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Found 20 results

  1. Hey there fellow Reborn players! Some of us would like to play on a mac, like me! So I figured I would put a little guide together that correctly shows all of the steps. Within this guide or whatever you would like to call this, I will show you steps that some Youtube videos skip on, or don't show you clearly when downloading the game to run it with smaller lag / easy to play! There are two/three methods to do this system; however, I have found the wineskin wrapper way to be more efficient and easy to use when doing multiple games. Please do note I will simplify the term "WINESKIN" to WINE from here to there, so please do not get confused because of this! Majority of the dates are incorrect as I, and my friends have done this with Insurgence first, all of the steps followed should say reborn for you! RIghtyo here are the download links that I have personally used to sure this all up: http://www.rebornevo.com/index.php?/pr/download/ (Note: Please use the "Mega" download option) http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/ (Note: I prefer the stable one, you can use the latest developed one if preferred) Now after you have gotten all of that downloaded, go ahead and unzip the Pokemon Reborn file. When you attempt to unzip it, there could be a chance that your Mac system will ask you to change the system settings for this: Simply go to Security & Privacy Change the option for "Allow apps downloaded from, to anywhere (don't worry this can be changed anytime) UNZIP YOUR GAME FOLDER AND DO NOT TOUCH IT TILL LATER! Once that is done and set open up winebottler and move both applications into the applications folder. Go ahead and fine wine, and it should appear something like this: https://imgur.com/a/YTf2n Please do not worry if there is nothing in the picture above, as it should be this way. To run the game you will need a new wrapper anyways. Go ahead and hit the (+) button to add a new engine/wrapper: https://imgur.com/a/VI59K I personally chose WS9Wine1.6.1 as I have found it worked the best! Select the one that you want and hit download and install as well as "Okay": https://imgur.com/a/I3LpC Once the download is done, there should be a wrapper there for you! Make sure it is the wrapper selected, once it brings you back to the main part of wine. From there go ahead and create a new wrapper by clicking on the button that says, "Create Blank Wrapper", it should prompt some more questions, which would be the name of the application/wrapper. For this case, you can call it Pokemon Reborn as it is the game you will be playing! Hit "ok" once done. It might take a tad bit of time to make the wrapper so be patient! Also congrats on making this far! As this occurs pop-ups might happen to minimize other browsers open at the same time so nothing is missed! The first couple of times you make the wrappers you might be asked if you would like to install .NET and HTML libraries in the wrapper. (I went ahead and told it to install them, just its easier in the long run!) Hit "yes" to both the pop-ups for this. Now onto the last couple remaining steps! You should get another popup saying that the wrapper has been created, and to be checked out in the Finder window. Hit the button, as prompted to. The following picture is an example, of someone else on Youtube, but you should have Pokemon REBORN in there. https://imgur.com/a/Phhzs Once you select the game, move it to the desktop for easy access during these steps! Proceed to right click the wrapper on the desktop, and choose "show package contents". From there another finder window should pop up looking like this (Yes the data is messed up deal w/ it): https://imgur.com/a/dCEFD Double click underneath where it says "drive_C" to where it says "wineskin" from the like show in the picture above. Hit "Install Software". You should have three options popup to you now, I went ahead and hit "Move a Folder Inside" for easy purposes. (Doing the other options can lead to loss of data at times.) Head to your finder into your "Downloads" section and search for Pokemon Reborn (Folder) and then click choose. As this occurs it should say: https://imgur.com/a/IWgmL (Execpt with Pokemon Reborn ofc.) Click "Okay" and then "Quit" and you are all set. All there is left to do now if double click on the wrapper you created and moved to desktop and the game should start up! I hope you guys enjoy this! If you have questions @ me on the discord "Ashk5 | Ashwin #2226" I will also be checking this forum from time to time and will update it/reply to it when needed. Following up some questions I have commonly gotten a friend has found some videos to also help w/ Wineskin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VSGvNfb-OQ
  2. nepeta100

