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Found 52 results

  1. Which Has The Better World Design?

    So I recently saw a post that basically asked which is a better game between Reborn and Rejuvenation. And it got me to thinking about something else between the 2. All the places you visit in both games. It's hard to pick 1 for me honestly. Btw, let me clear up that when I say the World Design, I just mean all the wards you visit in Reborn along with the jungles and forests and other places as long as in Rejuvenation. I love the dark looking graphics of the Wards in Reborn when you start off and then as the game continues, it turns into a really beautiful place and everything is fixed. (Btw, I haven't completed E17 but it's ok to say stuff from there) With Rejuvenation, everything already starts off really colorful and the cities look interesting too. I think I'd have to give it to Rejuvenation but by like the smallest hair. Like if I was grading a paper for example, I'd give Rejuvenation's world design a 100 while Reborn would get a 99.9. But if you were to ask me why, I honestly wouldn't be able to tell you. What about you all? Which world design do you all like better?
  2. After playing Rejuvenation as well, I am troubled... I don't know which I prefer. I have stronger bonds with Reborn due to knowing it for more time and exploring it more, but Rejuvenation feels more polished and with equally deep mysteries hiding behind it, some of which include even the MC! So, I want opinions! Fire away! My opinion is that Rejuvenation wins by a hair. Better feel in some battles with Intense mode embedded, more characters and mysteries are developed in parallel, environments look FAR better when it comes to graphics and Aelita is in it. Just this makes it enough for me!
  3. Rejuvenation V9 Ralts

    Hi me again, I got a question about ralts. I know that you can fight kyogre in Valor Mountain and that starts a chain of events that ends with getting ralts. However though I didn't know that when I was there doing the story so I missed out on it, so is there anyway I can still get ralts or is that locked for good?
  4. HELP! Version 9 Save Glitch

    Hey, I updated my copy of Rejuvenation to version 9 because I was told it would make the third gym battle a little easier. All it did was send me to the Dream District. Can someone please send me back? I've included my save file. Game.rxdata
  5. Different route 2?

    So I was stuck finding Nim and looked up a few walkthroughs (found her by the way) and noticed that their route 2's looked way different from mine. For starters the train station didn't have a roof nor a girl selling water next to it. Just wondering why that is.
  6. Earlier on in my Insurgence playthrough I turned off the sound in the options of the game so I could listen to a podcast in the background. I just finished the game and when I went to go turn my sound back on it wouldn't work. It also doesn't work for any of my other games like Rebornand Rejuvenation and I'm disappointed because Rejuv has the best music by far. I've looked at all the other forums and my issue was the same as theirs. Its a computer issue and not the save file but I'm not sure what to do. I have tried everything the other forums suggested was the problem but I'm still stuck. My sound effects work just fine; however, my BGM files just won't play. They are in the folder btw. What should I do?
  7. In gonna keep this thread simple. Should I replace Typhlosion with Chandalure?
  8. Just wondering because I have been soft resetting the Shuppet event for a while now in an attempt to get a shiny version of it. Will update saying I got it in the situation where I get it before an answer, but until then, I would like to know so I am sure if I am wasting my time or not.
  9. Back at this!... Again!... For the 3rd time! So as many of you know, I've tried to do go through Rejuvenation in a Cuteness Run (only using Pokémon I find cute) but the save got corrupted or I lost the save file. Can't remember which. The 2nd time I tried to go through Rejuvenation was basically Main Characters Pokémon Anime Kanto run. (God that's a long name. Prob had a shorter name but that's not the point right now.) My 3rd time, I will be doing a Primary Run. What is that you may ask yourself? Well, for starters, I will be catching 18 different Pokémon. And all 18 types. Now I know a lot of Pokémon have a secondary typing. So let me use an example. I decide I want to use and catch the Electric Type Pokémon Mareep. Mareep's Primary Typing is Electric. Which means I can't use another Electric Type with that being it's Primary Typing. Now say I wanted to catch a Water Type and that would be Chinchou. I would be able to use it because it's Primary Typing is Water while its secondary typing is Electric. So hopefully, you all understand what a Primary run is now. But I will also tell you all this. Just like my previous 2 attempts at this, it's not gonna be like me trying to make a story out of it. I will be stopping at points and trying to tell you all how I feel about a character or place or plot or whatever happened between point a and point b. There maybe screenshots. There may not be screenshots. This is a long ass game and Idk if I can handle that many screen shots. Haha. I know there are a lot of people out there that will be able to/are deff better than me at trying to explain something or give great details but I will do my best to express how I feel about whatever is happening at that current time. Hope you all enjoy!
  10. After I lost my last project(Rejuvenation nuzlocke) I decided to do another project on Reju, cause I really like this game So welcome to my new project : As you can see, this will be a Dark type Monorun run. Why Dark? Well I decided me fast into 2 types(Grass and Dark), and I thought Dark will be a little bit harder then Grass, so easy choose Also to make this challenge a little bit harder... this run will go on the Intense Mode I can't wait to play, so lets start this project Our character will be Blade who loves it to live in the Darkness After this very long intro, I can finally choose my starter "YAY ^.^" There are 2 Mon's which have the Dark Type, here they are: I never played with one of them, so it will be a complete new adventure for me I will go with After I choosed my starter, Amanda wants to test our new partner vs Amanda Also another rival comes in and wants to battle right now vs Ren Be sure my friend, it will be a good thing While traveling around Gearen, we found our 2nd Team member: Sadly I must work now, so I will continue after work
  11. So I'm still not sure about the whole Status thread thing, but I'm going to post one anyway. I don't really like leaving people out of the dark when it comes to Rejuvenation. So while I think I prefer to work in the shadows, I don't think that's the best way to do this. Plus I have a brand new Dev Team under my belt now. So it doesn't seem as pressuring as before. Let's break out of this shell, shall we? Status Going to post something here whenever there's something noteworthy to post! (I'll have archives here so that people don't have to go digging for past posts either!) ==Archive==
  12. Stuck in corrupted cave

