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Found 10 results

  1. All right, let's try this again for the second time. Sorry for this post being late. I wrote up the whole thing and then Reborn errored and deleted it.... Anyway, the only thing that's different this time around is Vivillon. We're not only doing shinies for Vivillon, but we're doing regular designs as well. So if you want to do vivillon, you'll have to submit a non-shiny design, and then a shiny form of that same design. I had a much more in depth paragraph on how Vivillon should be done, but I'm so salty that reborn deleted that post that I don't want to write it up again :T. Rules: You may only claim 2 lines at max. Let's give others a chance to claim stuff. You must WAIT for me to approve your work BEFORE going onto others. If you do not update me on your work in 2-3 days, I will release your claim. Parenthesis indicate a specific look I want the shiny to have. If you take one Pokemon that has an entire line, I would expect you to do the whole thing, not just one. If you cannot do the whole line, please say so beforehand. Please put your claim in Gold so that I won't miss it! Things that may be required to work on this project Basic knowledge of color usage Basic knowledge of programs that can be used to edit sprites Your creativity! Red = Claimed Green = Completed Yellow = In danger of reclaiming (Basically people who haven't updated in a few days.) You can get the sprite pack here. ----Gen 6----- Vivillon base provided by @Alex
  2. PLEASE READ THE WALL O' BUGS BEFORE POSTING WHAT YOU FOUND. YOUR BUG MAY ALREADY HAVE BEEN REPORTED! EDIT 9/22/2016: A lot of people seem to be getting stuck in Secret Shore, and there's been a fix for it already, but which isn't in the public release. To help people get further though, I've attached a map for Secret Shore that Njab was kind enough to provide that fixes the problem that would get you stuck. Just put it in the Data subfolder and you should be good to go! Well, even though the game has been alpha AND beta tested, there may be some bugs we haven't discovered yet, so we're depending on you to find those! That way we can improve the gameplay for you, and everyone wants a better working game, no? Like the previous bug reporting thread, this thread will be for gameplay errors only, and the typos/line skip/grammar etc will go into another thread. Things that are okay to report in this thread: Crashes Error notifications Passability/Tileset errors Music glitches Green text: Error is fixed but not in public release Red text: Error is fixed and is in public release And here is our wonderful Wall o' Bugs once again! Map021.rxdata
  3. Hi Pokémon Rejuvenation players, It is possible to put your own music to the game. Here's how: There you go! Enjoy your fave song in Pokémon Rejuvenation!
  4. Hello friends First of all i'm not really sure if this is the place to post this,if it is not please move the topic where it is supposed to be posted.With that out of the way.... I recently found out that you can request some mons to do a mono-type run in Reborn. So i would like to know if requesting some mons to do a mono-type run is possible in Rejuvenation as well. Thank you in advance
  5. Just put it out here but has anyone here crazy enough to do a Nuzlocke playthrough of Pokemon Rejuvenation? Or any YouTuber for that matter? I really really love to watch that if there's one (I has a YouTube channel too but too busy to do LP so :'( besides I am not a very good nuzlocke player)
  6. The story is... I had chosen to expose Flora after we got out of the Nectar Woods cave, and now she's under arrested I feel a little guilty. Will things turned out the other way if I chose to keep her secret? Or she will eventually end up being arrested no matter what?
  7. So, I've been breeding for a shiny Eevee for about three of days now, and I have four boxes full of Eevees, but not one shiny, so I'm wondering: I soft reset for a shiny Ditto and I'm wondering if that's messing it up or if I'm just that unlucky.
  8. Not much to say, I just want to know where's the soothe bell in pokemon rejuvenation V8.1 is.
  9. where can you find toxic/flame orb in pokemon rejuvenation
  10. Download "Version 8.1 - Stopped in Our Tracks" here! Want to help out? Help create Shiny sprites for Gen 6 Pokemon here - you'll get a free shiny Bagon and credits for doing so~ The Aevium Region. A place that has seen better days. Once an intact region brimming with life, now torn into four pieces by an unknown force. This region needs help, and there's no one to turn to. No one, except you. Can you travel through the Aevium Region and collect all 18 badges? Can you discover the grim truth behind the region's destruction? Can you protect you and your friends against the criminal organization Team Xen? Who knows? You just might be able to. There's only one way to find out. Pokémon Rejuvenation is a fan-game created by @Jan with help from @Zumi. He was inspired by Amethyst, creator of Pokémon Reborn. It requires no emulator to play, as it was made with RPG Maker XP. It is a completely different game, rather than a sequel. Other things to note about this game: - New Region, New Characters - Difficulty Modes (Casual, Normal / Reborn, or Intense) - All 721 Pokémon will be able to be caught by the end of the game - 18 Gyms and an Elite 8 (10 Gyms are currently available) - Help Centers with Quests/Rewards - IV/EV Checker Screen - Custom Moves and TMs - Custom Shiny Pokémon sprites (in progress) - Increased Shiny rate (700/8192) - Quick Save feature - Amazing music by GlitchxCity, Zumi, and other composers! - Shadow Pokémon (catchable and purify-able, akin to those in Colosseum or XD) and Dimensional Rift Pokémon (an uncatchable demonic form of Mega Evolution) - Solrock and Lunatone Hybrid??? - And more! And now, onto the Directory itself. **Posting in any of the threads provided aside from the Archived Threads will not be considered necroposting.** Forum Leaders: @Jan @Zumi Discussion: Version 9 Status Thread Version 8.1 - Stopped in Our Tracks Download Version 8 Discussion Rejuvenation General Discussion Help: Where do I go next? Ask Your Questions: Quests and Pokémon/Item Locations Battles Help Bug Reporting / Troubleshooting: Save File Troubleshooting Version 8 Bug Reporting Version 8 Text Errors Reporting Guides: (Horrendously Written) Full Completionist Guide / Discussion Pokémon Location Guide (Forums) / Pokémon Location Guide (Google Docs) Puzzles / Event Pokémon Videos TMs Guide Side Quests Guide (v7) Event Pokémon Guide (Poliwag, Mudkip, Ditto, Shadow Beldum, Ralts, and Solrock/Lunatone fusion) (v7) Orphanage Guide Jigglypuff Chase Guide (Porygon and Tyrunt/Amaura Fossil) Pokémon Rejuvenation EV Training Guide Teambuilding: Pokémon Viability Rankings (...slightly very inactive) Monotype Viability Rankings (Reborn, Reborn Hardcore, and Rejuvenation) / Discussion (...also slightly very inactive) Miscellaneous: Fan Art Rejuvenation Trading Follower Pokemon Mod Non-Forums Stuff: Reddit PokéCommunity Thread TV Tropes Page Wiki Blog Archived Threads: [DO NOT POST IN] Shoutouts to @Hypa and @Despair Syndrome for their especially helpful guides! Last Update: March 24th, 2017