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop Prethread

    Hi and welcome to the pre-hype thread for the Pokemon Reborn Pentaop. A five player simultaneous nuzlocke of pokemon reborn featuring the following Youtubers. King Nappy Jayytgamer NumbNexus The HeatedMo Twit The reason why I made this thread is to get help from the reborn community about the various locations for event encounters so I can provide an accurate guide in the youtube comments sections so they can get every pokemon possible. As well as get feedback for ideas for what I should do with the general thread which I will release as soon as the first episode gets released At the moment there is no official confirmation from any of the youtubers about if the game is randomized or not. The first and third pentaops insurgence and light platinum were randomized while the second uranium was not. Is it currently possible to randomize pokemon reborn because I currently do not know and would wish to find out. Also feel free to provide general thoughts about expectations about how well they are going to do or special nuzlocke rulings that should be made for pokemon reborn. Example: as said in the general nuzlocke page for pokemon reborn should fights like garchomp/arceus count for deaths
  3. So after 5 years of watching videos on the game, I've decided to play it for myself. I have to say the intro is much improved compared to the past, I like method of presenting the player character choices as passengers on a train. I felt a little bad when I made a choice because I'd basically consigned 5 people to die no matter what. My starter for the run is Totodile, who nicknamed Nile. Feraligatr is one of my favorite Pokemon, and I can't wait to use him to take a bite out of Team Meteor. I've made my my way to the Peridot ward with Nile, Commander (my Ekans), Lightning (the Pachirisu I saved from jackasses trying to drown her), Velvet (Espurr), and finally Violin (my Kricketune). Reading through Derogatory Trainer's playthrough made me want to try Kricketune as well (RIP Sickle) so I'm gonna give her a shot. She's even Adamant nature with Technician Fury Cutter. I'm going to tear Fern to shreds, it'll be fun.
  4. seeing tyranatar and hydriegon unreleased still it got me thinking... which is the best dark type mon in the game? I really want to see a mightyena get a mega or a big increase in stats in the next gen
  5. SilverX-12

    TM30 Shadow Ball

    Somebody know how to get TM30 Shadow Ball in Pokemon Reborn Ep.17?
  6. Chameleon109

    Saved Game Paths

    What's up, people. I have a quick question about saved games: I moved the full EP17 Reborn game folder and all of the saved games over to a USB stick earlier today, but the game wouldn't recognize that any games were saved. Is there any way to redirect where it looks for saved games? Thanks in advance!
  7. I'm late af but anyways, I finally finished E17. And now I'm pretty sad lol. Reason to that is because this game is actually sooooo good. And now, I'm most likely gonna wait a couple of months till the next ep comes in:( So all I'm just asking is what I can do in the meantime before the next ep. The only major thing I did so far was to get the mega z-ring. And that's about it tbh. So is there anything else I can do???(Btw, if anyone cares, just like most of the reborn players, I myself choose the zekrom path) - Thanks and have a good day:))))))
  8. Marko Antonio

    Dawn Stone in E17

    Hello there! I was looking for the Dawn Stone Behind Mr. Biggles. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the stone. Is the department store the only way to find it?
  9. jarxed


    Alright, so this is kind of a weird question. Is there a way to IV train pokemon? I know there's ev training as such so I'm just wondering if there's a way to iv train.
  10. Hello everybody, once again I need help. So currently, I'm doing the crustle puzzle thing on route 2. And you guess it, I'm stuck. I put sleep powder on the powder vial thing then I went to crustles nest so I can move the crustle. However, after I tried using the sleep powder on crustle, the text bar didn't come up and that's where I'm stuck. But, I decided to see if the rage powder worked on crustle and it did. So anyway, if anyone can help me with this sleep powder on the crustle thing, I will be delighted:))))) Heres my save file: game.rxdata
  11. Bella the Eevee ~

    Pokemon Reborn Save file?