    I just got past the new fighting gym leader and am in the corrupted cave now, ive been stuck here for days, the girls tell me to destroy all the crystals but some are uninteractable. Am I missing something? or is this just a bug?
  13. Rejuvenation Nuzlocke run

    Hello everybody, Welcome to my Nuzlocke run of Rejuvenation(You choosed it ) First of all, I am not a Pro in doing nuzlocke's, but I will try my best^^ Rules: I can only catch the first Mon which I found on a Route/Cave/City If a Mon dies, it is really death and I can't revive it I must give every Mon a nickname I can use every egg I will find I can catch every shiny I will find Gift Mons are also allowed(Mons I will get from people from every where in the Region) Also static Mons are allowed but only 1 of them(like the Fletchling's in the Gearen Port) I can use so much healing items I want, there will be no deadline The challenge will be finished when I beat the Puppet master(Psychic gym) It will be the normal mode and not the Intense mode(this will be to hard for a Noob in Nuzlocking^^) Infos to the Posts: I will only show the boss/rivals/gym battles here, because it will be otherwise to much I will totally skip the intro and will start this project infront of the Pokemon lab It will be with Screenshots and some comments from me I will let you know when a Mon dies while grinding or something else I will also show you every Mon i catch and the evolutions Hope you are all ok with this rules and infos If not, let me know it
  14. So after playing through Rejuvenation again for V9, I had a few ideas for possible conspiracy theories that may come to light (or not) within the game. Let me know what you think.
  15. Valor Mountain V9 Bug

    I know this has probably been asked before but, I don't really know what to do when the grunt doesn't show up. I didn't get this bug on my first playthrough but I have it now. Someone mentioned that it can be fixed by going to and older version but I don't really know how. I tried opening up V8 and got this error. Is there any way to fix these problems? Love the game btw, hope I can keep playing.
  16. I have a few questions relating the title of the topic. I just completed V9 and I'm going around catching all the Pokémon I haven't got yet and breeding a few new members for my team for when V10 is out, so I'm hoping for assistance. First, the Mystery Eggs. (I got Pawniard and Charmander for those wondering.) I got both of the eggs that I'm aware of, but I read that Treecko, a team member I want, is only available as a starter or as a Mystery Egg at West Gearen if certain conditions were met. I'm wondering now if there is another way I am able to obtain Treecko or get another Mystery Egg that might contain it? As amazing as Rowlet is, I'd much rather have Sceptile than Decidueye, and I started with Riolu so I'm not really sure how I'm going to get Treecko at this point. I don't use mods on my game and don't plan to. Secondly, I'm currently looking for Corsola, Bouffalant and Audino. I know from the Pokémon locations guide that Corsola is at Aquamarine Cave and the latter two are on route 7, but I've been looking for a while and haven't bumped into them. Do they only appear in certain parts of the cave/route or are they just rare? Speaking of rare, I want a Swirlix so I can chain breed Wish to Eevee and I can't find the damn thing. Damn it Swirlix. Finally, does anybody know how many Zygarde Cells in total are currently in the game right now? I've already got the Lucky Egg but I'd still like to collect the rest I may be missing. Thanks in advance!
  17. Things to go back for?

    So after finishing the current content in V9, we can go back and (noncanonically) access the old areas. The main new thing we get that opens things up is Strength. As these old areas will close off again for a while when V10 eventually comes out, now seems like a good time to go and collect things that we couldn't get to before going to GDC So other than Beldum and Ralts, my question is what things are worth backtracking for with strength? (Items, pokemon, lore, etc)
  18. v9 venam gym glitch?

    hey guys has anyone else had trouble with the poison mixtures in the 3rd room in venam's gym? i did the mixture exactly right and it wont accept the second mixture no matter what order you go in?
  19. sorry, if i make a stupid mistake im new with these kind of things. I downloaded the file for rejuvenation off of mega, and looked up some stuff online and supposedly I need the wine emulator? im not on mac or linux though so i thought i would be able to play it immediately. Do i need to download pokemon reborn as well along with rejuvenation?
  20. RiftDex Entries

    So I was looking for a thread with all the RiftDex Entries and I couldn't find one. So far For my Rift Dex I have the following pokemon: Feris: Chandelure (Amethyst Cave) Evo: Gyarados Materna: Galvantula Statia: Volcanion Sarpa: Carnivine Corrosso: Garbodor Am I missing any? Someone in one thread theres a rift Ferrothorn but I havent seen it in any other thread.
  21. Pokemon Rejuvenation v10???

    I was just wondering when v10 would come out. I completed my v9 playthrough and it just seemed like you were just thrown back with Aelita and all of a sudden it just ended. Does anybody know when v10 comes out?
  22. My Pokemon rejuvenation keeps crashing. It keeps showing this message: script interpreter line 517: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method unlocks for nil:Nilclass.
  23. So there's this house and ladder beside gearen lab, i tried to get in but I didn't find a way. Anyone knows what it does & how to get it? p.s: if you go to the corner of gearen lab you can see someone being stuck in a wall
  24. Has anyone gotten this error before, and possibly fixed it? If so what should I do I don't wanna lose all the progress I made after helping Maria.
  25. So i was going up the stairs and exploring the castle when i got stuck in mid-air, can someone please help.