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Found 27 results

  1. Hello Pokemon People! (Sorry for posting this now. This was meant to be posted yesterday, but I had a bit of an "emergency exit" to attend to.) It's finally started! Round 1A of Mega March Madness is underway, and the competitors are raring to go! Here are the first 16 competitors to step into the ring! (Note: The arrangement of the competitors was completely random, and was decided on using "Wheel Decide") You can vote for the fighter that YOU think should win, by simply accessing the poll above. Here are some descriptions: VS Damn. Looks like I can only upload a maximum of 0.49 MB worth of data... Here are the PokeDex entries: Mega Houndoom: Houndoom's entire body generates heat when it Mega Evolves. Its fearsome fiery breath turns its opponents to ash. Mega Steelix: Steelix lives even further underground than Onix. This Pokémon is known to dig toward the earth’s core. There are records of this Pokémon reaching a depth of over six-tenths of a mile underground. Mega Tyranitar: This Pokémon is a mobile disaster, leaving mountains crumbled and houses destroyed in its wake. Mega Gengar: Even your home isn’t safe. Gengar will lurk in whatever dark corner of a room it can find and wait for its chance to catch its prey. Mega Gyarados: The energy from evolution stimulated its brain cells strongly, causing it to become very ferocious. Mega Altaria: It dances and wheels through the sky among billowing, cotton-like clouds. By singing melodies in its crystal-clear voice, this Pokémon makes its listeners experience dreamy wonderment. Mega Venusaur: There is a large flower on it's back. The flower is said to take on vivid colors if it gets plenty of nutrition and sunlight. The flower’s aroma soothes the emotions of people. Mega Ampharos: Its tail shines bright and strong. It has been prized since long ago as a beacon for sailors. Mega Charizard X: When expelling a blast of superhot fire, the red flame at the tip of its tail burns more intensely. Mega Blaziken: In battle, it blows out intense flames from its wrists and attacks foes courageously. The stronger the foe, the more intensely this Pokémon’s wrists burn. Mega Alakazam: If it trusts someone deeply, it will let them have one of its spoons. Anything you eat with that spoon is apparently delicious. Mega Blastoise: The pressurized water jets on this brutal Pokémon’s shell are used for high-speed tackles. Mega Camerupt: It has a volcano inside its body. Magma of 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit courses through its body. Occasionally, the humps on this Pokémon’s back erupt, spewing the superheated magma. Mega Beedrill: May appear in a swarm. Flies at violent speeds, all the while stabbing with the toxic stinger on its rear. Mega Sableye: Materials from gems it has eaten float to the surface of its body and can form an infinite number of patterns among individuals. I hope you all appreciate this! It was really fun to make! Till tomorrow! Tomorrow, you'll be greeted with Round 1B, where you'll vote on the other half of the bracket!
  2. Hello Pokemon People! We're all done with the Preliminary Matches, and the selecting of the competitors for Mega March Madness! - The tournament where YOU decide who the best Mega Evolved Pokemon is! Just in case you don't know what Mega March Madness is about: So here's a table with our warriors. Please note that this isn't the bracket. I will be posting the tournament bracket tomorrow and you guys will vote on the first few matches. There you have it! These are the Pokemon that will duke it out in Mega March Madness. Many people pointed out that having Mewtwo in the tournament would be unfair since there are no other legendaries, so I replaced Mega Mewtwo Y with Ash-Greninja, whom I hope will suffice as a "Mega", since it was requested by quite a few people. Stay tuned for the first few matches of the tournament which starts TOMORROW! Tag your buddies if you wish, so that we can have more people participating in this battle for the ages!
  3. So i was play rejuvenation the other day and it just crashed i tried to restart but i couldnt, its not really a big deal i was thinking in starting a new game file and that was actaully recntly started, should i wait for V10 or should i start one right away cause the v10 seems so close but yet to far.
  4. Hello Pokemon People! If you've seen my last post, you'll know what Mega March Madness is all about! If not, you can check it out here: So anyway, there is an excess of around 12 or 13 Mega Evolved Pokemon that I can't include in the tournament of 32, so not all Mega's will be in the tournament. So that means you guys can/need to comment what Mega's you'd like to see participate in this battle for the ages. You don't have to be following my tournament either. Heck, we could pretend that we don't even know each other. Just type up some of your favorite Mega Pokemon that you wanna see in a fight! Thanks as always! NarutoK EDIT: Only Four Spots Left! Comment Who You Wanna See!
  5. Hey Pokemon Peeple , So I've played Pokémon Rejuvenation, but I've hadn't noticed the fact that revives aren't a purchasable item, as far as I know. I'm pretty sure we can't buy them in the Pokemarts just yet. However, I think that I can remember being able to buy revival herbs, which is basically the same thing as a max revive, but I can't remember where, or even if that's possible. If any of Y'all know where to buy revives/revival herbs in Pokemon Rejuvenation, I would really appreciate that. (Also, is Ice Beam available to find/buy yet? Thanks!) Stay hyped for V10! NarutoK
  6. I have been receiving the following error for a few days now: Script "PokémonField" line 1521 : NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'spriteset' for #<Scene_Intro:0x109d7ae0 I'm pretty certain I need to upload my save file onto a certain forum in order to be fixed, but how do I do that?
  7. So after we destroyed the satellite and went into the warden i went out and saw the satellite next to the guard, i went to check on him cause it was funny. After i was done and i wanted to go down the stairs... i stumbled upon a bug. I can move one block to the left but that's it and can't get out. But my main problem is that i went to the menu and wanted to quit the game i skipped trough the "are you sure you want to quit?" and accidentally saved my progress while being inside the bug.... i was wondering if i have to start all over..?
  8. Which Has The Better World Design?

    So I recently saw a post that basically asked which is a better game between Reborn and Rejuvenation. And it got me to thinking about something else between the 2. All the places you visit in both games. It's hard to pick 1 for me honestly. Btw, let me clear up that when I say the World Design, I just mean all the wards you visit in Reborn along with the jungles and forests and other places as long as in Rejuvenation. I love the dark looking graphics of the Wards in Reborn when you start off and then as the game continues, it turns into a really beautiful place and everything is fixed. (Btw, I haven't completed E17 but it's ok to say stuff from there) With Rejuvenation, everything already starts off really colorful and the cities look interesting too. I think I'd have to give it to Rejuvenation but by like the smallest hair. Like if I was grading a paper for example, I'd give Rejuvenation's world design a 100 while Reborn would get a 99.9. But if you were to ask me why, I honestly wouldn't be able to tell you. What about you all? Which world design do you all like better?
  9. After playing Rejuvenation as well, I am troubled... I don't know which I prefer. I have stronger bonds with Reborn due to knowing it for more time and exploring it more, but Rejuvenation feels more polished and with equally deep mysteries hiding behind it, some of which include even the MC! So, I want opinions! Fire away! My opinion is that Rejuvenation wins by a hair. Better feel in some battles with Intense mode embedded, more characters and mysteries are developed in parallel, environments look FAR better when it comes to graphics and Aelita is in it. Just this makes it enough for me!
  10. Rejuvenation V9 Ralts

    Hi me again, I got a question about ralts. I know that you can fight kyogre in Valor Mountain and that starts a chain of events that ends with getting ralts. However though I didn't know that when I was there doing the story so I missed out on it, so is there anyway I can still get ralts or is that locked for good?
  11. HELP! Version 9 Save Glitch

    Hey, I updated my copy of Rejuvenation to version 9 because I was told it would make the third gym battle a little easier. All it did was send me to the Dream District. Can someone please send me back? I've included my save file. Game.rxdata
  12. Different route 2?

    So I was stuck finding Nim and looked up a few walkthroughs (found her by the way) and noticed that their route 2's looked way different from mine. For starters the train station didn't have a roof nor a girl selling water next to it. Just wondering why that is.
  13. Earlier on in my Insurgence playthrough I turned off the sound in the options of the game so I could listen to a podcast in the background. I just finished the game and when I went to go turn my sound back on it wouldn't work. It also doesn't work for any of my other games like Rebornand Rejuvenation and I'm disappointed because Rejuv has the best music by far. I've looked at all the other forums and my issue was the same as theirs. Its a computer issue and not the save file but I'm not sure what to do. I have tried everything the other forums suggested was the problem but I'm still stuck. My sound effects work just fine; however, my BGM files just won't play. They are in the folder btw. What should I do?
  14. In gonna keep this thread simple. Should I replace Typhlosion with Chandalure?
  15. Just wondering because I have been soft resetting the Shuppet event for a while now in an attempt to get a shiny version of it. Will update saying I got it in the situation where I get it before an answer, but until then, I would like to know so I am sure if I am wasting my time or not.
  16. Back at this!... Again!... For the 3rd time! So as many of you know, I've tried to do go through Rejuvenation in a Cuteness Run (only using Pokémon I find cute) but the save got corrupted or I lost the save file. Can't remember which. The 2nd time I tried to go through Rejuvenation was basically Main Characters Pokémon Anime Kanto run. (God that's a long name. Prob had a shorter name but that's not the point right now.) My 3rd time, I will be doing a Primary Run. What is that you may ask yourself? Well, for starters, I will be catching 18 different Pokémon. And all 18 types. Now I know a lot of Pokémon have a secondary typing. So let me use an example. I decide I want to use and catch the Electric Type Pokémon Mareep. Mareep's Primary Typing is Electric. Which means I can't use another Electric Type with that being it's Primary Typing. Now say I wanted to catch a Water Type and that would be Chinchou. I would be able to use it because it's Primary Typing is Water while its secondary typing is Electric. So hopefully, you all understand what a Primary run is now. But I will also tell you all this. Just like my previous 2 attempts at this, it's not gonna be like me trying to make a story out of it. I will be stopping at points and trying to tell you all how I feel about a character or place or plot or whatever happened between point a and point b. There maybe screenshots. There may not be screenshots. This is a long ass game and Idk if I can handle that many screen shots. Haha. I know there are a lot of people out there that will be able to/are deff better than me at trying to explain something or give great details but I will do my best to express how I feel about whatever is happening at that current time. Hope you all enjoy!
  17. After I lost my last project(Rejuvenation nuzlocke) I decided to do another project on Reju, cause I really like this game So welcome to my new project : As you can see, this will be a Dark type Monorun run. Why Dark? Well I decided me fast into 2 types(Grass and Dark), and I thought Dark will be a little bit harder then Grass, so easy choose Also to make this challenge a little bit harder... this run will go on the Intense Mode I can't wait to play, so lets start this project Our character will be Blade who loves it to live in the Darkness After this very long intro, I can finally choose my starter "YAY ^.^" There are 2 Mon's which have the Dark Type, here they are: I never played with one of them, so it will be a complete new adventure for me I will go with After I choosed my starter, Amanda wants to test our new partner vs Amanda Also another rival comes in and wants to battle right now vs Ren Be sure my friend, it will be a good thing While traveling around Gearen, we found our 2nd Team member: Sadly I must work now, so I will continue after work
  18. Secret inside 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 Status 👀👀👀👀 ==Archive==
  19. Rejuvenation Nuzlocke run

    Hello everybody, Welcome to my Nuzlocke run of Rejuvenation(You choosed it ) First of all, I am not a Pro in doing nuzlocke's, but I will try my best^^ Rules: I can only catch the first Mon which I found on a Route/Cave/City If a Mon dies, it is really death and I can't revive it I must give every Mon a nickname I can use every egg I will find I can catch every shiny I will find Gift Mons are also allowed(Mons I will get from people from every where in the Region) Also static Mons are allowed but only 1 of them(like the Fletchling's in the Gearen Port) I can use so much healing items I want, there will be no deadline The challenge will be finished when I beat the Puppet master(Psychic gym) It will be the normal mode and not the Intense mode(this will be to hard for a Noob in Nuzlocking^^) Infos to the Posts: I will only show the boss/rivals/gym battles here, because it will be otherwise to much I will totally skip the intro and will start this project infront of the Pokemon lab It will be with Screenshots and some comments from me I will let you know when a Mon dies while grinding or something else I will also show you every Mon i catch and the evolutions Hope you are all ok with this rules and infos If not, let me know it
  20. I have created a fully functioning randomizer for this game. If you replace your files with the ones you can download here, all Pokemon you find in the grass, AND all trainer Pokemon will be COMPLETELY randomized! This is for people who have already completed the game but want to play it again, but this time just a lot differently. This can also be for people who LOVE doing Randomized Nuzlockes like I do What this randomizer CAN'T do: *Randomize trainer EV's/IV's, Items, or Nature. This means that trainers that have items or EV's for a Pokemon thats supposed to be in their party, will still have those same items and EV's for the one that replaces it in the randomizer. *Randomize Gift Pokemon. This means that all Pokemon that are given from events will not be randomized, including your starter. However, I have added a solution to this which I will explain below. *Keep track of trainers randomized teams. This means if you battle someone twice, they will have different Pokemon than what they had the first time. For example, losing to Venam and then fighting her again will make her have a different team than the first battle. *Audino Trainers. Unless you get 531 out of a 1 in 802 roll 3 times in a row, Audino trainers will not be a thing. If you do manage this however... Please buy a lottery ticket and send it to me. *Randomize anything other than Trainers and Pokemon. I have no idea how to do this, nor do I know if it's even possible. maybe one day but don't count on it. Since Gift Pokemon can't be randomized when you receive them, I have added a mod that was created by Waynolt, that normally would let you change/randomize your starter into whatever you want. (It was created for Reborn, but I changed it a bit to make it work here.) I have tinkered with this a bit, and now in your Party screen there is a new option called "Randomize". Pressing Randomize will take you to a new dialogue box asking if you're sure you want to randomize, just in case you press it by accident, so you wont lose whatever mon you had. Pressing Randomize again will change that Pokemon into the 1 out of 801 Pokemon that can be chosen from it. Now you might be wondering, "but theres 802 pokemon why can it only select 801?". Well, that's because of the way it was scripted for Reborn. There has to be an "Unavailable mons list" because of Reborns Online feature, so I had to make at least 1 Pokemon unavailable or else the game just yelled at me and told me it wouldnt work. There's probably a way to fix this, but I have no idea how because I'm not really good at scripting. As for the Pokemon that was put on this list? Skitty. Sorry if you like Skitty but I figured that it would be one of the most useless Pokemon to use in a Randomizer, sooooo... But without further ado, here it is. (You might need to be logged in in order to download it.) Rejuvenation Randomizer.rar v1.1, Big bug fixed. How to install: 1. Download the files (YOU NEED WINRAR TO OPEN THE DOWNLOAD, IF YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO DO THAT THEN HERES THE LINK: http://www.win-rar.com/download.html?&L=0 the download you're looking for is the big download button near the top middle of the page.) 2. Drag those files into your Data folder for Rejuvenation 3. Click yes when it asks to replace 4. Open the game and enjoy! Also, there is no dialogue that tells you that the randomizer is on. Basically the game just turns on 2 switches right after you choose the difficulty you want to play on. Those switches turn on the randomized wild Pokemon and the randomized trainer Pokemon. But yeah that's about it. If you guys have any feedback or any issues please either PM me or say it in this thread =]. Have fun!
  21. Passwords (S P O I L E R S)

    So anyone who started over from the beginning would know that after you tell Amanda your name and all that jazz, you can enter in a password. Jan already gave us one of the passwords, which was to skip the entirety of the boat cut scene at the beginning. Obviously, i got a bit curious and started typing in random passwords. Normally I would have just went into RPGMaker like a nerd and looked at what all the passwords were, but well... My trial expired LOL. So after about 20 minutes of thinking of random numbers to put in, I jokingly put in my now former phone password: 9494. And what happened is... Interesting. Password screen. After typing in the password "9494" And this happens... Which is the extremely interesting part. If you have done the quest in the underground involving the A.N.A. android thing, you'll notice that this is the exact same sprite... So basically the password turns you into this... girl? I have no idea if this affects the story at all, and I'm fairly certain that this password isn't found anywhere in game... But yeah... All this got me wondering if theres anymore passwords than just this one and the boat skip. Obviously someone can just go into the game with RPGMaker and check but like i said my trial expired... And i wont have the money to buy it for another week or two so... Anyways what are your guys' thoughts on this? I think it's really cool and I'm considering replaying the game as this thing just to see if there's any changes at all.
  22. Version 9 - The City of Mystery - Full Download here! V9 [Updated 6/4/17 7:22 EST] V9.2 Mirror 1 (Mega) Mirror 2 (Mediafire) CURRENT PATCH AVAILABLE: [Updated 6/23/17 1:14 PM EST] (Patch 10) PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS ALSO IF YOU DOWNLOADED THE FULL VERSION. THIS WILL GIVE YOU ALL THE LATEST FIXES NOTED BELOW! GET THEM HERE: Mirror 1 (Mega) Mirror 2 (Mediafire) Fixes in this Current patch: ---------------------------------- We've waited long enough. There's no reason for me to keep you here any longer. --- Honorable Mentions --- Few people I want to mention! I wanted to thank @Marcello and @Amethyst for helping me out in terms of code for this version. In fact, Marcello just released the Z-Move script that Rejuvenation and Reborn uses! Go check that out if you're interested in using that for whatever! Secondly, I would like to thank @Alex and @Zumi for helping me out a TON through this long process of creating Version 9 for you all. If it weren't for these two I wouldn't be anywhere near close to being done. I'd also like to thank my beta testers for putting up with me and helping me make Version 9 as quality as possible. (There are a lot of changes, though. Some things may have slipped past the seams!) There are too many to shout out directly, but their names are in the credits file and you should thank them when you get the chance! Thirdly, and of course I couldn't forget you all... A huge huge HUGE thank you to those who participated in the Shiny Threads. I was blown away with the help I got and your reward will be sent to you sometime today or tomorrow (Most likely today, though). ---- Rejuvenation Location Guide: Unfortunately, I'm retiring this thread. Neither Zumi and I have time to edit that thread at all. It really showed lately, too. It was BARELY updated and it was filled with outdated information. If someone wants to make a new thread, by all means, do it. Edit: Njab has stepped up to the plate! Thank you @Njab Dedicated Rejuvenation Tab: We have a new tab at the top of the site! It may or may not be up at the time of posting it. If it's not, just wait a bit. It'll show up eventually. Future Reworks: I've decided that I'm going to be upfront with things I rework from now on. There won't be many left, since after this version I've basically undone all the work I did in v6 (For the better!), but if there are to be any, I will be as public as possible. ---- Full cover art. By @Zumi V9 - Changelog (Coming soon) Password:
  23. TABLE OF CONTENTS COLOUR CODING Normal - Everything Else Pink - Chubb Notes Red - Items #ff1111 Blue - Sidequests #00fff9 Green - Battles/Pokemon Encounters #49ff00 Yellow - Character Boxes #e3ff00 Orange - Branching Story Paths HELPFUL LINKS - Discussion Thread - Rejuvenation Directory/FAQ (literally all the helpful links are in here) - Read it or Zumi will fight you (ง’̀-‘́)ง HALL OF FAME People who contributed much to the guide! - SansTheSkeleton (Wild encounters and boss data) - Futility4Ever (Boss strategies) - Neco (For stuff that I missed) - IntSys (For stuff that I missed) Hello and welcome to… *drum roll* A_HORRENDOUSLY_WRITTEN_GUIDE_TO_REJUVENATION™ Property of Despair&Chubb co. It’s been a long time coming and I guess it is about time I get into writing this. Now, a bit of foreword before we dive right in. Unlike my previous Horrendously_Written_Guide™, which is merely a continuation of another guide and is focused on getting you through the story, this guide’s gonna be much different. Instead of trying to rush you through the story, I’ll instead cover everything. Sidequests, events, treasures, everything. Therefore, this guide will be able to cater to all those COMPLETIONIST™ out there. Of course, Rejuvenation is a massive game. Getting everything 100% is a gargantuan feat. That’s why I’ll need some help. First things first, I have good ol’ Chubb (sweet guy) helping me out on this, sorta like a guide collab, you guys will know him for his Perfectly_Written_Guide_to_Reborn (not trademarked as of yet sadly), he’ll be adding notes here and there (you guys will probably be seeing him a lot judging the viability of Pokemon) and you can recognize his notes as they’ll be in Pink text. Next, I’m gonna have to make a selfish request here, but I’m asking a favor from all the beta-testers/developers/Jan (love you, bro), may I have the PBS file for Rejuvenation? I promise I won’t abuse it in (I have no idea how to anyway). I’m currently compiling boss and wild encounter data from Editor.exe with the Reborn PBS (It broke halfway through chapter 1), and if you guys have been on Editor.exe for 5 minutes you’ll know that it’s a pain in the bum to navigate. So… pretty please? C: Chubb has it. luv u bb. And lastly, I’ll need help from all of you, my dear readers! No matter how many Chubbs or PBS files I have, there’s still gonna be mistakes or things that I miss, so it’s up to you to point them out in the Discussion Thread. If you have pictures to contribute or strategies to share or even just a simple question, there would be the place to do it too. With that out of the way, let’s dive in- Whoa there, cowboy. I’m not even done with the disclaimers yet. There’s still many more to go. Please read these disclaimers to ensure maximum enjoyment is obtained when reading my guide. They’re all sorted from most important to least. And with those disclaimers read and gotten over with (I hope you read them), it’s time to finally enter the guide. Alright guys… LET’S GET ROIIIGHT INTO THE NEWSS. PS - I just realized how insanely text-heavy my guide is, so uh, grab a coffee so you don't want to doze off halfway?
  24. Hey. Finally decided to start this thing. God knows I should finish one run before I start another... But I love the game so far and am hoping to continue loving it. And I have a bit more free time for the summer so I figured I might as well. http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/single/?p=9482386&t=9293069 There's the link to the prologue chapter not much going on yet but there'll be more to come. Hope you enjoy!
  25. Side Quest Guide

    Okay Guys Its that time again Hypa writing an slightly sarcastic guide on what to do when you have forgotten where you are going or what you are doing. Goodluck and have fun If you have any suggestions for more guides for me to write ide be more than happy to oblige. Gearen City: Okay this section is dedicated to all side quests you start in Gearen City First Quest: Protecting the City From The Local Gang. Gearen City Help Quests: All the quests from the Gearen City help quest center Quest One: Save Starly! Now all you have to do is go and collect your reward back at the Help Center! yay! 1 quest from the help center down 5 to go :3 Oh just incase you didnt know where to collect your reward this lady is awesome for you Help Center Quest No.2: Missing Mother Help Center Quest No.3: Hidden Library Help Center Quest No.4:Love Letter Help Center Quest No.5:Dangerous Pokemon! Help Center Quest No.6: Battle Me!! You MUST collect your reward before starting a new quest idk why but meh deal with it Okay Next Gearen Quest: Making Deliveries Sheridan Village: Okay guys this section is exclusively for quests starting in Sheridan Village. So if i haven't included any that may go through here please understand they will be covered at some point in the future. Missing Boyfriend Quest:(includes Ditto locations) April Quest Okay this quest is found in amethyst cave after your 5th badge although wont be completable till after you have obtained rock climb(needs clarification when the event becomes available. Requirements: Surf, Rock Climb, 7 badges Sheridan Village Help Center Quests Okay here we will have all the Quests In the Sheridan Village Help Center Quest No.1: Hidden Library Quest No.2:Stolen Cargo Quest No.3:Cute Pokemon Quest No.4:Get an Item! Quest No.5 Battle Me Again? Kakori Village This section will cover all the quests starting in Kakori Village If I missed something i should include i may include it later on a different part but if you think ive missed something that should be here let me know. Help Center Quest No.1: Clear the way! Help Center Quest No.2: Tropius... Help Center Quest No.3: Building Bridges Help Center Quest No.4: Find It.. Help Center Quest No.5:Battle Me Once More Head back to the Help center but heal first you got some battles coming up :3 provided you done all the help quests You get told you are going to be given a super rare pokemon but then the anti assist team goes and steals it yeah that weird door was their hidey hole.... anyways we better go get our poke okay go through the lil door in the Help Center now it is VITAL you go to the west wing of the base and collect this item or we wont be able to do some future quests seriously take the item. Now head north after a pretty simple battle, you find your super rare Pokemon Magnemite. Kristiline Town This section will cover all the quests starting in Kristiline Town, If I missed something I should include I may include it later on a different part but if you think I've missed something that should be here let me know. Since people were asking this a bit on forum! Here is where you go to unlock the Help Center. from the keys i told you about in the last part of Kakori Village help quests. Help Center Quest No.1:Disturbance Help Center Quest No.2: Quiz! Help Center Quest No.3: Defend Me! Help Center Quest No.4:Research Help Center Quest No.5:???