    Hello! I don't really know where else to put this. So just a couple of days ago (last week, actually) before spring break happened, my laptop was pretty much acting up a lot and it was time to toss it out. But you see, I'm playing Pokemon Reborn and I gotten pretty far into the game (actually have up to 12 badges, right after getting the shiny charm[and right after getting that, I end up running into a shiny Gravelar, and in my head when I ran into a Pokemon, I was thinking 'what if this was a shiny Pokemon now that I have the shiny charm?' And then boom! Shiny Gravelar]) that I don't want to start over again when I get a new laptop. I heard that you can upload your save files on Google Drive and I kinda did that. But I actually only uploaded the Game.rxdata file instead of the other backup files that was named after times I saved my game (For example, the last back file was named '12 Gym Badges' along with the time and date of when I saved) And also, just to test it out, I clicked on the file that I uploaded and it told me to download it. But I actually didn't download it because I thought that that meant I did the right thing. Of course, I'm confused if I did this right. I haven't actually bought a new laptop yet to test it out (because mainly I'm broke lol) but I just want to know if I did this right or I also need to upload all of the other backup files, which will take a long time uploading since I have around 200 (I have a habit of saving a lot just in case something happens) The reason why I think that I did something wrong was because the date of the Game.rxdata that I uploaded actually have an old date on it. As in, the file is actually way older than the other backup files (only about a couple days older) so I was thinking if I would've download it on my new future laptop, then the save file would actually probably be around when I have 9 or 10 badges or something. The reason why it's way older is because when I save (I usually save by easily pressing the D button because I'm too lazy to go to the menu and save regularly), a new backup file appears, but it doesn't change the Game.rxdata file (am I even explaining this correctly?). Long story short, I need to know if what I did was good or not. If I download the file on a new laptop and open Polemon Reborn, while it show my current save file? I also thought that if I have to download it, while it be in the Downloads Folder? Or does it goes to my 'Saved Games' folder (if anything, I don't think it'll appear in that folder since I'm basically starting a new file on a game, on a different laptop)? Or even, do I have to send it to that folder or something? Please, I really need to know because I've gotten so far into that game that it'll take months for me to just decide to replay it again if the save file I uploaded on Google Drive does not work.
  12. Hello everyone, I'm having a problem with my game I think. So I'm in the 7th street right now where I just finished the event where you have to battle Cranberry in her home. After that, I went back to 7th street. Then, I went to the section area where I battled Maxie(since I picked Aqua Gang). Now, this is the current problem Im in right now. Right after the battle with Maxie, I think Im suppose to meet up with Bennett to continue with the story. However, I tried almost every method to trigger that event and now Im stuck. Can anyone please help me with this situation. Any help would be great:)))) Here is a link to my save file: Game.rxdata
  13. Bella the Eevee ~

    [Not a bug]Flying type Silvally glitch

    Hi, so I just found what seems to be a bug with Shiny Silvally. Whenever I use the Flying type Memory on Silvally and send it out to battle, it looks really blurry and it looks like a normal shiny Silvally instead of the flying type. I would upload a screenshot, but it's over 1.01MB. Can someone tell me why is this happening?
  14. *cracks knuckles* Alright! So here's a little, bug? I guess you call it that. I found this while playing the game. Okay, so once I gotten to 7th street to save Luna, I did the event where I can get Type: Null. Now, me being the shiny hunter I am, I decided to go for the shiny Type: Null because of the cool Silvally designs it has when using a Memory Plate. And, after about 15 minutes or so, the shiny beauty appears! Ahh, yes, it does look like I used my phone to take a picture of it. In fact, I did. My stupid laptop won't connect to the Internet and for some reason, I can't go into my settings so I can send the screenshots to my phone. Anyway, it looks quite beautiful, doesn't it? I was so happy to have it in my team. And I rightfully named it Gladion, because wynaut? Alright, so I decided to test this beauty out. I battled a random NPC and sent out my beauty and...- What in the Lord's is this? Why is this box here? Is there some kind of bug? Am I not suppose to catch Type: Null yet? I'm confused. This box will bother me so much as I will start using this shiny beauty on my team. Please tell me why is this happening!!
  15. Bella the Eevee ~

    Spoink? Pokemon Reborn

    So I decided to go back to the South Obsidia ward before I go save Cain in Azurine Island, and I found this Spoink. I interacted with it and it fled somewhere. Can someone tell me where did it go?
  16. Kouteshi


