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Found 133 results

  1. What If Reborn Became An Anime

    So I'm pretty sure this topic has come up in 1 of the interviews Ame has done with some of the YouTubers (if not, my mistake), but I've been curious. What would Reborn be like if someone decided to make an anime out of it? And no! Ash would not be the protagonist! There are so many questions to this. Like would the protagonist be a female or male? And yes. I know Ame has made Non-Binary but I'm not sure if someone would make the protagonist that. Anyways, back to the questions! What would they look like? Would they be 10 years old or 18+? Would they only use 6 Pokémon or would they capture multiple Pokémon? What would their main team be? I know this topic is prob pointless to make but ehh. Maybe other people would like to tell what they would see in a Reborn Anime. So yea. This should be enjoyable.
  2. Quick Question

    Where does all the pokemon like Magneton and Charjabug go to evolve into Magnezone and Vikavolt? I know they need a special magnetic field, but where is that in Reborn?
  3. Where's Wimpod

    I'm planning to use a Golisopod on my new Episode 17 team. Does anyone know where i can find a Wimpod?
  4. Razor Fang

    So basically all I need is a Razor Fang.
  5. Hax only against me?

    Hello everyone, I have a feeling that hax is only against me. I try to explain: in many battles, especially in the battles against important people like Gym leaders, enemy's moves even with 60-70 accuracy almost always hit, but my moves with 90-95 often miss. And the same thing about confusion/sleep etc, if my pkmn are confused they almost never attack, enemies almost always. I am Just unlucky? This is very annoying... Thanks if you'll reply and sorry for the mistakes 😀
  6. E17 New Stuff

    So I just got done beating the 1st gym in Episode 17 and I actually had trouble with the battle for the 1st time since I 1st started playing this amazing fanmade game. This topic is basically for me, as well as with anyone else that wants to share their thoughts, to talk about how they feel about the possible new looks of the wards/people, character team changes, changes to dialogue, etc. etc. But of course, we must do it in the spoiler box so people who don't want to be spoiled well... Won't be spoiled. Sooooo...
  7. gastly,axew,froakie

  8. Aurora Veil?

    Anyone know where Aurora Veil is?
  9. Ice Stone?

    I just got Alolan Vulpix, anyone know where to find an Ice Stone?
  10. I know you can buy them either at Agate Circus or 7th Street, but NOBODY ever explains where exactly inside of either of the two places am I able to find the person who sells shards. I have talked to literally every single person in each area, and NONE of them sell shards to me. And I've checked every link regarding item locations and shards on the forums, everyone's so vague by just saying "Agate Circus" and/or "7th Street".
  11. Based on the list created by Endstrom and others in the Reborn City subforum, I have compiled a list of all of the Pokemon available through new methods in E17. There might be a few instances where, if a Pokemon is wild, I missed one or more of its locations, but at least one is there for everything. If it’s bolded, I either have not found it yet or the aces are having difficulty figuring out where it is/how it works for events. As for italics, I’m slowly collecting information about axed Pokemon, either from changing events or wild locations changing. These are, at the moment, NOT exhaustive so if you start a new file and find out anything that’s different about availability, please point it out here and I’ll edit it in. Gen 1 Gen 2 Gen 3 Gen 4 Gen 5 Gen 6 Gen 7 Alola Forms - Note this is not exhaustive. I found just one location where I could find them and moved on, as encounters.txt doesn’t specify between Alolan/Kantonian forms. What’s to Come (major spoilers for future episode availability): Thanks to: Ice Cream Sand Witch, NickCrash, Bazaro, bepe, Gaunt for their additions during beta testing.
  12. Rejuvenation V9 Ralts

