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Found 30 results

  1. I need a Marill

    Hello, I really need a Maril to make sure that team is balanced, I got a chinchou from the egg, I know lanturn is a great pokemon, but I will have to many ground weakness because of it, so can anyone tell me how do I edit my file, or better yet, edit it for me??
  2. Link Heart

    Hi, so kinda new to rejuvenation and I've been trying to find the link heart so I can evolve my Boldore, but I'm not sure where it is. I read it was on route 3 and I could by it from a vendor but I asked all the vendors I could find and they didn't sell it. So does anyone know exactly where it is?
  3. As I was exploring Akora shore and the vincinity, I noticed a few diving spots. Is dive a thing?
  4. HELP! rejubenation bug

    well except the part I cant ACTUALLYmove any log , am i stuck in a tiny area and cant do nothing about it .....so any help please? Game.rxdata
  5. Eviolite help...?

    So uh... help? i just catch a happiny at amethyst grotto and evolve it into chansey but i don´t know where to find the eviolite, and i need it for valerie gym battle please
  6. Need help!

    Can someone please just send me a video about learning how to patch Pokemon Rejuvenation? I would like to to put Patch 10 in my game file but I don't know how to do it. I would like a video on how to do it. Also, I went to the girl that wanted Alolan Sandshrew and she would give me Alolan Vulpix. I couldn't find Alolan Sandshrew. But the game was able to still let me trade a Lycanroc for the vulpix. I was able to do so and when leveling up Vulpix, the game crashed. And it was before it learned Faint attack. Is the game crashing because I gave the girl the wrong Pokemon?
  7. Help what is this

    what is this door for
  8. I've been digging around forums everywhere to find apophyll pancakes to evolve my Pikachu to alolan raichu. All the forums point to the shop at route 3, but the girl doesn't sell it and I found no solutions anywhere, please help.
  9. Like seriously i'm stuck on valor mountain like.After i got the emotion whatever powder. I went to this colored stone on the top right of the floor. And im on this icy floor. and theyre no walls and jank and when i walk. I cant move through someone things and jank. Like seriously i dont know where im going down here. Is this a glitch or what? If not then how can i goddamn pass through here. Theyre no goddamn playthroughs or tutorials on this bull yet.
  10. I've been playing through up til about the electric gym leader and I figured it'd be awesome to talk with some of you guys about your thoughts on the story. To start things off, I actually find quite a few parts to be interesting. The world that these guys have built is really cool and I like the Shadow Pokemon, dimensional rifts, and the stuff that comes later like SPOILERS: Time Travel. I think flushing out characters that would normally just be static, stay-at-home gym leaders is awesome too and I like the subtle hints from Venam to Melia lol. HOWEVEERRRR I also made this topic to see if anyone agrees or wants to talk about potential criticisms. For one thing, I'm a little iffy about the time and space deities. Also, if their names have any sentimental value then I respect that deeply. But if not, please oh please tell me they're only placeholder names. Space-a? Tiempa? I feel like there's a fine line between mystic sounding and just blechhh. I know there's a lot in the story I still oughta get through but replacing them with Dialga and Palkia or giving them better names really wouldn't cause any harm to the story. I mean hey, there's already sentient, talking Pokemon. If not you could always give say, "Diaz" as a name instead of Tiempa. Diaz kinda like Dialga, also sounds like Dias (days-time) so it fits. On the subject of names, I think some of these names really could be toned down a bit. Case in point I already forgot the name of the woman trapped in the Chrysola Mansion and names like "Anathea" seem just a tad condescending. However that's just my personal taste I don't wanna disrespect you guys it's chill if the names are here to stay. Lastly I feel like Geara and Ren are hugely underdeveloped characters. If Geara has some background info in a sidequest, I think it should be brought into the main story. He's far too involved in the story to have his origin skipped over. It's impossible to really feel anything for him, especially with the scene after you reach the bottom of the lab under Wispy Tower. So he used to live in Goldenleaf, so what? He has no real explained motive after all he's done so he just seems uninteresting. Ren's betrayal is WAY too forced. We're told he has a history of doing things with good intentions and having them end up going south but that only happens twice before he decides to join Team Xen. Like it or not, he doesn't have a good reason as of right now to ever betray his friends. They never betrayed him! He just took things personally and when everyone meets him again after, there's no proper meeting. Melia just gets super pissed and he doesn't say anything and runs. Those are pretty much my only criticisms I can think of atm but what do you guys think?
  11. Aight this has been a BAD problem for me on Pokemon Rejuvenation and Pokemon Reborn. Same as for who read my previous thread. Whenever I go into the Menu and press Pokemon it doesn't show the HP and Level. Same goes for in-battle but the move names ALSO don't show up. All I see is blank lines with the color of the move type. I re-installed the Fonts 3 times. Yet nuffin' changes. And I don't feel like hunting down a mod and hopelessly failing. Please help. EDIT: No replies................EXACTLY WHAT I EXPECTED.
  12. Table of Contents: Chapter 1: Introduction to the run and rules! [Current Chapter] Chapter 2: Lengthy game introduction! Chapter 3: Lengthy cruise! (aka "Do I ever get a Pokemon in this game?") Chapter 4: Gearen City startings - Picking a starter! CHAPTER 1: Introduction to the run and rules! Turns out I am addicted to giving challenges to myself... And more difficult ones every time. So, after finishing two Pokemon Reborn monotypes (Bug and Poison) and sharing them with the community in the Forums, I decided I needed a break from Reborn Region! So, I will probably wait for E17 to be released while I do... some other stuff! And the first one in my list is to (finally!) play Pokemon Rejuvenation! I've been wanting to do this for ages, but never actually did it, so it will be my first run of Rejuvenation. A blind run, if you want to call it this way. Well, semi-blind because I had watched playthroughs of Rejuvenation on Youtube, but that was ages ago, and before v9 (and Gen VII) was released. However, because doing things the easy way isn't my style, even though I will do this run in the Normal, Reborn-like difficulty, I will do a custom run! Many people in the Forums are familiar with Danganronpa. It is a Mystery/Crime Case Solving/Horror video game series and anime series, which is quite popular because of the interesting mix of mind manipulation, horror and crime-solving aspects of it. And my favourite character in it, is Gundham Tanaka. He is probably the best animal tamer in the world, with a specialty for rodents. His four hamsters, the "Four Dark Devas of Destruction" are cute as hell, and dangerous demons as he claims! Gundham has an extreme liking for the occult, Dark arts and, of course, in this playthrough, rodents! He can tame any kind of animal, but in the video games and the anime he has been shown to be the Master of his four hamsters, a pomeranian dog, and a bear. Below, you can see Gundham's appearance and even more below, his pets. So, long story short, this is what I will do myself! I will run through Rejuvenation using only Pokemon that Gundham would use! This means rodents, lagomorphs (scientific term for bunny-like animals), one dog and one bear of my choice! Everything else is out of the box! This creates a quite long list of Pokemon, most of which are extremely unimpressive, so this run will be extremely interesting! To myself at least . Also, for this run I will use (a lot) of screenshots, since I want to do a detailed run, and possibly add some gags with Photoshopped pics with Gundham and his Pokemon as they meet, bond, explore and have nice adventures! This is inspired by the amazing work that @DerogatoryTrainer has been doing with his Nuzlocke runs, which I recently discovered and enjoyed with my heart! However, I can't do the same 'cause shyness kills be everyday (), so Gundham will fill in for me! These screenshots will be accompanied by comments on the game, and I will try to add dialog to my main character, Gundham! I refuse to suppress such an strong personality by giving him a mute role, so my comments will make up for this! I will also upload the videos on Youtube and post the links at the end of every chapter, in order for you to see the battles with more detail, if you want to! Please note that I am a complete amateur when it comes to using Photoshop, but I will be doing my best! So, this run will be an educational experience for me, simultaneously! (and very time-consuming indeed ). Finally, for this run, I will use custom sprites of Gundham, made by a really talented and helpful guy, @ken1380! All credits for the sprites go to him, and a million "Thank you"s for his patience with my (absurd) demands, and his excellent work. Ame hire him ASAP, he's got a true talent in spriting. So, this post is only the introduction to the theme of the run and my inspiration/thank you list! In the next post, we will start making actual progress in Pokemon Rejuvenation! I hope you will join me in this journey, in the cross breeding (pun intended, Gundham is the "Ultimate Breeder". Get it? No? I will stop now) of two great games, Pokemon Rejuvenation and Danganronpa! Till then, enjoy everyone! Edit: If this isn't the correct place for this topic, feel free to ask from a Moderator to move it where it should be. I just wasn't sure, so I placed it under Team Showcase...
  13. So i was going up the stairs and exploring the castle when i got stuck in mid-air, can someone please help.
  14. I'm trying to get light clay for my electrode and I can't find any mining rocks. The only place that I have seen them was in blacksteeple. Is blacksteeple the only place you can find them for now, if so, is there anyway to go back there?
  15. I'm gonna write this run through rejuvenation down in hopes that that will aid me in beating narcissa this time. not sure if this is the right place to post the thread but we'll see~ The team before really doing anything: Yuya, here for your entertainment! and he's joined by... Yuri, goes looney my opponents! Newest member: Yugo got mad at Yuri for saying his name wrong and turned into a Dragon! Will update over time ofcourse
  16. How can you go back to previous saves? More specific i would like to know how to go back to previous saves with pokemon desolation since it's a RAR. I forgot to do something and now I'm too late to go back and do it.
  17. I'm basically placing my save file of pokemon rejuvenation on a memory stick as I'm not really allowed to use the hard drive and the memory stick has got a lot of space. Will this do anything to my save and how can I update the game when a new episode comes out?
  18. I now that you have to take the I.D card of Malia's bag and go to her room in the lab to get the exp share. I took the I.D card but when I'm going to the room it this is not opening. Has the method changed with V9 update??
  19. When I get to the sensei's house in Sherian Village, the game won't allow me to talk with Sensei. He just stays motionless in his house. Is there a way I can fix this and/or reverse my save file? I found the folder which has all my save files but how do I go back to one of them? Game.rxdata
  20. Need some idea about Alolan Pokemon

    I know the upcoming episodes for pokemon reborn are coming...... Then again, there is pokemon rejuvenation. So I was thinking about these upcoming alolan pokemon and I am one of those guys who didn't get a 3DS and didn't play Sun Moon. Plus I hate the horrible graphics of the new pokemon anime.....so......yeah......I didn't experience any of it. As for my current reborn team, I have greninja espurr and noivern from gen 6. Based on stats, I loved Decidueye and Vikavolt. So, can anyone give a good idea about alolan Pokemon's?
  21. Game keeps crashing

    pokemon rejuvenation script interpreter line 517: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method unlock for nil:Nilclass keeps showing up everytime I start the game. Someone plz help!
  22. Some Guides

    I have some guides on stuff about Rejuvenation that might help people on the YouTubes or you can ignore this, the choice is yours.
  23. Game frozen

    Hey guys, I'm new to Pokemon Rejuvenation. I just started today and chose my first starter Pokemon. I fought the girl and then this Ren guy, but after I defeated him and the professor was done with talking the game froze. I can't move or press x. The music is still going on btw. Is there any solution for it? Thank you.
  24. Are the pokemon breeders still here on version 9? I can't seem to find one and i remember front of amethyst cave there was one maybe I haven't checked properly 🤔🤔