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Found 122 results

  1. Version 10 - Remember, I love you Cover art, by @Zumi ===================== So, If you were here around this time last year, you'd know that my computer died and I had no way of replacing it (Due to school bills, irl responsibilities, yada yada). But thanks to this wonderful community, I was able to gather funds to buy a new desktop! I thought about what I could do as a reward for those who donated, but then I told myself... Why not do something everyone would enjoy? Because there were people who could not donate, but helped gather others to help me out. What happens to them? So... I began working on a super secret project. A project only Zumi and I knew about at the time, and then later being my new formed Dev Team(tm). A secret project that seemed to cause a lot of discussi- *cough* not online *cough* Anyway, it's definitely not online, because that being the secret project would, in fact, be lame as hell. This time around ya boi brought in not one episode, but two. WAIT. Before you get ahead of yourself. The second episode does not continue the story line of the main game. It's a completely separate side episode that involves a certain leader we all know and forget about. Version -1 | Where Love Lies This side episode is a 4 chapter story that tells the tale of young Keta, and how he fell in love with Taelia. Playing this is completely optional and is not required to understand the main game's story. It does give a lot of juicy lore and info if you're into that stuff, I guess. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to give one final jab and tell you that this game won't be available to download until Friday, March 23rd. I planned on doing a dual release, but doing it this way will get certain people to shhhh about having nothing to do after completing the new main episode. Plus, understanding the side episode requires you to play the main episode first, so. Yeah, it all checks out. Finally a shout out to my Dev Team(tm). @Zumi @Winter @Alex @whomst'd've'n't @Ramiru @Azeria @Sir Wafflesand our new member @Ice Cream Sand Witch ! And thank you to my Beta Testers! We worked really hard to bring this episode to you, so I hope you enjoy it! It's an interesting episode that answers a lot of your burning questions. PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE PLAYING. SERIOUSLY, READ IT. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Pokemon Rejuvenation Version 10: Last updated 1:00 pm EST (3/17/18) MEGA Mediafire Pokemon Rejuvenation | Where Love Lies: Download not available until Friday, March 23rd Special Thanks to @Polaris and @Katastrophickid as usual. The og's~
  2. *cracks knuckles* Alright! So here's a little, bug? I guess you call it that. I found this while playing the game. Okay, so once I gotten to 7th street to save Luna, I did the event where I can get Type: Null. Now, me being the shiny hunter I am, I decided to go for the shiny Type: Null because of the cool Silvally designs it has when using a Memory Plate. And, after about 15 minutes or so, the shiny beauty appears! Ahh, yes, it does look like I used my phone to take a picture of it. In fact, I did. My stupid laptop won't connect to the Internet and for some reason, I can't go into my settings so I can send the screenshots to my phone. Anyway, it looks quite beautiful, doesn't it? I was so happy to have it in my team. And I rightfully named it Gladion, because wynaut? Alright, so I decided to test this beauty out. I battled a random NPC and sent out my beauty and...- What in the Lord's is this? Why is this box here? Is there some kind of bug? Am I not suppose to catch Type: Null yet? I'm confused. This box will bother me so much as I will start using this shiny beauty on my team. Please tell me why is this happening!!
  3. My new Original Artwork - "The Brave Onyx"

    Hello friends,this is my new Artwork About Pokémon, i call The Brave Onyx. Is not my first job but i am still learning a lot. I Use Chalk and other simple materials. I am fan of Pokémons Grass as you can see in my signature. I hope you like,post your fan art too if you want,lets talk about best materials to artwork. For me is interesant know more about this. Here is the full fan-art step by step if is posible post, and the the sketch... https://youtu.be/Bhu3CtXd2Fo sketch:
  4. Zigzagoon? Pokemon Reborn

    I heard that Zigzagoon is in the Obsidia Ward in an alley, but which alley? I'm clueless. Can someone send me a screenshot of what alley it's in? Also looking for Snubbul since it was replace with Stufful when getting it from that girl after getting 2 gym badges. It's probably right in my face and I'm just too stupid to notice >.<
  5. Spoink? Pokemon Reborn

    So I decided to go back to the South Obsidia ward before I go save Cain in Azurine Island, and I found this Spoink. I interacted with it and it fled somewhere. Can someone tell me where did it go?
  6. Hello Pokemon People! I'm pretty sure we all know what March Madness is. For those of you who are unfamiliar, I'll break it down into the loosest terms: A hyped tournament. Mega March Madness is going to be a tournament to discover who the best Mega-Evolved Pokemon really is! And you guys are going to be the people who run it! So here's the deal. I'm going to construct a bracket where each Mega Pokemon participating will be randomly placed. For example, the first match could be between Mega Altaria and Mega Garchomp. The winner will be decided based on two main factors: 1) The community's vote - You guys will respond to who you want/think will win between the two competitors by answering the poll! You can also comment about why you think your choice will win! More opinions mean a more ferocious battle! 2) Type Matchups and Common Sense - If the community isn't exactly swayed towards one opinion due to a lack of different opinions or if the opinions are 50 - 50, type matchups and common sense will help determine the winner. So for example, if 20 people say Mega Altaria will win, and 21 say Mega Garchomp will win, the type matchup/common sense suggests that Mega Altaria takes the win. I have one more interesting feature: Hype Battles So let's say we have two Pokemon battling against each other with many fans rooting for each fighter. If we get enough "hype" I'll do a Pokemon Showdown battle to determine who wins! Isn't that nifty! Also, the finals and third place battle will automatically be hype battles, but there will also be a community winner (one that's chosen by you guys). Huh? Who am I gonna battle on Pokemon Showdown in the event of a hype battle? Let me ask one of my ~~zero~~ friends.. Ah! I've got it! In the event of a hype battle, I'll randomly choose one of the commenters to battle me on Pokemon Showdown, they get to construct their own Mega-Fighter (the Mega Pokemon that they choose) according to move-set and ability as long as it's legal. Also, the item will automatically have to be the Pokemon's respective Mega Stone. So I hope you all enjoyed this little introduction to the Pokemon Mega March Madness! Tag your friends in the comments, to come and participate! The more the merrier! But don't think I'm gonna let you all go without a taster! Mega Charizard and Mega Mewtwo (two pre-selected contestants) both have two Mega Evolutions each... SO. Right here. RIght now. You guys are going to choose which Mega Evolution will make it into the tournament! If you look at this bracket that I made, you'll see that Mega Charizard X is against Mega Charizard Y. The winner will actually be in the real tournament. And Mega Mewtwo X is against Mega Mewtwo Y. Again, simple. The winner will be in the tournament. The Charizard Match will be Match A. The Mewtwo Match will be Match B. REMEMBER. You vote for who you WANT to win. So if you want Mega Charizard Y and Mega Mewtwo Y to win, in the poll, you'll answer: A: Mega Charizard Y B: Mega Mewtwo Y The winner will be revealed in my next Mega March Madness Post. Simple as that! Also, since there are more Mega Pokemon than tournament slots (46 Mega Pokemon, and only 32 slots ;-;), feel free to type in which Mega Evolved Pokemon YOU wanna see in the real tournament. I can't guarantee that it'll be there, but I can try! I want everybody to have fun with this, so I request that there are no toxic comments. If your favorite Pokemon doesn't win, please don't get mad. This is all for fun! If you, by chance, want to help out with all of this, reach out to me and I'll consider it depending on how hyped up this gets, and how many people want Mega March Madness, but you'll definitely need to have Discord if you're helping out. REMEMBER! Tag your friends! More people means a better tournament, which means better battles, which means more hype, which means more hype battles! The list goes on and on! So come on everybody! It's Mega March Madness!!!! EDIT: It's been brought to my attention that Mega Rayquaza is too OP. So just a friendly note, it WON'T be in the tournament. Mega Mewtwo, however, may or may not still remain, since I've already created a poll for it. Thanks for pointing that out @Wolfox
  7. Male Lapras

    So yea. I need a male Lapras. I can trade back a perfect Defensive/Special Defensive IV Duskull with the move Destiny Bond bred onto it.
  8. Pokemon Switch?

    So long story short I've been playing Pokemon for like 15 years and I'm still very interested in the franchise, cool. However, I've found the last two games (SM & USUM) to be absolutely awful. I understand that these are children's games, but at this point they require zero effort in any aspect aside from mashing the buttons to get through the cut-scenes, not to mention how horrible the writing has been. I'm not sure if it's the cringe-factor of Team Skull, the Rotom Dex which never stops talking and flashing, or the fact that it's basically the same game but with a handful of new less-than-desirable features, but I can't even bear to play through Ultra Sun to reach the post-game which I've heard is acceptable. This is not to say that the older games were truly difficult or that their writing was amazing, because neither of those is particularly true, but they just seemed to be more creative and entertaining to play. Anyways, I'm sure most of you have heard that the next Pokemon games will be released on the Nintendo Switch, and I was wondering if you think they will try to "switch it up" or continue their spiral of decay? I think there are a few basic ideas that could breathe some life into new games such as difficulty levels, more depth of content, and continuity from past generations. Fan games like Reborn and Rejuvenation will always be there to do what the main series can't (even then the Pokemon Company tries to shut projects like this down), but its depressing to a franchise fall so far from its former glory. But those are just my thoughts, feel free to discuss your thoughts or perspective on the situation as well as to share any ideas you may have.
  9. I just began my campaign and I now have a Level 24 Lucario, Level 20 Rockruff, Level 22 Alolan-Ratatta, and a Level 19 Litleo. My Litleo and Alolan-Ratatta didn't evolve when they were supposed to at their respective levels of 17 and 20, but my Riolu evolved at level 17. Why aren't my Litleo and Alolan-Ratatta not evolving? I already beat the first gym btw.
  10. I've just started Pokemon Reborn a few days ago and so far I really love the game. I enjoy the challenge brought by building a competitive team out of Pokemon you've never used before and the strategic aspect of planning your team based on what the enemy has. One thing I can't understand though is why HMs are still relevant within the game? I can understand HMs like Surf and Waterfall (because they can still be used competitively) but others like Cut and Rock Smash just end up wasting a slot in one of your Pokemon's moveset which in a game where you're often fighting against teams that have a full team of 6 Pokemon with field buffs stacked against you and all those Pokemon have a proper thought out moveset, it often seems unfair and downright annoying. It's a hindrance that prevents us from fully utilising the Pokemon that we've been given and most players would end up using the last slot in their team as a HM slave when it could have very well been another Pokemon that they wanted to try out. Now, I do realised that HMs are used for progression in the game by locking players out of content until they've obtained the HM hence one possible solution is that when a person obtains a HM, they can then use it without teaching it to a Pokemon (if they do teach the move to a Pokemon, it should be able to be overwritten by other moves without going to the move deleter). If the team is worried about how this could affect the 'realness' (I used this word for lack of a better one) of the game. It could be said that when players are in possession of a HM within this region, they are able to temporarily teach is to Pokemon as their about to perform the task (kind of like a short jolt of memory) before being forgotten afterwards (thus it does not affect the remembered moves they already have).