    Hello! Im new here and i wanted to introduce myself and make some new friends idk, im so lonely all the time so..yeah Well you guys can call me Kou' or Teshi idk, do as you please! c: My personality..i guess im kinda shy in the first time i talk with a person, but a while after i start getting more confortable and i open myself a little bit more..i play pokémon since i was a little kid, but it wasnt that regular...After some years, i started playing a lot, but like A LOT! I really love playing fan made games such as Reborn and rom hacks. (Because im bored of the original games, i've played them all except sun and moon and the most recent ones because i quitted playing pokémon last year because i was banned from a online pokémon game..) Anyways, im not really good at English, i guess im decent..i live in Portugal and i really love watching anime. Even though i also quitted from it last year because i started doing some other stuff in my life, i NEVER quitted from watching One Piece! Its my favorite anime of all the time and IM NEVER gonna quit watching it until it's done! Like seriously, its the best thing ever.. So yeah guys, last year when i quitted playing Pokémon and watching anime, i started playing Minecraft. I know some of you are gonna start calling me a Minecraft kid, but i mean... i literally played 3 months the game and i'm already so good at it (at least thats what people say) I recently came back playing Pokémon and im like, SO HAPPY to be playing it again, because i love Pokémon. And i love Pokémon Reborn <3 I guess that's about it, you guys know where i live, what is my personality, what do i like.. if you have any questions about me, which you probably don't because im not interesting.. tell me below this post. That's about it guys, hope you all have an amazing day
  17. Sooo I'm back. For those of you who remember me, sup. For those of you who don't, I had a grass-monotype going on until my laptop broke down and all my save files just... yeah, it's depressing, so I don't want to talk about it. I want to show it. All my edgy post-teenage angst. With a team of darkness. Terrible jokes and introductions aside, I hate leaving anything incomplete. The grassmono left quite the hole in my heart... Aaand the only way to fill such voids is to do the same thing all over again. However, there will be a freshness about this for me since I haven't gotten to play Reborn from the start with the Gen VII mons, so it'll be interesting to see all the new changes. And yeah, this time I'm picking my favorite type - Dark. (Could you even see that?) So... bring on the hate let's mono! Contents Chapter 1: Darkness... dawns? Chapter 2: BOOM-BOOM Lady Beatdown (vs. Julia) Chapter 3: Too short to be called a chapter, tbh CHAPTER 1: Darkness... dawns? Oh boy is this taking me back, so friggin' excited. NOW we’re talking. Oh wow, it's changed quite a bit since I last played. NICE. This is beautiful. So who is the ultimate edgelord we know LOL Just kidding though no way I’m having him as my main character, edgy though he might be So origininal amirite Favorite color: Blue, Forum name: Red, Game name: Black ‘coz logic Buut at least it’s still edgy and better than Sasuke. OH BOY THIS TRANSITION HAS ME HARD Nice, Ame! So we've had fairly the same bit of dialogue from the past episode up till now. This guy makes quite the early appearance. Which means… Ohhh this is gonna lead up to how the game started in E16 Oh damn the memories... I know it hasn’t even been a year since I last played it but still the game is really nostalgic to play. NOOOO the start of this game. *skip skip* I'm gonna go right to the starter part, it seems like everything went exactly like before. So the two options for me are: Hell no. That’s more like it. I know Froakie is probably one of the most overused pokes but I just can't stand Incineroar's design. I should really stop with the Naruto nicknames. STOP JUDGING ME I’M NOT GOOD WITH NICKNAMES OK So this is what I got after a multitude of soft resets. The best nature + IV set I could hope for. Welcome aboard, buddy! So right after Ame leaves us downstairs, we meet up with good ol' pansexual Cain Establishing our clear superiority here... This guy must be quite the stud in the gay community. Time to my assert my dominion a second time, yay Well hello my starter from a parallel universe! Away with you! Oh boy, this game is fun when you’re destroying your enemies left and right. Anyways, beating Victoria entitled us to the Pokedex. Now off to start my grand and gruesome journey! I really wonder if all the kids who sign up for the Reborn league have to go through such a dark and troublesome adventure like we do. Same old, same old Doesn’t look anything’s changed here from E16. Moving outside... (and yikes again at that Torkoal torture scene) Huh, it’s a Stufful this time instead. Pretty good Pokemon, but I can’t use it in this run, unfortunately :/ So what will I find here? Fucking