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Found 27 results

  1. Still on-going: Answer-to-Win a shiny spiritomb~ ~EPISODES LIST~ ★SEASON ONE★ ★SEASON TWO★ 18. Back on my two feet 19. The fire that dances 20. VS Kiki! Each of us must carry their own weight 21. Rescuing the damsel 22. Bitter goodbyes 23. Return to Reborn City 24. VS Aya! The princess of the wastelands 25. Adieu to disappointment and innocence 26. Breaking into the broken Yuyeyu 27. VS Serra! Hall of mirrors 28. Little war in Tanzan Cove 29. Teamwork with the enemy 30. VS Noel! Flower Wall'd 31. Finding Vanhanen Castle 32. Gardevoir has been kidnapped 33. Visions 34. Good Lord, no thanks 35. VS Radomus! Checkmate 36. A storming escape and finding 7th Street 37. "Make things go boom, gain friends~" 38. A dramatic escapade 39. "A trip down memory lane" 40. Test of Time 41. VS Luna! The Light in the Darkness 42. My Dear Friend ~APRIL FOOLS 2018~ ~INTRODUCTION~ ~ORIGINAL POST~
  2. New playthrough! Yea! This 1 is Pokemon Spork but this has a twist to it. It's a Multi-Header Only Run. Now, if you didn't see my post from last night, don't worry. I'll explain here. A Multi-Header Only Run is where I can only use Pokemon that have 2 heads or more/use a Pokemon that evolves into a Pokemon that has 2 heads or more. So there you go. Now! Hope you all have a fun time watching these videos!
  3. Hello I'm doing this here because this a Reborn run. Seems appropriate to make a topic on the Reborn forums. This is basically a play through of E17 . I go into more detail on the Nuzlocke forums, so I'll give you the link below. Thank you for checking this out, and I hope you return when the run kicks off in the new year. Link
  4. J-Awesome_One

    Pokemon Full Moon Reaction Run

    "Mumble mumble mumble" Hmm? Ohh. A camera! Well... a camera app on my laptop but a camera nonetheless! Hi everyone! It's me! J-Awesome-One! You all ready to have some fun? I know I am! Let's just hope murder doesn't happen in this series!… Wow… I brought down the mood with that didn't I? Ohh well. Cue the music for this 1st chapter of the 1st season as well as the title card! Despite this only being an introduction and not really diving into the game yet and also not relating to anything in this... It still sounds epic. Shut up! So as I've said before, I'm J-Awesome-One and I'm... I'm... What the fuck...? Umm... Ahh yes. Now I remember. Those 1st 3 pics I took were over my parents house. And right now, I'm over my gramps house. And I also took a shower... You all believe that right? Ok. Good. So expect good lighting in some of these and the others... Horrible lighting. So I'll be doing a normal run of Pokemon Full Moon. Except now you'll be seeing a lot more lovely pics of this beautiful face. It's cute, right?... Right?... RIGHT?! Jesus Christ. That even scared me. I don't think that's a good thing though. Anyways, back on topic. Normal playthrough of Pokemon Full Moon with reaction pics. Now I have played this game before but it's been so long since the last time, it's basically a blind... Semi-blind... a "I somewhat know where to go and what to do but I don't remember what people say in this game" run. But in this game, you don't play as yourself. You play as a teenaged girl named Luna. No. Not from Reborn. So, I'd like to introduce you all to LUNA! Hey there Luna. How are you doing today? Yep! And I'm excited for it. Aren't you?! Fucking bitchy ass cu- Nothing! Nothing! I was about to say nothing! Holy moly you're loud as fuck! I'm glad you wanna know. So 1st of all, I'm gonna be in control of your actions and- Well I'm gonna control where you run to, who you talk to, whether to do good things or bad things. You know? Stuff like that. It's happening whether you like it or not. So shush! Anyways, as I was going to say before being SO rudely interrupted, I will also decide what she uses on her team. And unlike all my other runs, I'll prob have more than a 6 mon team going on he- Don't care. But anyways, that's really all I have to tell you on how this whole adventure is gonna go. Any questions from you Luna? Bye Luna! See you soon! Can't wait to be best buddies! Well, that was all I really had planned for this little intro thing. Ohh. I would like to say this though. With how many times I had to take and also retake pics of me took a lot of time but it was worth it. I had fun. But I am just saying this as a warning. This is probably not gonna be an everyday thing. I'll try to aim for at least once a week thing. Probably multiple if I feel like it. Umm... I think that's all I needed to say. I hope you all enjoy this when I officially start it sometime this week. Hell. I might stay up later than usual to at least have a new 1 up tonight. But anyways... Bye everyone! See you all next time! Phew. I'm glad that's over with. Man my back's killing me. I gotta stretch. Ummm... What are you all still doing here? Didn't I say like bye and all that? What? You want more right now still? But I already told you all what I was doing? What more can I do right now? Ugh... Fiiiiiine. I'll go for a little more. I suppose I can talk about how this run came to mind. And it's all thanks to this glorious bastard right here. @DerogatoryTrainer This dude is so freaking funny with his Reborn and Rejuvenation Reactionlockes. (FYI, mine is not gonna be a nuzlocke.) I swear to Arceus though that he's so funny that he made me cough up all 3 of my lungs. The doctors were also surprised I had 3 lungs but they were successful in putting them back into their original places. Although, now I owe the hospital $300. And yes. That is a surprisingly cheap bill for something so life threatening. But I am also cheap and also don't think that it was my fault so Mr. DerogatoryTrainer... Pay up the $300 soon... Naw. I'm just kidding. But he's really good at what he does. I'll even put a link down to his stuff so you all can get there faster. I know. I'm such a nice guy for doing that. But anyways, that'll be the end of this post for now. Bye everyone! DerogatoryTrainer - Pokemon Reborn - The Terribly Titled Reaction-Locke http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/single/?p=9378681&t=9249876 Derogatory Trainer - Pokemon Rejuvenation - A Terribly Titled Nuzlocke http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/single/?p=9482386&t=9293069
  5. I totally forgot to upload the Insurgence videos I already put up on YouTube sooo… I'm gonna put them here now. And any new ones I put up will be put onto here as well. Because I promised you all.
