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  1. Here we are guys. Here. We. Are. We are finally here. Our adventure through the Reborn Region has begun today. I'm so excited for this and apparently a lot of you are too. Only a couple of things to announce. Whenever I catch a Pokemon in the episode, I will tag you just in case you wanna see it. Hopefully this won't be annoying. And the only other thing I have to say is... vote for what I should do. Like I said, this is our adventure. Not just mine. Please choose which ever your little hearts desire. So let's get this show on the road shall we! (Btw if I miss choices, please let me know so I can put it in. Thank you!)
  2. Still on-going: Answer-to-Win a shiny spiritomb~ ~EPISODES LIST~ ★SEASON ONE★ ★SEASON TWO★ ★SPIN-OFFS★ A. Pikachu's story Part 1 of 2 ~APRIL FOOLS 2018~ ~INTRODUCTION~ ~ORIGINAL POST~
  3. Hello I'm doing this here because this a Reborn run. Seems appropriate to make a topic on the Reborn forums. This is basically a play through of E17 . I go into more detail on the Nuzlocke forums, so I'll give you the link below. Thank you for checking this out, and I hope you return when the run kicks off in the new year. Link
  4. Here's the deal. When Pokemon Reborn E18 comes out for Public release, I'm gonna be doing a playthrough of it. But here's the catch. I'm only gonna use the Pokemon that are your guy's favorites. So it's simple. Just tell me your favorite Pokemon below. Also, tell me if you want me to nickname the Pokemon after you or whatever you usually name it yourself. Thanks to everyone who participates in this! Btw, I'm also gonna use my favorite Pokemon as well which is Arbok. For anyone new here, I'll list all the Pokemon that have already been chosen here so you don't have to check every post to see if your fav has been chosen or not. 1. Arbok 2. Spiritomb 3. Absol 4. Bewear 5. Gardevoir 6. Roserade 7. Porygon Z 8. Camerupt 9. Garchomp 10. Vaporeon 11. Torterra 12. Wigglytuff 13. Lopunny 14. Hydreigon 15. Venusaur 16. Dragalge 17. Altaria 18. Froslass 19. Ludicolo 20. Sylveon 21. Klinklang 22. Tyranitar 23. Cherrim 24. Honchcrow 25. Shuckle 26. A. Ninetales 27. Silvally 28. Arcanine 29. Ninetales 30. Kricketune 31. Goodra 32. Araquanid 33. Quagsire 34. Kommo-o 35. Poiple 36. Walrein 37. Chandelure 38. Mamoswine 39. Salamence 40. Jolteon 41. Electivire 42. Swampert 43. Lucario 44. Nidoking 45. Crobat 46. Zoroark 47. Sawsbuck 48. Swalot 49. Delcatty 50. Lycanroc Dusk 51. Slaking
  5. Before I say anything, I think this is the correct place to post this. It's basically a continuation of another thread I made a year ago. Anyways, HI! What's up? It be me, J-Awesome_One! This is basically a continuation voting poll part of the original thread. (Which I will post at the end of this) Now you may look at this poll and be like "Well what the heck? The options are only Option #1, Option #2, etc." and you're correct. You're voting something completely blind but I know what it is. The options here are what Bonnie will catch when I finally do my written story of her in Reborn. Originally, I did add this question on the original poll but... Idk. It just felt weird to add a question to a thread I made a year ago. So I scrapped it from there and am doing it here. So enjoy and here's the thread this is made for. Before I forget, I'll close the poll here when I start the run. Enjoy! I forgot to mention that each Option has 3 Pokemon within them. So Option #1 has 3 Pokemon, Option #2 has 3 Pokemon and so on and so forth.
  6. Table of Contents: Chapter 1: Introduction and first badge! [vs Julia] (Current Chapter) Chapter 2: I don't like Reborn's flora! Fern included... [vs Florinia] Chapter 3: PULSEs, revelations and Buzzes... [vs Shelly] CHAPTER 1: Introduction and first badge! Hello everynyan! Seeing how my runs had started prior to the release of E17, and the introduction of the improved AI< I wondered if I was "gud enuff" to defeat the game in Set instead of Shift, with a type not many like (maybe excluding @Zargerth and @Kabs). Don't expect to see much commentary and story coverage, since I've covered the plot in my two previous monotypes! Expect however to see video coverage of the battles and movesets/strategy explanations! So... Our hero! Character: Name: Regulus Gender: Male Regulus derives from "regular", which means "Normal". It also sounds badass and has some magical innuendos going due to Harry Potter. I like it. So, every run has a starter. But, there is no Normal type starter so far. So, of course, I would allow myself one. So, I thought, Grass, Water, or Fire? Bibarel and Litleo are available early, while the absolute best when it comes to design, Deerling (I won't accept any opposing opinions on this, Sawsbuck is pretty much one of the best mons design and concept-wise, if not THE best), isn't. So, since Deerling is also my favourite 'mon, I gave myself one I had caught in a previous run of mine and never had the chance to use. Starter: Vivaldi, the Deerling (Male) Shiny: Yes Gentle/Chlorophyll Tackle Growl Camouflage Soon, I started exploring and, in the process, I also caught some more 'mons to get my team stronger. 1. Pokemon Reborn Normal Monotype: We need to restore normality! It wasn't tough, since Normal types are abundant early on. Meet them! After that, I also went to face Fern at the Mosswater Factory. Unprepared and underlevelled. It was fun though. Vivaldi took care of Budew and Sandile quite easily. All the other team could barely handle Rowlet, by Growling, Charming and Baby-Doll Eye'ing it, till its Attack was non-existant. You could say that I'm practising for future battles with level disadvantage (staring at you, Solaris). VS FERN (BONUS: MOSSWATER FACTORY RAID-ASTER & ECLIPSE) 2. Pokemon Reborn Normal Monotype: Fern and Mosswater Factory! After the Meteors in Mosswater Factory were taken care with, and we had also met in total Julia, Florinia and Fern, it was time to win a Badge. VS JULIA (VOLT BADGE) The squad that faced Julia was: 3. Pokemon Reborn Normal Monotype: Gym Battle vs Julia [1st (Volt) Badge] It was quite an easy fight overall. O'Malley, the Meowth handled the Minun easily, Goofy, the Bibarel then took out the Alolan Geodude, the Voltorb and the Plusle, and also managed to put a dent on Oricorio. Who knew that a Water type would be that useful in an Electric Gym! Fury, the Rattata finished off Oricorio, before going down to Electrode and my ace, Vivaldi, the Deerling Leech Seed'ed and stalled out the mighty exploding ball. A new movie titled "My Ace is stronger than yours", premieres tonight. Well, with one Potion necessary. But who cares! The 1st Badge (named Volt badge, fitting), is mine. And the TM for Charge Beam. Maybe it will be useful on Bibarel. Maybe not. We'll see. Next time, we will go storm Obsidia Ward and save peepos from wild plants! Victoria led the way! Enjoy everyone Leave comments, likes, dislikes, w/e below. You know the drill! xD
  7. Hey everyone! It is I, Awesome_One here! I’m excited to tell you the dangerous adventure that someone we all know from Pokemon will be going on. You know, X & Y has to be 1 of the best Pokemon Series out there. The cool story. The bad ass scenes. And of course, our beloved main characters: Ash, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie. We all know that Ash took his adventures to a new region called the Alola Region. Serena decided to journey to the Hoenn Region. And Clemont had gone back to Lumiose City to continue being the Electric Type Gym Leader as well as continuing to being an inventor. But Bonnie… She just went home with her brother. “Whatever happened to her?” you might ponder. Well luckily, I can fill you in. But before I can tell the story, I have to go over what’s been happening with Bonnie over the past 4 years. So enjoy, relax and lets see what she’s been up to. Prologue Part 1 - Worried Big Brother Prologue Part 2 - Espurr: Forgotten Remembrance Prologue Part 3 - Flabebe: A Reason To Smile Prologue Part 4 - Lapras: 1 Girl Defense Force Prologue Part 5 - Tyrantrum: New Family Bonding Prologue Part 6 - Phantump - Too Shiny Popular Prologue Part 7 - Mystery Destination Selected! So this is how her adventure begins ladies and gentlemen. She’s now 12 years old, has a full team of Pokemon that she had befriended years ago and will be headed to the Reborn Region. How will her adventure pan out? Stay tuned and find out next time! Current Team
  8. J-Awesome_One

    Pokemon Full Moon Reaction Run

    "Mumble mumble mumble" Hmm? Ohh. A camera! Well... a camera app on my laptop but a camera nonetheless! Hi everyone! It's me! J-Awesome-One! You all ready to have some fun? I know I am! Let's just hope murder doesn't happen in this series!… Wow… I brought down the mood with that didn't I? Ohh well. Cue the music for this 1st chapter of the 1st season as well as the title card! Despite this only being an introduction and not really diving into the game yet and also not relating to anything in this... It still sounds epic. Shut up! So as I've said before, I'm J-Awesome-One and I'm... I'm... What the fuck...? Umm... Ahh yes. Now I remember. Those 1st 3 pics I took were over my parents house. And right now, I'm over my gramps house. And I also took a shower... You all believe that right? Ok. Good. So expect good lighting in some of these and the others... Horrible lighting. So I'll be doing a normal run of Pokemon Full Moon. Except now you'll be seeing a lot more lovely pics of this beautiful face. It's cute, right?... Right?... RIGHT?! Jesus Christ. That even scared me. I don't think that's a good thing though. Anyways, back on topic. Normal playthrough of Pokemon Full Moon with reaction pics. Now I have played this game before but it's been so long since the last time, it's basically a blind... Semi-blind... a "I somewhat know where to go and what to do but I don't remember what people say in this game" run. But in this game, you don't play as yourself. You play as a teenaged girl named Luna. No. Not from Reborn. So, I'd like to introduce you all to LUNA! Hey there Luna. How are you doing today? Yep! And I'm excited for it. Aren't you?! Fucking bitchy ass cu- Nothing! Nothing! I was about to say nothing! Holy moly you're loud as fuck! I'm glad you wanna know. So 1st of all, I'm gonna be in control of your actions and- Well I'm gonna control where you run to, who you talk to, whether to do good things or bad things. You know? Stuff like that. It's happening whether you like it or not. So shush! Anyways, as I was going to say before being SO rudely interrupted, I will also decide what she uses on her team. And unlike all my other runs, I'll prob have more than a 6 mon team going on he- Don't care. But anyways, that's really all I have to tell you on how this whole adventure is gonna go. Any questions from you Luna? Bye Luna! See you soon! Can't wait to be best buddies! Well, that was all I really had planned for this little intro thing. Ohh. I would like to say this though. With how many times I had to take and also retake pics of me took a lot of time but it was worth it. I had fun. But I am just saying this as a warning. This is probably not gonna be an everyday thing. I'll try to aim for at least once a week thing. Probably multiple if I feel like it. Umm... I think that's all I needed to say. I hope you all enjoy this when I officially start it sometime this week. Hell. I might stay up later than usual to at least have a new 1 up tonight. But anyways... Bye everyone! See you all next time! Phew. I'm glad that's over with. Man my back's killing me. I gotta stretch. Ummm... What are you all still doing here? Didn't I say like bye and all that? What? You want more right now still? But I already told you all what I was doing? What more can I do right now? Ugh... Fiiiiiine. I'll go for a little more. I suppose I can talk about how this run came to mind. And it's all thanks to this glorious bastard right here. @DerogatoryTrainer This dude is so freaking funny with his Reborn and Rejuvenation Reactionlockes. (FYI, mine is not gonna be a nuzlocke.) I swear to Arceus though that he's so funny that he made me cough up all 3 of my lungs. The doctors were also surprised I had 3 lungs but they were successful in putting them back into their original places. Although, now I owe the hospital $300. And yes. That is a surprisingly cheap bill for something so life threatening. But I am also cheap and also don't think that it was my fault so Mr. DerogatoryTrainer... Pay up the $300 soon... Naw. I'm just kidding. But he's really good at what he does. I'll even put a link down to his stuff so you all can get there faster. I know. I'm such a nice guy for doing that. But anyways, that'll be the end of this post for now. Bye everyone! DerogatoryTrainer - Pokemon Reborn - The Terribly Titled Reaction-Locke http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/single/?p=9378681&amp;t=9249876 Derogatory Trainer - Pokemon Rejuvenation - A Terribly Titled Nuzlocke http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/single/?p=9482386&amp;t=9293069
  9. New playthrough! Yea! This 1 is Pokemon Spork but this has a twist to it. It's a Multi-Header Only Run. Now, if you didn't see my post from last night, don't worry. I'll explain here. A Multi-Header Only Run is where I can only use Pokemon that have 2 heads or more/use a Pokemon that evolves into a Pokemon that has 2 heads or more. So there you go. Now! Hope you all have a fun time watching these videos!
  10. I totally forgot to upload the Insurgence videos I already put up on YouTube sooo… I'm gonna put them here now. And any new ones I put up will be put onto here as well. Because I promised you all.
  11. You ever wondered what it would be like to witness a total moron (me) play a game they've never played before, on the highest difficulty? No? Well, you're about to find out. Not only am I doing that, I'm also modding in my starter. It's not funny enough to see a basic starter, so we're gonna roll with the extreme! I'm going to be using a Groudon. Because nothing says 'player character' like a Groudon stomping all over Starlys. "But Revan, won't this ruin the challenge?" Nope! Considering I'm utterly in the dark about this game (don't even know what it's about), and the fact that I suck at.... just about everything, it's gonna be an adventure. Reply with good Groudon names. I was thinking Earl, after my greedy landlord... HAHA! Get it? Landlord? Cause... you know... Groudon?
  12. Hi-ho fellow Reborn players. Or something. Seeing as how this game will probably have me swapping mons a lot as it gets further in, I figured it might be fun to document the team after winning important battles, maybe write about them if they were interesting. That said, I'm currently in the Beryl ward, so the first couple will be posthumous. Or something. Oh, and my naming scheme is Power Rangers Pengu Force. Definitely. Gym 1 Team: Pengu Johnny Pengu Heart Pengu Purple Pengu Yellow Pengu Splash This one was relatively uneventful, with the caveat that Zigzagoon's Mud Sport (that I hoped would just weaken attacks) destroyed her gimmick! After that, Joltik and Grimer were able to clean up until Electrode, which I managed to poison and stall out. Gave a pretty good idea of what to expect going forward, such as reasonable pokemon levels *cough* Insurgence *cough* Gym 2 Team: Pengu Johnny Pengu Heart Pengu Purple Pengu Yellow Pengu Shine Compared to the first gym, this was incredibly tense. I had no idea what the desert did going in, but it ended up helping me more than her. Pengu Heart stole the show once again with a powered up Pin Missile and double-power Sand Attack. It was smooth sailing until the Ferroseed, whose Telluric Seed made it nigh unkillable until I scored a lucky crit with Purple's Mud Bob. Following that, Yellow managed to Thunder Wave the Breloom before going down, which allowed Delcatty to Zen Headbutt Paraflinch the thing. In the end, however, that Cradilly was the real monster. I was running low on potions, and was completely reliant on maxing his accuracy debuff and praying the Prinplup got Metal Claw attack boosts. After about 15 minutes, it ran out of recovers and went down once and for all. This may have been the single most intense gym battle I've had in a non-nuzlocke, I was full clench the entire time. Definitely way more attached to this Linoone than I thought though, figured I'd dump it past the first gym but it keeps coming through! Assuming this isn't the wrong board or something I'll probably keep posting after gym battles, it's pretty fun to recount these intense battles!
  13. J-Awesome_One

    Time Travel! Pokemon Clockwork!

    So this is where I shall be posting my videos of my Pokemon Clockwork playthrough. I'll give my thoughts and stuff on the episode and then well yea. If any of you wanna ask me something, feel free to do so. I love answering questions!
  14. So after 5 years of watching videos on the game, I've decided to play it for myself. I have to say the intro is much improved compared to the past, I like method of presenting the player character choices as passengers on a train. I felt a little bad when I made a choice because I'd basically consigned 5 people to die no matter what. My starter for the run is Totodile, who nicknamed Nile. Feraligatr is one of my favorite Pokemon, and I can't wait to use him to take a bite out of Team Meteor. I've made my my way to the Peridot ward with Nile, Commander (my Ekans), Lightning (the Pachirisu I saved from jackasses trying to drown her), Velvet (Espurr), and finally Violin (my Kricketune). Reading through Derogatory Trainer's playthrough made me want to try Kricketune as well (RIP Sickle) so I'm gonna give her a shot. She's even Adamant nature with Technician Fury Cutter. I'm going to tear Fern to shreds, it'll be fun.
  15. Gnarlier! Also a Poison Mono: Introduction This monorun will be drastically different than my others. I figured I'd tell it from my character's point of view, with a little bit of my commentary (Example of my commentary here. It will be done like this.) I'll be using the choose your starter mod, as well as the TM mod. Link here: http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/24930-swm-modular-modpack-e171/ I will be choosing Croagunk. Hope you all enjoy, and it's good to be back.
  16. Table of Contents: Chapter 1: Introduction to the run and rules! [Current Chapter] Chapter 2: Lengthy game introduction! Chapter 3: Lengthy cruise! (aka "Do I ever get a Pokemon in this game?") Chapter 4: Gearen City startings - Picking a starter! