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Found 126 results

  1. Following the success of Reborn and Rejuvenation, I thought it would be interesting to bring my own ideas to the table. Welcome to Pokemon Desolation. -Story- What is a dream? A series of thoughts? Images? Sensations? No, perhaps it's something more? Welcome to the Ayrith Region, a large land mass split into several islands. Ayrith is clouded in mystery, with strange, unexplainable events happening at every corner. However, somewhere deep down, there's something more to this mystery. Something unexpected, impossible even. You will uncover this secret, and go down in history. What is your dream? Is it to be a hero? The outcome of Desolation is strongly based on the choices you make. Choose wisely. -Features 4.1.1- - A reputation system! Your decisions and how you treat other characters will change the outcome of the game! - An up-gradable manor that acts as the players homestead and business throughout the game. -A "Credit" System used for rare items, Pokemon, and Manor upgrades. These credits are obtained by helping people and completing sidequests. -IV/EV Checker - 5 Gyms in the current release. - Amazing music from a selection of composers. -8 Alternate Starter Pokemon. These are as follows: Seawaddle, Growlithe, Espurr, Flabebe, Pancham, Spheal, Sandile and Electrike. However, players will be later able to obtain a "normal" starter of their choice. - Guilds - You can join a wide variety of guilds that interest you and reward you as a trainer (only 2 in current release). Reputation System Many RPG's have you make choices that determine how other characters feel about you, and this can lead to scenarios where characters may act differently depending on how you've treated them in the past. I've added my own variant of this called the Reputation System. Throughout the game you will be given choices, some are important and some will appear minor. However, all of these are game changing. Depending on how you treat a character, your relationship with them can increase or decrease, leading to them trusting you a lot, or hating your guts. This can and will lead to multiple outcomes to a scenario, which will alter the course of your game. How it works Episode 4.1.1 - Blood Bound -Download Link- Before you update to 4.1, make sure you ARE NOT saved in Cellia South. Version 4.1.1, 11/02/2017 Please report bugs via PM. A user here, Njab, can now be approached for simple save fixes and such. I'd really appreciate that people make the most of this as it will take a fair amount of weight off my shoulders. 5 Badges are available as of this release. Mega Mediafire -Recent Updates- -Known Bugs - v4.1.1- -Changes within v4.1.1- -Credits- -Obtainable List-
  2. No longer am I in summer break, but I'll still try to update my first ever Pokemon story from time to time It'll be loosely based on the events and characters of Black and White (later maybe Black and White 2). The story will be updated on a random schedule, whether or not I have readers - so no default risk whatsoever haha Also, to keep the the threads clean, I'll post the chapters on this thread only. Chapter links (saving you the need to scroll haha): Comments, criticism and questions are always welcome, but I would appreciate it if you could PM them to me instead of posting, so that I can keep the thread clear Without further a due, let's head on to chapter 1!
  3. [ Question ] How to breed a 5iv pokemon?

    After i saw Zarc's "little rant" on his trade topics, i felt bad about it, so i decided that i wanna create my own 5ivs mons, so can anyone teach me it's 101? and also how to breed the "unobtainable" ones like gastly or gible*? *= Don't worry, i'm just gonna keep them for myself, and i promise i won't trade them P.S = does anyone know how to increase the egg's chance to get a certain egg move ? Because i think that's one of the reasons that made Zarc mad :'( [ not only to me, but to several members as well ] P.S.S = i know that i can use CE for this.... but i wanna do this the hard way, because i wanna breed mons with less risks
  4. I wanna hear everyone's thoughts on the trailer for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. I'm pretty hype! I need to get my 3ds repaired or get a new one since it runs pretty slow online compared to the new ones. But once again, thoughts?