  6. You ever wondered what it would be like to witness a total moron (me) play a game they've never played before, on the highest difficulty? No? Well, you're about to find out. Not only am I doing that, I'm also modding in my starter. It's not funny enough to see a basic starter, so we're gonna roll with the extreme! I'm going to be using a Groudon. Because nothing says 'player character' like a Groudon stomping all over Starlys. "But Revan, won't this ruin the challenge?" Nope! Considering I'm utterly in the dark about this game (don't even know what it's about), and the fact that I suck at.... just about everything, it's gonna be an adventure. Reply with good Groudon names. I was thinking Earl, after my greedy landlord... HAHA! Get it? Landlord? Cause... you know... Groudon?
  7. Hi-ho fellow Reborn players. Or something. Seeing as how this game will probably have me swapping mons a lot as it gets further in, I figured it might be fun to document the team after winning important battles, maybe write about them if they were interesting. That said, I'm currently in the Beryl ward, so the first couple will be posthumous. Or something. Oh, and my naming scheme is Power Rangers Pengu Force. Definitely. Gym 1 Team: Pengu Johnny Pengu Heart Pengu Purple Pengu Yellow Pengu Splash This one was relatively uneventful, with the caveat that Zigzagoon's Mud Sport (that I hoped would just weaken attacks) destroyed her gimmick! After that, Joltik and Grimer were able to clean up until Electrode, which I managed to poison and stall out. Gave a pretty good idea of what to expect going forward, such as reasonable pokemon levels *cough* Insurgence *cough* Gym 2 Team: Pengu Johnny Pengu Heart Pengu Purple Pengu Yellow Pengu Shine Compared to the first gym, this was incredibly tense. I had no idea what the desert did going in, but it ended up helping me more than her. Pengu Heart stole the show once again with a powered up Pin Missile and double-power Sand Attack. It was smooth sailing until the Ferroseed, whose Telluric Seed made it nigh unkillable until I scored a lucky crit with Purple's Mud Bob. Following that, Yellow managed to Thunder Wave the Breloom before going down, which allowed Delcatty to Zen Headbutt Paraflinch the thing. In the end, however, that Cradilly was the real monster. I was running low on potions, and was completely reliant on maxing his accuracy debuff and praying the Prinplup got Metal Claw attack boosts. After about 15 minutes, it ran out of recovers and went down once and for all. This may have been the single most intense gym battle I've had in a non-nuzlocke, I was full clench the entire time. Definitely way more attached to this Linoone than I thought though, figured I'd dump it past the first gym but it keeps coming through! Assuming this isn't the wrong board or something I'll probably keep posting after gym battles, it's pretty fun to recount these intense battles!
  8. J-Awesome_One

    Time Travel! Pokemon Clockwork!

    So this is where I shall be posting my videos of my Pokemon Clockwork playthrough. I'll give my thoughts and stuff on the episode and then well yea. If any of you wanna ask me something, feel free to do so. I love answering questions!
  9. So after 5 years of watching videos on the game, I've decided to play it for myself. I have to say the intro is much improved compared to the past, I like method of presenting the player character choices as passengers on a train. I felt a little bad when I made a choice because I'd basically consigned 5 people to die no matter what. My starter for the run is Totodile, who nicknamed Nile. Feraligatr is one of my favorite Pokemon, and I can't wait to use him to take a bite out of Team Meteor. I've made my my way to the Peridot ward with Nile, Commander (my Ekans), Lightning (the Pachirisu I saved from jackasses trying to drown her), Velvet (Espurr), and finally Violin (my Kricketune). Reading through Derogatory Trainer's playthrough made me want to try Kricketune as well (RIP Sickle) so I'm gonna give her a shot. She's even Adamant nature with Technician Fury Cutter. I'm going to tear Fern to shreds, it'll be fun.
  10. Gnarlier! Also a Poison Mono: Introduction This monorun will be drastically different than my others. I figured I'd tell it from my character's point of view, with a little bit of my commentary (Example of my commentary here. It will be done like this.) I'll be using the choose your starter mod, as well as the TM mod. Link here: http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/24930-swm-modular-modpack-e171/ I will be choosing Croagunk. Hope you all enjoy, and it's good to be back.
  11. For The People Voting! Look Here Before Voting! Hey everyone! It is I, Awesome_One here! I’m excited to tell you the dangerous adventure that someone we all know from Pokemon will be going on. You know, X & Y has to be 1 of the best Pokemon Series out there. The cool story. The bad ass scenes. And of course, our beloved main characters: Ash, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie. We all know that Ash took his adventures to a new region called the Alola Region. Serena decided to journey to the Hoenn Region. And Clemont had gone back to Lumiose City to continue being the Electric Type Gym Leader as well as continuing to being an inventor. But Bonnie… She just went home with her brother. “Whatever happened to her?” you might ponder. Well luckily, I can fill you in. But before I can tell the story, I have to go over what’s been happening with Bonnie over the past 4 years. So enjoy, relax and lets see what she’s been up to. Prologue Part 1 - Worried Big Brother Prologue Part 2 - Espurr: Forgotten Remembrance Prologue Part 3 - Flabebe: A Reason To Smile Prologue Part 4 - Lapras: 1 Girl Defense Force Prologue Part 5 - Tyrantrum: New Family Bonding Prologue Part 6 - Phantump - Too Shiny Popular Prologue Part 7 - Mystery Destination Selected! So this is how her adventure begins ladies and gentlemen. She’s now 12 years old, has a full team of Pokemon that she had befriended years ago and will be headed to the Reborn Region. How will her adventure pan out? Stay tuned and find out next time! Current Team
