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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm here today for a special announcement: With the decent number of threads composed of Custom Playthroughs and Monotypes floating around in the Team Showcase section, it has been decided to create an official thread in regards to implementing custom mons for that save file. What this means you'll be able to have any mon that you request as long as it is reasonable and it goes along with your playthrough/monotype (Do note that this is for playthroughs/monotypes that are brand new, not already existing and going on). The reasoning behind this is more of the fact that eventually all mons will be implemented so why not help those who wish to play the game their own way as long as it is not for abuse. Anyways, here's what you need to do: - Post in the thread with your save file (If you don't know how to attach your save file with your post, look at the spoiler on how to do so). - State the type of playthrough/monotype being attempted and why you think Dan is cool. - Wait til someone implements the mon into the save file. - Take the save file (and say thanks :] ) and have fun! Q: How do I attach my save file? And that's it! That's all you need to do folks! If you have any questions/comments, feel free to PM myself or Lil' Danny. Take care! People who can help with adding mons (PM them if your request hasn't been fulfilled within a week): Mde2001 Njab Commander Armored Guardian Lugruf Despair Syndrome not-a-spoon AndSoThereisSt3ffo NovaKnight TheDW66 Jk_Garchomp
  2. maddieeee

    pkmn requests

    can someone add a toxapex, a lycanroc midnight and a dragalge to my save file with the names roxi for the lycanroc, mari for the toxapex and scales for the dragalge thankssss edit: can they be lvl 50 too so theyre the same as the rest of my team Game.rxdata
  3. maddieeee

    I need help again...

    ok yall soo im stuck at valarie and i cant beat her, i have no money, my meowstic is like 10 levels under the rest of the team, and my dumbass left 2 of my team members at the day care (i know im actual trash). i need someone to edit my save file to give me 10 hyper potions, 10 rare candies, and the tms for energy ball, thunderbolt, and sunny day would be helpful. ive tried to beat her like 50 times already and i feel like this is the only way. thanks in advance Game.rxdata
  4. is it possible to make a new save file and just start at like the 3rd gym? cause I played through the whole start till the 3rd gym and lost my save ... or somebody could share me his save file before or right after the 3rd gym , would be lit
  5. In short, I lost my save file since I got a new pc. I finished till episode 17 and I grinded alot. Is it possible for a kind someone to share their save file? Very appreciated. Thank you!
  6. N1Dude

    [Resolved]Exp Share

    Hi community, I'm guessing i am like the 1000th person with this stupidity but i gave a luxray to the lady for the type: null while still holding my exp share. Is there a way for me to get it back? I'm guessing that it has to be hacked into my save file what the moderators can do so just in case i put my save file in here. Hoping for a quick respond. N1Dude Game.rxdata