  5. After reading a few topics discussing which Monotype run would be easiest given available Pokemon, I compiled a list of which Pokemon (as of E16). Each spoiler is a new badge-stretch of the game. Each section includes the baby form of the pokemon (unless it is available only in the wild fully evolved e.g. Beedrill and Sunflora) and does not mention Pokemon available in previous areas. As put on Chubb The Pig's Rejuvenation guide, I italicized the Pokemon that will evolve into a type. All types that do not feature any new pokemon will be listed at the bottom of each spoiler tag. Rules for a Monotype (Just a suggestion): 1. You can only use pokemon of a single type. Pokemon that will evolve into a type may be used. 2. Pokemon that will evolve MUST be evolved at some point [i.e. can't use Nosepass in Steel unless you evolve it before the end of your run] 3. You must only use pokemon of the type for all important battles (Optional: You may use "assist" pokemon to help you catch pokemon for your run. For example, a Misdreavus, to catch Beldum if you're doing a steel run) 4. If you're playing with a type that doesn't have any starters that will evolve into it, you must choose a starter and then ditch it in the PC once you catch your new pokemon and it is able to put up a fight. 5. Depending on how pure you're willing to be, trading is optional. For ice, rock, and ghost, which do not have available Pokemon before the first gym (and Fairy, only Jigglypuff) you may consider trading in an egg of something of the type. Starters Beginning to Julia Julia to Florinia Florinia to Corey NOTE: Mystery Egg Corey to Shelly Shelly to Shade Shade to Kiki Kiki to Aya Aya to Serra Serra to Noel Noel to Radomus Radomus to Luna Luna to Samson (No return to Reborn City!): Samson to Charlotte Charlotte to Terra Terra to Ciel Ciel to Adrienn Enjoy your monotypes!
  6. PBS file for Pokemon Rejuvenation

    PLEASE!!! Give us PBS file for Rejuvenation...
  7. Hey. Finally decided to start this thing. God knows I should finish one run before I start another... But I love the game so far and am hoping to continue loving it. And I have a bit more free time for the summer so I figured I might as well. http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/single/?p=9482386&t=9293069 There's the link to the prologue chapter not much going on yet but there'll be more to come. Hope you enjoy!
  8. What up Reborn fans? It's me. Your best friend in the whole world! ... Probably! Anyway you might have already seen my Reborn Nuzlocke on this site before or perhaps the Rejuvenation one even. But unfortunately I've run out of content for the Reborn one so it's been put on temporary hiatus! And so I decided to do yet another Nuzlocke run for fun! Instead of studying! My parents are extremely disappointed in me! Hoooorrraaaaayyyyyy!!!! Anyway here's the link to the run's introduction that explains the rules. It'll have the table of contents soon as well. http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/single/?p=11011768&t=11004294 Hope you enjoy it!
  9. So I'm still not sure about the whole Status thread thing, but I'm going to post one anyway. I don't really like leaving people out of the dark when it comes to Rejuvenation. So while I think I prefer to work in the shadows, I don't think that's the best way to do this. Plus I have a brand new Dev Team under my belt now. So it doesn't seem as pressuring as before. Let's break out of this shell, shall we? Status Going to post something here whenever there's something noteworthy to post! (I'll have archives here so that people don't have to go digging for past posts either!) ==Archive==
  10. Pokemon Blaze Online

    Pokemon Blaze Online is a free to play Pokemon MMORPG where you can play with/against other players in a custom pokemon universe. The game allows your to battle and trade against other players. You can progress through the storyline defeating gyms, evil teams and other non playable characters. The game also offers a range of quests which you can complete in order to win cool in game rewards. Pokemon Blaze Online is developed using Java and everything is written from scratch allowing me to implement many custom features which you will not find in existing Pokemon games. Special Features Custom Game Region: Game will be comprising of 2 Regions. Every region will have 9 gyms (Currently we got 6 gyms and more are under developement). All the maps are custom so you will always be guessing on what next is to come. Check the image out to see the game's world map. Custom Story: The game has its own story which