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Found 9 results

  1. I know that the shiny encounter rate is 1/100 in pokemon rejuvenation. But does this also apply to the static pokemon encounters (or the ones you see roaming around in certain areas)? I really want a shiny dodrio, and I have reset like 150 times and havent gotten one yet. Just wanted to check before I continue. Thanks!
  2. Quick Question

    Where does all the pokemon like Magneton and Charjabug go to evolve into Magnezone and Vikavolt? I know they need a special magnetic field, but where is that in Reborn?
  3. hello. As it's confirmed that Silvally is obtainable in ep 17, it's only obvious that the Memory drives that change its typing will also be obtainable. And I have a little question about them. Before that tho, allow me to tell you a little story: When I first played through Moon, I made sure that before I went UB Hunting I had a Silvally as good as possible. I ended up with a Jolly one with perfect IV's in all but HP and speed, and those being close to perfect. I used it for all the UB catches cuz you know, it was made to fight the beasts. I ran into a minor issue tho, going through the entire items bag every time I wanted to switch types was a bitch and a half. So I had the idea to put all the Memories in the "Free Space" section and only keeping them there. This made using Silvally a lot more convenient for me personally. So my question is: Could in ep 18 or something the Mailbag or something be coded to either Free Space or a space just for those Memories or potentially the items that serve like those Memories for other Pokémon (Like the plates or Arceus and the Drives for Genesect)? Or is this perhaps better suited as an idea for a mod? Thanks for reading and please let me know if you like the idea. if you think it's a stupid idea or even if you never realized Free Space in gen 7 could be used for this. Have a nice day/night regardless
  4. VErsion 9 pickup

    Hey so recently trained up a team of lvl 71 pickups and the items i've been getting have been........strange, it ranges from pp ups and ability capsules and drops all the way down to sometimes getting moomoo milk(STILL) Did Jan even use a generation table or did she make one herself?? if its the latter, is there any way we can get some way of knowing how.......balanced it is?
  5. Different route 2?

    So I was stuck finding Nim and looked up a few walkthroughs (found her by the way) and noticed that their route 2's looked way different from mine. For starters the train station didn't have a roof nor a girl selling water next to it. Just wondering why that is.
  6. [ Question ] How to breed a 5iv pokemon?

    After i saw Zarc's "little rant" on his trade topics, i felt bad about it, so i decided that i wanna create my own 5ivs mons, so can anyone teach me it's 101? and also how to breed the "unobtainable" ones like gastly or gible*? *= Don't worry, i'm just gonna keep them for myself, and i promise i won't trade them P.S = does anyone know how to increase the egg's chance to get a certain egg move ? Because i think that's one of the reasons that made Zarc mad :'( [ not only to me, but to several members as well ] P.S.S = i know that i can use CE for this.... but i wanna do this the hard way, because i wanna breed mons with less risks
  7. Just wondering because I have been soft resetting the Shuppet event for a while now in an attempt to get a shiny version of it. Will update saying I got it in the situation where I get it before an answer, but until then, I would like to know so I am sure if I am wasting my time or not.
  8. So I was readying myself up for my gym fight against Erick in West Gearen, training my Lycanroc and thinking to myself: "Would be awesome if I could teach it bulk up" then I decide to check a few threads in the history of rejuvenation which include, but are not limited to, this and that d The question is. Since I'm confused, Has anyone been able to locate bulk up? If so, where? TIA
  9. Welcome to this topic, with the purpose of providing quick answers to your E16 questions. You can ask and recieve help for playing through E16, finding newly introduced stuff, ask help for quests and puzzles, whatever. First, to get out some of the important stuff out of the way... Community release and info Online Play subforum E16 Un-stuck me - Save File fixing Bug reporting subforum Up-to-date Obtainable Pokemon List Topic guidelines: Ask anything you want that doesn't fall into the above threads Use spoiler tags for both questions and anwers. It's the eye icon on the text editor. Make things easier. If asking, give a hit about what you're asking beforehand. If replying, quote the post you're replying to Don't rely too much on this thread and enjoy the game. Go out there, explore, adventure, battle, DIY Use the in-game resources, the Pokedex and Field Effects app Help without giving it all on a plate. Try to point to the right direction, not spit everything out