  12. Table of Contents: Chapter 1: Introduction to the run and rules! [Current Chapter] Chapter 2: Lengthy game introduction! Chapter 3: Lengthy cruise! (aka "Do I ever get a Pokemon in this game?") Chapter 4: Gearen City startings - Picking a starter! Chapter 5: Gearen City-exploring (and stuff)! Chapter 6: Help Centre initiation and the Garbage Crew! Chapter 7: A Heavenly day turns into Hell! Chapter 8: Queen Beaver goes ham! [vs Venam] Chapter 9: Getting sidetracked to oblivion! Chapter 10: Despair returns... Chapter 11: A new hope! Chapter 12: In the search for purity! Chapter 13: Beneath the veil of serenity... [vs Keta] Chapter 14: Shattered psyche CHAPTER 1: Introduction to the run and rules! Turns out I am addicted to giving challenges to myself... And more difficult ones every time. So, after finishing two Pokemon Reborn monotypes (Bug and Poison) and sharing them with the community in the Forums, I decided I needed a break from Reborn Region! So, I will probably wait for E17 to be released while I do... some other stuff! And the first one in my list is to (finally!) play Pokemon Rejuvenation! I've been wanting to do this for ages, but never actually did it, so it will be my first run of Rejuvenation. A blind run, if you want to call it this way. Well, semi-blind because I had watched playthroughs of Rejuvenation on Youtube, but that was ages ago, and before v9 (and Gen VII) was released. However, because doing things the easy way isn't my style, even though I will do this run in the Normal, Reborn-like difficulty, I will do a custom run! Many people in the Forums are familiar with Danganronpa. It is a Mystery/Crime Case Solving/Horror video game series and anime series, which is quite popular because of the interesting mix of mind manipulation, horror and crime-solving aspects of it. And my favourite character in it, is Gundham Tanaka. He is probably the best animal tamer in the world, with a specialty for rodents. His four hamsters, the "Four Dark Devas of Destruction" are cute as hell, and dangerous demons as he claims! Gundham has an extreme liking for the occult, Dark arts and, of course, in this playthrough, rodents! He can tame any kind of animal, but in the video games and the anime he has been shown to be the Master of his four hamsters, a pomeranian dog, and a bear. Below, you can see Gundham's appearance and even more below, his pets. So, long story short, this is what I will do myself! I will run through Rejuvenation using only Pokemon that Gundham would use! This means rodents, lagomorphs (scientific term for bunny-like animals), one dog and one bear of my choice! Everything else is out of the box! This creates a quite long list of Pokemon, most of which are extremely unimpressive, so this run will be extremely interesting! To myself at least . Also, for this run I will use (a lot) of screenshots, since I want to do a detailed run, and possibly add some gags with Photoshopped pics with Gundham and his Pokemon as they meet, bond, explore and have nice adventures! This is inspired by the amazing work that @DerogatoryTrainer has been doing with his Nuzlocke runs, which I recently discovered and enjoyed with my heart! However, I can't do the same 'cause shyness kills be everyday (), so Gundham will fill in for me! These screenshots will be accompanied by comments on the game, and I will try to add dialog to my main character, Gundham! I refuse to suppress such an strong personality by giving him a mute role, so my comments will make up for this! I will also upload the videos on Youtube and post the links at the end of every chapter, in order for you to see the battles with more detail, if you want to! Please note that I am a complete amateur when it comes to using Photoshop, but I will be doing my best! So, this run will be an educational experience for me, simultaneously! (and very time-consuming indeed ). Finally, for this run, I will use custom sprites of Gundham, made by a really talented and helpful guy, @ken1380! All credits for the sprites go to him, and a million "Thank you"s for his patience with my (absurd) demands, and his excellent work. Ame hire him ASAP, he's got a true talent in spriting. So, this post is only the introduction to the theme of the run and my inspiration/thank you list! In the next post, we will start making actual progress in Pokemon Rejuvenation! I hope you will join me in this journey, in the cross breeding (pun intended, Gundham is the "Ultimate Breeder". Get it? No? I will stop now) of two great games, Pokemon Rejuvenation and Danganronpa! Till then, enjoy everyone! Edit: If this isn't the correct place for this topic, feel free to ask from a Moderator to move it where it should be. I just wasn't sure, so I placed it under Team Showcase...
  13. Chapter 1: New Game New Story Welp, Here we are, Pokemon Spork. The reason the title says ''Half-Blind'' is due to the fact t hat i completed some parts of the game before this thread, but i sadly forgot to backup my save while i wiped my PC for personal purposes. This thread will help me reflect on my adventure and help me get the best out of this spectacular game! (Want to point this out real quick, this may not update too frequently as i'm playing through rejuv right now, thanks for being patient!) Anyways, let's get started So, when you start the game you find yourself in a dream, an adorable litwick comes to greet you and tells you that you're on a vacation with your sister! Time to pick a name, my keyboard had the amazing idea of VVVVVVV, but i decided to name myself Karma, which is a reference to a particular red headed maniac in a japanese anime. Spork has a VERY wide variety of starters to choose from.... and i mean the entire pokedex aside from legendaries! this is a fantastic idea as it doesn't limit the player to use 1 out of 3 mons to start with everytime, and allows pokemon found way later in the game normally to be obtained at the start. It also allows the picking of unique pokemon like seviper and heracross as starters. And just a heads up, i'll not be choosing or using any UBs as my starter, or overly used mons like aegislash. Alright let's see what we'll pick as our starter! After choosing our starter, litwick awakens us and our sister emily comes to greet us! she hands us the pokegear, running shoes, a bottle of freshwater for the journey, and challenges Karma to a pokemon battle! We were then told about the celios league, consisting of 18 gyms with ramping difficulty, we'll explore a bit of the hotel and see what adventure delivers! After we obtained our new team member, we decide to train a bit more before heading outside to Virima city! We want as much diversity as possible, so we decided to add more members onto the team! After we obtained a new member of the squad, we stumble across a bike shop, we obtained a free bicycle from the generous owner. And....... Erm. After the battle, we find another questionable person. And she challenges Karma, here we go... After our visit to the library, the gym opened! we'll train a bit before i enter the gym for my first badge! After i balanced out my levels, i enter the gym. First gym thoughts: The game is put together VERY well, the casual feeling of gameplay i only got when playing pokemon emerald, while giving the player freedom and creativity. The idea of choosing any mon as a starter is very well polished aside from a *Certain* Type of mons allowed. Otherwise, the level curve isn't too harsh, the battles feel casual and entertaining, i really recommend this game if you like the old school theme of pokemon. That ends chapter one, see you in chapter two of this playthrough!