    Hi me again, I got a question about ralts. I know that you can fight kyogre in Valor Mountain and that starts a chain of events that ends with getting ralts. However though I didn't know that when I was there doing the story so I missed out on it, so is there anyway I can still get ralts or is that locked for good?
  13. So I know topics like this have been posted many times in the past, but now everyone here has clearly gotten their fill of the game up to the end of E16. With Hardy, Amaria, and (most popular) Titania showing up soon in E17, let's take a look back at all the Hell we've been through. I play on Set by the way so it's hard as balls for me to face these gym leaders. In your personal opinion, who was the toughest and who was the easiest gym leader you faced in Reborn? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Toughest for me: Noel. Little bastard kept destroying my team countlessly. It was raining for the WHOLE MONTH (Thank God this'll be fixed in E17) so I wasn't ever able to light up the field in flames. And of course he gets literally 2 of the 3 normal-type tanks (Wigglytuff and Clefable). It took me over a week to beat this little edgy kid, and here was my strategy. Team: A-Aron (Aggron with Weakness Policy) Mizukage )Greninja with Sea Incense) Kuru (Espurr with Light Clay) Waiban (Noivern with Wide Lens) Shades (Krokorok with Dread Plate) RK9 (Arcanine with Charcoal) Battle: 1st - Wigglytuff vs. A-Aron: Wigglytuff Dazzling Gleams A-Aron twice, A-Aron Iron Heads it to death. 2nd - Porygon Z vs. Kuru: Porygon is sent out, I can't switch out between that due to Set battle style so I have to switch out to Kuru in the middle of battle. Kuru is sent out and gets hit by a Tri Attack. Kuru sets up Light Screen and gets hit by another Tri Attack. Kuru sets up Reflect and gets hit with another Tri Attack. Kuru gets in a Psychic before fainting to the last Tri Attack. 3rd - Porygon Z vs. Shades: I switch into Shades and he starts putting in work. I needed that Light Screen up by Kuru so that Shades wouldn't get destroyed by Tri Attack. Shades Earthquakes Porygon Z to death. 4th - Cinccino vs. Shades: Not much I could do here, Cinccino had Bullet Seed with King's Rock so Shades was dead. I got in one last Earthquake before getting murdered by Bullet Seed. 5th - Cinccino vs. RK9: Since I couldn't light the grass on fire, I had to just hit Cinccino as hard as I could until it died. RK9 sends out a flurry of Fire Fangs and Heat Waves where he was left with half health after taking out Cinccino. 6th - Swellow vs. RK9: There was so little I could do against it due to rain, especially once it got its burn. I got in a slightly weak Fire Fang before RK9 was down for the count by being hit from a Brave Bird and Facade. 7th - Swellow vs. Waiban: I needed to outspeed Swellow, and there was only one Pokemon in my arsenal capable of doing so (Well, 2 but I had to save Mizukage for later). Waiban gets in a Super Fang to put Swellow to half health. Swellow Facades and brings Waiban to half health. I take out Swellow by having Waiban use Hurricane. 8th - Girafarig vs. Waiban: Waiban was at half health, and Girafarig's electric moves would bring it down low every single time. I get a Super Fang in before Waiban is taken out. 9th - Girafarig vs. Mizukage: Mizukage used Dark Pulse. 10th - Clefable vs. Mizukage: I NEEDED to one-shot this thing. It's a damn murderer. But none of my Pokemon were capable of doing so. Not without any boosts. I had to heal A-Aron back to full health in order for A-Aron to live when he gets sent out. Mizukage was still a Dark Type from using Dark Pulse and having Protean, so he gets demolished by Clefable. Last - Clefable vs. A-Aron: The final stretch. EVERY SINGLE ONE of the my other Pokemon are FAINTED. It's down to A-Aron, who I could use Iron Head with but wouldn't be able to one-shot Clefable without an attack boost. That's why I equipped the Weakness Policy and healed A-Aron fully. Clefable clearly outspeeds my A-Aron and uses Hidden Power (which just has to be Ground Type, of course Ame would do this to us). A-Aron is left with 1 HP due to Sturdy and Weakness Policy activates, giving it that major attack boost that I need. Then A-Aron Iron Heads the living crap outta Clefable and OHKOs it, giving me the win. I tried this battle over 40 TIMES before finally getting it. I literally studied which Pokemon he would send out against mine, which moves he would use against mine respectively, and find out everything my Pokemon were capable of doing on the battlefield. At the end, I was left with only 1 Pokemon left at 1 HP. I don't understand how much closer that battle could've gone for me. But by far was it the most tortuous thing I've ever went through in this game. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Easiest for me: Radomus. Yeah, by far it was the easiest. Why? Adamant Natured Krookodile with Moxie spamming Earthquake. Yep, that's literally all I did. I one shot all of his Pokemon. I had to Super Fang his Gallade at first, but then Shades just went to town on his Pokemon. Super easy, especially when Waiban was team battling with him so he'd never get hit. I could've also said Serra because her field and what typing she specializes in made it so insanely easy for me to just have RK9 use Heat Wave over and over and over, but it just wasn't as easy as it was with Radomus. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Anyway, what were you guys' toughest/easiest gym leaders?
  14. So... as I was re-installing Uranium on my laptop I thought to myself: Why not let the good people of Reborn decide my starter? I won't say anything about the starters outside of how they look and their names. So here we get with the mons! Orchynx: Raptorch: Eletux: please let me know before the timer runs out guys~ And if you want, let me know why you picked the started you did~
  15. With E17 right around the corner, I honestly want to know what everyone here is excited for. Now we don't know much about E17 (unless you were apart of the groups that have already played it), but we do know that we're going into the desert, the list of Pokemon that are now obtainable, Z Moves, and whatever anybody else knows. Maybe you'll find someone with a common interest of what you like, I dunno. But just post down below what you're most pumped about coming in E17.
  16. Just some thoughts to ponder to those who weren't apart of the groups that got to test E17 already. Although I'm not sure if we'll even fight Lin and her Hydreigon in E17 (or I dunno if this topic has been made yet), what do you guys think it'll be like? I know Ame doesn't like to make things too easy for us (and by that, I mean she makes everything a literal Hell for us to play through), so obviously she would put in something for that Hydreigon to not be slaughtered by our Fairy Types. I personally think Ame created a field that negated Fairy Moves or negates all Super Effective Attacks on both sides. Or (even better or worse depending on how you look at it (for us players, it'd be worse)) maybe she'd even have a Mega Evolution for Lin's Hydreigon that'd make it OP as Hell and it's Mega Evolved Ability would be that it negates Fairy Attacks or all Super Effective Attacks. That would make sense for her to put in, and insanely difficult for us to take on. Anyway, what's your guys' thoughts about it?
  17. Eye on turtwig

    Hey guys, I was wondering if I could trade anyone for a shiny 5-IV Turtwig or a female 6-IV Turtwig? I can give u a either: 5-IV Charmander, 5-IV Honedge, 5-IV Larvesta, 5-IV Larvitar, or 5-IV Lapras(I'm also open to bargaining and givining more than one of the choices for the shiny 5-IV Turtwig: i.e someone can choose the honedge and larvitar). Or maybe I might have some other mon u might want that I didn't mention if you don't want one of those.
  18. Is Swirlix a good pokemon and is it worth it to have Swirlix on a pokemon reborn team? I need some opinions, thanks.
  19. Best pokemon starter?

    I need some opinions thanks
  20. Recently, I played through my first experience of Generation 7 through Ultra Moon. I enjoyed every bit of that game. However, that made me realize that I also missed out on Generation 6. While looking for the games, I also began to reminisce about Generation 3, my favorite generation. As such, I decided now was the best time to play through Omega Ruby for the first time. Ruby was the version exclusive I played when I was a child, and I wanted to share my experiences with all of you, both positive and negative. Without further ado, let's begin! Chapter 1: My Nostalgia! Starting off, we are hit up with something I never expected Gamefreak to do: HOLY SHIT! THAT NOSTALGIA! If that wasn't enough, however, the game decided to do something even more incredible: I adore this so much! It's showing off both the old and the new! Still, we had to select our name. As such... With our name selected, we eventually arrived in Littleroot Town, where it really started to hit me that I was revisiting my childhood. I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am so far. These models allow for much more personality than the original generation 3 sprites. For example, take a look at May here: May has always been one of the weakest rivals in the series, but it's nice to see that technology has given her a more clear and optimistic personality (at least so far). In my opinion, we take these little details for granted, but they really enhance the experience of the game. Even the Birch encounter shows this: They even got Poochyena back! Now, Generation three had one of the strongest set of starters (in my opinion). I have not met one person that despises one of them (maybe dislikes, but not despises). When I was a child, my town was split up between two sides: Treecko, or Torchic. Everyone wanted to use the cool Sceptile or the tough Blaziken. However, out of everyone in my town (and trust me, I checked), I was the one to choose this starter... Mudkip, and by extension, Swampert, will always hold a special place in my heart because of this. As such, there's no way I can't pick him! Let's meet our first member of the team, Achilles! He's even Docile! Not great, but definitely not bad for an in game run. After receiving our starter, the professor told us to meet up with his daughter on route 3 for some advice. As such, next time, we'll be doing just that!
  21. Pokemon Crystonite

    Pokémon Crystonite Hey y'all! My name is Zach and I've been working on a fan-game called Pokémon Crystonite for about a year now. Obviously since I'm posting to the Reborn forums, my inspiration comes from both Reborn and Rejuvenation so I'd like to thank Ame and Jan for giving me the inspiration and courage to tackle my first fan-game. Below you'll find list of features and progress for this game. My planned release will be hopefully sometime in February so be sure to keep checking this forum for when the download link is posted. Story The Pokémon League Features The Gym Leaders Overall Progress Other features include... (Note that this is NOT a formal credits list but rather a preview of what to expect in the game. However, upon release a formal credits list will be provided on this forum and in the README section of the download. -Amazing remixes from GlitchxCity and Emdasche -Customs graphics made by moi -Other graphics by Jan and Ame (Again thank you both for the inspiration! Keep up the great work.) -And a huge thanks to Zumi, creator of Pokémon Xenogene (If you haven't already, please check out the Xenogene forum listed below) for the epic mugshots and battle sprites. (NOTE ~ I had to pay out of pocket for those battle sprites and mugshots and because of that, it is not allowed to use any of the above mugshots or battle-sprites in your own fan-games unless asked permission AFTER the Crystonite release.)
  22. Custom battle theme Mod operation

    I downloaded the custom battle mod......installed it as per instruction. But exactly what should I be seeing? I don't get how the mod works. will anyone explain please?