and could do weapons and attack animation frame by frame (average 5 & max 10 frames 32x32 pixels) NOTE: I consulted a mod about the placement of this thread. If someone however feels that it should be moved then feel free to do so.
  5. So this will be a basic draft of the idea and I hope that as this topic continues the Idea will become more and more refined, And here we go. System Rough draft of the Story: a tentative system has been created but I'm still working on the races and character classes.
  6. Bane stood before the smoldering embers of of ruin. His blade hung low in his grasp as his Psyche Jewel initiated the cool down phase, flares of telekinetic force still dying on his fingertips as he turned to face the prospective troopers, eyes cold as the dessert sun as he gazed upon each in turn. Gen stood on the observation platform overlooking the training field, clipboard in hand as she gave a sigh and backed away from the glass, shaking her head. "You failed." Bane said, lifting his weapon and directing the soldier's attention to what was left of the being they'd been testing against. A spindly, silver encased arm twitched ever so slightly as a substance black as night began to leak onto the floor from the mangled carapace... "We're sorry, sir..." Said the leader of the five man squad, a young officer from the look of his uniform, at least a good five years or so ahead of the very man he now addressed. Eye contact was all but avoided by everyone standing except Bane himself, the soldiers shifting in their places, gazes to the ground as they disengaged and removed the Psyche Jewels in their ears. "I can offer you no explanation for this fiasco except my leadership, however." "You understand that if this were the actual field, you're men would be dead, do you not?" Bane asked, thoroughly unimpressed as his brow furrowed. "You understand the fact that if I didn't intervene just now, you'd all be in the same state as this thing behind me, don't you?" "Yes sir..." The officer conceded, before glancing out of his periphery... "Umm...sir... behind-" The sound of crushed metal and cracking stones issued forth as one last blast of force was hurtled into the rising entity without Bane doing so much as acknowledging the being. the officer anxiously glanced back and forth between the warrior and his fallen prey. "Get out, all of you. Out of this room, and out of my sight. And place the jewels in the collection console on your way out." It wasn't an order that needed to be repeated. The five set a brisk pace for the door before he'd even finished. * * * * * * * * * * A Cold autumn wind blows in your face as you wander the seedier areas of the Lower city. The night life of Esperanza buzzes about all around you as crowds mingle and people wander, some of them out for an errand, but most of them out for a good ass night on the town from the look of their attire. as you have wandered away from your residence this night, you could not but notice a men in a navy blue trench coat occasionally popping up in your peripheral vision when you turn to look behind, though in all honesty you find it difficult to figure out if you're being tailed of he's just another PPK officer out on foot patrol. Either way, looking around now, there is no sign of any law enforcement in your vicinity as the glamorous and admirably breath stealing light displays of various Photon Signs blaze around you. Griped firmly in your hand lies a regal looking slip of paper handed to you earlier by sympathizer; one bering on it's pearly white, silver leaf bordered face the name of a Night Club- The Lion's Roar, in Sector eight of the lower city. Though you've never heard of the place before, it doesn't take you long to spot a sign bearing the same insignia as the slip as you look around. The line is long and stretches all the way to the corner of the narrow street, and at the door stands a bouncer looking like he's fresh out of prison, a hulking mass of muscle and dark pants and overcoat, shades over his eyes and his bald head gleaming in the artificial lights as he systematically denies people entry into the establishment, many of them attempting to argue with him... before he briefly brandishes a silver revolver from the depths of his coat and nudges his head to tell them to get lost before he starts blowing hot lead. The memory of your chance encounter with the sympathizer earlier today flashes through your mind as you glance down once again at the ticket, and the words they instructed you to speak to gain entry flash through your mind... "A Lannister always pays their debts." It's strange, you can't help but feel this phrase to be somewhat familiar... perhaps from literary history class way back in secondary school? Either way, it honestly doesn't matter where the hell you might have heard it before. the night is young, and so are you. But it matters not who we are or how old or youthful we might be, for death will deliver us all to the same path if we dare dally. Get moving. ((All PCs are currently separated from another in various parts of the night crowd in the vicinity of the Night club. Interaction with one another is impossible at this point in time. Meetings will occur once entry has been gained.))
  7. Hi all, and welcome to the first world in the Worlds Apart Project. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, look here. This thread will contain information regarding the World itself, as well as serve as a thread for general discussion and questions. I'm not going to include the "appendix/encyclopaedia" components yet, until I see how the reception for this is. If there's interest for it, I'll include it in the next world, or put up a new thread. For the fiction thread, click here For the Critique thread, click here World Name: Vyker World Genre: Cyberpunk Background: In the future, humanity has been united under the governance of an international governing body known as the Valhalla Triumvirate. Created with the purpose of uniting mankind's efforts towards a common future, the Triumvirate is composed of 3 bodies: the Affluent, the Academic and the Elect. The Triumvirate has 15 members at all times, 5 from each body. The Affluent are the 5 wealthiest individuals in the world. The Academic are the 5 most respected intellectuals of the age. The Elect are a group of 5 representatives, selected from a pool of nominees by popular vote. All decisions regarding the entirety of the human race must be approved by the Triumvirate; for approval, unanimous consent of the leader of each body must be present. The Triumvirate is constructed based on the fact that good governance requires three key factors: influence, rationality and popular support. The Affluent provide the influence - financial backing. The Academic provide reason and rationality. The Elect provide the face of the Triumvirate through which public approval is accrued. However, given that unanimous consent is required for a decision to be passed, naturally such a decision would be impossible for 3 different parties with differing agendas. Resultantly, bribes and blackmail form a significant part of the negotiation process. Thus, hackers are in high demand in this world; the hackers are employed to steal secrets and destroy data, serving as the agents of the Triumvirate members' illicit means of negotiation and coercion. This is possible through Yggdrasil, the global network that connects all electronic platforms and serves as a global network with near-unlimited processing capacity. All the secrets and files of each faction are stored on a different branch of the Yggdrasil, each segment protected by a different dynamic security net. Of course, given the extent of Yggdrasil's influence and importance, any kind of hacking is expressly prohibited; any individual proven to be a hacker will be executed, regardless of their employer. Despite that, there are the few that still choose to be hackers, some for the money, others for the thrill of the game. All are extremely talented, and all live on the edge of danger, constantly flirting with discovery and inevitable death. "Races": Human - Just an ordinary human, nothing special. Has the widest range of variance for capabilities. In some ways the weakest "race", but also has the most potential. Able to perform all kinds of hacking, some may choose to specialise. MenAug - A cyborg whose brain, but not body, has been augmented by cybernetics. Capable of higher processing speeds, higher memory capacity, and higher levels of logical reasoning. However, tends to be weak at lateral thinking, that is, unorthodox or even illogical trains of thought. Excels at Batter hacking, but lacks the creativity and unorthodoxy required for Construct hacking. Average at other types of hacks. PhysAug - A cyborg who has had limbs or organs replaced by cybernetics. Higher physical capabilities than normal humans, and can go days without rest. However, once the energy supply is depleted, it must be recharged either through electric or solar power before an electronic component can function again. For this reason, tends to be a bad idea to get cybernetic replacements for vital organs. Excels at Stealth hacking due to massive stamina. Relatively proficient at Batter hacking. Incapable of Construct hacking due to inconsistent material composition of body. Mod - a genetically modified human. Basically an enhanced human. Does everything a human can do, but better. However, Mods tend to be mentally or emotionally unstable, making them very hit-or-miss. If they freak out while hacking, it would instantly cause the hack to fail due to the break in concentration, while leaving a clear trail for the authorities to track. AI - An AI module that has attained self-awareness. Excels at all forms of hacking, but can only interact with the physical world through the takeover or proxy units, such as androids or computer terminals. Only race susceptible to reprogramming and EMPs. Due to the nature of an AI hack, if an AI hack fails, the controlling AI will be deleted along with the hack. Hack types: Batter hacking: brute force. Using an innumerable number of codes and generated passwords to bombard the system, working off the process of probability and elimination. Has the potential to be the fastest method, based on the mental processing speed of the hacker and his ability to handle multiple variables simultaneously. Stealth hacking: Using numerous negligible probes and small programs to find a way around the defences by identifying loopholes and vulnerabilities. Stealth hacking is much harder to identify and trace than other forms of hacking, but require extraordinary amounts of time and patience; many hacks require several hours of constant probing, making this method unfeasible for those lacking in both physical and mental stamina. Construct hacking: a relatively new form of hacking, it entails using programmes to reconstruct Yggdrasil within the user's mind as a VR interface. Using various translation protocols, the system reconstructs the user's consciousness as data within the network. While in the network, all the hacker's intentions and ideas can be materialised as objects in the VR system. When using this method of hacking, the hacker experiences security protocols and other viruses as physical obstacle, and his intuitive method of countering the obstacle would be translated into a string of code to address the obstacle. For instance, the user would perceive a firewall code as a literal wall of fire, and could materialise a gust of wind to blow the fire apart. The system would translate the intent of this action into a string of code which opens a small hole in the firewall. Construct hacking is by far the most powerful form of hacking, but it is also one of the most risky for various reasons: First, it requires the user to have a creative mind; only by thinking of unique solutions can the system bypass the obstacle in unorthodox ways. Second, once inside the Construct and within a designated area of Yggdrasil - such as the branches used by the Triumvirate - it is impossible to exit the construct until returning to the main network. Third, if one's consciousness experiences death within the Construct, there is a high likelihood of the hacker becoming brain-dead. Political Factions: The Valhalla Triumvirate - Governing body, makes all decisions regarding the world of Vykal, tripartisan system. The Academic - The 5 greatest intellectuals in Vyker. Live solely for the pursuit of knowledge and the creation of new technology. Shares a close, but wary, business relationship with the Affluent, who often seek to purchase rights to new discoveries. Key Members: Dr. Vor Brooks - 62 years old. A genius, holds phDs in 11 different fields including astrophysics, theoretical mathematics, chemical engineering and music. Created the Yggdrasil network. Had a wife who was kidnapped and killed by Ragnarok. Has a daughter, Fey, but her whereabouts are currently unknown after she ran away at the age of 14. A Workaholic. Leader of the Academic. Prof. Kvasir Aksyonov - Male, 43 years old. phD in quantum physics and mechanical engineering. Pioneer in the field of assisted flight. Invented the personal jetpack and the gravitational train. Lt. General Tyr Aksyonov - Male, 38 years old. Younger brother of Kvasir Aksyonov. First man to successfully weaponise the miniature black hole. Has a phD in Quantum Physics and Psychology. Prof. Ran Ho Feng - Female, 42 years old. phD in linguistics and computer engineering. At age 13, created a universal programming language which served as the foundation for Yggdrasil. Setsuyami Saga - Female, 29 years old. At age 16, wrote the novel "Better Halves", about a woman who fell in love with her alternate personality. Unanimously acclaimed as the greatest writer of the age. "Better Halves" went on to sell over 7 billion copies - more than 90 per cent of the global population. Fluent in 52 languages. Has a Master's in literature, and is often looked down upon as the only member of the Academic without a phD. The Affluent - The 5 richest individuals. A diverse group with both philanthropists and misers. Work for the sake of profit and gain. Key Members: Freyja Milczarek - Female, 48 years old. The richest individual in Vyker. Major shareholder in 26% of all major businesses in Vyker. Made her initial fortune by marketing and selling consumer electronics, then branched out into weapons production, cyber security and banking. Leader of the Affluent. Iounn Argyros - Female, 26 years old. Newest and youngest member of the Affluent. 3rd richest individual in Vyker, and the 2nd richest woman. Holds a monopoly on all cosmetic, hygiene and healthcare products. A ruthless businesswoman known for her somewhat questionable negotiation tactics and immense professionalism. Also a major leader in the prostitution trade, owning 63% of all brothels in Vyker. Over the years, she has gradually improved the living and working conditions of prostitutes working under her, to the point where it is now seen as a respectable trade. Delling Marinos - Male, 34 years old. 2nd richest individual in Vyker. News/media mogul. A major shareholder in all media corporations, and sole owner of "Vyker Today" - the widest-read newspaper in Vyker - and Dawn Studios, the largest and most influential television studio in the world. Known for his creativity and daring when it comes to marketing and advertisement. Mani Moresby - Male, 52 years old. 4th richest individual in Vyker. Real Estate King. Legally owns the moon. Known for making snap decisions and having amazing business intuition. Thruer Song - Female, 38 years old. 5th richest individual, 3rd richest woman. Owns most banks and credit unions. Has known, but unproven connections with the black market and various loan shark rackets. Known for having an intimidating presence and a tenacious character. The Elect - 5 elected representatives, all chosen by popular vote. Each manipulative in his or her own way, but all charismatic and capable of winning the hearts of others. Key Members: Baldr Fynn - Male, 32 years old. Formerly a world-class actor and heartthrob. Known for an incredibly charming personality and a friendly disposition. Has numerous fanclubs with innumerable members. When his name was raised as a candidate for the Elect, there were cheers, and he was elected with unanimous consent. He works towards policies which benefit the population as a whole or minimise the effects of income inequity. Leader of the Elect. Eostre Engel - Female, 28 years old. Former model and singer. Lauded as "the most beautiful woman in the world". Eschews cosmetics, but acknowledges their appeal. She pursues policies which encourage the formation of a family unit, such as subsidies for childcare or welfare support for impoverished families with children. Freyr Derosiers - Female, 24 years old. Youngest member of the Elect. Former prostitute. Known for her childlike innocence and gentle demeanor, despite her past. Was born in a brothel. People were initially opposed to someone of such unsavoury background holding a place in the Elect, but through her earnestness and likeable personality, she eventually garnered enough votes to be elected. She once went four days without sleep, food or shelter on a busy street, speaking to people and asking them to vote for her. She was unconscious for a week following that, but her approval ratings jumped by almost nine hundred per cent. She tries to implement policies which advocate gender equality. Kazuo Vali - Male, 37 years old. Formerly a criminal gang leader, who left the underground world after his wife was shot dead in a fight. Put himself up for election thrice, after failing the first two times. Got no votes in his first attempt. Through community service and impassioned speeches about his dreams, he finally won the hearts and votes of the population, getting barely enough votes to take up position as one of the elite. He is very self-conscious about his image, but he is known for being gentle and kind. He pursues policies which aid the lower income groups and the less fortunate. He is also very dedicated to maintaining peace on the streets and ceasing the operations of criminal groups Ullr Richardson - Male, 42 years old. Famous stage magician. At the peak of his life, the most popular performer in the world, with tickets to his performances being regularly sold out. At 39 years old, left the stage to put himself up for election to government. Won the hearts of the crowd by using his dramatic flair and blunt honesty to his advantage. Campaigns for free love and human rights. R@GNAROK/Ragnarok - A terrorist group, seeking to bring about the collapse of the Valhalla Triumvirate and usher in an age of anarchy. Motivated by the belief that every human has the right to make his on decisions about his or her living environment, rather than entrusting it into the hands of the elite. Further believes that the elite should not be granted power, as they are blind to the sufferings of the common man. The measures employed by them include hacking into Yggdrasil to undermine key infrastructure, leaking classified information to the public to create unrest, and extralegal activities, such as assassinations and kidnappings. Key Members: Loki - A masked individual. No one knows who he is, or even if he is actually a person, but he serves as the face of Ragnarok, acting as a mouthpiece for the group. Some believe he is their leader. The Fenrir Corporation - An organisation of mercenary hackers who will hack anything for the right price, operating under the front of a small-time network security company. Employment is by invitation only, and they do, in fact, do security work. They perform extra-legal activities only if their client is introduced to them by a previous client, for security purposes. Heimdallr Merien - Male, 29 years old. The owner of the Fenrir Corporation. He makes the final decision on which jobs to take and which to refuse. A talented young hacker who has years of experience prying apart Yggdrasil. His net worth (including money obtained illegally) puts him in the top 100 of the world's richest. The Fafnir Collective - A group of hobby hackers, who hack for the fun and the challenge. They have no physical base of operations, but instead meet on an anonymous message board run on servers isolated from the Yggdrasil network, protected by ridiculous levels of security. Hel Kang (Net handle Hel8627) - Female. Age 23. MenAug. The owner of the Fafnir Collective's message board, and creator of the Collective. Currently studying a postgraduate course in psychology, but she is a genius hacker who managed to crash Yggdrasil for an hour when she was 16. Lives on-campus in Vyker Joint College. Valkyrie - A global joint police/military force. Maintains order within Vyker and monitors the actions of Ragnarok. Mostly autonomous, but will follow the directives of the Valhalla Triumvirate. BRYNHILDR - Assigned Female. Age 2. AI. BRYNHILDR is the AI which serves as the intelligence network of the Valkyrie. She has access to all information provided to Valkyrie for the purpose of law enforcement and has the task of organising and analysing this information. Over the years, she has become increasingly self-aware, to the point where she is now capable of hesitating before following orders. As a result, there is discussion about either wiping or replacing her. Skuld Regina - Female, Age 38. Leader of the Valkyrie. Joined the Valkyrie at the minimum age of 18, both her parents were members of the force. Expert in cyber counter-terrorism and well-versed in multiple forms of close combat, including Kali and Krav Maga. Best shooter on the force. Has a strong sense of justice and morality, and is a bit of a loner due to her intense personality. BRYNHILDR is one of the few close friends she has, and she trusts the AI more than any other human. Vyker: Vyker is a world of concrete and metal, with close to no greenery on it. It is characterised by a large emphasis on technological progress and interconnectivity, with the whole planet being a single city. Gravitational trains allow for quick travel between regions, with top speeds of Mach 5, while the invention of affordable aircars makes traffic congestion slightly less of an issue. The most identifiable aspect of Vyker is Yggdrasil. This gargantuan information network links everything on Vyker to everything else, allowing for fast exchange of information and a great evolution of the way we communicate. Located in Geneva is the Triumvirate Seat, a large spire where the Valhalla Triumvirate meets and debates. Any two of the three factions may call a Triumvirate meeting, at which attendance is mandatory for members of the Triumvirate. Places which had once been countries were now simply regions, parts of the larger city: Vyker.