is completely different from any other pokemon game you have played. Custom Stats System: Stats system which saves you from frustrating EV grinding. At every level up you are given 3 SP (Think of them as EV’s) which you can assign to any stat. These are then used to calculate in battle stats same as any other pokemon game. Speech Mugshots: Every NPC in game has a mugshot allocated giving the game a more realistic feeling. Clan System: The game has a clan system and clan wars occur daily. Achievement System: Game has an achievement system via which you earn skill points which can then be used to access new maps. Friend System: Self explanatory. Alolan Pokemon: Only MMO to offer you alolan pokemon. Other Features Fully working battle system (NPC/PVP/WILD). Although few moves are yet to be implemented which will be released as the game progresses (Currently we got 500 pokemon moves working out of 630 excluding Z-Moves) Different spawns depending on time of day. Fully working TM Interactive chat system Marts with stock system (Make sure you buy all the pokeballs before an event or else you might have to buy them at 5x times the price from greedy NPC’s) Day Night Dusk Dawn on maps with dynamic lightings. Weather effects And other basic features which are available in any pokemon games. Planned Features PVP ladder And for the people who don't wanna read stuff but want to see how the game looks. Attached is the image gallery https://imgur.com/a/6mEax The game has been running from past 3 months. To join the community here are few links feel free to join any of these to get in touch with the developers or the community. Website - https://pokemonblazeonline.com Discord - https://discord.gg/uDuymDf Skype - join.skype.com/PL7njFoEE3ll Forums - http://pokemonblazeonline.com/forums/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pokeblazeonline/ Credits : Me - (Owner, Developer, NPC and Gym's AI Scripter) Kakarot - (Owner) nushkie - (Junior Developer) Jiro - (Content Manager, Mapper, UI Artist, Paperdolling and Sprites) The-Night, Emerald - (Mappers) DevR - (Content Manager, Story Writer, Sprites, Mugshots, NPC and Gym's AI Scripter) Pilos - (Scripter)
  11. We're back baby. Also I work here now. Did you miss the good old signups thread? Well here it is! But first, some important PSAs: The league starts running at the 13th of October. So, in a month and a day, to be exact. Wednesday was axed, and so were night slots. A moment of silence for them. Moment over. The league will run from 11 AM to 2 PM EST, still on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. For GMT users such as yours truly, 4 PM to 7 PM Please leave thought-provoking comments and love thy neighbour Now that that's out of the way, here are the rules! Don't you guys love rules? First, a recap of the bans and other battle rules: All right, did you get all that? Good, you're responsible, and being responsible is super cool! So now, for the third time, the registration thing, courtesy of Dash: We've got a few sprites that you can use though if you have your own, please do post a link to it along with your team and we'll add it to your trainer card. Please have the image be a .png file too. On top of said sprites, we've got a variety of different trainer card templates for you. Just specify which one you wish to be used for your trainer card. Trainer Card Sprites: Trainer Card Templates: Well, that's about it! Have fun teambuilding and with the league! -The Redemption League Staff
  12. Link Heart

    Hi, so kinda new to rejuvenation and I've been trying to find the link heart so I can evolve my Boldore, but I'm not sure where it is. I read it was on route 3 and I could by it from a vendor but I asked all the vendors I could find and they didn't sell it. So does anyone know exactly where it is?
  13. Before we begin, this topic is directly influenced by The Caveman's poll found here. He inspired this idea. The rules are mainly the same as that article. I will be running a survey of the community's five least favorite Pokemon. I will be updating this list regularly. The one thing I ask is that we are civil about our picks, as what we may see as favorites may end up on someone else's list. With that being said, here are my five least favorites:
  14. Version 9 - The City of Mystery - Full Download here! V9 [Updated 6/4/17 7:22 EST] V9.2 Mirror 1 (Mega) Mirror 2 (Mediafire) CURRENT PATCH AVAILABLE: [Updated 6/23/17 1:14 PM EST] (Patch 10) PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS ALSO IF YOU DOWNLOADED THE FULL VERSION. THIS WILL GIVE YOU ALL THE LATEST FIXES NOTED BELOW! GET THEM HERE: Mirror 1 (Mega) Mirror 2 (Mediafire) Fixes in this Current patch: ---------------------------------- We've waited long enough. There's no reason for me to keep you here any longer. --- Honorable Mentions --- Few people I want to mention! I wanted to thank @Marcello and @Amethyst for helping me out in terms of code for this version. In fact, Marcello just released the Z-Move script that Rejuvenation and Reborn uses! Go check that out if you're interested in using that for whatever! Secondly, I would like to thank @Alex and @Zumi for helping me out a TON through this long process of creating Version 9 for you all. If it weren't for these two I wouldn't be anywhere near close to being done. I'd also like to thank my beta testers for putting up with me and helping me make Version 9 as quality as possible. (There are a lot of changes, though. Some things may have slipped past the seams!) There are too many to shout out directly, but their names are in the credits file and you should thank them when you get the chance! Thirdly, and of course I couldn't forget you all... A huge huge HUGE thank you to those who participated in the Shiny Threads. I was blown away with the help I got and your reward will be sent to you sometime today or tomorrow (Most likely today, though). ---- Rejuvenation Location Guide: Unfortunately, I'm retiring this thread. Neither Zumi and I have time to edit that thread at all. It really showed lately, too. It was BARELY updated and it was filled with outdated information. If someone wants to make a new thread, by all means, do it. Edit: Njab has stepped up to the plate! Thank you @Njab Dedicated Rejuvenation Tab: We have a new tab at the top of the site! It may or may not be up at the time of posting it. If it's not, just wait a bit. It'll show up eventually. Future Reworks: I've decided that I'm going to be upfront with things I rework from now on. There won't be many left, since after this version I've basically undone all the work I did in v6 (For the better!), but if there are to be any, I will be as public as possible. ---- Full cover art. By @Zumi V9 - Changelog (Coming soon) Password:
  15. Back at this!... Again!... For the 3rd time! So as many of you know, I've tried to do go through Rejuvenation in a Cuteness Run (only using Pokémon I find cute) but the save got corrupted or I lost the save file. Can't remember which. The 2nd time I tried to go through Rejuvenation was basically Main Characters Pokémon Anime Kanto run. (God that's a long name. Prob had a shorter name but that's not the point right now.) My 3rd time, I will be doing a Primary Run. What is that you may ask yourself? Well, for starters, I will be catching 18 different Pokémon. And all 18 types. Now I know a lot of Pokémon have a secondary typing. So let me use an example. I decide I want to use and catch the Electric Type Pokémon Mareep. Mareep's Primary Typing is Electric. Which means I can't use another Electric Type with that being it's Primary Typing. Now say I wanted to catch a Water Type and that would be Chinchou. I would be able to use it because it's Primary Typing is Water while its secondary typing is Electric. So hopefully, you all understand what a Primary run is now. But I will also tell you all this. Just like my previous 2 attempts at this, it's not gonna be like me trying to make a story out of it. I will be stopping at points and trying to tell you all how I feel about a character or place or plot or whatever happened between point a and point b. There maybe screenshots. There may not be screenshots. This is a long ass game and Idk if I can handle that many screen shots. Haha. I know there are a lot of people out there that will be able to/are deff better than me at trying to explain something or give great details but I will do my best to express how I feel about whatever is happening at that current time. Hope you all enjoy!
  16. This will be the same format as the one ShatteredSkys took over ever since Nickaboo left. For now, there will only be a column for Gen 1, then eventually we'll get to Gen 2. I just want this to be as accurate as possible. So let's get started. Please PM @Njab if the guide needs to be updated! Full Obtainable List: Gen 1: Gen 2: Gen 3: Gen 4: Gen 5: Gen 6: Gen 7:
  17. Showdown Replays

    Got a Showdown Battle Replay you want to share? Feel free to post them here! It can be any format, even those Moody Metronome Triple battles you all love doing. You probably want to put who you are while posting, as well, if you're using a different name. Anyways, happy posting (and battling)!
  18. Chapter 1 - ~What Is Love? Baby Don't Hurt Me, Don't Hurt Me, No More~ Hello everyone and welcome to my regular playthrough of Pokémon Full Moon! Nothing new happening here except for 2 things. 1. I’m gonna try to use Pokémon I don’t really use. 2. Unlike my last run of this game, I’m going to be talking about how I feel about the plot, characters, etc. You all get the drill. So, let’s get started, shall we? Let’s start with the Main Character Luna. And yes. She’s the ONLY main character you can play as. As well as her name only staying as Luna. In one way, I don’t mind it because I’m playing for the story and she’s involved with the story heavily. But in the other way, I wish there could be at least 2 main characters to choose from. But that’s honestly small nitpicking. Luna has run away from home/her school and has been living in a cave for 2 years because of her parents… Alrighty then. At least we know she can fend for herself. Then again, she has a freaking ARCANINE as her starter! But again, it’s the ONLY starter you can have no matter how many times you replay this. And since I’m not the hugest fan of Arcanine (please not murdering me for saying that), it somewhat sucks. (Btw, I may or may not use pictures sometimes so sorry if you get confused with what I say without visual presentation) So let’s take a look at our… Home? Now much really to see. Couple of rocks, a Dratini doll and a… A bed?! Where the fuck did she get a bed from?! Yes, again nitpicking but still. When you see where the cave is, you would wonder the same thing. Anyways, enough of that. Get the Arcanine, put it in its Pokeball, walk out of the cave and ohh hey. Look. Evil Villain Team Commander at the doorstep. Wonderful. He demands to know stuff and of course she doesn’t know. So it’s BATTLE TIME! Aaannnddd yea. 2 Fire Fangs later and his Seviper is down. And with that, he scurries away in defeat. Ohh yea. His name is Redi and that’s all I shall say for now. Great. He’s left. So lets go on an adven- Ohh. Hi Chan. You’re here. Apparently used to be a popular kid in school and bullied Luna cus the people he was with were forcing him to be a bully to her. Well alrighty then. And now he’s telling her he loved her and still does and wants us to go to his house. Aww. Isn’t that sweet. Well it’s time to tell him no because we’re obviously mad at him and go on our… I said no… I SAID NO! Ugh. This is the problem I have with the beginning of the game. The love angle is rushed. We just met this person and he’s already proclaiming to the main character his feelings and asking her to come with him to his house and even if you say no, she changes her mind in a line or 2. What’s the point of giving us a yes or no option if it doesn’t matter. And the funny thing is that this happens again in the matter of minutes! Anyways, he leaves and we can finally start the adventure! I obtain a single Pokeball inside the game and spend sometime looking for a specific Pokemon. AHA! We have found her at last! Gulpin AKA Cake Gulp! (FYI, I screenshotted this after I was at Chan’s house so both this and the other Pokemon I captured are at the same level thanks to some training.) After capturing that little blob, we make our way outside. Yay! The outdoors! And a beach! This is a lovely place to hide out for 2 years. After using the bird Pokemon to level up our Gulpin and taking on some of the trainers on the beach, it’s time to go with Chan and ride on his… God damn Dragonite. Well damn. Hopefully we won’t have to fight him anytime soon. As both of us are flying through the air, he asks us if we love him. So I choose for her to say no and… And… Like I said! Matter of minutes! She’ll say no but in a line or 2 AGAIN, she changes her mind and is all loveydovey with him. WHY give us an option to say yes or no if there’s no change except for a couple of lines? We make it to his place and honestly, I like the area… Although isn’t that a bit weird of a place to live. The house is surrounded by flowers, trees and a lake but… The mountains are blocking it off from antry and the only way to get there is to go through a long, freezing cave? Well whatever floats his parents boat. So we explore the area and find that 4 flowers, when activated, reveal a cave entrance. I have no clue how anyone did that but props to them for that. In the cave is just basically water and ice type Pokemon but we do in fact obtain our next team member. Say hello to Cubchoo AKA Papa Sniff! After training him some, its time to continue with the story. We ask him for a drink of water and the question the whereabouts of his parents… Ahh. They’re dead. Lets pretend I didn’t say anything about them before. Forgot about it? Good. Anyways, he informs us that his brother is trying to become a doctor and his sister is the Champion! I wonder if he’d hate us for whooping her ass for the title of Champion. Haha. Anyways, now that we’re done talking to him, time to explore the house. Lets see. Food to eat, beer to drink, dig through the trash and find Leftovers, go upst- Wait. Leftovers? Already?! THIS EARLY?!!! Well… Whatever. Go upstairs and explore the bedrooms and the library I’m guessing it is. Ooo! A journal! Lets invade other peoples privacy! It’s Chan’s little brother Nello’s journal. So turns out Chan was sick, then really sick and then he cured him. Well that’s good. And apparently, some dude told them that their parents died in an earthquake… And nothing else. Yeeeaaa. I’m with Nello on this one. I wouldn’t believe him either. And then Chan comes in and we’re busted because I guess we weren’t supposed to be here. I really don’t want to talk about this anymore! A distraction! We need a distraction! Ohh… Would you look at that. A distraction. We both go down and are greeted with 2 new characters: Kain and Dinor. They are both close friends with Chan and since they know we’re dating now, they’re cool with us. That’s good I guess? Really weird though. And then they tell us the real reason they’re here. They need help to get rid of Team Lightning from their academy! We bravely accept the challenge and run off to the academy! But this is where we stop for now. Here’s the team as of now! The love angle is shoved in our face so early and no matter what you choose, you just end up falling in love with Chan. It’s like flipping on a light switch. Also the fact that there’s just one Main Character and one “starter” Pokemon kinda sucks. The graphics look nice though. The cave, the beach, Chan’s house area, even the air looks nice. And I like the touch of different colored texts to represent other characters. Next time, we shall travel through the cave and reach our destination. The Academy!