hell. So checking the monotype guide, doesn’t look I have a lot of options for the first gym area. Strangely thought I'd get an Alolan Meowth or Rattatta here. Unfortunately, I’ve got to just prod through all of that. Me trying to avoid trainers... This game of stealth isn’t too hard tbh oh fuck A master of darkness is no master of stealth, it seems Hrnnnh I swear trainers stopping you is equivalent to harassment, really “Yo lemme stop you real quick to fuck your already tired mons up with my fully healed ones" 5 pokemon battles in totality and 6 levels increased… whoo, finally! Not surprisingly, this is where all the dark types hang around, according to the guide ... and bags of trash They’re pretty high levelled, has it changed from the last episode? I didn’t really explore this area the first time I played this, so I’m not sure. I am getting better at this. These aren't too bad imo, although Rattled ability would have been nice Holy hell these pokes are high levelled I think could probably beat Fern now with these levels. Can't think of anything more apt. KNEEL BEFORE YOUR QUEEN I'm not a huge fan of the speed loss but those stats look really good, and I've gotten a pretty useful ability for the first gym. So, that's it for this episode! I’ll probably defeat all the trainers in our area (while making doubly sure we don't go past the level cap), get one last mon and get to the story part of the game asap before we get on to the next episode. Thank you guys for following! Suggestions, thoughts, criticism, fanmail all accepted! You will die alone if you don't send me fanmail
  18. I've just started Pokemon Reborn a few days ago and so far I really love the game. I enjoy the challenge brought by building a competitive team out of Pokemon you've never used before and the strategic aspect of planning your team based on what the enemy has. One thing I can't understand though is why HMs are still relevant within the game? I can understand HMs like Surf and Waterfall (because they can still be used competitively) but others like Cut and Rock Smash just end up wasting a slot in one of your Pokemon's moveset which in a game where you're often fighting against teams that have a full team of 6 Pokemon with field buffs stacked against you and all those Pokemon have a proper thought out moveset, it often seems unfair and downright annoying. It's a hindrance that prevents us from fully utilising the Pokemon that we've been given and most players would end up using the last slot in their team as a HM slave when it could have very well been another Pokemon that they wanted to try out. Now, I do realised that HMs are used for progression in the game by locking players out of content until they've obtained the HM hence one possible solution is that when a person obtains a HM, they can then use it without teaching it to a Pokemon (if they do teach the move to a Pokemon, it should be able to be overwritten by other moves without going to the move deleter). If the team is worried about how this could affect the 'realness' (I used this word for lack of a better one) of the game. It could be said that when players are in possession of a HM within this region, they are able to temporarily teach is to Pokemon as their about to perform the task (kind of like a short jolt of memory) before being forgotten afterwards (thus it does not affect the remembered moves they already have).
  19. Honchy


    Where is the sharpedonite? I've been looking in the adventurine woods for hours. HELP.
  20. Hi yes I think some of you have seen me talk about adapting Reborn Chronicles into a game. Well, it turns out I'd have to wait for Reborn to be finished to even get started on the game, and god knows how long that'll be (although I promise it won't take a billion years maybe). So I've decided to switch gears, and turn it into a webcomic! It will be updated at my own pace, so no projected release dates will be posted, or progress bars (Ame and I do dev work differently lol). Foreward History has been part of our lives since birth, and throughout life we make our own paths, and make our own history. But what about this city? What secrets lie within Reborn? That's the job I was assigned; to collect and archive all past records of Reborn City. But why did Ame pick such a reclusive bookkeeper like myself? What does she see in me? Maybe it's the fact that I'm practically a blank slate, ready to carve my name in the surface. Or I'm just another expendable. Who knows? I sure as hell don't. Summary The story follows Reborn's bookkeeper, Jasper, as he travels across the Reborn region in search of documentation of the old Reborn City. On his journey, he faces many challenges from tangles with ferocious wild Pokemon, to his inner struggles as a person trying to find his place in the world. Lame, I know. But this has always been something I've been super excited about sharing lol. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider!