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Found 76 results

  1. New playthrough! Yea! This 1 is Pokemon Spork but this has a twist to it. It's a Multi-Header Only Run. Now, if you didn't see my post from last night, don't worry. I'll explain here. A Multi-Header Only Run is where I can only use Pokemon that have 2 heads or more/use a Pokemon that evolves into a Pokemon that has 2 heads or more. So there you go. Now! Hope you all have a fun time watching these videos!
  2. Samurott as of USM gets sacred sword via egg move with Smeargle. While it won't really improve my favorite starter, I'm glad it got my favorite move in Pokemon. Now if only Gallade would get it...
  3. Fumble

    Showdown Replays

    Got a Showdown Battle Replay you want to share? Feel free to post them here! It can be any format, even those Moody Metronome Triple battles you all love doing. You probably want to put who you are while posting, as well, if you're using a different name. Anyways, happy posting (and battling)!
  4. Hi Guys! wanna post my Fan-Art to Pokemon Reborn/Pokemon in General So I uhhh...had this art for awhile and finally decided to post this right about now, initially i was about to send them earlier here but the "schedule" I'm having is a bit, intertwined because of, "School" Now i'll be covering the entire details so that it won't look boring, you can check them underneath the spoiler Long Story Short: It was out of nowhere and it just chained to curiosity to another.. So because of this i decided to make this and really i don't know why i was making this until i reach the part where i decided to put lineart. I was afraid doing this cause..well satan and stuff..But here i did it and it took a week to ensure that all the details are just right, I decided to give a different look cause i don't want it being a too accurate and make it unique..and i just managed to have time to color this and do some final touches... but here's the OUTLINE! Its already too big i can't even fit the original sketch LOL XD The ridiculous thing here, Its too big for the entire Forum (but one of my sketches and lineart are fine what the?) so i gotta place a link so that you can see it there instead, It's on my Twitter account and don't worry, nothings bad there, (except my terrible tweets..) So this concludes everything about this and I'm not gonna be online that much to be updated about this post or in the Discord for awhile..again...I'll just say hello when i have time lol.... If you have concerns about it, go ahead, i try to make things detailed so no one would be asking too much but I'm open for some "Constructive Criticism" lol (If you're planning to, I recommend you to check the extra details/spoiler first. cause it was a lot of process.) Sincerely, Spooky Machine 990. P.S. how is this sprting you may ask? cause i use pixels..mostly in the outlining part but the colors are different. Another P.S. I don't know if i broke a lot of rules about adding links to the post but I state what those links are...pls tell me if its wrong its only my first time
  5. Princess Titania

    Tips for making a Pokemon Fangame

    (This post is geared toward Pokemon Essentials games) Making a Pokemon Fangame is not easy. If you want to succeed, you must be careful, dedicated, and patient. If you have or can adapt to these traits, making a Pokemon Game will be much easier. As a Fangame creator, I am currently working on my first project. I would say I'm about 50% of the way there, and that's saying a lot. There are lots of different jobs to do when designing a game, and they are time-consuming (well, most of the time) Here are some tips: 1: Don't give up There have been many times I want to give up, but you can't do that or you won't be able to make a game. You simply should calm down, take a break, maybe eat a snack or take a nap, and come back to your troubles when you can handle them. There are SOOO many things that can go wrong in your game. Pokemon Essentials is a wonderful tool, but it can be touchy. You need to be precise. You can't be making silly errors like misspelling Pokemon names or using the wrong image. There are more important matters to attend to. More often than not, you will be overwhelmed by your game. This has happened to me many times. As previously stated, take a break and come back later. Be persistent with your game (that doesn't mean doing it as fast as possible) and you should be good to go. 2: There is no rush Unlike official Pokemon games, there isn't a deadline for your game. Fans may want it quickly, but take your time so you can make sure your game is as good as possible. 3: Be creative People don't like copycats. Be creative with your game and make interesting maps and characters. This does NOT mean you shouldn't take inspiration from a pre-existing game. In fact, my game takes massive inspiration from Reborn. Reborn was actually the reason I started making a game in the first place. But that does not mean I am copying content from Reborn. Stuff like PBS files, Pokemon sprites and similar things can be copied since they're probably going to be the same anyway. It's just a way to conserve time. Usually, at least. Another thing to do is have interesting characters. They should have varying personalities, varying stories, and varying everything, really. And remember, using references doesn't mean you aren't creative. i plan to use tons of references in my game, and that's fine. I even plan to have a Pokemon World Tournament feature where you can fight rivals and gym leaders from other fangames. And that can't really be considered copying. Well, most of the time. It depends. But the point is, don't be a copycat. 4: Knowledge is power Always know what you're doing before editing something. Diving in with no experience can mess up your entire game. (I found this out the hard way the first time I downloaded Pokemon Essentials and failed miserably) Before I tried again at making a Fangame, I watched tutorials. (They were by Thundaga. Great Tutorials. They explain everything so well. Give them a try on Youtube) Before, I said, "What the HECK is a PBS file?!". Now I have added every single Gen 6 Pokemon and all Gen 6 Moves. So yeah, don't mess with Essentials if you aren't 100% sure what to do. If you do, It may cost you your game. 5: Be truly dedicated. There are two kinds of people that make Pokemon fangames. The people that have a vast knowledge of Pokemon and will stop at nothing to make a game for their self and others to enjoy, and the kid who thinks it would be cool to find wild Mewtwo and Rayquaza. My point is, many people start making a game and get disappointed when they realize that it takes lots of effort. But don't underestimate kids, either. I'm only 11. I'm not a veteran. I used to despise Pokemon until a couple years ago. Then I fell in love. But I'd say I've only been a true fan for a year and a half. Still, I'm doing quite well on my game and can tell my little sisters pretty much any Pokemon fact. 6: Don't use content made by others without permission Some people are OK with you borrowing their resources with credit, but others are not. Always be sure that the the resources you may or may not borrow are OK to be used. And those are my tips. Good luck to anyone making a Pokemon Fangame!
  6. Hey. Finally decided to start this thing. God knows I should finish one run before I start another... But I love the game so far and am hoping to continue loving it. And I have a bit more free time for the summer so I figured I might as well. http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/single/?p=9482386&t=9293069 There's the link to the prologue chapter not much going on yet but there'll be more to come. Hope you enjoy!
  7. J-Awesome_One

    Pokemon Full Moon Reaction Run

    "Mumble mumble mumble" Hmm? Ohh. A camera! Well... a camera app on my laptop but a camera nonetheless! Hi everyone! It's me! J-Awesome-One! You all ready to have some fun? I know I am! Let's just hope murder doesn't happen in this series!… Wow… I brought down the mood with that didn't I? Ohh well. Cue the music for this 1st chapter of the 1st season as well as the title card! Despite this only being an introduction and not really diving into the game yet and also not relating to anything in this... It still sounds epic. Shut up! So as I've said before, I'm J-Awesome-One and I'm... I'm... What the fuck...? Umm... Ahh yes. Now I remember. Those 1st 3 pics I took were over my parents house. And right now, I'm over my gramps house. And I also took a shower... You all believe that right? Ok. Good. So expect good lighting in some of these and the others... Horrible lighting. So I'll be doing a normal run of Pokemon Full Moon. Except now you'll be seeing a lot more lovely pics of this beautiful face. It's cute, right?... Right?... RIGHT?! Jesus Christ. That even scared me. I don't think that's a good thing though. Anyways, back on topic. Normal playthrough of Pokemon Full Moon with reaction pics. Now I have played this game before but it's been so long since the last time, it's basically a blind... Semi-blind... a "I somewhat know where to go and what to do but I don't remember what people say in this game" run. But in this game, you don't play as yourself. You play as a teenaged girl named Luna. No. Not from Reborn. So, I'd like to introduce you all to LUNA! Hey there Luna. How are you doing today? Yep! And I'm excited for it. Aren't you?! Fucking bitchy ass cu- Nothing! Nothing! I was about to say nothing! Holy moly you're loud as fuck! I'm glad you wanna know. So 1st of all, I'm gonna be in control of your actions and- Well I'm gonna control where you run to, who you talk to, whether to do good things or bad things. You know? Stuff like that. It's happening whether you like it or not. So shush! Anyways, as I was going to say before being SO rudely interrupted, I will also decide what she uses on her team. And unlike all my other runs, I'll prob have more than a 6 mon team going on he- Don't care. But anyways, that's really all I have to tell you on how this whole adventure is gonna go. Any questions from you Luna? Bye Luna! See you soon! Can't wait to be best buddies! Well, that was all I really had planned for this little intro thing. Ohh. I would like to say this though. With how many times I had to take and also retake pics of me took a lot of time but it was worth it. I had fun. But I am just saying this as a warning. This is probably not gonna be an everyday thing. I'll try to aim for at least once a week thing. Probably multiple if I feel like it. Umm... I think that's all I needed to say. I hope you all enjoy this when I officially start it sometime this week. Hell. I might stay up later than usual to at least have a new 1 up tonight. But anyways... Bye everyone! See you all next time! Phew. I'm glad that's over with. Man my back's killing me. I gotta stretch. Ummm... What are you all still doing here? Didn't I say like bye and all that? What? You want more right now still? But I already told you all what I was doing? What more can I do right now? Ugh... Fiiiiiine. I'll go for a little more. I suppose I can talk about how this run came to mind. And it's all thanks to this glorious bastard right here. @DerogatoryTrainer This dude is so freaking funny with his Reborn and Rejuvenation Reactionlockes. (FYI, mine is not gonna be a nuzlocke.) I swear to Arceus though that he's so funny that he made me cough up all 3 of my lungs. The doctors were also surprised I had 3 lungs but they were successful in putting them back into their original places. Although, now I owe the hospital $300. And yes. That is a surprisingly cheap bill for something so life threatening. But I am also cheap and also don't think that it was my fault so Mr. DerogatoryTrainer... Pay up the $300 soon... Naw. I'm just kidding. But he's really good at what he does. I'll even put a link down to his stuff so you all can get there faster. I know. I'm such a nice guy for doing that. But anyways, that'll be the end of this post for now. Bye everyone! DerogatoryTrainer - Pokemon Reborn - The Terribly Titled Reaction-Locke http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/single/?p=9378681&t=9249876 Derogatory Trainer - Pokemon Rejuvenation - A Terribly Titled Nuzlocke http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/single/?p=9482386&t=9293069
  8. Decidueye101

    Pokemon Crystonite

    Pokémon Crystonite Screenshots Hello people of the forums. My name is Zach and I've been working on a fan-game called Pokémon Crystonite for about a year now. Obviously since I'm posting to the Reborn forums, my inspiration comes from both Reborn and Rejuvenation so I'd like to thank Ame and Jan for giving me the inspiration and courage to tackle my first fan-game. Below you'll find list of features and progress for this game. Story The Pokémon League Custom Music!!! Features/Characters The Gym Leaders Field Effects Overall Progress Other features include... (Note that this is NOT a formal credits list but rather a preview of what to expect in the game. However, upon release a formal credits list will be provided on this forum and in the README section of the download. -Amazing remixes from GlitchxCity and other composers -Customs graphics made by moi -Other graphics by Jan and Ame (Again thank you both for the inspiration! Keep up the great work.) -And a huge thanks to Zumi, creator of Pokémon Xenogene (If you haven't already, please check out the Xenogene forum listed below) for the epic mugshots and battle sprites (and an upcoming CUSTOM GYM BATTLE THEME!!!) (NOTE ~ I had to pay out of pocket for those battle sprites and mugshots and because of that, it is not allowed to use any of the above mugshots or battle-sprites in your own fan-games unless asked permission AFTER the Crystonite release.)
  9. This will be the same format as the one ShatteredSkys took over ever since Nickaboo left. For now, there will only be a column for Gen 1, then eventually we'll get to Gen 2. I just want this to be as accurate as possible. So let's get started. Please PM @Alex if the guide needs to be updated! Full Obtainable List: Gen 1: Gen 2: Gen 3: Gen 4: Gen 5: Gen 6: Gen 7:
  10. Weasel Beazel

    Pawniard Machine Broke

    Hello lads! I'm curious about a thing. Our favorite little sharpchess piece is said to be in Route 4, right? I'm running around and that boy is nowhere to be seen. Then looking at footage from past episodes and what not, I noticed different encounters. Did Ame delet Pawniard from Route 4, or is my luck just that bad?
  11. Shadowthiefdark

    Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0]

    PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ON THIS THREAD. Keep all comments on the discussion thread provided. I will be updating this guide regularly and will let you all know when I decide to stop. You can subscribe to the thread by clicking follow at the top right. Most people (myself included) skip the intro, so I'll keep this short. I'll be making a guide of Episode 17 of Pokémon Reborn. Originally I was following Sophie's guide. She in turn was following Nickaboo's guide. Just as my predecessors before me, I will most likely not be completing this guide. Not because I'm a busy college student, but because Edit 3/9/18 I lied. My classes are destroying me. That being said, here is my general format: Items/Sidequests/Events Where to go next (For those who just want to know how to progress the story) General tips Starting date: 2/10/18 Starting episode: 17 If I miss anything, feel free to alert me on this separate thread. I would also like to take time to thank those who helped contribute to the guide. I'll update as more people tell me what I've missed. Thank you to the following people for their contributions to this part of the guide: Sparsyle-0 (Sophie), Walpurgis, Frelop, Paperblade Chapter 1 Julia's Gym For reasons that will be made clear later, I will be ordering the gyms in order of the gym leader you're meant to fight rather than calling them "Gym 1" or "Gym 2". You'll start by choosing your protagonist. During the train ride, a... ghost, for lack of a better term, appears. Ame (the same person who made the game), recognizing the ghost as an omen, looks out the window and notices that the train isn't decelerating. She'll grab you and jump out the window, narrowly saving your life. The other protagonists who had the misfortune of not being picked will be killed in the crash. You'll awaken in the Lower Peridot Ward. Julia, the first gym leader, will have a brief conversation with Ame before the latter departs. The gym leader will then ask you if you plan on taking on the Pokémon lead and you'll be given your first choice. As far as I'm aware, choosing one or the other doesn't affect the game. However, if you're curious like me, you'll be interested to know what the dialogue becomes based on your choice. Keep in mind that you can save your game at any time by pressing D. So long as there are no current dialogue boxes, you can save. This means you can save in the middle of a conversation if people are moving about or if there's a brief pause. This can help you in the future when you have to go through a series of battles. You can also reload previous games by using the navigation pathway C:\Users\YourNameHere\Saved Games\Pokemon Reborn, deleting the file that says "Game", and renaming whatever file you want to "Game". Anyway, here are the results: Are you going to take on the Reborn League? >Yes Julia: Correct! Then I'll be seeing you very soon, because I'm also the Electric Gym Leader! >No Julia: Whaaaaaaat? That's no fun! You simply must! Hm? Why do I insist? Well, because I'm the Electric Gym Leader! She'll then direct you towards the Grand Hall. Before moving, you can find a Normal Gem in one of the rocks that surrounds you. If you give this to a Pokémon to hold, it'll boost the first damaging Normal-type move they use but will consume the item. Since all starters begin with a Normal type, you'll give yourself a slight edge in your first battle. It might not be necessary based on your starter, but you'll soon learn that you're not dealing with the average Pokémon game anymore. I digress. There's only one route to progress given that the police are blocking your route up north, so start moving to the right. Once you enter the Opal Ward, you can speak to a lady with purple hair to get a Potion. This can also be useful for your upcoming battle. There are two ways to access the Opal Bridge, but the cool kids will stop you since you don't have Pokémon. Head towards the large building up above and you'll be stopped by a girl named Victoria. She'll act like your rival, in a sense. She'll take you inside and Ame will inform you that the person in charge of blowing up the station was caught. Ame will take you upstairs where you'll be able to choose any Fire, Water, or Grass starter from every generation. Yes, it is possible to get a shiny starter. The shiny rate in this game is increased compared to the normal game, but it can still take beyond an hour to get a shiny. If you save in the room and restart, you'll be able to change IVs, natures, abilities, and shiny status of all the starters in that room. Don't bother searching for the perfect ability because in about two hours you'll be able to change it anyway. Again, quick save is D and soft refresh is F12. If you're not interested in any of them, you can download this mod to choose your own starter from any Pokémon. For any who care, the first gym is an Electric gym and the second is a Grass gym. If you mess up your Pokémon's name, don't worry. In about an hour you'll find the Name Rater. Finally, Pokémon level 20 and below will listen to you if you have no badges while Pokémon level 25 and below will listen to you if you have one. After you choose Charmander, you'll be taken downstairs. Victoria will ask what starter you chose but won't counter pick you as she always chooses the same one regardless. You'll be introduced to Cain while she's away. He'll immediately engage you in a battle. Attacks in red are health based moves. Attacks in orange are physical moves. Attacks in blue are special moves. Attacks in grey are non-damaging moves. Pretty Boy Cain Field: Default Nidoran ♂ (Level 5) Ability: Hustle Item: --- Stats: HP 19 / Atk 10 / Def 9 / SpA 9 / SpD 10 / Spe 10 Scratch, Leer I wonder if it's possible for your opponents to have shiny Pokémon? Also, I will not always be able to get all the moves of each opponent, so enjoy them while they last. It doesn't matter if you win or lose since the story will progress the same. Furthermore, you won't have to pay any money for losing. I'll assume that you've won given that you have the Normal Gem and a potion on your side, but I'll put the text just in case. Battling Cain Should you win: Post battle: Cute AND Talented. Cain: Very nice! Should you lose, the text moves too far past the box. He says something along the lines of: "Hey, that's pretty unlucky, but don't take the loss too hard. I mean, unless you're into that." I'm not sure if the dialogue changes if you're a girl, but I'm interested to know if any of you chose one. Cain will take you over to the PokéCenter where you have the option to heal your Pokémon or not. Yes, you can choose not to heal your Pokémon, but you'll soon regret it. Victoria will emerge from the Starter Room with Ame. After clearing up a misunderstanding, Ame will take Cain away while you battle Victoria. You won't have a moment to buy more items. If you chose not to heal your Pokémon after your tango with Cain, you'll have to continue fighting with your lowered health. Remember that you can save while Cain is walking you to the healing desk, so you can retry your battle with Victoria by reloading your save game. Apprentice Victoria Field: Default Litten (Level 5) Ability: Blaze Item: --- Stats: HP 20 / Atk 12 / Def 9 / SpA 11 / SpD 9 / Spe 12 Scratch, Growl You'll have the advantage if you won against Cain as you'll have leveled up. You'll also gain money for defeating both of them. As stated above, it doesn't matter if you win or lose. Regardless, here's the dialogue. Battling Victoria Should you win: Post battle: Wow... I don't know what to say! Victoria: You're no ordinary trainer, are you... Should you lose: Victoria: Yay, I won! Don't get down though, every loss is a lesson. Cain will drop by to tell you he's leaving. You and Victoria will then go back to the Information Desk to talk to Ame. She'll give you a PokéDex, PokéGear (with which you may access the map and other, future tools), and Running Shoes (hold with the space bar to run or press S to toggle). She'll then leave to interrogate the terrorist who attacked the train station. Victoria will give you 5 Pokéballs to start your adventure and then leave. You're now free to do as you please. You can access your PC in order to find a free potion. It wasn't available until now because you were forced to walk to certain areas once you entered The Grand Hall. If you watch the T.V., you'll be able to watch many different channels. The only ones that might affect your actions are the Hunting channel and the Weather channel. Check the Hunting channel once a day to get the latest scoop on new Pokémon. If you talk to the lady in a green dress, you'll be able to battle her and her darling in a double battle as many times as you'd like. Their Pokémon level up as you progress throughout the game, so they're a source of free levels and money if you're able to best them. You can buy items on the right, but I recommend saving at least 500 poké. Always buy Pokéballs in sets of 10. This way you'll get a free Premier Ball as well. The Premier Ball has the same "strength" as a normal Pokéball. Even if you don't want to use it, you can sell it for 100 Poké which is half the price of a normal Pokéball. I personally use them to catch Shiny Pokémon. Once you're done buying items, head towards the exit. There will be a fisherman on the right side. He'll offer to sell you a rare Pokémon for 500 poké. As soon as you buy the Pokémon, the man on the left will steal it from you before you even have a chance to see it. As the fisherman will tell you, you'll be able to find the man in North Peridot. This will become a sort of hide and seek event that you'll have to play throughout the game. I'll reference it as Event: SP, the SP standing for Stolen Pokémon. You can ctrl + f to find out where next you need to go to continue the event. If you ever forget where to go next, you can talk to the people in The Grand Hall for directions. For now, you may exit The Grand Hall. A short cutscene will play in which you see Ame and a few police officers torturing information out of the terrorist. Opal Ward map Sometimes when I speak, I'm not clear in what I'm trying to say. I'll be dropping maps in this guide and marking them to better explain locations. I recommend having them open in a second tab. Outside The Grand Hall you'll be trapped by a girl trying to talk to her Pokémon who ignores her. If you defeat Victoria, it will be a Snubbull. If you lose to her, it'll be a Stufful. Certain event Pokémon are chosen at random and may not be the same throughout your playthrough. They're supposed to be chosen at random, but from what I can tell, this Pokémon is decided based on whether you win or lose your match against Victoria. This girl serves as a reminder not to over level your team. If you do, they'll stop listening to you. Common Candies can be used to lower the level of your Pokémon by one. Anyway, with the path clear, you can proceed to catch your own Pokémon in the grass to the right and left. Pokémon Reborn uses a weather system as well as a day and night cycle. You can monitor the weather by watching the Weather channel on any T.V. Weather can cause certain event Pokémon to appear. If you fiddle with your computer's date, you'll be able to change the weather to something random. If you want something more certain, you can use a mod from the page I linked earlier. Additionally, the time in game is based on the time on your computer's time as well. This will have an effect not only on event Pokémon but also what types of Pokémon appear in the grasses around you. 6am-12pm is morning, 12pm-7pm is day, and 7pm-6am is night. If you're having difficulty catching a Pokémon and you have a Dusk Ball, you can always set your computer time to night so that the effects of the Dusk Ball kick in. Here's the Pokémon you can catch in the grass nearby: Morning/Day Rattata (30%) Bidoof (30%) Patrat (15%) Pidgey (15%) Meowth (5%) Ekans (5%) Night Rattata (30%) Meowth (20%) Ekans (20%) Hoothoot (17%) Spinarak (13%) Headbuttable Trees Pineco (40%) Combee (30%) Spearow (30%) While it's possible to catch Alolan Rattata here, they seem to be exceedingly rare. Don't bother wasting effort trying to catch them here as you'll be able to find them much more frequently in a few hours. I'm also adding this video on how to EV train quickly in Reborn for those who don't have the patience or who are playing from the beginning again (like myself). You can now battle the cool kids to gain VIP access to the cool bridge. In the top right corner, a few kids will be trying to push a Pokémon into a heavily polluted river. Again, the Pokémon here changes depending on your specific playthrough, but across the five times I've restarted it's always been Pachirisu. You'll have to fight the first kid's trash followed by double battling the thugs behind him. Once they're defeated, the Pokémon you've saved will request to join your team either out of gratitude or because it knows you'll keep it safe. Pachirisu (Level 5) ??? OR Zigzagoon (Level 5) Tail Whip, Tackle, Growl Pachirisu has some pretty good stats for an early access Pokémon. It doesn't evolve, but you might find it useful to hold onto. As you progress through the game, you'll notice that the condition of the city is as poor as its residents. You won't be earning a lot of money from battles, but there are a few Pokémon (namely Pachirisu, Meowth, and Teddiursa) that can have the ability Pickup. The items they gain you are based on their level as shown by this chart. You can either sell them or keep them for use. Your selection of Pokémon early on isn't great, so I would recommend running a team with Pickup until you find better Pokémon to replace them. Anyway, head left towards the Peridot Ward. Lower Peridot Ward Lower Peridot Ward map You may have noticed that there are items called PokéSnax. These can be used to get event Pokémon. They can also be fed to the Pokémon on your team to increase their happiness by a factor of about 10. One thing I would recommend is that you talk to and search everything throughout the game. It's the best way to get items or learn about events. Speaking of events, we'll begin by identifying the events on the right side and moving left as that's ultimately where you'll want to head. As you enter the city, you'll encounter a Teddiursa. This little monster will hide in various spots but it will always be somewhere in the Lower Peridot Ward, Peridot Ward, or Upper Peridot Ward. Search thoroughly as it hides in different spots between different save files. For what it's worth, I'll upload the locations where I found it. Some of the locations aren't in Lower Peridot but in Peridot and Upper Peridot, so just keep an eye out for them as you travel. Teddiursa Baby-Doll Eyes, Lick, Fake Tears, Fury Swipes You'll overhear two people talking about a Pokémon that they stole and hid in a house due to not having a Pokéball. If you go to where the 1 is marked on the map, you'll find a man standing there. After giving him a total of 150 Poké, he'll step aside and sleep. Inside the house that the alley leads to, you'll find a Pokémon. This traumitized Pokémon is the one those thugs stole. If you have a Pokésnax on you, you'll be able to take it along with you. You'll never encounter the owner, so you might as well care for them. Note that you don't have to feed it a Pokésnax, so you can hold onto it for later use. Espurr (Level 4) Scratch, Leer OR Minccino (Level 4) Pound, Baby-Doll Eyes In the house below that one marked 2, you can also find a Whismur. If you have a PokéSnax on you, it'll attack. You can choose to capture it, defeat it, or run away. This Pokémon is only available before defeating the first gym. Whismur (Level 5) Pound, Echoed Voice If you check the dumpster marked 3 behind the Whismur house while you have a PokéSnax on you, you'll be attacked by a Gulpin. Gulpin (Level 10) Pound, Yawn, Poison Gas, Sludge The 4 next to the gym is where a Blitzle will appear during storms. Blitzle (Level 15) Tail Whip, Charge, Shock Wave, Thunder Wave If you defeat the lady where the 5 is marked, you can talk to her after the battle to receive a Rose Incense. This is a held item which increases Grass-type moves by 20%. At the top right of the map is an 6. After fighting a trainer, you'll have access to an alleyway. Here you can find Poochyena, Stunky, and Trubbish. Morning/Day/Night Trubbish (60%) Stunky (22%) Poochyena (18%) You can also find a Tynamo there in Stormy weather. Tynamo (Level 10) Tackle, Thunder Wave, Spark, Charge Beam On windy nights in any alleyway, you can find a Zangoose rummaging through the trash. This begins a hide-and-seek event where you must search alleyways throughout the game to find the Zangoose. I currently haven't found it myself, so I'll update this post when I do. From what I've heard, it's too high a level for you to currently catch. Zangoose (Level 40?) ??? To the right is a further extension of the Opal Ward. On rainy days, you'll find a Pokémon hiding under the bridge. If it's a Panpour, you'll have to fight it to catch it. Pansear will simply join your team as it's probably just happy to be out of the rain. Panpour (Level 10) Play Nice, Leer, Lick, Water Gun OR Pansear (Level 7) Scratch, Play Nice, Leer, Lick If you go even further to the right, you'll enter the Underground Railnet. Underground Railnet (Peridot Access) Noibat, Woobat (in dark patches only) In the house just to the right of the alleyway is a girl with a Kricketot. Talking to her will reveal that it is sick. Shelly, the Bug-type gym leader, will come in on a house call. She'll realize the Kricketot is bored sitting at home all day and ask if you'd like to take it along with you. If you refuse, she'll take it herself and return to her gym. Kricketot (Level 3) Growl, Bide Over on the left side is a house marked 7. The man in there will give you his Old Rod. Currently, the only Pokémon you can fish up are Grimer since the toxicity of the water has caused all other Pokémon to flee. The man in the house marked 8 will battle you. His level 10 Goldeen packs quite the punch with its Horn Attack move, and it's rather fast. After defeating him, you'll gain access to the pool in the back of his house. In this pool you can fish up Finneons and Goldeens using your Old Rod. Don't forget to grab the Sea Incense at the top right before leaving. Like its rose counterpart, it increases Water-type moves by 20%. Goldeen (70%) Finneon (30%) The Name Rater is on the left side of the map under the letters 9. In the 10 apartment complex, there's a man who's tired of meeting bad trainers. If you defeat him, he'll give you access to his garden. Here are the Pokémon you can find there: Morning Ledyba (30%) Cherubi (28%) Wurmple (21%) Caterpie (21%) Day Caterpie (45%) Wurmple (45%) Cherubi (10%) Night Hoothoot (30%) Spinarak (24%) Wurmple (20%) Caterpie (20%) Stunky (5%) Trubbish (1%) Headbuttable Trees Pineco (55%) Burmy (45%) That's all the events you can currently complete in Lower Peridot. We'll come back to the rest later. You'll notice that if you try to enter the gym, it'll be locked. A note will be left on the door by someone you'll soon meet. You'll soon learn that her character was made by running all of her words through thesaurus.com Here's the translation for what it more or less says: "Julia, maybe you shouldn't do things that make you sleepy before agreeing to meet up with us during what's normally your nap time. We'll be at the factory. Join as soon as you can." For now, move to the top left corner of the map and access the North Peridot Ward. North Peridot North Peridot Ward map You can complete your hunt for Teddiursa now that you've reached this area. The man in the house marked 1 will ask for your Bibarel and will give you a Munna in return. The only way to get a Bibarel is by leveling a Bidoof to level 15. Munna (Level 15) Lucky Chant, Yawn, Psybeam, Imprison The alleyway marked 2 will have the following Pokémon: Morning/Day/Night Trubbish (45%) Poochyena (34%) Purrloin (21%) The fountain marked 3 will have a Surskit during rainy days. Surskit (Level 11) Bubble, Quick Attack, Sweet Scent If you talk to the woman in the house marked 4, she'll send you away for fear that the thieves who stole one of her Pokémon will come back for the other. If you visit the house near where the number 2 is, you'll find that two people are discussing going back to steal her other Pokémon. They'll demand you stay out of their way. Visiting the lady's house at night will cause you to encounter them. They'll finally introduce themselves as Team Meteor and will recite a chant you'll never hear again. After a brief battle, they'll run away. The lady will ask you to take her Pokémon with you for fear that they may come back to kidnap it. Igglybuff (Level 5) Charm, Defense curl, Pound, (Perish Song, Misty Terrain, or Wish) On clear or sunny days, a Budew will be walking along the edge of the wall at 5. If you have the Rose Incense on you, the Pokémon will be attracted to the smell and will jump into your arms (you'll need to "talk" to it for this to occur). Budew (Level 5) Absorb, Growth I recommend you go catch Budew for an event that will occur later in the game. Though this is a walkthrough, I don't want to spoil the event until you get to it. For now, I'll simply refer to it as Event: G. If you visit the apartment complex labelled by the number 6 at night, you'll enter a dark room. Someone will tell you that a Pokémon is absorbing the electricity and will ask you to find and stop them. If you can't see, turn up your screen brightness. The Pokémon is over on the right side of the room. Talking to it will initiate a battle where you can catch it. Joltik (Level 10) Absorb, Spider Web, Thunder Wave, Screech OR Grubbin (Level 10) Vice Grip, Mud Slap, String Shot, Bite Finally, head towards the house at the very top of the map. In there, you'll be able to continue Event: SP. The thug who stole the Pokémon will demand another 500 Poké from you which you must give to progress. His partner, the fisherman, will then come out of hiding and the two will engage you in a double battle. After defeating them, the thug will say that on the way to the house, a kid in Obsidia stole the Pokémon from him. Having gotten 1000 Poké out of you, the two will run away. If you really hate the idea of them stealing 1000 Poké from you, you can wait until much later in the game to battle them. When your Pokémon are around level 65, battling them will get you 1100 Poké as prize money. They'll still comment about getting 1000 Poké from you, but you'll be the one who ended with a net positive. Those are all the events on this side of the map, so you're ready to continue. Head towards the number 7 on the map. You'll run into a guy with green hair named Fern. Fern's the guy who talks really loud about how hard he partied last night at 4am. Fern's the guy who keeps interrupting the professor in the middle of lecture. Fern's the guy who puts ketchup on his steaks. Fern yells at people who are just trying to do their job like cashiers and waiters. If Blue from Generation 1 of Pokémon had angry hate sex with Joffrey from Game of Thrones and a child was made from it, Fern would be that offspring. As you'll soon find out, Fern is a character designed for you to hate. Surprisingly enough, I don't. He's so over the top that it's difficult for me to imagine someone as terrible as him. He's just a mild annoyance in my eyes. You'll find that he's supposed to meet Julia outside a factory but came to the wrong one. He'll then engage you in battle because why not. Blue But Worse Potion x1 Budew (Level 12) Ability: Natural Cure, Poison Point, or Leaf Guard Item: --- *Stats: HP 32 / Atk 13 / Def 14 / SpA 18 / SpD 10 / Spe 10 Absorb, Growth, Water Sport, Stun Spore Rowlet (Level 13) Ability: Overgrow Item: --- *Stats: HP 43 / Atk 21 / Def 21 / SpA 20 / SpD 20 / Spe 18 Leafage, Peck, Astonish, Growl Sandile (Level 10) Ability: Moxie Item: --- *Stats: HP 30 / Atk 20 / Def 12 / SpA 12 / SpD 12 / Spe 18 Rage, Bite, Sand Attack, Torment *Due to variation nature, stats may alter Losing to him doesn't change the dialogue since you blackout and have to try the battle again. As such, don't lose. He'll act like he's too busy and leave. Head back to the gym where you'll bump into Julia. She'll inform you that the people who destroyed the train station are at the factory and asks you to join her. Head to the factory marked 8. You'll run into Julia, Fern, and Fern's sister, Florinia (the 2nd gym leader). The factory is apparently Team Meteor's hideout. They're the ones behind the train station demolition, and Julia gives back to them by blowing up the entrance to the factory. Before entering, check the barrel on your left to get an Ability Capsule. This can change a Pokémon's abilities and even grants access to dream world abilities. Enter the factory to be hit by an overwhelming stench. Florinia will tell you the lake is about 90% polluted if not more. Julia will state that the terrorist group needs to be stopped and will pair up with Florinia. They'll take the right half of the factory, leaving you and Fern to explore the left side. Should you try to leave, Fern will say the following: "Just where do you think you're going? I told you not to slow me down. But if you've gotta go do something, go right ahead! I'll just wait here." You'll then be allowed to leave to continue grinding or do whatever else you need. Despite the high stress environment, you can leave the story at any time to go complete sidequests or level up your Pokémon. It may take you out of immersion, but it can help you to better prepare for a battle you might otherwise fail. When you're ready, continue to the left inside the factory. You'll be engaging in double battles with Fern whose Pokémon never seem to gain levels while you battle. Your Pokémon will automatically be healed after each battle. There aren't any hidden items here though there are visible ones thrown about. Take notice of the change in battle field. You can find the effects of this Factory field in the provided link. The path through the factory is relatively straightforward. Eventually you'll find Florinia and Julia waiting for you. A gate that could most likely be destroyed with an explosion by a Pokémon blocks your path. You'll be instructed to go find explosives in the path below you while Florinia attempts to hack the gate. Before you do, go through the door on the right to find a Rare Candy. Once you find the explosives, talk to Julia. She'll place them in front of the gate, but the door will open before they can be set off. Don't forget to save your game. This will be your first "boss battle" of sorts. You'll enter the room to be greeted by my second favourite track in this game. You can find it here. The man with the eyepatch will tell you that you were meant to progress this far into the factory. Apparently the grunts before you were only meant to slow you down enough for them to delete whatever data they needed since the factory is no longer important to them. They even opened the final gate for you because they grew tired of waiting. You'll fight the pair Aster and Eclipse for the first, but not last, time. Team Meteor Grunts Aster & Eclipse Potion x1 Field: Default Rockruff (Level 16) Ability: Steadfast Item: --- *Stats: HP 44 / Atk 30 / Def 22 / SpA 18 / SpD 22 / Spe 30 Thunder Fang, Bite, Rock Throw, Howl Rockruff (Level 16) Ability: Vital Spirit Item: --- *Stats: HP 44 / Atk 30 / Def 22 / SpA 18 / SpD 22 / Spe 30 Fire Fang, Bite, Rock Throw, Howl *Due to variation in nature, stats may alter Matching Pokémon. How cute. Delete them. Their boss will be disappointed that they were defeated so quickly. They'll all disappear somehow. Julia will explode the factory since it's most likely still polluting the lake. Fern will offer one last insult to you before leaving. Florinia will install a Field Notes app on your PokéGear regardless of how you respond to her. It'll have information about Electric Terrain which is the field Julia fights on in her gym. Julia will lament about the old days throughout the conversation before inviting you to her gym and leaving herself. It's now time to face her, so level your Pokémon well and head to your first gym battle. I personally keep my Pokémon a level below the level cap (currently that's 20, so my Pokémon are level 19). This way, if I sweep the gym with a single Pokémon, it won't get past the level cap and start ignoring me. Her gym, much like the factory, is straightforward. One thing I feel I should note is that if you leave the gym, your progress won't be restarted. Growing up, I always went through gyms in one go without stepping out to heal my Pokémon because the thought never occurred to me. What may be obvious to you might not be obvious to me, and vice versa. As such, I'll probably say some things that are obvious every now again. I don't know how you build your team, but I personally find that a team full of sweepers meets my needs in this game. Julia has a Voltorb which knows Sonic Boom, a move that always reduces your health by 20 points no matter what. I found it best to have at least two Pokémon available to sweep her team for this reason. The Voltorb is fast, so either take it out in one hit or have Pokémon with more than 40 HP. This is the first Pokémon game I've ever actually lost a trainer battle in (of course I save before big battles in this game and restart so that nobody knows I lose, but still). Episode 17 seems to be a lot easier than my memory of episode 16. You don't necessarily need to grind in order to be prepared for Julia's team if you've been using the same Pokémon throughout the playthrough thus far. Cheer Captain Julia Potions x2 Field: Electric Terrain Minun (Level 12) Ability: Minus Item: --- Stats: HP 38 / Atk 14 / Def 18 / SpA 26 / SpD 27 / Spe 29 Nuzzle, Quick Attack, Charge Beam, Encore Voltorb (Level 12) Ability: Aftermath Item: --- Stats: HP 34 / Atk 16 / Def 19 / SpA 19 / SpD 21 / Spe 31 Sonic Boom, Explosion, Rollout, Charge Beam Alolan Geodude *Shiny* (Level 11) Ability: Galvanize Item: --- Stats: HP 32 / Atk 27 / Def 29 / SpA 12 / SpD 14 / Spe 12 Rollout, Self-Destruct, Tackle, Charge Pom-Pom Style Oricorio (Level 14) Ability: Dancer Item: --- Stats: HP 47 / Atk 26 / Def 26 / SpA 34 / SpD 26 / Spe 33 Pound, Air Cutter, Work Up, Tailwind Plusle (Level 13) Ability: Lightning Rod Item: --- Stats: HP 40 / Atk 17 / Def 17 / SpA 30 / SpD 26 / Spe 31 Nuzzle, Quick Attack, Charge Beam, Encore Electrode (Level 15) Ability: Aftermath Item: --- Stats: HP 47 / Atk 24 / Def 30 / SpA 33 / SpD 33 / Spe 54 Sonic Boom, Rollout, Charge Beam, Charge You know how earlier I asked if people you face can have shiny Pokémon? Julia will have a shiny Alolan Geodude. This was written into the story rather than mere chance since the shiny colour makes the Pokémon match the colour theme of the gym. I was able to defeat her team with a level 17 Pachirisu using Spark and my starter at level 15 for any who need help. Her Pokémon have other moves, but I was only able to see certain ones before her team was defeated. If you know the others, feel free to inform me. Julia will award you the Volt Badge and TM75 Charge Beam. You may now use the TM Cut outside of battle (though you don't have it yet) and Pokémon level 25 and below will now obey you. Your opponent seems to have fallen asleep, so feel free to leave the gym. As soon as you exit the gym, Victoria will be waiting for you. She'll tell you that plants are attacking the Obsidia Ward and runs off to go help. Before we move on, there are a few more event Pokémon you can obtain now that you've cleared the first gym. If you talk to a hiker near the train station, he'll tell you that he's lost his home. Returning to the house where the Whismur is will reveal an apartment landlord who's looking to the place. Speak with him and then go back and inform the Hiker. The hiker will enter the home. Satisfied that he's now found shelter, he'll offer you his Onix in return. Onix (Level 15) Curse, Rock Throw, Rock Tomb, Rage You can also encounter a Numel at the train station if it's raining outside. Numel (Level 15) Focus Energy, Magnitude, Flame Burst, (Stockpile, Growth, Iron Head, or Body Slam) You can talk to this man to update your Pokégear with information about a Factory Field. PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ON THIS THREAD. Keep all comments on the discussion thread provided. I am working on the next part of the guide. It will take me a few days to complete. Subscribe for updates.
  12. Version -1 | Where Love Lies I decided this needed its own post because the original thread is already filled with main game posts, and mixing the two would make it SUPER hectic. So for neatness sake, and for better manageability, this thread exists. I already spoke about it in the original post, but this short game covers the story of Keta and how he met Taelia. I worked really hard on this project and I think it came out really well. It's not required to understand the main game and it is a completely separate thing. Just a little extra for all of you! Details: 4 Chapter short story that contains two endings. The regular ending, and the true ending All Pokemon are not obtainable. Catching Pokemon will not be a thing in this side episode. Instead, the means of getting new members is done through a new mechanic. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Mega Mediafire Patch 1 (Main download already has Patch 1 installed.) Mega How to install a patch: Go nuts. V10 patch 1 will be out tomorrow.
  13. Gray/Zero

    Looking for treecko

    I want to pick either treecko,munchlax, riolu or milotic as my starter but I want them to have egg moves. I can trade any of the starters as well as any of the pokemon from the starting area of the game if anyone is willing to help me.
  14. J-Awesome_One

    Chatot Wanted

    So as many of you know, I'm doing a James Story Based Run of Reborn. But he's using different Pokemon. So what I need is a Chatot and also have Boomburst and Nasty Plot bred onto it. IV's don't need to be good either. I don't really have much to offer except for a perfectly defensive and specially defensive IV'ed Duskull. I'd prefer it to be low level too.
  15. I totally forgot to upload the Insurgence videos I already put up on YouTube sooo… I'm gonna put them here now. And any new ones I put up will be put onto here as well. Because I promised you all.
  16. J-Awesome_One

    My Awesome Pokemon Adventure

    ???: Ohh. Didn’t see you there. Sorry that I bumped into you like that. Stranger: It’s alright. ???: I’m preparing myself to go to 1 of the most dangerous regions in this world. The Reborn Region. Stranger: Really? ???: I know. Crazy that anyone would actually want to go there. But I just want to really test myself and my team. I know people say that it’s a horrible place but it can’t be that bad… Can it? Stranger: Well from what I’ve heard, it’s gotten way worse. ???: Well anyways, I’m out and about getting stuff ready for my journey there. I actually leave in 2 days. A girl named Ame is supposed to come here and then ride back with me on the train. She’s the official of the league. Stranger: What does that even mean? ???: I guess that means that she owns it or is in charge of it or something like that. I’m excited but also nervous. I just don’t know what to expect. Whoops. I’ve been kind of rambling there haven’t I? Sorry. I’ll just… Stranger: Actually, why don’t you tell me a little more about yourself? I’ve got nothing better to do. ???: Ohh. You wanna know more about me? Well… Sure. Why not? This might actually help me relax a bit. I guess I should say hi first. Although, I’ve been talking to you for so long that it might be long overdue for that but whatever. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Stranger: Same to you. ???: You know, I never really met anyone that’s interested to know stuff about me. I mean, to be honest, there’s nothing special about me. Stranger: Ahh come on. Don’t be like that. I’m sure there’s something special about you. ???: I guess I should start with the basics. I have long hair, natural color. I got a beard. Blue eyes. And as you can see I like to eat. Haha. Stranger: Haha. Yea. Hmm? What’s that on your arm? ???: Ohh yea. This is actually a tattoo I got when I was 16 years old. But I am now 18. And yes. I have been on a Pokemon journey before but I didn’t get into it so I just… Stopped. Stranger: You just stopped? How? Why? Where did you even start? ???: Well, right here in fact. In the Kalos Region. I live in this city as a matter of fact. I suppose if you want the short version of beginning to end of my journey, I went to the Professor’s lab, got my starter, traveled up to my 1st gym, beat them and then I don’t know. I just didn’t feel like I was having fun. So, I just went back home and told my parents that I wasn’t going to continue on my journey. Stranger: Well gee. That sure is kind of disappointing. How did your starter feel about that? ???: It was angry at 1st. Ohh yes. I chose a Froakie. Anyways, after a while of relaxing at home with my parents, it got used to it. It’s more like my parent’s Pokemon now more than mine. I still love it but you know. They just really grew to like it and vice versa. Stranger: I can see that happening. So I guess that’s the end of your story about you then huh? ???: Well… Almost. Stranger: Well what is it? ???: I have this… Umm… I guess you could say 2nd personality. Stranger: A 2nd personality? Does it come out at random times? ???: No. It really only comes out when I feel like my life is threatened. So the only way you would be able to see it is if you or someone else made me feel like I was going to be dead right then and here. Stranger: Well wait wait. How do you know? I mean I’m not a doctor or anything but don’t most people not really know about their other personality or personalities? ???: Possibly but when it 1st happened, my parents were with me. They have no reason to lie. Plus, I feel myself get more… Crazy. Stranger: So this 2nd personality of yours is crazy and only comes out when you feel like your life is threatened. I don’t know if that’s a good thing. I mean what if that just escalates things and you do end up dead? ???: I’m not sure. But apparently, it does a good job at making the other people run away. Or even making me braver in a dire situation. I mean, I’m still here right? Haha. Stranger: True. But when did that happen? ???: Remember a couple of years ago when that Team Flare was here? Stranger: Who could forget. Their leader wanted to blow up this whole region. Crime even went up thanks to them as well. Crazy stuff ???: Well… -FLASHBACK- My parents and I planned to walk from Lumiose City to Laverre City. We were going to the PokeBall Factory to see the PokeBalls being made. Mom: Hey Froakie. You wanna come with us? Froakie: Froakie! Mom: Well come on then. We’re leaving. ???: I can’t wait to see how the PokeBalls are made. Dad: It is quite exciting to see. Are we all ready to leave? ???: Yes! Mom: Yes dear. Froakie: Froakie! Dad: Good. Let’s get going. We left the house and walked up to route 14. When we got there, everyone put on their rain coats except for me. I just put my hoodie over my hair. I didn’t want it to get wet. That bothers me. As we walked through the wet route, we heard something running in the water. We all turned around and there standing in front of us was a young man but he had something covering most of his face. All we could see was his eyes. My mom and dad put themselves in front of me as Froakie jumped in front ready to protect us. Robber: Gimme your money! Dad: No! Leave us alone! Robber: I didn’t ask. I’m DEMANDING! Give me your money! Dad: I said no! Now go. We won’t report anything to the police. Just go. Robber: Guess we gotta do this the hard way. The robber went into his pocket and slowly pulled out a knife. This made me terrified. It scared my mom a little bit too but my dad remained calm. Dad: Froakie! Get ready! Froakie: Froak! Froakie! Robber: You have a Pokemon there huh? That shouldn’t be a problem. Go Scyther! The robber threw out the PokeBall and out came the Scyther. Froakie stayed in place, not moving an inch. Not showing any fear. Dad: Froakie! Water Pulse! Froakie did as it was told and used Water Pulse on the Scyther. A direct hit but the Scyther seemed unfazed. ???: That… That did nothing to it. Robber: Hahaha! That’s supposed to hurt my Scyther? Scyther! Wing Attack that little frog! With great speed, the Scyther obeyed its trainers command and landed a powerful looking Wing Attack on the Froakie. It landed behind me, fainted. The robber grinned knowing he had gotten rid of the only threat in his way. Robber: Now, as I said, hand over your money! Dad: Grrr! Why you-! My dad lunged at the robber and tried to punch him. Unfortunately, he missed and the robber swung the knife in my father’s direction, slicing his arm. My mom ran over to him and knelt down to make sure he was ok. Mom: Oh my Arcues! Are you ok hun? Dad: Yea. He only got my arm. Robber: Try that again and I swear to Arcues, it’ll be your neck! The robber looked towards me. He grinned, looked back at my parents and then ran over to me and held the knife to my neck. At this point, I was petrified. Robber: Well what do you plan to do now? Mom: No! Please don’t hurt him! Dad: If you hurt him, I’ll… I’ll… Robber: Grieve? Because you try anything else and I’m slitting this kids throat. As this all was going on, I suddenly felt like my consciousness was going away. But I knew I was still standing. And that’s when it happened. I started to feel more free. More brave. But also, a bit more crazy. My body went limp for about a second or 2 which angered the robber. Robber: Hey! Keep on your feet kid or you’ll end up in a body bag! At that moment, my eyes flung wide open and I smiled a weird, big smile. Crazy ???: OoOoOoOoOhHhHhHhH EXCELLENT! Please introduce me to the bag of which you speak of. Yeeeeees. The robber looked at me and must have been freaked out with my facial expression and what I said because he let go of me and jumped back. Robber: Wha-… Stop that or else kid! Mom: What’s going on? Dad: Son? Crazy ???: Me stop? OoOoOoOo. But it is you who should stop before something OUT OF THIS WORLD happens to you guy that is bad. Robber: What is WRONG with your kid?! Crazy ???: I have laid dormant in this vessel for years. Ever since this beings journey of being created through the rituals of said mother and father! I have promised myself to protect this being for as long as I can. Which means people like you are not allowed to destroy him! Do I make myself clear? Everyone was stunned. Mom and dad didn’t know what to make of their son talking crazy and the robber was just scared out of his mind. Robber: Yo-You… I’ll be… Stay back! Crazy ???: -crazy laugh- You still wield the object that is intended to cut one’s throat. If that is the case, then be prepared to be DELETED! Mwahahahahahaha! I then started to walk towards the robber while swaying my arm in a slashing motion while chanting “DELETE!” to him. Robber: What the… Fuck this! I’m getting out of here! You can keep your money! Your son is a freak! Return Scyther! The robber returned his Pokemon back to his PokeBall and then ran away from us. I walked up to my parents, who were still on the ground, and looked the way the robber had run off. Crazy ???: WONDERFUL! I looked down to my parents. My dad was still holding his arm, which was bleeding less, and my mom was holding him up but they both stared at me with confusion but also with fear. Crazy ???: Do not worry father and mother of this vessel. I shall only emerge out when this being’s life feels threatened. Perhaps I shall see you both soon. -laughs loudly- As soon as I was done laughing, my body went limp and I fell to the floor. My mom ran over to me and lifted my body off of the floor. My dad returned Froakie to its PokeBall and helped mom to carry me back home where they laid me on the couch. -FLASHBACK END- Stranger: Wow. That’s an intense but exciting story. Is your dad ok? ???: Ohh yea. They went to the hospital after they brought me home and he got stitches. It’s all better now. Stranger: Well that’s good at least. Do you ever remember anything when you’re in your “crazy” mode? ???: I remember bits and pieces. But a lot of it is usually a blur. But I usually get filled in. Stranger: Ahh. So it has happened more than just that 1 time. ???: Yes. Several times actually. Stranger: Well at least it only seems to go after the bad guys. ???: Yea. That’s true. And I’m grateful for that. Ohh geez. It’s getting late. I didn’t know it was that dark already. Stranger: Haha. Well it was nice talking to you. Definitely made my day more interesting. ???: Haha. Well I’m glad I could help with your day. Stranger: Haha. Yea. Thanks. ???: Hey. You gonna be around here tomorrow? I leave the next day and I figured you’d want to see my team before I leave. Stranger: You already own a full team of Pokemon? ???: Yea. I’ll tell you tomorrow how I met them all. Stranger: That sounds great. I’d love that. ???: Well great. I’ll see you tomorrow then. Stranger: Sweet. Ohh wait. You know, we’ve been talking for so long and I never got your name. Haha. ???: Wait. We’ve been talking this whole time and I never gave you my name? Stranger: Nope. Matthew: My apologies for that. My name is Matthew.
  17. blackw

    Pokemon Reborn - Budew!

    A whole new demake of a masterpiece! Includes: All trainers use budews! Mostly all overworld sprites are budews! Extra budews! PULSE + Mega for budew! Two new sprites! Fun! This game has it's own save file, don't worry! Updates v.2: -Random Bug Fixes -File size reduced v.3: -Random Bug Fixes v.4 -Random Bug Fixes v.5 -Random Bug Fixes -Bigger Bug Fixes -Spriteworks -Secret Trainer -Fixed Trainer Battles v.5 Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6o1b3tm9mqurjaw/Pokemon_Reborn_-_Budew_v.5.zip/file v.4 Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/yiis4596yb46nt6/Pokemon Reborn - Budew v.4.zip v.3 Download link: Deleted v.2 Download link: Deleted v.1 Download link: Deleted Ame Budew art by TheLuca
  18. Version 10 - Remember, I love you Cover art, by @Zumi ===================== So, If you were here around this time last year, you'd know that my computer died and I had no way of replacing it (Due to school bills, irl responsibilities, yada yada). But thanks to this wonderful community, I was able to gather funds to buy a new desktop! I thought about what I could do as a reward for those who donated, but then I told myself... Why not do something everyone would enjoy? Because there were people who could not donate, but helped gather others to help me out. What happens to them? So... I began working on a super secret project. A project only Zumi and I knew about at the time, and then later being my new formed Dev Team(tm). A secret project that seemed to cause a lot of discussi- *cough* not online *cough* Anyway, it's definitely not online, because that being the secret project would, in fact, be lame as hell. This time around ya boi brought in not one episode, but two. WAIT. Before you get ahead of yourself. The second episode does not continue the story line of the main game. It's a completely separate side episode that involves a certain leader we all know and forget about. Version -1 | Where Love Lies This side episode is a 4 chapter story that tells the tale of young Keta, and how he fell in love with Taelia. Playing this is completely optional and is not required to understand the main game's story. It does give a lot of juicy lore and info if you're into that stuff, I guess. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to give one final jab and tell you that this game won't be available to download until Friday, March 23rd. I planned on doing a dual release, but doing it this way will get certain people to shhhh about having nothing to do after completing the new main episode. Plus, understanding the side episode requires you to play the main episode first, so. Yeah, it all checks out. Finally a shout out to my Dev Team(tm). @Zumi @Winter @Alex @whomst'd've'n't @Ramiru @Azeria @Sir Wafflesand our new member @Ice Cream Sand Witch ! And thank you to my Beta Testers! We worked really hard to bring this episode to you, so I hope you enjoy it! It's an interesting episode that answers a lot of your burning questions. PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE PLAYING. SERIOUSLY, READ IT. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Pokemon Rejuvenation Version 10: Last updated 10:47 am EST (4/9/18) Mega Mediafire Patch 2 Mega PBS Mega ----------------------------------------------------------- Pokemon Rejuvenation | Where Love Lies: Mega Mediafire Patch 1 (Main download already has Patch 1 installed.) Mega Special Thanks to @Polaris and @Katastrophickid as usual. The og's~
  19. J-Awesome_One

    Time Travel! Pokemon Clockwork!

    So this is where I shall be posting my videos of my Pokemon Clockwork playthrough. I'll give my thoughts and stuff on the episode and then well yea. If any of you wanna ask me something, feel free to do so. I love answering questions!
  20. waduhek

    Abra and gastly

    Hey guys just wanted to ask if abra and gastly are obtainable and if they are where can i get them ?
  21. So to recap the storyline: You prevent somebody from killing themselves. You screw up the timeline, so you have to go back in time and let that person kill themselves. :/ Woah. Since me and a lot of others are experiencing a major snow storm, I finished the game super early and am just listing things to do in the post game of v10. Theres not a lot of things to do :/ but there are a few things you can still do. 1. Cherry Tree (Credit: *Dev* Ice Cream Sand Witch): If you go back to Sheridan Village in the past, you can chop down that cherry blossom tree that resulted from the death of Vivian. Now where else were there a bunch of cherry trees? Route 3? Hmmm..... I wonder what happens if you go back there after chopping the tree down? Actually there is a building where you can get research notes (key item). However, leaving the building crashes your game and there will be a patch out tomorrow or today. 2. Replanting the Cherry Tree (Credit: *Dev* Ice Cream Sand Witch): Rethought your actions and have regrets on chopping down this significant tree? Fret not. Because if you just interact with the broken tree again, you can replant it and restore everything to normal. You can go back to Route 2 after replanting the tree and give the research notes to some guy blocking an area and he will unblock the way, which will let you catch Flabebe. 3. Spiritomb Event: If you go into Darchlight Woods and talk to people 30 times exactly (WILL RUIN IF YOU GO OVER 30) and bring an odd keystone in order to get yourself a Spiritomb, which isn't that good of a pokemon anyways. :/ 4. Carnival Games: Just like the Agate Carneval from Reborn, this is the same thing except its in Rejuvenation. It has all of the same games except the a fish tank game. 5. Darchlight Woods: Yes I know, the place is really annoying if you do not have repels but theres new areas in the woods to explore that are completely unrelated to the storyline for v10. So I would check it out. Theres even a small bunker that you can fall into with absolutely nothing inside it. :/ However, there is TM Leech Life if you want it. 6. Continuation of the "Missing Children" Sidequest (Credit: DreamblitzX): If you go to the police station, you can continue the side quest that involves Dylan and the robot girl. You continue up until it tasks you to enter the Scholor District. 7. Gearen City Glitch: If you enter Gearen City and keep going east, you encounter a glitch where the game repositions your character to walk into the building sprite and put you into a softlock. According to the devs, they are putting out a patch but I still wouldn't recommend doing it until then. 8. Seabound Cave: Around Akura Town there's new area to explore. You can enter Seabound Cave, which has an ice puzzle leading to nothing, but does hint that it will be explorable in future versions. However, there is a guy who says that "a cave should be around here, not Seabound Cave, but another one, that he will 'find' some day." Now this might not seem like anything to you but I think I know what Jan is trying to hint out. *cough* regis *cough*. Since its snowing in the background, I have every reason to believe that its Regice. Now we just have to do the relicanth thing :/ I'm sure that I'm probably missing events so please share down below all the stuff I missed out on :] #frenz
  22. J-Awesome_One

    Pokemon Insurgence: Gotta Finish it!

    So I'm doing my run of Reborn and I randomly think of Insurgence and how I never finished it. So, I plan on starting a new playthrough with that sometime in the near future. (Probably when my 2 runs get done battling Serra) But, I'm gonna do this a little differently. Just like how the Gym Leaders of this region basically use dual typings, I too am going to be doing a Dual Typing run. So, I want you all to get on here and vote for your favorite type or whatever and in a couple of days when I decide to do this, the 2 most voted types will be the ones I use in this playthrough. So say for instance that Bug and Ghost get the most voted and 2nd most voted votes, then I'd only be able to use Bug and Ghost Types. So have fun voting!
  23. Apparently I'm stuck in the part where Aelita told you to check out the other room (she said on the right) and there was nothing that I had find that was a clue. Any help?
  24. ok guys so been awhile since I posted anything real simple question what are your thoughts/opinions on the gen 4 pokemon bronzong I personally like it and use it often especially because of its ability levitate ^_^