  19. Love for Underrated Pokemon

    One thing I've noticed as I've looked through various sites and articles about what "good" Pokemon to use in battle, is that some fairly "good" Pokemon are rarely or never mentioned at all. For that purpose I figured why not give some of those underrated or underloved Pokemon a moment to shine. As a quick rule, while you may reference stronger Pokemon in order to discuss strengths and weaknesses, I do not want any strong Pokemon to be the main topic of your post. Just to make sure there isn't any confusion, strong in this case refers to any Pokemon with a stat total greater than 450 500. I also would like to ask that people try to focus more on posting about their underrated or underloved Pokemon, than trying to endlessly debate someone over another Pokemon. Edit: 450 was probably a bit too low, 500 is probably a nicer number.
  20. Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1 (Returning Feb 2018)

    Does anyone know what happened to Pokemon Desolation? I can't find it anymore, almost like it just disappeared aside from the videos on YouTube.
  21. For anyone looking to create or update their own pokemon game, I have a large quantity of new/updated items, moves, abilities, pokemon evolutions, gameplay mechanics, and concepts for you to use. These are all meticulously balanced effects designed to fix current problems and overhaul the pokemon gameplay experience. Below are just a few examples of my ideas. Feel free to PM me or comment if you are interested in more. Consider me in any future projects you undertake and I would be glad to discuss my ideas with you. General: Freeze: Frozen Pokemon have their Special Attack halved and have a 25% chance each turn to be fully frozen, and thus unable to take action. (this synthesizes the pre-existing burn and paralysis effects and makes freeze much more interactive) Day Care: Currently, the Day Care automatically teaches your pokemon every new move they learn by level up and replaces old moves without the player's consent. This is very annoying, and can cause your pokemon to forget valuable moves you didn't want them to forget. Now, when you take a pokemon back from the Day Care, the Day Care Lady will prompt you by telling you that your pokemon has learned new moves in her care. You may then decide all at once what new moves you want to teach your pokemon after you take them out of the Day Care. Overgrow/Blaze/Torrent & Pressure: Removed from all starters and replaced with abilities that give each starter more of a unique identity (in addition to other balance changes for starters). Also replaced pressure on a number of legendaries, as well as reworking many legendaries to give them a more unique identity. Updated Items: Focus Band: Holder takes x.75 damage, but only when hard switching directly into an attack, or x.5 damage if the holder is below half HP. Grip Claw: Holder deals x1.3 damage to trapped pokemon. Wave Incense: Holder takes x.8 damage from neutrally-effective attacks. New Items: Terrain Boots: Holder is immune to entry hazards. Master Belt: Holder's Non-STAB moves deal x1.3 damage. Pure Herb: (Consumable) Fully heals the holder and cures their status after they use a 4th unique move without switching out. Updated Abilities: Symbiosis: After the user faints, heals the next pokemon switched in by 1/4th of the max HP of the fainted pokemon (applies before entry hazards). Anger Point: Raises the user's Critical Hit Ratio by 1 stage when an opponent uses a status (non-attacking) move. Unnerve: Makes the opponent unable to use any held consumable item and also prevents them from eating leftovers. New Abilities: Relentless: User damages pokemon switching out for 1/8th of their max HP (rapidash, primeape, dodrio, etc). Indomitable: User takes x.5 damage from moves with a base power of 100 or more (tyranitar, aggron, bastiodon, etc). Buzzkill: If user faints, resets all of the opponent's stat boosts (pinsir, wigglytuff, golduck, etc). Updated Moves: Razor Wind: Now flying-type and executes in one turn. Worry Seed: Now becomes an entry hazard that changes the ability of every pokemon switching in to insomnia (does not affect grass-types). Vicegrip: now 80 base power and traps opponents. Aqua Ring: Now heals the active pokemon by 1/8th of their max HP at the end of each turn. Lasts for 5 turns. Aurora Beam: Now 50 power, 90 accuracy, special; has a 70% chance to raise the user's Special Attack one stage. New Moves: Shock Treatment: electric-type, 80 power, 100 accuracy, physical; suppresses the opponent's ability. Cannonball: steel-type, 60 power, 90 accuracy, special; replaces the opponent's held item with an Iron Ball (or gives them one if not holding an item). Rejuvenate: fairy-type, status; heals a non-active party pokemon by a flat amount equal to 1/3rd of the user's max HP. Pestilence: bug-type, 120 power, 100 accuracy, special; reduces the user's Special Attack and Special Defense by 1 stage after use. Necromancy: ghost-type, x power, 100 accuracy, special; x = 27 multiplied by the number of fainted pokemon in your party. New Pokemon Evolutions: Parastrain: (use dusk stone on parasect) Bug/Dark with Poison Heal/Effect Spore/Damp 75 HP, 115 ATK, 85 DEF, 80 Sp. ATK, 85 Sp. DEF, 40 SPE 480 BST Rumbell: (use shiny stone on Chimecho) Psychic/Electric with Levitate 95 HP, 60 ATK, 90 DEF, 105 Sp. ATK, 100 Sp. DEF, 80 SPE 530 BST Philosiphowl: (from Noctowl at level 40) Psychic/Flying with Insomnia/Keen Eye/Tinted Lens 110 HP, 55 ATK, 71 DEF, 94 Sp. ATK, 106 Sp. DEF, 81 SPE 517 BST Previous Pokemon Changes: Luxray becomes Electric/Dark and has its Special Attack and Speed switched. Dragonite becomes Seraphair, complete with new art patterned after Dragonair, becomes pure dragon-type, and gets Cloud Nine instead of Inner Focus. Wailord gets multiscale instead of water veil, evolves at level 50 instead of 40, and both Wailmer and Wailord gain +15 Speed. New Field Effects: #--------------------------- Imperial Palace [IP] --------------------------------# "All hail her Imperial Majesty..." * Embargo lasts 8 turns * Frisk lowers the opponent's Accuracy * Imprison and Pursuit deal Super-effective damage to Dark types * Track Down does 1/4th Max HP (from 1/8th) * Pokemon with Overcoat take x.75 damage from neutrally-effective attacks * Battle Armor raises both Defense and Sp. Defense on switch-in * Items cannot be stolen * Foul Play always fails * Stockpile heals for 1/8th Max HP * Substitute and Swords Dance have Priority +1 * Entrainment makes the target's ability Truant * Frustration always hits with max power * Torment additionally damages the opponent at the end of each turn for 1/6th of their Max HP * King's Shield protects against status * Beggar's Cup and Leftovers items are confiscated * Heal Order restores 66% Max HP (from 50%) * Harsh Rod's damage becomes x1.5 (from x1.3) * Guillotine becomes a 100 power, 100 acc physical Steel type move with a high Critical Hit Ratio * Pokemon with Serene Grace and Queenly Majesty deal x1.25 and x1.5 damage, respectively * Infiltrator, Magician, and Illusion increases Evasion on switch-in * These moves increase in base power x1.25: * Take Down Punishment Assurance Judgment Noble Roar Attack Order Round Uproar Sacred Sword Secret Sword Saber Strike * These moves increase in base power x1.5: Pursuit Power Trip Rage * These moves increase in base power x2: Pay Day Imprison Justice Hammer Disarming Voice * The accuracy of these moves becomes 100: Take Down Cut-in-Two Light of Ruin Saber Strike * The following moves' and abilities' stat-changing effect is amplified: * Competitive Defiant Captivate Justified Defend Order Confide Leer Iron Defense Riot Shield Barrier * Nature Power becomes Sacred Sword * Camouflage changes the user's type to Steel * Secret Power may lower Attack
  22. For anyone just starting Reborn Hardcore; The party system is unlocked shortly after defeating Julia. It allows you to effectively play as some other significant characters in the story and use their teams. the catch is, you have to find them first. So I figured we could get together a bit of a guide to the party members in the mod. This definitely isn't also because I'm bad at finding them and want help from you guys I'm currently in the middle of hardcore myself, So I'm past some stuff and haven't reached other parts yet. If you have any information not currently in the guide, please share! Party Members: Fero: Fern: Victoria: Shelly: Cain: Aya: Cal: Julia: Florina: Misc Special Move Tutor: Checklist: Awesome People who Contributed If you're playing through hardcore and want to help, please share any new information, corrections to current information or screenshots that you have =).
  23. Hey all, if this belongs elsewhere, feel free to move it. So, a wild thought occurred to me today as I installed the Reborn update-- What Pokemon would non Pokemon related anime or video game characters have as a team? I decided to post a topic and see where it goes! I am using gifs but nobody else needs to. Lets begin with the character that started this little idea in the first place! Character: Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus Franchise: FATE Pokemon Team: 1. Roserade: 2. Volcarona: (Shiny) 3. Typhlosion: 4. Pyroar: (Male specifically) 5. Incineroar: 6. Solgaleo: Explanation: Why did I choose these Pokemon? Simple. Nero is called "The Flower of Rome" and is "The Empress of Roses". She values beauty, power, elegance, honesty, and kindness. She is also a bold, charismatic ruler who was beloved by her people in life. I will explain each choice by number. 1. Her affiliation with roses. 2. Her Noble Phantasm: Aestus Domus Aurea: Golden Theater of the Flamboyant aka Golden Theater of the Deranged. To summon it, she says in Fate/Extra: “Behold my glory... Hear the thunderous applause... Sit down and praise... My Golden Theater! Kingdom of Heaven and Hell... My heaven, reconstructed! This is where the limelight shines!” Shiny Volcarona is gold, in other words. 3. Typhlosion is straight up powerful, fast and a pure Fire-type. 4. Male Pyroar are regal and powerful. Plus, from behind, their manes look like flowers. 5. Incineroar is a showoff and would meld with her nicely. 6. She manifests as a Saber class. Steel. Solgaleo is regal, cute, and again, the mane is flower-esque from behind. Plus, Solgaleo would easily wreck armies so there's that too. Please remove the highlight effect behind Golden Theater of the Deranged up above please and thank you.
  24. Trade

    Looking for: 1. Sycther 2. Magikarp 3. Skarmory 4. Marill 5. Roselia 6. Bagon 7. Gible 8. Scraggy 9. Ferroseed 10. Axew 11. Zorua 12. Vullaby 13. Deino 14. Larvesta 15. Fletchling 16. Pancham 17. Honedge 18. Zangoose 19. Helioptile 20. Maractus 21. Murkrow 22. Natu I just want to complete pokedex.
  25. Greetings to you! This is Monsieur Divergent once more, and I'll be your Game Moderator for Pokemon: Choose your Own Character! Mafia. All interested players are welcome here ~ whether you're an experienced player or a new player, you'll still have fun. If you have any questions, you may ask me via PM or via DM (Magister Divergent#9501). You may also pop in the Reborn Mafia Discord Chat at https://discord.gg/qNfjbar I. WHAT IS MAFIA [HOW TO PLAY THE GAME] II. SPECIAL TWIST III. ROLES IV. RULES If you have any questions, you may ask me here or via PM. You may also pop in the specified Discord chat linked at the top of this post ~ If you're interested in participating, comment below and send me your characters via PM. Please read Section II for the complete details on sign ups. Also, if you're interested, you may also join Jace Stormkirk's Fire Emblem Mafia. It's a stat based mafia game.