  14. Alright. The poll has been done, the rules are up. Now the playthrough starts. Thanks to everyone who voted. For now, you are allowed to comment on this, but please be restrictive with it. I'm happy to read elaborate posts or feedback on here, but if it's several "small" comments (like for example: "This is gonna be interesting"/"Good work so far"/"You're shit"), please comment THERE instead. Chapter 1 - Aufbruchstimmung Alright, here I am. Off to a new adventure. I'm close to arriving in this new region. It's called Reborn. I don't know much about it, but I've heard it's quite the challenge. We're already driving through a desert, where I can see an Absol. Feels like it's staring at me. It's kinda unsettling, but I'm nervous anyways, so that's probably it. As I'm thinking about what the future will bring, a young woman comes over and starts talking to me. Something about her is... impressive. I can feel some kind of strength coming from her. As we're talking, she suddenly shouts "Watch out". After that, everything happens in an instant. Both of us make it out of that train, as it explodes in the station. Despite everything, that woman - her name is Ame - seems calm and tells me to go to the Grand Hall. Apparently she's working with the Reborn league and will offer me a Pokemon to start my journey with. This isn't exactly gonna be my first Pokemon though. I know that my beloved Cyndaquil has been transferred to me via PC. I can't wait to see my dear friend again, but for now, it's time to go to the Grand Hall. By the way, my name is MRC, just in case you wondered. I've come here alone to find something. I'm not quite sure what it is yet, but there's this restless feeling in my heart. I may have an idea what I'm looking for, but it's probably too soon to tell. Anyways, I've arrived at the Grand Hall and was greeted by a girl named Victoria. She seems like she has a sense of duty. We enter the great hall and reunite with Ame, who guides us to a room with A LOT of pokeballs. We have to choose one each and I'll be the one to go first. When standing in front of the pokeballs, I'm a bit unsure at first, and for some reason, I can hear a voice in my head that resembles Ame's. It says: "If you can't decide, go for Bulbasaur". I'm inclined to follow that impulse for a short moment, but something stops me. I pause for a moment and go to the blue row, where I look at the second pokeball. "Totodile, huh? I know you from back in Johto." While I'm saying those words to myself, I grab the pokeball. It feels exciting, and my decision has been made. Totodile it is. I go downstairs while Victoria is picking her Pokemon and meet this violet-haired guy, Cain. He seems to be a decent fellow, albeit a bit on the sassy/pervy side of things. Definitely has got an interesting personality. We decide to battle and I emerge victorious. Right afterwards Victoria wants to test her new partner as well, however, her Litten is no challenge to me. After some bureacracy and recieving my gear, I'm finally free to go. First of all, it's time to get my dear partner out of the PC. After that? Who knows. I leave the Grand Hall, and I get a feeling that this is gonna be something special. I don't know what's the future gonna bring, but as I look to the setting sun, I feel exhilaration. I look at Totodile and Cyndaquil and make my way towards Peridot...
  15. Table of Contents: Hello world! If you don't know me you probably don't, I'm EndearingCharacterTrait (or ECT for short, or Dav if you want to get personal). My Steel monotype was the first run I shared with you all, and I've come back to do another one. This time I pondered what sort of theme would be interesting, and after some thought an idea was born. I was inspired by the upcoming solar eclipse, and the idea that lodged itself into my brain was a team centered around Sun-related Pokémon. I don't intend it to be just a Sunny day team, but rather a selection of team members that have a more specific connection to the Sun. Before I start, I want to give an idea of the planned team members, as well as (attempt) to explain the thought process I used. So, here are the teammates I'll be meeting on this journey (only sort of in order, don't think too hard on it) Volcarona is classified as the Sun Pokémon in the dex, and its B2W2 entry makes the connection apparent: Solrock, the Meteorite Pokémon, is a recently discovered Hoenn species rumored to have fallen to this planet from space. It looks like the sun, has Sol in its name, and its power comes from sunlight. Heliolisk is a Pokémon that generates electricity by absorbing sunlight. It evolves from Helioptile using a Sun Stone, half its name comes from Helios, and it even looks like the sun when it spreads its frills. Espeon is classified as the Sun Pokémon in the dex, same as Volcarona. Eevee can only reach this form in the daytime, and it was the first mon to learn the rare move Morning Sun, which as of Gen VII still only 6 can learn by levelling (and 2 of those are Legendary) Sunflora is also classified as the Sun Pokémon, and it evolves from Sunkern with a Sun Stone as opposed to a Leaf Stone. it's a sunflower, so its face looks like the sun. It is said to be active during the day but completely still at night. It can also have the rare ability Solar Power. Castform is an artificial Pokémon whose very cellular structure changes with the current weather. It has a Sunny Form that only appears when the sun is bright: Castform learns many weather moves naturally, and was the original owner of the move Weather Ball The Blossom Pokémon Cherrim, not unlike Castform, has the unique ability Flower Gift that changes it to its Sunshine Form when the sun is bright, as well as powers up its allies: It and its pre-evolution Cherubi are 2 Pokémon that can learn Morning Sun without breeding, plus just look at that face...it's adorable Beautifly is the last of the 4 (non-legendary) mons that naturally learns Morning Sun. According to its FRLG dex entries its appearance does not reflect its true personality: Its Pearl entry outright calls it savage: Ninetales possesses the ability Drought; its very presence can make the sun more powerful. Its FireRed dex entry states that its fur shines bright, and it can live far longer than any human, just like the sun that will likely outlast all of us: Bellossom is the form Gloom takes when a Sun Stone is used as opposed to a Leaf Stone. It loses its Poison type and nocturnal tendencies, and its personality seems to take a significant turn, a stark contrast to its cousin Vileplume. Its (Heart)Gold dex entry tells about how its dancing is related to the sun: Whimsicott evolves from Cottonee with the Sun Stone, not the Leaf Stone (I know I was surprised by this my first time playing BW) Lilligant is a parallel for Whimsicott, she evolves from Petilil with the Sun Stone I think there's a decent mix here actually; some powerful mons, some less so. Just 2 (1/2) fire types, but 5 grass types (mostly Sun Stone mons). On this run I intend to encounter my team in the order they become available, but I might have to generate a few (like if/when I don't get Larvesta from the mystery egg, and probably to replace my starter). You may also see me use the TMX mod since none of these can learn Rock Smash, Strength, Waterfall, or Dive, but that's all the cheating I intend to do. So that's my plan, we'll see how it goes. Questions, comments, and concerns are always welcome...I hope this proves interesting! Until next time!
  16. Currently not being updated. Hey guys! I am finally here with my ghost monotype run! Well... Technically I'm not as this is just an introductory post so you guys can understand the rules of this run, what's going on, and that sort of thing... So lets start with what you'll find in this particular post! In this part you'll be able to find a table of contents, which will be separated into pages, allowing you to know which chapter is on what page, meaning you just need to scroll down. My progress! Green Text will mean that chapter is finished and posted, Yellow text means it's finished but just not posted yet, Orange means I am currently on it, and Red means it's unfinished. Every chapter will end with a gym battle, which will leave us with... 16 Chapters... Well who knew? This will be updated on a weekly basis, some may come sooner or later depending on what's going on in my life, but expect the updates to come Friday! Also, this playthrough will be a roleplay of sorts, like @Awesome_One's ground and his ice run! Meaning I will be taking the role of the main character, Sage. Before I get any further introducing you to everything, I want to thank the creator of the pokemon reborn sandbox, this has been helping immensely in the run and makes some cool things possible! I will not be using this to obtain items early or cheat in any way. One last thing, I promise. So you know how @Jess is currently doing a poison mono, and is naming her pokemon after one theme? (Greek mythology) Well I really liked that, so I'll also be doing it... But I thought to myself "What fits ghost types as a naming theme" and then I realized... Our naming theme will be based on demons and demonic things! (I apologize in advanced if this offends anyone) So lets get to the rules now! I) I must have at least 2 of my starting pokemon in my party at a time. II) After I defeat... Lets say Corey, all of my pokemon must be EV trained. III) Mega evolution will be used (Thanks pokemon sandbox!) However it will not be used until we defeat Shade. IV) Mega pokemon can't have any healing items used on them when in the battle, even if they haven't mega evolved yet. They also must be 3 levels below the cap (Number may change). V) All ghosts must be captured, and only ghosts can be used. VI) Any optional story fights must be fought and won (Example would be the first solaris fight, and the last Taka fight) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter Progress: Chapter 1: Julia Chapter 2: Florinia Current point in Chapter: Very end of Chapter 3 Chapter 3: Corey Chapter 4: Shelly Chapter 5: Shade Chapter 6: Kiki Chapter 7: Aya Chapter 8: Serra Chapter 9: Noel Chapter 10: Radamous Chapter 11: Luna Chapter 12: Samson Chapter 13: Charlotte Chapter 14: T3RR4 Chapter 15: Ciel Chapter 16: Adrienn Game/Playtime: 7:46 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents: Page 1: Chapter 1 Page 2: Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 3.5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So lets introduce Sage and her team, why don't we? Bannette/Lucifer Litwick/Levi Honedge/Oni Ghastly/Ghoul So I've told you the stories of how my ghosts and I came to be friends. I should probably tell you how I ended up in this wasteland known as Reborn, shouldn't I? Well, let me start with a bit of a backstory first... *Ahem* Sage I was a lonely girl, not many friends, my parents thought I was going insane as I was claiming "Inanimate" objects were pokemon. Despite what I was told by therapists, my parents, and peers, I always believed they were pokemon, this was not just my imagination. People probably also thought I was insane/evil because I named these "Inanimate" objects I claimed were pokemon after Demonic things. However this cost me later in life. On my eighteenth birthday my parents got me a train ticket... We were at the station, they gave me a ticket, and while the train was MOVING, they pushed me from the docking platform onto the train... I ended up crashing into a woman named Ame... Still a bit shocked I decided to go a bit simple "Where are we going?" She dusted herself off a bit, sat down, pulled me into a seat across from her and simply said "Reborn" She continued "Err... That was a bit strange, when we get to reborn, I can send the train back, or you could start the reborn league, I talked to your parents earlier, they claimed the pokemon were fake... But they obviously aren't!" She points to Dismay who fell to the floor, who was now moving around, trying to steal a bagel from someone. I was a bit shocked so I could only muster "I'll think about it..." She smiles and says "Alright, fair enough. Anyway, we got a couple hours of train, tell me a bit about yourself." So we just talked for awhile... Me saying stupidly I'm from Opelucid town in Unova... Obviously! But little did I know I would not be returning to my home town... Nor region. I probably should've been made quite aware that the man with the bagel was acting suspicious... But I guess everything, even train rides, have to end with a bang. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wow that was a long post.... Anyway! I hope you'll join me again, for the start of Sages adventure.
  17. Ladies and gentlemen! I hereby present you the thread to my newest run - one themed a nostalgia run. Like probably most of us, I grew up during the early generations of Pokemon, my first games being the blue version and the gold version. On the latter, I reached my first milestones, the most notable being getting my first Pokemon to level 100. It was my old friend Typhlosion. Now going into the details of every milestone and all the fun I had during the first two generations of Pokemon would be too much to cover in this post. I was still heavily involved when Pokemon Ruby came around, and that was probably the first game where I really got into trying to complete that Pokedex as far as possible, trading the get what was exclusive to Sapphire or Fire Red/Leaf Green. And I did it. (As far as it was possible without cheating) After that, things got a bit slow, and while I still enjoyed Diamond and Pearl and played the 5th generation as well, those and the following ones just weren't the same. (Actually, I haven't played S/M or US/UM at all) And I'm not really a fan of Arceus and all the hype around it (#TeamMew - although Lugia is my favorite legendary) And as the nostalgia hit me some time ago, I decided that I was gonna do a run on Reborn to remember and honor that time. Obviously, there are rules to this run: I believe I have covered the essentials. At this point, this run is still in the "set-up" phase. Uni is very time-intensive right now and I want to make this an experience all of you can follow and enjoy with me properly, therefore it will take some time to get things started. However, there is something you can do to take part in this before the run has even started. Initially I had planned on choosing Cyndaquil as my starter (for obvious reasons) and just going from there. Things changed a bit when I just managed to breed a shiny Cyndaquil - the first shiny I've EVER bred. Even though I'm not sure what I think about shiny Typhlosion yet (mainly because the pictures I found of it don't match the sprite it has now - I believe it's shiny form was changed at least one or two times), I will use that one. That being said, I will still have to choose a starter at the beginning of the game, therefore I have created a poll for you to vote. Yours truly, MRC (also, I apologise for any mistakes in advance as English isn't my mother tongue)
  18. Filthy Casual

    Choose my Team: Desolation Edition

    That's right! I got bored and decided to do another playthrough! This time, however, I'm going to be playing a randomizer run of Desolation! However, unlike the last few runs, I'm not going to be using Temere this time! There are a few rules I have to this run. First, I'm only allowed to use Pokemon you suggest to me. This means I must nickname them with the corresponding name. Finally, all actions I decide within the game are decided by you, the player. You must tell me whether or not I should max out affinity, do certain side quests, etc. As such here are the first few questions: 1) Who should we be kind to? 2) What should our character be named? How about the gender? 3) What should our starter Pokemon be, including the nickname? It's up to you!
  19. Dartu-san

    Dart's Normal Monotype Run

    Greetings everyone! With the recent release of Episode 17 of Pokémon Reborn, with all the Alola flair that has been added to the mix, I decided I wanted to start anew and what a better way to do this than with a challenge run. Now while I have played a fair share of Reborn before I have actually never completed an entire run and in order to fix this I will share with you readers my first complete experience of this game (I just recently joined the community even if I had been following part of it from the shadows, but that's beside the point xD). Anyway, as with any run of this kind I will attempt to clear this game using only Pokémon that are of the Normal Type (either pure or dual) for all the important story related battles, with the only exception being to breed, hunt for specific items or Pokémon (since I want this to be a complete run I'll also try to catch as many Pokémon I can to fill up dat Dex and make 'ol Oak proud). As a side note I will make a few references here and there to the popular series Danganronpa, which as a few of you might have already noticed by this point is something I enjoy quite a lot :D. I might also quote or reference other animes or franchises, but I'll think about that as I go. With that out of the way I will now officially start this story. Prologue: Hope and ThisBear The Protagonist that shall star in this adventure is Stanley (named after the word Standard). He's your average guy who usually keeps a low profile as to not get himself any unwanted attention and to stay away from trouble in general (which I'm guessing he won't be able to for long anyway). Before moving on I'd like to give a huge shout out to the wonderful people from the Request-A-Mon Thread (Looking at you @walpurgis) who made this run possible by giving me the two central members of my team. This here is Starly: It has been with Stanley pretty much since it hatched from its egg back in his home region. He's Jolly nature and comes with the special move Double-Edge (which packs a punch but I'm pretty such a 'life-risking tackle' can't be good for such a small developing bird). The one other Pokémon that Stanley brought with him to the Reborn region will be mentioned shortly since it has a pretty unique story on its own. It was a normal day just like any other and our hero was getting ready to leave his school and go home, when suddenly the intercom sounded: "Attention. The student Stanley Johnson is requested at the Principal's office." He wandered what this was about. He hadn't done anything that could get him in trouble as per usual, so he just grabbed his backpack and walked in the office's direction. There he was asked to sit down and then the Principal turned to him and said: "Listen Stanley, I have called you because there is something I must communicate to you. You have been chosen by the School's Committee via a random draft to leave this school and travel to the faraway region of Reborn. It is a wonderful opportunity to improve yourself as a trainer, see other places and meet new people. Hmm, yes... I would even go as far as to say you are our Luckiest student to have been selected like this, it's almost like a talent really!" With that and a few more parting words he bid Stanley farewell and wished him luck on his challenge to come. Still a bit dazzled with this turn of events our protagonist went home to share the news with his parents. They were pretty pleased with this and thought it would be the perfect setup for their son to finally stand up from the crow and make a name for himself (which was by no means his intention). He replied with: "Mom, Dad, we've talked about this before...I use Normal types for a reason. I just want to be myself and live life at my own pace. I don't need recognition from others to be happy you know, since you guys were always there for me for that". They all hugged and Stanley then went to gather up his things to get ready for the trip next day. On the next morning he left his house early with his next destination in mind, the train station. Even though Reborn as quite far away from his region, arrangements were made so he could make the trip by train. On his way there he bumped on a tall and attractive young lady. She had long blonde long hair and piercing blue eyes which immediately crossed Stanley's as they passed by each other. He apologized and was going to keep walking, but she grabbed his shoulder and said to him: "You! You are the one from the news, aren't you? The kid who won the draft and is going to travel to the Reborn Region to challenge its League!" He nodded, and she kept talking, clearly excited (almost abnormally so): "Ah yes! Reborn. Such a beautiful place. Well it was anyway. Seems like a recent traaaagic and awful event shook the entire region on its core. It certainly isn't looking that pretty nowadays from what I've heard. Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Just thinking about it gets my blood pumping! All the destruction, the pain they must have felt seeing their loved ones’ parish under the rubble, their hopes for a normal and peaceful future crushed under such anguish! Ah such beautiful des...Oh anyway, here, take this bear!" She reached for a Pokéball (from her... chest!?) and extended it to Stanley: "Take it, this little guy will help you out on your quest. You'll need all the help you can get since there are many strong trainers still looking for a purpose on those desolate lands. He has a bit of a... personality, but you'll see that it will serve you well. Now good luck on your travels byeeee~!" She left as quickly as she had appeared out of nowhere. Our hero was slightly creeped out by this odd character, but he could tell there was more to her than what her looks suggested. Still she had a point. He had heard beforehand that Reborn as different from every other known region. All their Gym Leaders were absurdly strong, packing full teams and fighting in special arenas which almost looked like they were costumed tailored to their fighting styles. What wrong could an extra team member be? He opened the Pokéball just before entering the station and there it was: A strange black and white Stufful who had a faint red glow on his eyes. It certainly looked a bit unusual even among its species which was known for its violent behavior despite its cutesy exterior. This Adamant little bear proved itself to be strong right off the bat though, being able to envelop its small paws with an icy cold breeze. How the little one could punch like that was a mystery, but nonetheless it was still a Normal Type Pokémon, which was good in Stanley's book. And with that he put his new partner back into its Pokéball, took out his ticked and prepared to board the train. Five others were waiting, just like him, but only brief changes of words were made and they all entered and got on their seats, unbeknownst to the fact that this trip would be everything except... NORMAL (tuduuuuuuuuh). Well guys I hope you had a good read with what I've come with for this introduction. Feel free to leave any feedback as to whether or not you would like for me to keep giving my outlook on the events of the story as they happen besides just listing my progresses on the Reborn League Challenge. That is all for now guys and gals but expect the first Chapter soon! After that I'm afraid that the progress I'll make during this month will be kinda slow because of some external stuff but don't let that concern you. Cheers and see you soon!
  20. Hello everyone! Tis I, J-Awesome_One! And yes. I'm doing another normal playthrough of Pokémon Full Moon. Some of you may know that I did something like this sometime last year but I realized that doing screenshots and saying something long about a segment of that part of the game just wasn't for me. So I'm scrapping that 1 and going to do a new 1 on this thread but this time with videos! And under the videos, I will make bulleted points about some of the events that happen in the video. Anything from the looks of the areas I've been to the dialogues to the looks of the characters, etc etc. Aaannnddd I guess I was lying about this being a normal playthrough. I'm gonna use Pokémon that I think the main character would use. Btw, anyone that knows this game that remembers where certain Pokémon are, help would be really appreciated. Just let me know if you want/can help and I'll tell you the mons and blah blah blah. So are you guys ready? I sure am! Let's go on Luna's adventure!
  21. A THIEF, REBORN Or, Kaito is an Idiot and Here's Why Well, here's a concept I've tried (several times) but never really cataloged, but here I am doing it now. If you've ever heard of that one unknown, totally vague, unpopular, never heard of manga series known as Detective Conan (that was a joke, by the way), then you may have heard about its less popular, older yet shorter counterpart known as Magic Kaito, about the phantom thief known as Kaitou KID. If you have, then this will be something like an IC playthrough/fanfic through the eyes of the gentleman thief Kaitou KID- or rather, his civilian counterpart Kaito Kuroba. Of course, there's some things changed since he doesn't exactly exist in the Pokemon universe, but the basics stay the same. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, then don't worry and just treat this like a normal themed playthrough because everything you need to know will be explained within this prologue! In fact, if you really want to, you can just treat him like a regular OC player character (but if you don't want to and instead want to look up his source material, be my guest). For now, those twelve shown are going to be the rotation 'mon, with one change: if y'all are interested in my playthrough, I want y'all to pick one 'mon for me to kick from the Squad. Whether they suck and you want to make it easier for me, they're good and you want to make it harder for me, or for whatever reason you just want to see what the playthrough is like without that particular Pokemon on the team, now's your chance to speak up or forever hold your peace. That will also bring the rotation down from 12 to 11- and be plot relevant! That Pokemon will become unusable and, for plot purposes, completely gone from the team for the foreseeable future, unless something drastic happens. If there's no preference from y'all, I'll just RNG it. (Also, if this thread gets enough participation, that may not be the last time I ask you guys to decide something for me- after all, I sure do love screwing myself over.) Other than that, if you have any comments/critiques, I'd love to hear them! Sidenotes/Credits: Pokemon generated with the Pokemon Reborn Sandbox Mode available in the Mod Market. Icons from the official Magic Kaito manga, made by Raifuujin on Tumblr.
  22. Hi all, in this thread I intend to document my attempt at a mono Steel Type run. We'll see how this goes... Table of Contents Chapter 1: A Modest Beginning Firstly, the hero of our story: And the starter pokemon. It was a simple choice. With barely time to meet each other, the two of us are challenged by Cain We went into battle confident We were then challenged by Victoria Apparently we still lack both strength and stamina, but that will soon change! With an assist from Bidoof -> Bibarel, we meet 2 new team members: Our numbers now at three, we go to face our first real challenge, Fern Vs. Swag Jockey Fern Turns out I didn't need the rest of my bug Steel based team for this guy. Piplup already redeemed herself! And, she evolves after this battle: We get contracted into raiding the factory. I try to train Pineco and Burmy here, but the Team Meteor grunts use a lot of Rock types, which I (ironically) have trouble beating right now without Prinplup. Eventually we come get to the control room. Cue the next battle: Vs. Meteor Grunts Aster & Eclipse Our performance against Elekid was not inspiring with regard to the upcoming gym battle...Nonetheless, this is a victory against the still mysterious Team Meteor, even if ??? basically let us go. With that out of the way, we can get back to our journey. To the first Gym! Vs. Cheer Captain Julia The first 2 attempts saw my team being Sonicboomed into oblivion. It became essential to have more than 40 hp on Pineco/Burmy so they had a shot at beating the Voltorbs. Victoria is waiting to tell us about the plant fiasco in Obsidia Ward. Clearly, we're going to need more help to solve this. Luckily, helping out the stranded hiker dude nets us this pretty: Already the second mon with Sturdy. I'll be seeing a lot of that it seems. The team so far: Notable statistics of this chapter: Badges: 1 Steel type pokemon: 0/4 Bug type pokemon: 2/4 Maybe someday we'll look like a real type specialist, but that day is not today That's all for now, tune in next time if you wish. I hope this becomes entertaining for someone - I expect the hardest battles are still to come (obviously) -Dav
  23. After, finally, finishing E16 I decided to start a new save and to give me some form of challenge. As the Title suggests, I decided to start a Grass Mono-run. Why grass? Well, it is one of my favourite types and with the many weaknesses it has should give me a nice challenge throughout the game. The rules for this run are easy: only grass types, and those that eventually become one, are allowed for trainer and major battles. Pictures and batles will be generally put in spoilers. Chapter I: A Journey Begins First things first, the protagonist. I decided to pick one of the two females and took the one I thought would like grass types more. Now, the starter. At first, I considered choosing Snivy cause Contrary-Leasf Storm fun, but choose another one for a bit more coverage. After we got our starter, the obligatory test-your-Pokemon battles begin. In a first battle against Cain we defeat his Nidoran after multiple Tackles, just to do the same with Victoria and her Tepig. Nothing interesting, so I took no Screenshots. Moving on, the registration is done and we are given some goodies for our adventure. While exploring the Opal and Peridot Ward, Spike easily takes care of the trainers and quickly gathers experience. After picking up the Rose Incense, it's time to recruit the first two new team members. The third one has to wait, because I did not receive Zigzagoon, but more about this topic later on. A few fights and training sessions later, we finally reach the first tough battle. Time to face the nice and well-loved Fern not. VS Swag Jockey Fern All in all, this fight was not very challenging, it just took a while. Spike would be faster, but my Cherubi needed more EP. Before he goes he just prooves to be an ass and talks about meeting others at another factory. After the battle I thought about Julia and decided I felt uncomfortable with just a team of 3. So, as I was not willing to train a Bidoof until it learns Headbutt, I used my Laptop and PC and transferred a Zigzagoon over from my main file to headbutt some trees. Quicker than to wait for somebody else to trade, I guess. The new member: So, while training Coco, the first evolution happened, yay! Some extra power for the coming battles. Now, after a bit of progressing, we are invited to join Julia and some of her friends to raid a factory. More specifically, a Team Meteor base. Everybody who knows the game knows that we have to team up with our facourite character Fern. While I usually enjoy such passages, Fern prooved to be fairly useless. Or rather, my shield. For some reason, the AI loved to attack Fern. Even when having a type advantage against me, they still attacked him. Looks like I'm not the only one who likes to bully him. After a few encounters and an almost-boom later, we reach the one's in charge. A man with hidden identity who battles the two gym leaders, and Eclipse and Aster who attack Fern and myself. Battle VS Meteor Grunts Aster & Eclipse I'd love to show you more, but I needed to do a second try which I forgot to screenshot. Whoops. Anyway, I used Spike and Fern was kind enough to shield him. The only succesful move Fern managed to use was a Growth on his Budew, while Magby made sure to damage him with Fire Spin/Ember and Elekid with Swift/Shock Wave. I relied on Rollout to take out Magby first. The first hit did deal roughly half HP damage and made them waste their Potion. A crit finished Magby off in my second round. Finally, I hoped the third round of Rollout would take out Elekid... but it missed. Elekid took out Fern's Lotad and Spike & Snivy teamed up. I defeated the Elekid with Bite and a Vine Whip, while Elekid defeated Snivy. So much about Fern's arrogance. Anyway, after the battle is one, the mysterious man is not willing to fight four opponents and leaves. Afterwards, we go and Julia kabooms destroys the factory. Before Julia, I did some more training... Now, time for the first gym challange. Battle VS Cheer Captain Julia As I said, i probably trained too much to have a real challenge. Victory in my first try. With the first Badge the level cap rises to 25 and get the TM for Charge Beam. While do like this move as such, it is pretty useless for my run. After leaving the Gym, we meet Victoria who talks about problems in the Onyx Ward. I guess you all now what this means? Anyway, that's it for today. I'll post more when I have some more time to write my progress down.
  24. Table of Contents: Chapter 1: Introduction and poisonous rules! (Current Chapter) Chapter 2: Poison in its natural habitat [vs Julia] Chapter 3: Through Grass and... Desert?! [vs Florinia] Chapter 4: Revelations and Poison clashes! [vs Corey] Chapter 5: Gym Leaders are easy... What about the others though?! [vs Shelly] Chapter 6: Rivals, trick cyclists and... omens! [vs Shade] Chapter 7: Volcano or beach? [vs Kiki] Chapter 8: Dragonslayers and Poison overload! [vs Aya] Chapter 9: Destiny cannot be evaded! [vs Serra] Chapter 10: Return to normality! [vs Noel] Chapter 11: Strengthen your mind... Om...... [vs Radomus] Chapter 12: Cultists, gangs and a Dark Dreamer! [vs Luna] Chapter 13: I hate clowns. [vs Samson] Chapter 14: I hate barbeques. [vs Charlotte] Chapter 15: Snow White and antivirus system installation. [vs Terra] Chapter 16: So much suspense! [vs Ciel] Chapter 17: In the end... [vs Adrienn] Chapter 18: Death is only the beginning [vs Titania] Chapter 19: Love and Sorrow [vs Amaria] CHAPTER 1: Introduction and poisonous rules! Alright! How do I start? Well, from the beginning, I guess! Welcome everyone! I'm Jess, some of you know me from my Bug Monotype playthrough of Reborn and some of you don't know me at all (just a handful of people don't know me). In this topic, I will do yet another monotype run of Pokemon Reborn, a Poison Monotype! No bets with friends force me to do it this time, I just want to do it! Firstly, because I like Poison types. Yes, I have a thing for underrated Pokemon with designs that most consider awful. Also, in my three previous playthroughs (Original, Shiny and Bug Monorun), I've caught many shiny Poison types that I just had to get boxed with misty eyes, for various reasons. Either my team was already full, either the Poison type spot was already covered, or I just couldn't be a$$ed to train another pokemon at that moment! So, I thought to myself, why not trade them to myself at a new playthrough and actually use them?! Additionally, I tend to feel guilty when my 'mons stay boxed... Especially when I had bred some 'mon, then I encounter a shiny version of it in wild, catch it and replace the initial member of my squad! This is another thing we will come to, as this is actually an introduction post! So... I decided my run should be an homage to Pokemon Rejuvenation character, Venam! So, my character will be a female, called Venam, and have her sprites replaced by Venam's sprites taken from the Rejuvenation folders! I'll have to never bike and fish during recording, and keep Surfing and Diving to a minimum due to the lack of those sprites, but who cares. Don't ask me why Venam would travel to Reborn City, maybe she wanted to meet her fellow punk enthusiast, Aya and wait for the beats to drop together! They could share their experiences of getting launched for a roof-piercing trip by their bossy mothers! Or she could try to seduce Cain and get him straight again. Or just catch new variations of shiny Grimers and Trubbishes in the filthy-as-hell Reborn shitty City! Ahhhh, but this isn't the point! The point is that Venam gets her new starter and some 'mons traded from me, her alter-ego in our demention. Ooops, dimension I mean. Poison already is taking its toll on my clarity. To avoid getting drowned by the hallucinogenics emitted from my mons, lets get to introductions! Character: Name: Venam Gender: Female In a final note before introducing the starting squad, some rules! 1) Every 'mon that I got traded will only be available for me to use AFTER the location where I can rightfully acquire it in-game is accessed (or the respective event is triggered and can be completed). 2) Because I'm Greek (and inspired by @Orasha, who uses Japanese-mythology themed names for every squad member), every Pokemon in my squad must be named after a monster/deity/person of the Greek mythology! So, without further ado... Our squad members after clearing the first casual fights vs Cain and Victoria quite easily are the following! Starter: Narcissus, the Bulbasaur (Male) Shiny: No Hardy/Chlorophyll Tackle Growl Leech Seed Name origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissus_(mythology) Traded in by my other save files: Typhon, the Trubbish (Male) Shiny: Yes Jolly/Aftermath Pound Poison Gas Recycle Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typhon Medea, the Grimer (Female) Shiny: Yes Timid/Sticky Hold Pound Poison Gas Harden Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medea Achlys, the Stunky (Female) Shiny: Yes Adamant/Aftermath Scratch Focus Energy Poison Gas Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Achlys, http://greekgoddesses.wikia.com/wiki/Achlys Cerastes, the Ekans (Female) Shiny: No Docile/Intimidate Wrap Leer Poison Sting Sucker Punch Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerastes Harpy, the Venonat (Female) Shiny: No Hardy/Compound Eyes Tackle Disable Foresight Giga Drain Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harpy Charybdis, the Tentacool (Male) Shiny: Yes Relaxed/Liquid Ooze Poison Sting Supersonic Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charybdis Dryad, the Bellsprout (Female) Shiny: Yes Lonely/Gluttony Vine Whip Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dryad Myrmidon, the Skorupi (Male) Shiny: Yes Quirky/Keen Eye Knock Off Leer Poison Sting Bite Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myrmidons So, here they are! Starter and old-familiar faces (to me) which I was sad to box and will now reclaim their rightful position in a squad! And, of course, the links with their name explanations, as I don't expect from all my readers to know every tiny detail about Greek mythology! And so, the journey begins... Feel free to join, give me feedback, and as always... Till the next chapter, enjoy everyone!