  11. How To Add Music

    I'm not sure if I'm in the right section to post this in. So if it's in the wrong area, please move it to the right place. But anyways: So does anyone know how to successfully put in music into Pokemon Reborn Audio files and having them actually play on the game itself? I tried just putting in the song with its original name and then I tried to rename it to 1 of the other files but no matter what, no music will play. Do I have to do something before I just try to put in/replace the music into the audio file? Any help is appreciated. FYI, I know I can just mute the game and play the song on iTunes/YouTube but I'd rather it like this.
  12. Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0]

    PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ON THIS THREAD. Keep all comments on the discussion thread provided. I will be updating this guide regularly and will let you all know when I decide to stop. You can subscribe to the thread by clicking follow at the top right. Most people (myself included) skip the intro, so I'll keep this short. I'll be making a guide of Episode 17 of Pokémon Reborn. Originally I was following Sophie's guide. She in turn was following Nickaboo's guide. Just as my predecessors before me, I will most likely not be completing this guide. Not because I'm a busy college student, but because Edit 3/9/18 I lied. My classes are destroying me. That being said, here is my general format: Items/Sidequests/Events Where to go next (For those who just want to know how to progress the story) General tips Starting date: 2/10/18 Starting episode: 17 If I miss anything, feel free to alert me on this separate thread. I would also like to take time to thank those who helped contribute to the guide. I'll update as more people tell me what I've missed. Thank you to the following people for their contributions to this part of the guide: Sparsyle-0 (Sophie), Walpurgis, Frelop, Paperblade Chapter 1 Julia's Gym For reasons that will be made clear later, I will be ordering the gyms in order of the gym leader you're meant to fight rather than calling them "Gym 1" or "Gym 2". You'll start by choosing your protagonist. During the train ride, a... ghost, for lack of a better term, appears. Ame (the same person who made the game), recognizing the ghost as an omen, looks out the window and notices that the train isn't decelerating. She'll grab you and jump out the window, narrowly saving your life. The other protagonists who had the misfortune of not being picked will be killed in the crash. You'll awaken in the Lower Peridot Ward. Julia, the first gym leader, will have a brief conversation with Ame before the latter departs. The gym leader will then ask you if you plan on taking on the Pokémon lead and you'll be given your first choice. As far as I'm aware, choosing one or the other doesn't affect the game. However, if you're curious like me, you'll be interested to know what the dialogue becomes based on your choice. Keep in mind that you can save your game at any time by pressing D. So long as there are no current dialogue boxes, you can save. This means you can save in the middle of a conversation if people are moving about or if there's a brief pause. This can help you in the future when you have to go through a series of battles. You can also reload previous games by using the navigation pathway C:\Users\YourNameHere\Saved Games\Pokemon Reborn, deleting the file that says "Game", and renaming whatever file you want to "Game". Anyway, here are the results: Are you going to take on the Reborn League? >Yes Julia: Correct! Then I'll be seeing you very soon, because I'm also the Electric Gym Leader! >No Julia: Whaaaaaaat? That's no fun! You simply must! Hm? Why do I insist? Well, because I'm the Electric Gym Leader! She'll then direct you towards the Grand Hall. Before moving, you can find a Normal Gem in one of the rocks that surrounds you. If you give this to a Pokémon to hold, it'll boost the first damaging Normal-type move they use but will consume the item. Since all starters begin with a Normal type, you'll give yourself a slight edge in your first battle. It might not be necessary based on your starter, but you'll soon learn that you're not dealing with the average Pokémon game anymore. I digress. There's only one route to progress given that the police are blocking your route up north, so start moving to the right. Once you enter the Opal Ward, you can speak to a lady with purple hair to get a Potion. This can also be useful for your upcoming battle. There are two ways to access the Opal Bridge, but the cool kids will stop you since you don't have Pokémon. Head towards the large building up above and you'll be stopped by a girl named Victoria. She'll act like your rival, in a sense. She'll take you inside and Ame will inform you that the person in charge of blowing up the station was caught. Ame will take you upstairs where you'll be able to choose any Fire, Water, or Grass starter from every generation. Yes, it is possible to get a shiny starter. The shiny rate in this game is increased compared to the normal game, but it can still take beyond an hour to get a shiny. If you save in the room and restart, you'll be able to change IVs, natures, abilities, and shiny status of all the starters in that room. Don't bother searching for the perfect ability because in about two hours you'll be able to change it anyway. Again, quick save is D and soft refresh is F12. If you're not interested in any of them, you can download this mod to choose your own starter from any Pokémon. For any who care, the first gym is an Electric gym and the second is a Grass gym. If you mess up your Pokémon's name, don't worry. In about an hour you'll find the Name Rater. Finally, Pokémon level 20 and below will listen to you if you have no badges while Pokémon level 25 and below will listen to you if you have one. After you choose Charmander, you'll be taken downstairs. Victoria will ask what starter you chose but won't counter pick you as she always chooses the same one regardless. You'll be introduced to Cain while she's away. He'll immediately engage you in a battle. Attacks in red are health based moves. Attacks in orange are physical moves. Attacks in blue are special moves. Attacks in grey are non-damaging moves. Pretty Boy Cain Field: Default Nidoran ♂ (Level 5) Ability: Hustle Item: --- Stats: HP 19 / Atk 10 / Def 9 / SpA 9 / SpD 10 / Spe 10 Scratch, Leer I wonder if it's possible for your opponents to have shiny Pokémon? Also, I will not always be able to get all the moves of each opponent, so enjoy them while they last. It doesn't matter if you win or lose since the story will progress the same. Furthermore, you won't have to pay any money for losing. I'll assume that you've won given that you have the Normal Gem and a potion on your side, but I'll put the text just in case. Battling Cain Should you win: Post battle: Cute AND Talented. Cain: Very nice! Should you lose, the text moves too far past the box. He says something along the lines of: "Hey, that's pretty unlucky, but don't take the loss too hard. I mean, unless you're into that." I'm not sure if the dialogue changes if you're a girl, but I'm interested to know if any of you chose one. Cain will take you over to the PokéCenter where you have the option to heal your Pokémon or not. Yes, you can choose not to heal your Pokémon, but you'll soon regret it. Victoria will emerge from the Starter Room with Ame. After clearing up a misunderstanding, Ame will take Cain away while you battle Victoria. You won't have a moment to buy more items. If you chose not to heal your Pokémon after your tango with Cain, you'll have to continue fighting with your lowered health. Remember that you can save while Cain is walking you to the healing desk, so you can retry your battle with Victoria by reloading your save game. Apprentice Victoria Field: Default Litten (Level 5) Ability: Blaze Item: --- Stats: HP 20 / Atk 12 / Def 9 / SpA 11 / SpD 9 / Spe 12 Scratch, Growl You'll have the advantage if you won against Cain as you'll have leveled up. You'll also gain money for defeating both of them. As stated above, it doesn't matter if you win or lose. Regardless, here's the dialogue. Battling Victoria Should you win: Post battle: Wow... I don't know what to say! Victoria: You're no ordinary trainer, are you... Should you lose: Victoria: Yay, I won! Don't get down though, every loss is a lesson. Cain will drop by to tell you he's leaving. You and Victoria will then go back to the Information Desk to talk to Ame. She'll give you a PokéDex, PokéGear (with which you may access the map and other, future tools), and Running Shoes (hold with the space bar to run or press S to toggle). She'll then leave to interrogate the terrorist who attacked the train station. Victoria will give you 5 Pokéballs to start your adventure and then leave. You're now free to do as you please. You can access your PC in order to find a free potion. It wasn't available until now because you were forced to walk to certain areas once you entered The Grand Hall. If you watch the T.V., you'll be able to watch many different channels. The only ones that might affect your actions are the Hunting channel and the Weather channel. Check the Hunting channel once a day to get the latest scoop on new Pokémon. If you talk to the lady in a green dress, you'll be able to battle her and her darling in a double battle as many times as you'd like. Their Pokémon level up as you progress throughout the game, so they're a source of free levels and money if you're able to best them. You can buy items on the right, but I recommend saving at least 500 poké. Always buy Pokéballs in sets of 10. This way you'll get a free Premier Ball as well. The Premier Ball has the same "strength" as a normal Pokéball. Even if you don't want to use it, you can sell it for 100 Poké which is half the price of a normal Pokéball. I personally use them to catch Shiny Pokémon. Once you're done buying items, head towards the exit. There will be a fisherman on the right side. He'll offer to sell you a rare Pokémon for 500 poké. As soon as you buy the Pokémon, the man on the left will steal it from you before you even have a chance to see it. As the fisherman will tell you, you'll be able to find the man in North Peridot. This will become a sort of hide and seek event that you'll have to play throughout the game. I'll reference it as Event: SP, the SP standing for Stolen Pokémon. You can ctrl + f to find out where next you need to go to continue the event. If you ever forget where to go next, you can talk to the people in The Grand Hall for directions. For now, you may exit The Grand Hall. A short cutscene will play in which you see Ame and a few police officers torturing information out of the terrorist. Opal Ward map Sometimes when I speak, I'm not clear in what I'm trying to say. I'll be dropping maps in this guide and marking them to better explain locations. I recommend having them open in a second tab. Outside The Grand Hall you'll be trapped by a girl trying to talk to her Pokémon who ignores her. If you defeat Victoria, it will be a Snubbull. If you lose to her, it'll be a Stufful. Certain event Pokémon are chosen at random and may not be the same throughout your playthrough. They're supposed to be chosen at random, but from what I can tell, this Pokémon is decided based on whether you win or lose your match against Victoria. This girl serves as a reminder not to over level your team. If you do, they'll stop listening to you. Common Candies can be used to lower the level of your Pokémon by one. Anyway, with the path clear, you can proceed to catch your own Pokémon in the grass to the right and left. Pokémon Reborn uses a weather system as well as a day and night cycle. You can monitor the weather by watching the Weather channel on any T.V. Weather can cause certain event Pokémon to appear. If you fiddle with your computer's date, you'll be able to change the weather to something random. If you want something more certain, you can use a mod from the page I linked earlier. Additionally, the time in game is based on the time on your computer's time as well. This will have an effect not only on event Pokémon but also what types of Pokémon appear in the grasses around you. 6am-12pm is morning, 12pm-7pm is day, and 7pm-6am is night. If you're having difficulty catching a Pokémon and you have a Dusk Ball, you can always set your computer time to night so that the effects of the Dusk Ball kick in. Here's the Pokémon you can catch in the grass nearby: Morning/Day Bidoof, Ekans, Meowth, Patrat, Pidgey, Rattata (Including Alolan) Night Ekans, Hoothoot, Meowth, Rattata (Including Alolan), Spinarak Headbuttable Trees Combee, Pineco, Spearow While it's possible to catch Alolan Rattata here, they seem to be exceedingly rare. Don't bother wasting effort trying to catch them here as you'll be able to find them much more frequently in a few hours. I'm also adding this video on how to EV train quickly in Reborn for those who don't have the patience or who are playing from the beginning again (like myself). You can now battle the cool kids to gain VIP access to the cool bridge. In the top right corner, a few kids will be trying to push a Pokémon into a heavily polluted river. Again, the Pokémon here changes depending on your specific playthrough, but across the five times I've restarted it's always been Pachirisu. You'll have to fight the first kid's trash followed by double battling the thugs behind him. Once they're defeated, the Pokémon you've saved will request to join your team either out of gratitude or because it knows you'll keep it safe. Pachirisu (Level 5) OR Zigzagoon (Level 5) Tail Whip, Tackle, Growl Pachirisu has some pretty good stats for an early access Pokémon. It doesn't evolve, but you might find it useful to hold onto. As you progress through the game, you'll notice that the condition of the city is as poor as its residents. You won't be earning a lot of money from battles, but there are a few Pokémon (namely Pachirisu, Meowth, and Teddiursa) that can have the ability Pickup. The items they gain you are based on their level as shown by this chart. You can either sell them or keep them for use. Your selection of Pokémon early on isn't great, so I would recommend running a team with Pickup until you find better Pokémon to replace them. Anyway, head left towards the Peridot Ward. Lower Peridot Ward Lower Peridot Ward map You may have noticed that there are items called PokéSnax. These can be used to get event Pokémon. They can also be fed to the Pokémon on your team to increase their happiness by a factor of about 10. One thing I would recommend is that you talk to and search everything throughout the game. It's the best way to get items or learn about events. Speaking of events, we'll begin by identifying the events on the right side and moving left as that's ultimately where you'll want to head. As you enter the city, you'll encounter a Teddiursa. This little monster will hide in various spots but it will always be somewhere in the Lower Peridot Ward, Peridot Ward, or Upper Peridot Ward. Search thoroughly as it hides in different spots between different save files. For what it's worth, I'll upload the locations where I found it. Some of the locations aren't in Lower Peridot but in Peridot and Upper Peridot, so just keep an eye out for them as you travel. Teddiursa Baby-Doll Eyes, Lick, Fake Tears, Fury Swipes You'll overhear two people talking about a Pokémon that they stole and hid in a house due to not having a Pokéball. If you go to where the 1 is marked on the map, you'll find a man standing there. After giving him a total of 150 Poké, he'll step aside and sleep. Inside the house that the alley leads to, you'll find a Pokémon. This traumitized Pokémon is the one those thugs stole. If you have a Pokésnax on you, you'll be able to take it along with you. You'll never encounter the owner, so you might as well care for them. Note that you don't have to feed it a Pokésnax, so you can hold onto it for later use. Espurr (Level 4) Scratch, Leer OR Minccino (Level 4) Pound, Baby-Doll Eyes In the house below that one marked 2, you can also find a Whismur. If you have a PokéSnax on you, it'll attack. You can choose to capture it, defeat it, or run away. This Pokémon is only available before defeating the first gym. Whismur (Level 5) Pound, Echoed Voice If you check the dumpster marked 3 behind the Whismur house while you have a PokéSnax on you, you'll be attacked by a Gulpin. Gulpin (Level 10) Pound, Yawn, Poison Gas, Sludge The 4 next to the gym is where a Blitzle will appear during storms. Blitzle (Level 15) Tail Whip, Charge, Shock Wave, Thunder Wave If you defeat the lady where the 5 is marked, you can talk to her after the battle to receive a Rose Incense. This is a held item which increases Grass-type moves by 20%. At the top right of the map is an 6. After fighting a trainer, you'll have access to an alleyway. Here you can find Poochyena, Stunky, and Trubbish. Morning/Day/Night Poochyena, Stunky, Trubbish You can also find a Tynamo there in Stormy weather. Tynamo (Level 10) Tackle, Thunder Wave, Spark, Charge Beam On windy nights in any alleyway, you can find a Zangoose rummaging through the trash. This begins a hide-and-seek event where you must search alleyways throughout the game to find the Zangoose. I currently haven't found it myself, so I'll update this post when I do. From what I've heard, it's too high a level for you to currently catch. Zangoose (Level 40?) ??? To the right is a further extension of the Opal Ward. On rainy days, you'll find a Pokémon hiding under the bridge. If it's a Panpour, you'll have to fight it to catch it. Pansear will simply join your team as it's probably just happy to be out of the rain. Panpour (Level 10) Play Nice, Leer, Lick, Water Gun OR Pansear (Level 7) Scratch, Play Nice, Leer, Lick If you go even further to the right, you'll enter the Underground Railnet. Underground Railnet (Peridot Access) Noibat, Woobat (in dark patches only) In the house just to the right of the alleyway is a girl with a Kricketot. Talking to her will reveal that it is sick. Shelly, the Bug-type gym leader, will come in on a house call. She'll realize the Kricketot is bored sitting at home all day and ask if you'd like to take it along with you. If you refuse, she'll take it herself and return to her gym. Kricketot (Level 3) Growl, Bide Over on the left side is a house marked 7. The man in there will give you his Old Rod. Currently, the only Pokémon you can fish up are Grimer since the toxicity of the water has caused all other Pokémon to flee. The man in the house marked 8 will battle you. His level 10 Goldeen packs quite the punch with its Horn Attack move, and it's rather fast. After defeating him, you'll gain access to the pool in the back of his house. In this pool you can fish up Finneons and Goldeens using your Old Rod. Don't forget to grab the Sea Incense at the top right before leaving. Like its rose counterpart, it increases Water-type moves by 20%. Goldeen, Finneon The Name Rater is on the left side of the map under the letters 9. In the 10 apartment complex, there's a man who's tired of meeting bad trainers. If you defeat him, he'll give you access to his garden. Here are the Pokémon you can find there: Morning Caterpie, Cherubi, Ledyba, Wurmple Day Caterpie, Cherubi, Wurmple Night Caterpie, Hoothoot, Spinarak, Stunky, Trubbish, Wurmple That's all the events you can currently complete in Lower Peridot. We'll come back to the rest later. You'll notice that if you try to enter the gym, it'll be locked. A note will be left on the door by someone you'll soon meet. You'll soon learn that her character was made by running all of her words through thesaurus.com Here's the translation for what it more or less says: "Julia, maybe you shouldn't do things that make you sleepy before agreeing to meet up with us during what's normally your nap time. We'll be at the factory. Join as soon as you can." For now, move to the top left corner of the map and access the North Peridot Ward. North Peridot North Peridot Ward map You can complete your hunt for Teddiursa now that you've reached this area. The man in the house marked 1 will ask for your Bibarel and will give you a Munna in return. The only way to get a Bibarel is by leveling a Bidoof to level 15. Munna (Level 15) Lucky Chant, Yawn, Psybeam, Imprison The alleyway marked 2 will have the following Pokémon: Morning/Day/Night Purrloin, Poochyena, Trubbish The fountain marked 3 will have a Surskit during rainy days. Surskit (Level 11) Bubble, Quick Attack, Sweet Scent If you talk to the woman in the house marked 4, she'll send you away for fear that the thieves who stole one of her Pokémon will come back for the other. If you visit the house near where the number 2 is, you'll find that two people are discussing going back to steal her other Pokémon. They'll demand you stay out of their way. Visiting the lady's house at night will cause you to encounter them. They'll finally introduce themselves as Team Meteor and will recite a chant you'll never hear again. After a brief battle, they'll run away. The lady will ask you to take her Pokémon with you for fear that they may come back to kidnap it. Igglybuff (Level 5) Charm, Defense curl, Pound, (Perish Song, Misty Terrain, or Wish) On clear or sunny days, a Budew will be walking along the edge of the wall at 5. If you have the Rose Incense on you, the Pokémon will be attracted to the smell and will jump into your arms (you'll need to "talk" to it for this to occur). Budew (Level 5) Absorb, Growth I recommend you go catch Budew for an event that will occur later in the game. Though this is a walkthrough, I don't want to spoil the event until you get to it. For now, I'll simply refer to it as Event: G. If you visit the apartment complex labelled by the number 6 at night, you'll enter a dark room. Someone will tell you that a Pokémon is absorbing the electricity and will ask you to find and stop them. If you can't see, turn up your screen brightness. The Pokémon is over on the right side of the room. Talking to it will initiate a battle where you can catch it. Joltik (Level 10) Absorb, Spider Web, Thunder Wave, Screech OR Grubbin (Level 10) Vice Grip, Mud Slap, String Shot, Bite Finally, head towards the house at the very top of the map. In there, you'll be able to continue Event: SP. The thug who stole the Pokémon will demand another 500 Poké from you which you must give to progress. His partner, the fisherman, will then come out of hiding and the two will engage you in a double battle. After defeating them, the thug will say that on the way to the house, a kid in Obsidia stole the Pokémon from him. Having gotten 1000 Poké out of you, the two will run away. If you really hate the idea of them stealing 1000 Poké from you, you can wait until much later in the game to battle them. When your Pokémon are around level 65, battling them will get you 1100 Poké as prize money. They'll still comment about getting 1000 Poké from you, but you'll be the one who ended with a net positive. Those are all the events on this side of the map, so you're ready to continue. Head towards the number 7 on the map. You'll run into a guy with green hair named Fern. Fern's the guy who talks really loud about how hard he partied last night at 4am. Fern's the guy who keeps interrupting the professor in the middle of lecture. Fern's the guy who puts ketchup on his steaks. Fern yells at people who are just trying to do their job like cashiers and waiters. If Blue from Generation 1 of Pokémon had angry hate sex with Joffrey from Game of Thrones and a child was made from it, Fern would be that offspring. As you'll soon find out, Fern is a character designed for you to hate. Surprisingly enough, I don't. He's so over the top that it's difficult for me to imagine someone as terrible as him. He's just a mild annoyance in my eyes. You'll find that he's supposed to meet Julia outside a factory but came to the wrong one. He'll then engage you in battle because why not. Blue But Worse Potion x1 Budew (Level 12) Ability: Natural Cure, Poison Point, or Leaf Guard Item: --- *Stats: HP 32 / Atk 13 / Def 14 / SpA 18 / SpD 10 / Spe 10 Absorb, Growth, Water Sport, Stun Spore Rowlet (Level 13) Ability: Overgrow Item: --- *Stats: HP 43 / Atk 21 / Def 21 / SpA 20 / SpD 20 / Spe 18 Leafage, Peck, Astonish, Growl Sandile (Level 10) Ability: Moxie Item: --- *Stats: HP 30 / Atk 20 / Def 12 / SpA 12 / SpD 12 / Spe 18 Rage, Bite, Sand Attack, Torment *Due to variation nature, stats may alter Losing to him doesn't change the dialogue since you blackout and have to try the battle again. As such, don't lose. He'll act like he's too busy and leave. Head back to the gym where you'll bump into Julia. She'll inform you that the people who destroyed the train station are at the factory and asks you to join her. Head to the factory marked 8. You'll run into Julia, Fern, and Fern's sister, Florinia (the 2nd gym leader). The factory is apparently Team Meteor's hideout. They're the ones behind the train station demolition, and Julia gives back to them by blowing up the entrance to the factory. Before entering, check the barrel on your left to get an Ability Capsule. This can change a Pokémon's abilities and even grants access to dream world abilities. Enter the factory to be hit by an overwhelming stench. Florinia will tell you the lake is about 90% polluted if not more. Julia will state that the terrorist group needs to be stopped and will pair up with Florinia. They'll take the right half of the factory, leaving you and Fern to explore the left side. Should you try to leave, Fern will say the following: "Just where do you think you're going? I told you not to slow me down. But if you've gotta go do something, go right ahead! I'll just wait here." You'll then be allowed to leave to continue grinding or do whatever else you need. Despite the high stress environment, you can leave the story at any time to go complete sidequests or level up your Pokémon. It may take you out of immersion, but it can help you to better prepare for a battle you might otherwise fail. When you're ready, continue to the left inside the factory. You'll be engaging in double battles with Fern whose Pokémon never seem to gain levels while you battle. Your Pokémon will automatically be healed after each battle. There aren't any hidden items here though there are visible ones thrown about. Take notice of the change in battle field. You can find the effects of this Factory field in the provided link. The path through the factory is relatively straightforward. Eventually you'll find Florinia and Julia waiting for you. A gate that could most likely be destroyed with an explosion by a Pokémon blocks your path. You'll be instructed to go find explosives in the path below you while Florinia attempts to hack the gate. Before you do, go through the door on the right to find a Rare Candy. Once you find the explosives, talk to Julia. She'll place them in front of the gate, but the door will open before they can be set off. Don't forget to save your game. This will be your first "boss battle" of sorts. You'll enter the room to be greeted by my second favourite track in this game. You can find it here. The man with the eyepatch will tell you that you were meant to progress this far into the factory. Apparently the grunts before you were only meant to slow you down enough for them to delete whatever data they needed since the factory is no longer important to them. They even opened the final gate for you because they grew tired of waiting. You'll fight the pair Aster and Eclipse for the first, but not last, time. Team Meteor Grunts Aster & Eclipse Potion x1 Field: Default Rockruff (Level 16) Ability: Steadfast Item: --- *Stats: HP 44 / Atk 30 / Def 22 / SpA 18 / SpD 22 / Spe 30 Thunder Fang, Bite, Rock Throw, Howl Rockruff (Level 16) Ability: Vital Spirit Item: --- *Stats: HP 44 / Atk 30 / Def 22 / SpA 18 / SpD 22 / Spe 30 Fire Fang, Bite, Rock Throw, Howl *Due to variation in nature, stats may alter Matching Pokémon. How cute. Delete them. Their boss will be disappointed that they were defeated so quickly. They'll all disappear somehow. Julia will explode the factory since it's most likely still polluting the lake. Fern will offer one last insult to you before leaving. Florinia will install a Field Notes app on your PokéGear regardless of how you respond to her. It'll have information about Electric Terrain which is the field Julia fights on in her gym. Julia will lament about the old days throughout the conversation before inviting you to her gym and leaving herself. It's now time to face her, so level your Pokémon well and head to your first gym battle. I personally keep my Pokémon a level below the level cap (currently that's 20, so my Pokémon are level 19). This way, if I sweep the gym with a single Pokémon, it won't get past the level cap and start ignoring me. Her gym, much like the factory, is straightforward. One thing I feel I should note is that if you leave the gym, your progress won't be restarted. Growing up, I always went through gyms in one go without stepping out to heal my Pokémon because the thought never occurred to me. What may be obvious to you might not be obvious to me, and vice versa. As such, I'll probably say some things that are obvious every now again. I don't know how you build your team, but I personally find that a team full of sweepers meets my needs in this game. Julia has a Voltorb which knows Sonic Boom, a move that always reduces your health by 20 points no matter what. I found it best to have at least two Pokémon available to sweep her team for this reason. The Voltorb is fast, so either take it out in one hit or have Pokémon with more than 40 HP. This is the first Pokémon game I've ever actually lost a trainer battle in (of course I save before big battles in this game and restart so that nobody knows I lose, but still). Episode 17 seems to be a lot easier than my memory of episode 16. You don't necessarily need to grind in order to be prepared for Julia's team if you've been using the same Pokémon throughout the playthrough thus far. Cheer Captain Julia Potions x2 Field: Electric Terrain Minun (Level 12) Ability: Minus Item: --- Stats: HP 38 / Atk 14 / Def 18 / SpA 26 / SpD 27 / Spe 29 Nuzzle, Quick Attack, Charge Beam, Encore Voltorb (Level 12) Ability: Aftermath Item: --- Stats: HP 34 / Atk 16 / Def 19 / SpA 19 / SpD 21 / Spe 31 Sonic Boom, Explosion, Rollout, Charge Beam Alolan Geodude *Shiny* (Level 11) Ability: Galvanize Item: --- Stats: HP 32 / Atk 27 / Def 29 / SpA 12 / SpD 14 / Spe 12 Rollout, Self-Destruct, Tackle, Charge Pom-Pom Style Oricorio (Level 14) Ability: Dancer Item: --- Stats: HP 47 / Atk 26 / Def 26 / SpA 34 / SpD 26 / Spe 33 Pound, Air Cutter, Work Up, Tailwind Plusle (Level 13) Ability: Lightning Rod Item: --- Stats: HP 40 / Atk 17 / Def 17 / SpA 30 / SpD 26 / Spe 31 Nuzzle, Quick Attack, Charge Beam, Encore Electrode (Level 15) Ability: Aftermath Item: --- Stats: HP 47 / Atk 24 / Def 30 / SpA 33 / SpD 33 / Spe 54 Sonic Boom, Rollout, Charge Beam, Charge You know how earlier I asked if people you face can have shiny Pokémon? Julia will have a shiny Alolan Geodude. This was written into the story rather than mere chance since the shiny colour makes the Pokémon match the colour theme of the gym. I was able to defeat her team with a level 17 Pachirisu using Spark and my starter at level 15 for any who need help. Her Pokémon have other moves, but I was only able to see certain ones before her team was defeated. If you know the others, feel free to inform me. Julia will award you the Volt Badge and TM75 Charge Beam. You may now use the TM Cut outside of battle (though you don't have it yet) and Pokémon level 25 and below will now obey you. Your opponent seems to have fallen asleep, so feel free to leave the gym. As soon as you exit the gym, Victoria will be waiting for you. She'll tell you that plants are attacking the Obsidia Ward and runs off to go help. Before we move on, there are a few more event Pokémon you can obtain now that you've cleared the first gym. If you talk to a hiker near the train station, he'll tell you that he's lost his home. Returning to the house where the Whismur is will reveal an apartment landlord who's looking to the place. Speak with him and then go back and inform the Hiker. The hiker will enter the home. Satisfied that he's now found shelter, he'll offer you his Onix in return. Onix (Level 15) Curse, Rock Throw, Rock Tomb, Rage You can also encounter a Numel at the train station if it's raining outside. Numel (Level 15) Focus Energy, Magnitude, Flame Burst, (Stockpile, Growth, Iron Head, or Body Slam) You can talk to this man to update your Pokégear with information about a Factory Field. PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ON THIS THREAD. Keep all comments on the discussion thread provided. I am working on the next part of the guide. It will take me a few days to complete. Subscribe for updates.
  13. This is a team I've made, containing some of my fav. I hope I mange to balance it out, but willing to hear some improvements. Decidueye, Ability: Overgrown Item: Big Root Nature: Bold EV: hp 252/ def 4/sp.at 252 Moves: Nasty Plot Leaf Storm Giga Drain Shadow ball Sylveon Ability: Cute Charm Item: Leftovers Nature: Calm Ev: hp 252/def 4/sp.def 252 Moves: Baton Pass Calm Mind Wish Moonblast Luxray Ability: Guts Item: Toxic Orb Nature: Jolly EV: HP 4/At 252/Spd. 252 Moves: Wild Charge Super Power Fire Fang Iron Tail Charizard Ability: Blaze Item: Charizardite Y Nature: Modest EV: hp 4/sp.at 252/spd. 252 moves: Air Slash Solar beam Flamethrower Focus Blast Drapion Ability: Battle Armor Item: Black Sludge Nature: Jolly Ev: hp 252/def 252/sp.def 4 moves: Crunch Cross Poison Whirlwind Toxic Spike Flygon Ability: Levitate Item: Choice Scraf Nature: Adamant EV: hp 4/at 252/sp 252 Moves: Earthquake Dragon Claw Rock Slide Crunch
  14. Well,with Eeveelutions Hurt and Heal thread comes to end,i think new one has to replace it There are only 8 pseudo legendaries so it would be quick death if you choose to do so ~ Rules: -Once a day you can hurt one Pseudo-legendary and it's evolution line by 2 points -Once a day you can heal one Pseudo-legendary and it's evolution line by 1 point. -No salt. Let the game begin. Dragonite: 20 Tyranitar: 20 Salamence: 20 Metagross: 20 Garchomp: 20 Hydreigon: 20 Goodra: 20 Kommo-o: 20
  15. Hello everyone! Tis I, J-Awesome_One! And yes. I'm doing another normal playthrough of Pokémon Full Moon. Some of you may know that I did something like this sometime last year but I realized that doing screenshots and saying something long about a segment of that part of the game just wasn't for me. So I'm scrapping that 1 and going to do a new 1 on this thread but this time with videos! And under the videos, I will make bulleted points about some of the events that happen in the video. Anything from the looks of the areas I've been to the dialogues to the looks of the characters, etc etc. Aaannnddd I guess I was lying about this being a normal playthrough. I'm gonna use Pokémon that I think the main character would use. Btw, anyone that knows this game that remembers where certain Pokémon are, help would be really appreciated. Just let me know if you want/can help and I'll tell you the mons and blah blah blah. So are you guys ready? I sure am! Let's go on Luna's adventure!
  16. I've play Pokemon reborn previous chapters, and stop playing for a good while. But now my memories completely gone, of what I have to do from there. I know i just go to pokemon reborn after rebuild. But there was no more storyline until later. So where was I suppose to go from here?
  17. Contents I. Introduction II. I Wanna Be the Very Best, Like No One Ever Was III. The Long and Winding Road IV. His Name was Tobias V. You're Such a Little Kid! VI. You Really Are an Amazing Person VII. “Kalos League Victory! Satoshi's Greatest Decisive Battle” VIII. To Be Continued: The Cycle of Failure IX. A Jobber in Alola X. Closing Remarks As this is a subforum where I believe discussion of the Pokémon anime is allowed, I feel this is an appropriate place to make this thread, for discussion purposes. The following below is an incredibly long rant about the state of the Pokémon anime. I make no attempt to hide any salt and I have no intention of trolling anyone, only to narrate and tell from my heart my deepest feelings about the anime. Although it's quite long, the message of this work is very simple. The essay was originally posted in unedited form at Serebii Forums on December 31, 2016. So have some popcorn, sit back, and relax. I. Introduction My first foray into Pokémon was back in 1998, when I got the Game Boy Camera that summer (might've been my birthday, can't really remember). I had a ton of fun with that little thing—the games, the DJ, the photos, among other things. What was particularly cool was being able to place silly stamps on the photos. There were eyes, mouths, accessories, various Mario characters, and some creatures that my older brother referred to as generic “dinosaurs” or “monsters”, can't exactly remember which word he said. But I used them on my photos anyway, cause why not. Little did I know that wasn't going to be the last time I saw those critters, oh no. Come Autumn later that year, my brother tells me all the neat things about a new craze going on in school called Pokémon. He introduced me to the TV show, where we watched it together. I, being but a young boy at the time, was hooked and completely loved every minute of it, and just wanted to watch more and more of it. I made sure to watch every new episode premiere to the best of my ability and was happy to watch the reruns. Around the same time, I saw the commercial to the games, and wanted to play them badly. Soon enough, I got the game, and was completely hooked to it, and became a young Pokémon fan. Every Pokémon fan has likely heard of and watched the anime at some point in their lives. When we saw the anime for the first time, plenty of us found it exciting to see Ash and others traveling, battling with their critters and getting stronger, strengthening the bonds and friendships with each other and their Pokémon, helping out others, earning badges, fighting evil, and so forth. Many today still have nostalgia for those days. But today, the Pokémon anime is scorned by both Pokémon and anime fans, something that gives both the franchise and the medium a bad name. What went wrong? Let us review Ash's journey throughout the years. II. I Wanna Be the Very Best, Like No One Ever Was According to Wikipedia, the premise or synopsis of the entire anime is this: “After he turns 10 years old, Ash Ketchum (Satoshi in Japan) is allowed to start his journey in the world of Pokémon and dreams of becoming a Pokémon master.” Remember this carefully. So our boy Ash, despite getting up late, manages to begin a brand new journey in a new region, with Pikachu by his side, in hopes of becoming a Pokémon Master. The Pikachu, given to him by Professor Oak, at first does not get along very well with the newbie trainer; but not long after they get along very well and become a strong team. They later get joined by Brock and Misty, two people who are in charge of Pokémon Gyms, a place where trainers are tested by battling such leaders in hopes of defeating them to obtain a Gym Badge, of which eight are required to enter the Pokémon League. As Ash desires to win the league he tries hard to get these badges, all while going through some extra battling, capturing more Pokémon, visiting places, helping out strangers, and stopping Team Rocket, a trio consisting of Jessie, James and Meowth, who hope to capture his Pikachu due to their impression of how strong he is. In addition, he hopes to win his rivalry against the snobby Gary, the grandson of Professor Oak. Misty herself desires to become a Water Pokémon Master, and Brock desires to become a Pokémon Breeder. Ash manages to get all of the Gym Badges at Kanto, though sometimes by unconventional means (he was simply going to get the Cascade Badge without a battle, he got another by making its Gym Leader laugh, and yet another by not fighting the actual Gym Leader). Nonetheless he was happy with his badges, and went off to enter the Pokémon League. Ash had a bit of struggles with his opponents, among them a long green-haired weirdo and a woman in traditional Japanese clothing with an overpowered Bellsprout. But despite those, Ash manages to win four 3v3 Pokémon matches. Ash is now in the Sweet Sixteen! So he faces off against a trainer that isn't so different from him—he is similar in personality and fights with similar Pokémon. His name is Ritchie. Like our boy Ash, Ritchie resembled and was loosely based on Red, the protagonist of the first Pokémon games. He marked his Poké Balls with stars and gave nicknames to each of his Pokémon. He similarly had a Pikachu that was always with him by his side. He too wanted to become a good trainer. Unsurprisingly, Ash and Ritchie became good pals and always want to see each other succeed. However, the time came where the two trainers had to face each other in the tournament. The two felt conflicted, and yet were ready to engage in a battle. The two fought valiantly, but thanks to some poor refereeing and the stupidity of Ash's Charizard, Ash loses the match. He is eliminated from the tournament. Unlike his game, manga, and Pokémon Origins counterparts, Ash does not become the Pokémon Champion. Ash does not obtain his dream of becoming a Pokémon Master. While many of us were disappointed with the outcome, plenty of us also thought, “Well, losses happen. It's okay to lose.” 255 trainers had to lose the tournament, and Ash (and Ritchie) ended up becoming one of them. Losing is part of life. Time to move on. Little did plenty of us know that this was just the beginning of would later be an awful predicament. III. The Long and Winding Road After the league ended, Ash decided to continue traveling. He and his companions enter a region called the Orange Islands. Brock was replaced by an artist named Tracey, while Misty continues traveling with our protagonist. We continue to see much of the same—battles, catching Pokémon, helping strangers, Team Rocket blasting off again, and so forth. Ash gains four more badges by doing non-battle challenges, which qualifies him to enter the Orange League. The battle was Ash against Drake in a full 6v6 battle. It was quite exciting to watch, and the great highlight was seeing Ash's Pikachu take down a mighty Dragonite, giving Ash the victory. It was not a true league however, so Ash's journey is not quite over. But hey, it's something, right? Well, not really. So off he goes to Johto. Brock returns and replaces Tracey, who didn't really get anywhere with his goal; we're back to the original team. Meanwhile, Team Rocket continues to attempt getting Pikachu but never succeeds. The Johto saga was notorious for its heavy amount of filler, yet despite that Ash manages to get eight more badges, qualifying him to enter into the Johto League. Misty also decided to do something with her goal as she and Ash enter the Whirl Cup, a tournament where trainers are only allowed to use water-type Pokémon. Despite Misty's apparent expertise at that kind of thing, she is defeated, and thus does not really fulfill her goal in becoming a Water Pokémon Master, whatever that is. Brock continues to tag along, flirting with women along with other activities. Eventually Ash arrives to the Johto League. He defeats a good number of opponents, among those were a girl who was heavily infatuated with him and his biggest rival Gary. But despite this great accomplishment, he gets defeated by Harrison at the quarterfinals, in a match that unlike against Ritchie, turned out to be a good loss for our hero. He got further than he did before, and was finally able to overcome Gary, who reconciled with Ash and then quit becoming as a Pokémon Trainer, joining his grandfather in his research. But Ash's adventure is far from over. So next he arrives to Hoenn. It wasn't without a bit of controversy—Misty fans were enraged as the tomboyish mermaid was getting written out and replaced by May, who was the female protagonist of the then new Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire games. With an emotional goodbye to Misty, Ash continues his adventure, catching all sorts of new Pokémon, meeting various people, engaging in many battles, fending off Team Rocket (who continues but fails to capture Ash's Pikachu), and winning another eight badges to enter the Hoenn League. Meanwhile, May finds her own goal—become a Master Coordinator. In her attempt to reach her dream, she entered so-called Pokémon Contests, which are more or less Pokémon pet shows plus some battling, in hopes of winning some ribbons. She manages to get the five ribbons required to enter the Grand Festival, where the winner will be donned Master Coordinator. Despite her hard work however May is defeated in the quarterfinals of the tournament. Ash himself is yet again beaten, this time by eventual Champion Tyson and his Meowth at the Hoenn League quarterfinals, yet he was able to make it that far using only his Hoenn team. But that wasn't enough for our boy. He travels on, as the journey continues! IV. His Name was Tobias By this point, Ash had become an experienced player. He, Brock and May return to Kanto and do stuff; May tries again with her goal but fails a second time, this time being defeated at the semifinals of the Kanto Grand Festival. Ash himself enters and wins the Battle Frontier, which seems to be the Pokémon equivalent of an All-Star Game or the International Champions Cup, which although impressive, was not an important competition like the regional Pokémon League. So Ash heads off to Sinnoh. May (and her forgettable brother) get written out without getting their goals accomplished and Dawn, the female protagonist of the Gen IV Pokémon games, now takes the spotlight. Brock tarries on longer, practically getting relegated to a shadow of what he used to be. Team Rocket still stalks Ash in hopes of getting that Pikachu of his, yet again they do not succeed. More of the usual happens—Ash captures Pokémon, Ash does more battling, Ash wins some badges, etc. Dawn, like May before her, desires to become a Master Coordinator. She too enters contests and despite some struggles gets the ribbons necessary to reach the Grand Festival. Unfortunately she only gets so far just to lose to rival Zoey at the finals, thus being unable to fulfill her goal. Too bad. As for Ash, he enters a Pokémon League for the fourth time. This time he goes really far, and manages to defeat rival Paul in an epic battle that lasted three episodes, sending him to the semifinals for the first time in his history as a Pokémon Trainer. Having momentum by overcoming a fierce rival, Ash looked on his way to the long awaited victory after 13 years worth of episodes. But not so fast. In comes a man in a cloak, named Tobias. He had swept all of his previous opponents, using a single Darkrai. Yes, Darkrai, the legendary Mythical Pokémon. This same Darkrai ended up taking about half of Ash's entire team. But Ash wasn't just going to roll over and die. With great effort, the Darkrai was finally taken down by Sceptile, yet those efforts came in vain, as Tobias sends out a second legendary Pokémon, Latios, who managed to wipe out the rest of Ash's team, though it was not without Latios himself fainting together with Pikachu. Just when Ash looked to be on a possible road to victory, he gets crushed by this guy who has a team of multiple legendary Pokémon with him. For the fourth time in a fourth region, Ash again does not fulfill his dream. Tough luck. Let us review the premise of the anime again: “After he turns 10 years old, Ash Ketchum (Satoshi in Japan) is allowed to start his journey in the world of Pokémon and dreams of becoming a Pokémon master.” For some reason, the writers felt that they didn't really want to have Ash make any further progress towards that goal, and as a way to do that, we get a God-mode trainer that stands in his way, one I would like to call a pastiche of players who enter Pokémon Leagues using legendary Pokémon in the games. So Tobias just comes into the anime as a plot device who only exists to do just that, halting the fulfillment of the premise of the anime by defeating Ash with overpowered legendary Pokémon. It is quite disastrous. But hey, to those who looked on the bright side, Ash proved himself to be the second strongest Pokémon Trainer by performing best against the eventual Champion Tobias. Surely, this could mean that Ash could make progress towards his dream and win the next league at Unova, right? Nope, instead it would only get worse. Much, much worse. V. You're Such a Little Kid! Brock more or less outstayed his welcome, having been relegated to a mere background character and did almost nothing towards fulfilling his goal of becoming a Pokémon Breeder. So he changes his goal to become a Pokémon Doctor instead, and then is subsequently axed from the show without really seeing him become one. As for Dawn, she was going to go with Ash but suddenly gets written out thanks to some unforeseen circumstance. So despite her popularity Dawn too gets axed, and she becomes the third Poké Girl who doesn't reach her goal—Ash must be some kind of bad luck charm. So Ash heads alone to Unova, where a new adventure awaits him. You figure that with all those strong Pokémon he's collected over the years he could finally create the team necessary to get the badges required to enter the Unova League and eventually give him the Championship win he deserves. Oh wait, over the years is very misleading. Because at the very first episode of Best Wishes, we Ash's age retconned back to 10 by the narrator even though an anniversary scene existed in the original series. Worse, we witness a battle where his Pikachu, who just battled Latios a couple of episodes prior, faced a brand new Snivy... and lost. Though Pikachu was partially handicapped this was still an embarrassment for our veteran trainer. It was just the beginning of the problems the Unova saga had; that one match symbolized the horrible things that were to come, resulting in many anime viewers panning it. Pikachu was made weak and Ash regressed as a trainer. Far from the guy that took on Tobias, we see Ash make some ridiculous noob mistakes like not knowing how to catch a Pokémon, not knowing about type weaknesses, scanning a Koffing as if he never knew the Pokémon. Those are not things a veteran trainer like Ash should've done; those kind of mistakes allowed Iris, a girl with insane hair with an affinity for dragon-type Pokémon, to belittle him with destructive criticism, constantly calling him a kid. She aspired to become a so-called Dragon Master but does not achieve it, making her a real hypocrite. They are accompanied by Cilan, a Pokémon Connoisseur, one that although skilled does not achieve the top rank. All while getting pursued yet again by Team Rocket, who actually changed up a bit for a short time before going back to the comedic trio that unsuccessfully attempts to get Pikachu. The Unova League was the pinnacle of how bad the Pokémon anime had gotten. Despite the incompetence of Ash, he again manages to get eight more badges, along with other accomplishments, like being able to face Team Rocket boss Giovanni for the first time (though he got creamed hard), and witnessing the return of his powerful Charizard. So he comes into the league, takes down a few opponents, and proceeds to fight a trainer in the quarterfinals named Cameron. This should've been an automatic win for Ash, as Cameron didn't even get the required amount of badges to enter the league, and thought he could only enter five Pokémon in the match. Yet thanks to rubbish nonsense, Ash loses that match as Cameron's Riolu evolves to Lucario. Cameron proceeds to get smacked 3-6 in the semifinal match. This was followed by an arc made entirely of filler in the Decolore Islands. It seems that all of that development Ash had prior to Best Wishes was deliberately thrown out by the writers, showing a gigantic middle finger at the premise of the anime. To those who wanted to see the anime's premise fulfilled, Best Wishes went the opposite route. In terms of fulfilling the premise of seeing Ash become a Pokémon Master, the writers have failed tremendously. It was mainly thanks to this series that the anime got the notoriety it is known for. Furthermore, the TV ratings had decreased from good to bad, where the effect had carried over to XY and now Sun and Moon. Allow me to quote from a user in a Pokémon forum at how bad the anime had gotten: Another user from the same thread said, “I’m sure it was the intention of both series that Satoshi would grow from where he started out, but whereas DP was able to show this competently, BW failed to show he went through any growth at all. And as far as I'm concerned, failing to show that growth in the main character of the show severely hurt the quality of Best Wishes and is one of the biggest reasons - though there are several outside of that - why I personally rate it the worst [series].” At the end of the series, Iris and Cilan get written out by taking a train. But we're not finished with Ash. Oh no. VI. You Really Are an Amazing Person After the disaster in Unova, five-time loser Ash is back home in Pallet. Ash again has not fulfilled his dream. There goes a moment where he is pondering about his adventure, thinking about many folks in he's known in his journey—Gary, Misty, Brock, Tracey, May, Dawn, Iris, and Cilan. He also reunites with the Pokémon he's collected over plenty of time. As his dream remains as strong as ever, he heads off to Kalos in a brand new outfit along with his trusty pal Pikachu. Team Rocket continues to pursue the duo. So when he arrives there, much to the pleasant surprise of people, and in contrast to how bad he had gotten in BW, Ash is made a strong trainer again, almost as if he picked up straight from the end of Sinnoh. By the second episode we see an epic story that involves Pikachu nearly losing his life and Ash jumping off Prism Tower to save him. He and Pikachu are accompanied by three others—Clemont, the Lumiose Gym Leader, whose goal is to gain more confidence (a noble albeit subjective goal), Bonnie, his younger sister, who desires to become a trainer in the future, and Serena, a girl whom Ash met in their childhood, who at first did not have a goal but eventually decided to become a Pokémon Performer by participating in Pokémon Showcases (which you can say are basically beauty pageants with Pokémon), in hopes of ultimately becoming Kalos Queen. In deep contrast to the treatment Ash received from Iris, everyone seemed to admire him and his qualities, both his traveling companions and his rivals (detractors call them a fan club), and for once, Ash was no longer reliant on an older guy for advice or something; he felt like he was a true leader in his group. In the meanwhile we are introduced to a young man named Alain. He was the protagonist of the Mega Evolution specials, and desired to become the strongest trainer. He sure had power indeed; his Mega Charizard X was able to take down ten other Mega Evolved Pokémon in a row. He was accompanied by a young girl named Mairin, a beginner trainer who was in many ways the opposite of Alain, being both bubbly and clumsy at the same time. Throughout the Kalos saga, Ash seemed like he was taking his goal very seriously; he is seen training his Pokémon often, and with great effort wins another eight badges, along with the usual affairs of fillers, catching more Pokémon, helping more strangers out, fending off Team Rocket yet again, and other activities. Serena on the other hand, gets the three Princess Keys needed to enter the Master Class, where the winner would receive the title of Kalos Queen. Yet despite her great efforts, she is defeated by reigning Kalos Queen Aria. Like all of Ash's female companions before her Serena fails to achieve her dream, this time of being Kalos Queen (all this despite a closing credits dedicated to it). She was so close yet so far. Poor girl. Plenty of viewers saw that coming, however. But Ash on the other hand had become a really strong trainer. As a matter of fact, Ash was perhaps at the strongest he has ever been, surpassing the level he was at the end of Sinnoh. He had a solid team with him of fully evolved Pokémon (except for his trusty Pikachu of course), a team of Pokémon that had amazing accomplishments by taking on Mega Evolutions and/or Legendaries. In particular, his Greninja, whom Ash had found as a Froakie, created an enormous bond with him, to the point where he would transform into a more powerful form known as Ash-Greninja. The bond is considered so strong that Ash himself would share whatever pain Greninja received while on this form. This was prophesied by one of the Kalos Gym Leaders, Olympia, who stated that Ash and the then Frogadier that they would reach levels never seen before. The strength of Ash-Greninja gave Pokémon Champion Diantha and her Mega Gardevoir a run for their money before abruptly ending as Ash was unable to handle Ash-Greninja's power, causing him to faint and thus be unable to battle. However, after several losses and then some subsequent words from Serena, Ash and Greninja received important development that allowed them to master the transformation, which proved to be crucial for winning that last badge. VII. “Kalos League Victory! Ash's Greatest Decisive Battle” With the eight badges Ash got at Kalos, he was ready to enter the Lumiose Conference. The number of entrants were quite low, only 64 I believe. Ash easily wins the first four rounds with his Pokémon, but before he was able to begin his match against his friend and rival Sawyer, he was stopped by a punk who wanted to battle him. After Ash took care of him, the punk confessed that he was saddened that he did not get the badges necessary to enter the league, and begs Ash to win for him. In front of a crowd, Ash vowed that he would win for all of those trainers who couldn't enter the league. The semifinal against Sawyer was a hard fought battle, where it came down to Ash-Greninja vs Mega Sceptile, but Ash came down victorious despite the type disadvantage. The other semifinal on the other hand was seeing Alain destroy Louis 6-1 in embarrassing fashion. The final was going to be tough. Ash had never made it this far in a tournament, making this the biggest match he's ever had in all his tenure as a Pokémon Trainer. Alain on the other hand didn't really care for the title or the tournament itself and only wanted to become the strongest and battle Ash and collect some energy for his boss, Lysandre of Team Flare, who was misguiding him that the energy would be used for righteous purposes. Both characters had a very strong team with them. The previews made sure to hype up this huge match, making emphasis that Ash had never beaten Alain before since they met, having lost to him twice previously although Ash was close in one of those matches. Team Rocket themselves commented in the anime that Ash could finally win one of these leagues. Would this be the time where Ash finally overcomes his rival? Will this be the time where Ash wins his first ever Pokémon League title? Watch the match to find out! So after an intermission, the Kalos League Final commences. Although Pokémon never really had good animation, the battle scenes were beautiful to the eye and the action was epic. Ash was doing very well as a trainer, and I personally believe that the matches against Tyranitar and Metagross was undoubtedly one of Pikachu's finest moments in the entire anime. His efforts helped Ash be put into a 3v2 advantage by end of the first episode, with only Alain's Bisharp and Charizard remaining. Pikachu would continue to battle, putting on some hits on Charizard including a powerful and supereffective Thunderbolt. Alain later withdrew Charizard after taking down Pikachu, and eventually the match came down to Ash-Greninja vs. Mega Charizard X. Having previously taken down a Mega Sceptile, Greninja was primed to take on Charizard, and was gifted with a type advantage. With his powerful bond with Ash they achieved a power that was never previously before seen, a bond far more impressive than by comparison a mere Mega Evolution. And for most of the match, it showed. Ash-Greninja was doing more of the damage against Mega Charizard X while keeping damage against him at a minimum. Stacked with the damage Pikachu had dealt against Mega Charizard X, Ash-Greninja appeared to be winning. We soon see Ash-Greninja perform a wild gigantic orange Water Shuriken which he is soon to throw at Mega Charizard X. Let's pause here. Look at that beautiful thing. Look at it. Amazing. Unto many viewers, it looked to be the finishing move. It looked like victory was coming. The premise of the entire anime boiled down to this. Ash had his highs and his lows. Of all the stupid mistakes, errors and shortcomings Ash had made in the past, of all the failure he had to endure, they don't matter anymore. He was going to win that Championship. He was going to accomplish that dream of his. That Water Shuriken looked to symbolize the victory Ash deserves after 900+ episodes of experience, trials, happiness, sorrow, and accomplishments as a Pokémon Trainer. It looked to give the positive message that all of Ash's hard work, time, effort, training, teamwork, discipline, strength, endurance, speed, determination, patience, diligence, passion, desire, heart and love was finally, finally going to pay off. On we go! Kalos League Victory! VIII. To Be Continued: The Cycle of Failure Alain, perhaps in panic, causes Mega Charizard X to counter with a Blast Burn. A great explosion results. After the explosion, both Pokémon are seen standing. Mega Charizard X shakes a bit. But Ash-Greninja falls down. Ash-Greninja reverts to his original form. Ash-Greninja fainted. Ash is out of usable Pokémon. Ash has lost the Kalos League Championship final. Alain is awarded the Championship trophy. His Charizard is standing right there, appearing unfazed, showing that despite the improved bond Greninja actually performed worse than before. Ash is seen smiling like the good boy he is. There are so many things wrong with what happened at that scene. This is Best Wishes level writing here. Ash had just lost the biggest match of his life, and yet he is smiling. In contrast, let us look at three real life athletes, all who lost earlier that same year in the finals of a major sporting competition. Look at Cam Newton at Super Bowl 50. Look at Stephen Curry at the 2016 NBA Finals. Look at Lionel Messi at the Copa América Centenario. Did all three of them just move on and smile after losing those huge games? No! They all took their losses hard. Newton was so bitter that he walked out in the middle of a press conference. Curry was seen crying in the locker room. Messi temporarily quit the Argentina national soccer team. These are human responses. I can't really blame them for their actions there. I likely would've done the same thing if I were in their spots. Ash on the other hand, seems perfectly content with his loss. To quote one guy from Reddit: “He takes it instantly. Not a single second of disappointment or frustration, even after having come so close. No human acts like that. Everyone would at least need to breath deep for a second there. But not Ash, because the narrative bends him into getting over it immediately. Poor kid.” It is almost as he is fine with a lower standard and not fulfilling his dream of becoming a Pokémon Master. This is a massive contradiction to the premise of the anime! It makes no sense. How can people relate to this? If the writers are trying to teach that it's okay to lose, then they've failed this badly with such execution. While I agree it's okay to lose, it's also okay to feel disappointed. The anime didn't do this (and arguably didn't even do the first part either). Let us use an altered quote of the late Roger Ebert, because it perfectly sums up my thoughts on what happened at those very moments: To me, this was the absolute worst moment in all of Pokémon, and that really says something. The league was soon interrupted by a crazy invasion by Team Flare, yet the excellent Team Flare arc and succeeding episodes could not save the disastrous conclusion of the ending: That after about 940 episodes and 20 years of anime production, Ash Ketchum is back at Pallet, still beginning a brand new journey in a new region, with Pikachu by his side, in hopes of becoming a Pokémon Master. * * * The reason the writers had Ash lose was clearly because they wanted to continue this anime. I can't think of anything else. The status quo was in full power in that scene. The status quo of the Pokémon anime runs a cycle like this: 1. Ash enters a new region with Pikachu by his side in hopes of becoming a Pokémon Master. 2. Ash meets the professor of the region and gets a starter Pokémon from that region. 3. Ash also meets some people who'll end up being his companions in the region. Some of those companions have goals of their own that they want to achieve. 4. Team Rocket follows Ash and his crew in hopes of obtaining Pikachu. 5. Throughout the region, Ash and his companions do some Pokémon battles, enter some unimportant competitions, win some Badges or equivalent, catch some regional Pokémon, fend off Team Rocket over and over, help random strangers, etc., etc., etc. 6. After doing all that, Ash enters the region's Pokémon League, but despite his valiant effort, he is defeated. His companions likewise fail to win in their respective competitions. 7. At the end of the region, Ash's Pokémon and companions (except Pikachu) are all written out, and Ash returns to Pallet. 8. Ash enters a new region with Pikachu by his side in hopes of becoming a Pokémon Master... and proceeds to lose that region's League. The consequences of the status quo results in these: 1. Ash does not obtain his dreams of becoming a Pokémon Master. 2. His companions also do not obtain their respective dreams, and will likely never do so thanks to getting written out of the anime. 3. Ash's Pokémon except for Pikachu also get written out despite their hard work and achievements throughout his adventure. 4. TRio, despite failing over and over again to obtain Pikachu or some other goal, nonetheless continue to stalk him. 5. Thus, any existing bonds or relationships between Ash and his Pokémon and peers are gone, because the latter groups are no longer in the anime. 6. Finally, the entire region becomes filler, as Ash remains in the initial state he was at the beginning of the saga—ready to start a new adventure with Pikachu by his side. Plenty of us love to bash Ash for the repeated failings he's had and point out his mediocrity as a Pokémon Trainer. For a long time, Ash's incompetence was a pretty valid argument on why he kept losing. But this is no longer the case. It's just no longer Ash's stupidity or mediocrity, but vile and rubbish codswallop that caused him to lose. The message is really no longer “It's okay to lose” (though as far as I know the anime has never actually taught this), but rather “No matter how hard you try, you will always fail.” This is downright insulting, even for a kids' show. The status quo has caused this Reddit post to happen after Ash's loss: Ash is not the only person who has failed to reach his dream. In the 20 years the Pokémon anime has run, his companions also all have failed to achieve their respective dreams. These are the results: -Misty has failed to become a water Pokémon Master -Brock has failed to become a Pokémon Breeder and has not become a Pokémon Doctor -May has failed to become a Master Coordinator -Dawn has also failed to become a Master Coordinator -Cilan did not become a Class S Connoisseur -Iris failed to become a Dragon Master -Serena has failed to become Kalos Queen Failure and defeatism is the recurring theme of the anime. Failure for just about every major character. No one ever seems to win anything. For Ash's traveling companions, they get a goal, they fail at reaching the goal, and then they all get written out, never to be seen again, never ever fulfilling their goal. For the Permanent 5 (Ash, Pikachu and Team Rocket), they get a goal, they fail at reaching the goal, then they fail again, and again, and again, and again, ad infinitum. All in a show full of broken promises and unfulfilled dreams. I am sick of it all. This crap normally comes from politicians for crying out loud. I have never seen such a lack of respect for the protagonist or any of its characters like this. I ask you: How on earth is this a good thing? How is this good? I honestly want to know. I want answers. What I have shared is nothing new. This is not some kind of grand revelation. It is a problem that has existed for a while. I have repeatedly said in the past how much the status quo damages the quality and reputation of the anime. The status quo is something that has bothered me and other people for years, and plenty of us wanted it gone. XYZ looked like it could finally destroy the status quo after so long. And yet the writers completely blew it. Those kids that watched the anime back in the late 1990's are adults now. Deep inside we all wanted to see Ash win. It is a long time. The anger that resulted in the Kalos League loss is justified. One person from a forum said this: IX. A Jobber in Alola We now know that the anime staff (writers, directors, producers and executives) had no intention of actually making a meaningful and lasting impact on the show and instead continue to make Ash a jobber at every place he goes, bringing about all of his companions down with him. Ash and Pikachu are running around in circles now. I cannot help but believe that the writers do not really care for their audiences, both kids and older viewers; the older viewers for repeatedly angering them with bullcrap like the Kalos League loss, and the younger audiences for assuming that they're stupid and don't know any better, to the point where they can rehash the same plots from previous episodes. I honestly think they intend to please no one but themselves. Three times has these people deliberately gone against the premise of the show for the sake of keeping the show to continue for who knows how long now. First with the existence of Tobias, second with the entire Unova saga, and third with Ash's Kalos League defeat. That's three strikes now. The fact that they could pull garbage decisions like those can very well indicate that they can continue the anime for another 20, 30, 50, or even 100 years, with Ash never fulfilling his goal. I hate this show now. Hate it. It breaks my heart to see my childhood show come to this. I never thought that after watching XYZ it would come down to me hating this show. Believe me, I truly detest this anime. If they continue this approach, then there is no point to speculating what will happen in the Sun and Moon anime, no point in what character will get what Pokémon, no point in what character development will come, no point in discussing how a battle will turn out. What's the point of discussing what'll happen to Rowlet and Lillie (just to give two examples) if they're only going to get written out in the end? If they just get thrown out just like every other character and Pokémon (except of course for the Permanent 5), then there is no point to their existence in the anime; hence, no reason to talk about them. Nothing matters. I was modded for posting about this in some threads at Serebii, where the moderator said to me that I was “forcing [a] nihilist mindset onto others”, but it seems that the “nihilist mindset” is truly the case for this anime. Whatever merits the Sun and Moon anime may have, it is not worth seeing a show where the premise seems to take a backseat to comedy (never mind that comedy was never the main focus of the anime). It is not worth seeing Ash run and around in circles and lose again. I will go and make a prediction: Ash will not become a Pokémon Master in this saga. I feel that as Pokémon fans we deserve better than this embarrassment. We as a fandom deserve a better anime than this. We really should be watching a good show instead of one that has debased itself so badly it may go down as one of the biggest wastes in animation history. To use a quote from a Yahoo user (misspellings corrected): Plenty of these essays typically come with a solution to the problem. Time would fail to tell me the many, many ways they could've improved this. After all, wouldn't the show be so much better and more interesting had Ash actually won that Kalos League final? I wish I could translate this essay into Japanese and send this straight to TV Tokyo so they could know about how I and thousands of others feel about the anime. Sadly, I feel powerless right now and have no choice but to acknowledge the existence of the continued anime: an endless and ultimately worthless adventure of an allegedly eternal 10-year-old boy. The worst thing about all this is the fact that people are willing to go to far lengths to defend this tripe. I'll briefly counter a few common arguments: 1. It's a kids' show. Being a kids' show is no excuse for bad writing. 2. It's a 20-minute advertisement. Being an advertisement for the games is no excuse for a bad show. Pokémon Adventures alone disproves these first two excuses. 3. The anime is teaching kids it's okay to lose. Except I don't believe it ever actually did this. Even then, with a goal like Ash's, you're supposed to win after by learning from the losses. Losing once for a protagonist is okay; losing twice is pushing it; losing six times is unacceptable. 4. The term “Pokémon Master” was never defined. While it's true that the anime hasn't exactly explained what a Pokémon Master really is, the fact that Ash is trying to win these leagues should give us a good idea, at least by the anime's definition. At the very least, winning a league is a step, and thus required, in his path to becoming a Pokémon Master. If you're telling me that's not the way to go and that the whole thing is a big red herring instead, then that makes this show even worse than it already is. 5. If Ash won that finals match, then the anime would have to end. Have this quote: And even if we granted this argument, is that really a problem? The status quo problem should've never existed in the first place, and should've been eliminated a long time ago. Ash, Pikachu and Team Rocket have all outstayed their welcome and should've been written out by now. Why does the anime still need them? Since the writers are willing to boot everyone else out, they may as do the same with Ash by replacing him with a new protagonist, give that person his/her own Pikachu or some other Pokémon, and replace Team Rocket with another comedic team. Plenty of other animes do something like that; no reason why Pokémon can't do the same. 6. It's all about the journey, not the destination. This one gets two quotes. Here's the first: And the second: X. Closing Remarks Long ago I felt very underwhelmed about Pokémon Sun and Moon after seeing some early footage of it. Since then, I went from being underwhelmed to being on the fence when it came to getting the game. I determined that I would get the game if one of two conditions were fulfilled. One of them was to see Ash win the Kalos League. It would've been my way to thank the writers for giving my childhood hero the victory he finally deserves. But because that didn't happen, I will not get the game. (This may actually become a blessing in disguise if the Pokémon Stars rumor for the Nintendo Switch ends up being true; I'll just get that instead.) Unfortunate, but I want to stay true to my word. I cannot in good conscience watch a show where there exists a premise of Ash desiring to reach his dream of becoming a Pokémon Master, yet instead we see him and Pikachu running around in circles, forever chased by Team Rocket, and where everyone else—from Gary, Butterfree and Duplica to Jessebelle, Greninja and Serena—all get axed out of the anime without making even a hint of a permanent dent. Seeing Ash lose over and over again is the opposite of what I and many others wanted from this anime. I hate it. So if the anime tries to lure you with a premise about a kid hoping to reach his dreams of becoming a Pokémon Master, with little critters and legendary creatures, along with flashy battles, humorous scenes, worthy goals and cute girls, I implore you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLKDV-_SCBs Now that is one quality cartoon. Now what was the other condition? I will confess it: It was to see Ash and Serena together in a romantic relationship. I am a so-called Amourshipper; however I concede that thanks to Serena getting axed out of the anime, where it continues Ash's adventure with Sun and Moon, Amourshipping is dead. You win, critics. But know that it came at a heavy, heavy cost. However, allow me to close my post with this dialogue between Ash and Serena from the 40th episode of Pokémon XY. Regardless of what you may think of Serena and Amourshipping, please put your love or hatred for them aside and read the passage below: Ash: I hope the PokéVision turns out good. Serena: Yeah. Ash: You see, I have a feeling that what I do at this camp might help me in my battles. Serena: Yesterday's fishing tournament and today's PokéVision, too? Ash: Of course! I don't think anything is pointless. Everything on our journey will lead up to victory at the Kalos League. That's why I need to work a lot harder. Serena: You're already working hard, Satoshi. You do plenty enough. Ash: Nah. I still have a long way to go. My dream won't come true like this. Serena: Your dream is... Ash: ...to become a Pokémon Master. Serena: I see. You really are amazing, Satoshi. I admit it, I thought all this really meant something when it was first aired. I really did. I sure was deceived. TL;DR – Although the Pokémon anime's premise is to see Ash become a Pokémon Master, the writers have repeatedly failed to fulfill or make any progress towards it when there was ample opportunity to do so, instead making huge, lasting decisions in the story to ensure that premise doesn't happen. Ash's repeated failures and subsequent move to a new region renders everything he does pointless. None of Ash's actions ever amount to anything in the end. Well, time for some eggnog. That's all, folks!
  18. Awesome ManlyLocke Challenge

    HELLO EVERYONE AND WELCOME TO THE MANLYLOCKE CHALLENGE REBORN RUN! Yes that's right! I, Awesome_One, am starting a new run! Now don't worry. I'm sure a lot of you that know me are worried about my other runs. They are not cancelled. 1 is on hold and the other 2 aren't started due to the sprites not being done yet. But I decided to do this run because someone I've been watching for like a week on Twitch has been doing a LadyLocke Challenge. Which basically means he's only using Female Only Pokémon. Btw, quick shout out to him, his name is @Mechathulhu and he streams his challenge every other day. Which means he'll be doing it tomorrow. I will leave a link to a thread he has made which he uses to tell when he's gonna start to stream at the end of this announcement. So yea. He's doing a LadyLocke and I'm doing a ManlyLocke. I'm sure you guessed what that means by now but just in case, I will be using Male Only Pokémon. And unlike my other runs, this isn't gonna be a story. Just gonna be talking about the events and stuff. And if any of you want to ask me a question about my favorite thing in this game or how I feel about a certain situation on here, PLEASE feel free to leave a question and I will try to answer it as soon as possible. Ahh yes. Before I forget, I am using the Sandbox Mode and yes. I'm going to be getting all the Male Only Pokémon at the beginning of the game. But I will still make it a little difficult on myself. For instance, I already planned all the moves I want my Pokémon to have. But if the TM is already accessible in the game, I will wait until I am able to retrieve it to use it. But if it's not, don't worry. I'm still gonna limit myself. After every 3 major plots have been passed, I will use a Random Number Generator to see which Pokémon I will be putting a move on and will put 1 move on it. But I won't start this til after I have required the 1st badge from Julia. Sooo yea. I think I went over everything. Hope you all enjoy this run! See you all in the 1st Chapter!
  19. Well, we all know about Pokemon evil teams. Team Aqua, Flare, and the famous Team Rocket Blastoff. But, what if YOU were the leader of a team. What if you had your own region to attempt to conquer. Well, you can make one right here. All you have to do is: 1)Specify the name of the region. You don't have to make An entire map, but you just have to have some locations for your evil team to attack in your head. 2)Make a detailed list of each encounter and where it is. 3)Make the grunts Pokemon, and base them around certain types. Then, put the grunts' level range for that area's encounter. 4)Wether it be an admin or boss, make you fight a certain, powerful trainer at the end of an encounter, and make it so they achieve something in the time of their attack. 5)Depending on the story, the downfall of the team might be different. List that at the very last encounter 6)Backstory for the team is important. What legend will they go for? Will their plans change constantly? okay. Here's mine, following that algorithm. Encounter 1: The player is on an icy mountain in the Touré region called Slush mountain. With one badge, you stumble apon a a group of Green-haired men and women. In front of them is a man in a brown trench coat and a fedora. He reveals himself to be leader of Team Flawless, a team dedicated to perfection. He gives you a nugget and a rare candy, and then leaves. Encounter 2: You hear about a strange break-in at the lower floors of the Hyjala Labs. You investigate, to find that Team Flawless is attacking. Grunts Pokemon:Goomy, Snorunt, Sneasel, Drowzee, Phanthump, Shuppet, Bagon, and other similar Ice, Dragon, Ghost, and Ice types. They have level 19-23 Pokemon. When you fight your way to the bottom floor, BF4, you get stopped by an Admin on the 3rd level down. It is the admin, Silver. She has a similar uniform, but has a silver badge on her uniform unlike the rest of the grunts. Along with that, she wears her hair in a tight ponytail and wears blue goggles. She battles you with her team, which has:Misdrevus Lv.23, Baltoy Lv.24, And Snorunt Lv.25. She then gives you the Key Card Alpha so you can go down to the 4th floor. This is where the leader, who's name is Yuka, tells you Mewtwo is trapped. He says he's done all his work and he'll leave you to fight Mewtwo. It flees before you fight it. Encounter 3: After Yuka takes over Shuruso City, you go to stop him. You fight your way through the streets to the pier, which he uses as his stronghold. The grunts use Pokemon like Beldum, Metang, Trubbish, Pawniard, Ditto, Gabite, Riolu and Golett, I'm the level range of 25-30. When you make it there, Yuka has already sent Silver to deal with your rival, so he battles you himself hesitantly. He has a team of: Porygon 2 Lv.26, Bruxish Lv.27, Ditto Lv.28, and Banette Lv.29. Then, he'll stop the attack, as his grunts have retrieved the 'Stone' from the museum. Encounter 4: You rush at a distress call to Ulko Lake Castle, where, once there, you see lots of Team Flawless grunts. But, their uniforms are black instead of white. You fight your way to the Princess's bedroom. They use Krokorok, Lanturn, Frillish, Klefki, Dedenne, Togedemaru, Shellos, Gastrodon, and Pawniard. You get to the room, only to find she is gone. You travel to the center of the lake, where Silver has set up a large float. On it, she uses the princess's power, and summons Mewtwo from the sky. This time, she uses it against you. Her Pokemon:Ambipom Lv.30, Dragonair Lv.31, Dhelmise Lv.32, Scraggy Lv.33, Snorunt Lv.34, Mewtwo Lv.35. After that, Silver releases the princess and Mewtwo, and the head scientist of Hyjala labs takes Mewtwo back to its containment vessel. Encounter 5: With 6 gym badges now, you don't know what happened to Team Flawless. But then, just as you head to Seam Mountain, and you see they've made an entire base. You won't be able to get in, but your friend, a master of disguise, disguises you in the opposite gender's uniform and you get through the defenses. In friendly competitions, you fight past grunts that use the Kanto Starters, Drampa, Electabuzz, Magmar, Omastar, Kabutops, Likiliky, Sharpedo, and Mismagius, at the level range of 41-46. Then, you reach the Break Room, where Silver appears. She sees right through your disguise and you are quickly revealed. Then, you battle her. Pokemon:Scizor Lv.46, Flygon Lv.47, Lunatone Lv.48, Solrock Lv.48, Pangoro Lv.49, and Glalie(Mega) Lv.50. Then, you are given the Key Card Omega so you can access the top floor. There, you once again Meet Yuka, who is using a strange Golden Stone to Power a cannon which is firing a purple beam into the sky. You try to stop him, so he battles you with his strongest team. Golurk Lv.48, Aerodactyl Lv.49, Starmie Lv.50, Volcorona Lv.51, Kommo-o Lv.52, and Mega Banette Lv.54. After that, Giritina will be summoned from the portal at Lv.57 for you to battle. After that, Yuka will officially disband Team Flawless and retreat to an unknown place. Secret Encounters: In Illirious Woods(Postgame location), you can use Cut to find a secret cavern, in it, you'll need Strength, Rock Smash, and Rock Climb to reach the Pavillion of Hope. There, you'll find Silver. She'll tell you how disappointed she was when the Team was shut down, but she got over it, and decides to battle you for old times sake. She has Scizor Lv.69, Flygon Lv.70, Pangoro Lv.71, Tyrantrum Lv.72, Turtunator Lv.73 and finally, a Mega Glalie at Lv.75. She then leaves. After getting a postcard from a strange island called 'Koko Island,' you take a boat there. It is a small, desert island with only a travel hub on it. Once you travel through the wilds, you reach the island's south beach. You find a small wooden house there. In it is none other than Yuka. He smiles, and tells you this is the life he decided to start living, and challenges you to see if your still powerful. He has Golurk Lv.71, Aerodactyl Lv.73, Starmie Lv.75, Volcorona at Lv.77, Kommo-o at Lv.79, and Mega Banette Lv.81, which is the 7th highest NPC level in the game. well, why don't you make an evil team for yourself?
  20. Do someone know where i can find shadow ball?

    Is there anyway to get the HM? Or only the people that played the early versions of the game have access to it?
  21. Rules: (I'm too bored to write new ones, so I copied those from the type hurt/heal topic) Once a day, you have the ability to Hurt (You are evil) a Starter (and its whole evolution line) by 2 points and also heal (That doesn't make it okay) a Starter (and its respective line) by 1 point. Each Starter will start with 20 points and will be eliminated once they reach 0 so just remove them when they do so. Have fun! Bulbasaur: 20 Charmander: 20 Squirtle: 20 Chikorita: 20 Cyndaquil: 20 Totodile: 20 Treecko: 20 Torchic: 20 Mudkip: 20 Turtwig: 20 Chimchar: 20 Piplup: 20 Snivy: 20 Tepig: 20 Oshawott: 20 Chespin: 20 Fennekin: 20 Froakie: 20 Rowlet: 20 Litten: 20 Popplio: 20
  22. Best place to farm Atk and Spd evs?

    Does anyone know the best place to farm Atk and Spd evs that is usable before beating the 14th gym leader?
  23. Blizzard!

    So I recently found out my shiny gardevoir had telepathy and I wondered if the Tm blizzard existed so I could teach it to my alola tales for a better strat!
  24. For Some Reason, The Guy That's Supposed to be at the Pokeball Shop In the Obsidia Ward Isn't there, Did I, Miss, Something? Cause I Have Magnet Powder And Ralt's Corrupted Pokeball, What Else Did I Miss?