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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm here today for a special announcement: With the decent number of threads composed of Custom Playthroughs and Monotypes floating around in the Team Showcase section, it has been decided to create an official thread in regards to implementing custom mons for that save file. What this means you'll be able to have any mon that you request as long as it is reasonable and it goes along with your playthrough/monotype (Do note that this is for playthroughs/monotypes that are brand new, not already existing and going on). The reasoning behind this is more of the fact that eventually all mons will be implemented so why not help those who wish to play the game their own way as long as it is not for abuse. Anyways, here's what you need to do: - Post in the thread with your save file (If you don't know how to attach your save file with your post, look at the spoiler on how to do so). - State the type of playthrough/monotype being attempted and why you think Dan is cool. - Wait til someone implements the mon into the save file. - Take the save file (and say thanks :] ) and have fun! Q: How do I attach my save file? And that's it! That's all you need to do folks! If you have any questions/comments, feel free to PM myself or Lil' Danny. Take care! People who can help with adding mons (PM them if your request hasn't been fulfilled within a week): Mde2001 Njab Commander Armored Guardian Lugruf Despair Syndrome not-a-spoon AndSoThereisSt3ffo NovaKnight TheDW66 Jk_Garchomp
  2. N1Dude

    [Resolved]Exp Share

    Hi community, I'm guessing i am like the 1000th person with this stupidity but i gave a luxray to the lady for the type: null while still holding my exp share. Is there a way for me to get it back? I'm guessing that it has to be hacked into my save file what the moderators can do so just in case i put my save file in here. Hoping for a quick respond. N1Dude Game.rxdata
  3. Lugruf

    [Mod] Save file manager

    Good news fellow Rebornians! The times of managing manually the save files for Pokemon Essentials based games have come to an end! Behold the save file managerinator! Summary: Basically, this is a program that will perform for you all the storage and management of save files for games based on Pokemon Essentials such as Reborn, Rejuvenation, Insurgence, Omicron, Iberia... It will automatically store them, move them to the proper "Saved games" folder and retrieve them when you save the game. Setup: When you download the program, it will look like this. To add a game, press the "Add game" button and write the name of the game. Note: it is crucial that you write the exact same name as the folder in "Saved games". For example, for Reborn, you must write "Pokemon Reborn". Any other name, such as "Reborn", "Reborn ep 15" or whatever you might write will cause the game to not work properly as it won't be able to find the folder in "Saved games". After creating a folder for a game, you should get this: New game: This button will create a new empty save file. Use this to start a new game. Import: This will open the window explorer to let you select an existing .rxdata file and save it in the program, so that you can import your previously existing save files and have all your files together in the program. Importing a file with the same name as a previous file will overwrite the previously existing one. Import executable: This will let you import the executable (usually Game.exe) for the game. You only need to provide the executable once and the program will store it. Notice that you won't be able to run the game if you do not provide an executable. Erase executable: This will erase the existing executable. Use this if you got confused and imported a wrong executable or if you want to update the version. When a new episode of a game comes out, you only need to remove the previously existing executable and provide the one for the new version and you will be good to go. Remove folder: This will remove the whole folder and all the files included in it. It has two security checks in case you missclick. Finally, for each save file you will have the following options: Play: This will run the provided executable with this save file. While the game is on, the program will periodically check for changes in the active save file and will retrieve it whenever you save. Don't close this program while a game is running! Finally, you won't be able to play if you haven't provided an executable for this game. Rename: Renames the file. The name you give to the file is irrelevant for the performance of the program. A file doesn't need to be called Game.rxdata. Erase: Erases the file. Export: Export will open a explorer window to let you select a path and will copy this file to the given location. Use this when you need to transport your file in an USB or post it in the forum for example. Things you shouldn't do: Don't run the program in a non Windows OS. It is heavily dependant on Windows.h so it shouldn't work in other operating systems. Don't close the program while a game is running. The program needs to be open in order to check if you save the game and retrieve your save file. Don't mess around with the program's data folder unless you know what you are doing. I'm not responsible of bugs caused by this. If you still have doubts of how to set up the program, follow this video. It will provide you the most basic instructions to have the program up and working. Download the program: Note: This program will need the Visual C++ Runtime in order to work. In case it isn't already installed in your computer, the installer will do it by default. Just notice that the zip file doesn't include it, so if you are not sure I recommend to use the installer. Zip Code Troubleshooting: In case the program isn't working as expected, please follow these steps. 1) Reread the whole topic carefully and check if you did something wrong. 2) If you didn't use the installer, check if you have the Visual C++ Runtime installed. If you don't, use the installer. 3) If you used the installer, you might have installed the program in a protected folder. Try running it with admin rights. 4) Something might have gone wrong with the installation or some file may be corrupted. Try deleting the program and reinstalling it. 5) Ask for help. Either PM me or answer to this topic. Please, if you happen to find a bug, PM me as soon as possible so that I can fix it. If you have any doubt or feedback, don't hesitate to ask. Update 10-14-2016: Solved a bug that would cause the program to not find the folder "C://Users//[username]//Saved Games" if the user had a space character in its name. This bug is solved only in the zipped version for technical reasons, so the link to the installer will be unavailable until it gets updated. Special thanks to Optimus Septim for his help spotting and fixing the bug. Update 10-15-2016: Solved a bug that would cause the program not to perform folder watching and so not to retrieve the save file after saving if the username had a space character. Solved a bug that would cause the program to stop performing the folder watching if the user changed the computer's clock to a date previous to the start of the game while the game is running. The installer has been updated to support the last changes and can be downloaded again. The save file manager is now open source. Anyone can access my repository and read the code if they want. Update 10-16-2016: The program can now perform folder watching for more than one game at the same time. It will also control when a game stops running in order to stop watching it. The program will now stop the player if he or she tries to run the same game twice. Solved a bug that stopped the "Remove folder" button from working when trying to remove a folder with files in it. Now both the first and the second popup will disappear when clicking "Yes" or "No" in the second popup of the "Remove folder" button.
  4. I was playing pokemon reborn and went to save my game, and at that exact moment my computer crashed. Now I try to start the game again, but it is telling me an error is occuring which is not allowing me to play. Below is my save file attached. Please help! Game.rxdata