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Found 18 results

  1. So I just beat Narcissa and I cant for the life of me figure out how to get to inner Carotos mountain (I think that's how you spell it) and I really want a Salazzle for my team which I have heard can be gotten in inner Carotos
  2. ThatGuyHanzo

    Stuck at Wispy Ruins

    Okay so I can't for the life of me figure out how to get further into Wispy Ruins than the first room and door 4, I only have 4 badges, but I dont see anywhere to go from here and I wouold LOVE to get a Gengar for my team which the location guide said was in Wispy Ruins behind door 9, while the item guide says Gengar is unavailable, so can I get Gengar and if so then how on earth do i get into Wispy Ruins
  3. maddieeee

    I need help again...

    ok yall soo im stuck at valarie and i cant beat her, i have no money, my meowstic is like 10 levels under the rest of the team, and my dumbass left 2 of my team members at the day care (i know im actual trash). i need someone to edit my save file to give me 10 hyper potions, 10 rare candies, and the tms for energy ball, thunderbolt, and sunny day would be helpful. ive tried to beat her like 50 times already and i feel like this is the only way. thanks in advance Game.rxdata
  4. My game glitched while I was doing the garbodor battle the game soft locks itself. plz help save file attached Game.rxdata
  5. In the first gym, there are a series of color based puzzles you need to resolve in order to get to the gym leader. In the final puzzle, there is the normal solution to unlock access to the leader battle, then there's the super secret solution that nets you the Seviper egg. However, after interacting with some NPCs and overworld objects, there seems to be a third puzzle that goes Brown > White > Teal. When input, i get a prompt reading that the poisons have been accepted. Though i don't see any direct changes in the environment, anyone got any idea what's supposed to happen here?
  6. So im trying to replace my current save file with a friend's but whenever i start up the game my old save file is there? I deleted the old game.rxdata file and replaced it with a new one but it didnt work for some reason. Can anyone tell me why and give me a fix?
  7. Table of Contents: Chapter 1: Introduction to the run and rules! [Current Chapter] Chapter 2: Lengthy game introduction! Chapter 3: Lengthy cruise! (aka "Do I ever get a Pokemon in this game?") Chapter 4: Gearen City startings - Picking a starter! Chapter 5: Gearen City-exploring (and stuff)! Chapter 6: Help Centre initiation and the Garbage Crew! Chapter 7: A Heavenly day turns into Hell! Chapter 8: Queen Beaver goes ham! [vs Venam] Chapter 9: Getting sidetracked to oblivion! Chapter 10: Despair returns... Chapter 11: A new hope! Chapter 12: In the search for purity! Chapter 13: Beneath the veil of serenity... [vs Keta] Chapter 14: Shattered psyche CHAPTER 1: Introduction to the run and rules! Turns out I am addicted to giving challenges to myself... And more difficult ones every time. So, after finishing two Pokemon Reborn monotypes (Bug and Poison) and sharing them with the community in the Forums, I decided I needed a break from Reborn Region! So, I will probably wait for E17 to be released while I do... some other stuff! And the first one in my list is to (finally!) play Pokemon Rejuvenation! I've been wanting to do this for ages, but never actually did it, so it will be my first run of Rejuvenation. A blind run, if you want to call it this way. Well, semi-blind because I had watched playthroughs of Rejuvenation on Youtube, but that was ages ago, and before v9 (and Gen VII) was released. However, because doing things the easy way isn't my style, even though I will do this run in the Normal, Reborn-like difficulty, I will do a custom run! Many people in the Forums are familiar with Danganronpa. It is a Mystery/Crime Case Solving/Horror video game series and anime series, which is quite popular because of the interesting mix of mind manipulation, horror and crime-solving aspects of it. And my favourite character in it, is Gundham Tanaka. He is probably the best animal tamer in the world, with a specialty for rodents. His four hamsters, the "Four Dark Devas of Destruction" are cute as hell, and dangerous demons as he claims! Gundham has an extreme liking for the occult, Dark arts and, of course, in this playthrough, rodents! He can tame any kind of animal, but in the video games and the anime he has been shown to be the Master of his four hamsters, a pomeranian dog, and a bear. Below, you can see Gundham's appearance and even more below, his pets. So, long story short, this is what I will do myself! I will run through Rejuvenation using only Pokemon that Gundham would use! This means rodents, lagomorphs (scientific term for bunny-like animals), one dog and one bear of my choice! Everything else is out of the box! This creates a quite long list of Pokemon, most of which are extremely unimpressive, so this run will be extremely interesting! To myself at least . Also, for this run I will use (a lot) of screenshots, since I want to do a detailed run, and possibly add some gags with Photoshopped pics with Gundham and his Pokemon as they meet, bond, explore and have nice adventures! This is inspired by the amazing work that @DerogatoryTrainer has been doing with his Nuzlocke runs, which I recently discovered and enjoyed with my heart! However, I can't do the same 'cause shyness kills be everyday (), so Gundham will fill in for me! These screenshots will be accompanied by comments on the game, and I will try to add dialog to my main character, Gundham! I refuse to suppress such an strong personality by giving him a mute role, so my comments will make up for this! I will also upload the videos on Youtube and post the links at the end of every chapter, in order for you to see the battles with more detail, if you want to! Please note that I am a complete amateur when it comes to using Photoshop, but I will be doing my best! So, this run will be an educational experience for me, simultaneously! (and very time-consuming indeed ). Finally, for this run, I will use custom sprites of Gundham, made by a really talented and helpful guy, @ken1380! All credits for the sprites go to him, and a million "Thank you"s for his patience with my (absurd) demands, and his excellent work. Ame hire him ASAP, he's got a true talent in spriting. So, this post is only the introduction to the theme of the run and my inspiration/thank you list! In the next post, we will start making actual progress in Pokemon Rejuvenation! I hope you will join me in this journey, in the cross breeding (pun intended, Gundham is the "Ultimate Breeder". Get it? No? I will stop now) of two great games, Pokemon Rejuvenation and Danganronpa! Till then, enjoy everyone! Edit: If this isn't the correct place for this topic, feel free to ask from a Moderator to move it where it should be. I just wasn't sure, so I placed it under Team Showcase...
  8. Bella the Eevee ~

    A Pokemon Rejuvenation guide?

    Can anyone send me a link to a Pokemon Rejuvenation Version 10 Guide? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  9. EpicFireStorm

    Loading Problems With Windows

    Hello! It appears that i've encountered a problem with Pokemon Rejuvenation on Windows. I've played this once with no problem, but when i tried playing it, this error pops up. What should i do? I'm no computer expert, so is this normal? I tried all that i can do, redownloading it, but nothing changed. Please help. Thank you for your time.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm starting out my very first rejuvenation playthrough, and here is my tentative team: - Primarina - Alolan Muk - Tsareena - Salazzle - Mamoswine I have 3 physical attackers, and 2 special attackers so i need something special. I also need a fighting type, so I would love for someone to trade me a riolu. I would like the riolu to be timid nature, random IVs and no EVs (to not be too OP) and not shiny. I would like it to have the egg move Nasty Plot. Thanks In advance!
  11. I was in Gearen lab when i decided to check what the legacy sprites are like but now i cant change back to the modern ones. How do i go back?
  12. Can anyone help me find the card key needed to get Shadow Beldum in the Bladestar base/cave since it has been revamped in version 10
  13. The four lights mentioned in the light prophecy and the 4 darknesses in the shadow phrophecy... Who might these lights/darknesses be? Heres my theory: in the light prophecy it says 4 lights will save us bla bla bla 4 lights not born by man. That means only certain people can fit the bill there: Aelita-the reincarnation of Vivian, Melia- just a hunch seeing her powers, Player- because it turned out that our mother was a ''doll" so were not exactly human and also Souta mentioned upon defeating him that its important to become stronger soon , and the 4th one I am not that sure about but Nim?-reason for that is because in grand dream city she is referred to by this guy as a It... ( couldnt remember his name XD ) In the darkness prophecy: 4 darknesses will destroy reshape the world in their own image, 4 darknesses born by man. More people fall in this category and my guesses are: Madame X- of course at this point shes a given but who knows honestly with this antagonist, Gardevoir/Indriad- put these 2 in the same category but I feel that theres still hope for Indriad-(have a bit of a soft spot for him, because you know his wife was kinda murdered in front of his eyes..>), Cassandra- honestly reshape the world in their own image, she has already done that but in a smaller scale. Gray area: This group contains a group of people who's role I am still not sure of: Crescent- the black and white justice system she has, scares me a tad but she falls in the same category with Tiempa/Spacea.... And Kanon possibly the biggest head-ache characters because I am not sure of his future at all: he might go bad he might go good all I know is that he HAS to be related to Erin come on people their so alike. Have any theories about this yourself's? I would be glad to hear about it =3
  14. As i fell down the leaf trap in Darchlight Forest, I got stuck while activating one of the mirrors. The game then autosaved, rendering me stuck in the object. I then use the escape rope only to find im in Valor Mountain entrance for some reason. I need help getting back into the leaf trap. I tried to enter through the trap again in Darchlight, but to no avail. Please, is there an easy way to fix this, or is it a bug. HELP PLZZ!!!
  15. i am fighting the flying gym leader but for my strategy to work i need to find elemental seed but i don't manage to find any is it possible to get them in version 10
  16. Download Version 9 - "The City of Mysteries"! And remember to patch your game to the latest patch, Patch 10, for bug fixes! The Aevium Region. A place that has seen better days. Once an intact region brimming with life, now torn into four pieces by an unknown force. This region needs help, and there's no one to turn to. No one, except you. Can you travel through the Aevium Region and collect all 18 badges? Can you discover the grim truth behind the region's destruction? Can you protect you and your friends against the criminal organization Team Xen? Who knows? You just might be able to. There's only one way to find out. Pokémon Rejuvenation is a fan-game created by @Jan with help from @Zumi, @Alex, and all of his beta testers! He was inspired by Amethyst, creator of Pokémon Reborn. It requires no emulator to play, as it was made with RPG Maker XP. It is a completely different game, rather than a sequel. Other things to note about this game: - New Region, New Characters - Difficulty Modes (Casual, Normal / Reborn, or Intense) - All 802 Pokémon will be available (by the end of the game) - 18 Gyms and an Elite 8 (11 Gyms are currently available) - Help Centers with Quests/Rewards - IV/EV Checker Screen - Custom Moves and TMs - Custom Shiny Pokémon sprites (in progress) - Increased Shiny rate (700/8192) - Quick Save feature - Amazing music by GlitchxCity, Zumi, and other composers! - Shadow Pokémon (catchable and purify-able, akin to those in Colosseum or XD) and Dimensional Rift Pokémon (an uncatchable demonic form of Mega Evolution) - Solrock and Lunatone Hybrid??? - And more! And now, onto the Directory itself. **Posting in any of the threads provided aside from the Archived Threads will not be considered necroposting.** Forum Leaders: @Jan @Zumi Discussion: Rejuvenation General Discussion V10 Dev Blog Help: Where do I go next? Ask Your Questions: Quests and Pokémon/Item Locations Battles Help Bug Reporting / Troubleshooting: Version 9 Save File Troubleshooting Version 9 Bug Reporting Guides: (Horrendously Written) Full Completionist Guide / Discussion Pokémon Location Guide (Forums) / Pokémon Location Guide (Google Docs) (v8) / Pokemon Location Guide Based On Gym Badge Number (up to Amber/Gym 8) Puzzles / Event Pokémon Videos (Outdated Angie Puzzle; Odd Key Event; Jigglypuff Chase Event (Porygon, Tyrunt/Amaura Fossil)) Item Location Guide v2 / TMs Locations Guide v2 / Zygarde Cell Location Guide Orphanage Guide v2 Pokémon Rejuvenation EV Training Guide (somewhat updated for v9) Relationship Variable Guide Teambuilding: Pokemon Viability Rankings v4 (inactive) Mods: Follower Pokemon Mod v2 PR Mod Menu (TMX Mod, Debug Menu, Insurgence Lv., SharePC, TrainerLook, Repel Switch, & Item Ban) Randomizer Mod Miscellaneous: Fanart v2 Rejuvenation Trading Non-Forums Stuff: Reddit PokéCommunity Thread TV Tropes Page Wiki Blog Archived Threads: [DO NOT POST IN] Shoutouts to @Hypa, @Njab and @Despair Syndrome!
  17. Hi all, I was just wondering how to patch Pokemon rejuvenation v9 properly, because I am stuck in Sheridan Village
  18. jonvonta

    Game keeps crashing

    pokemon rejuvenation script interpreter line 517: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method unlock for nil:Nilclass keeps showing up everytime I start the game. Someone plz help!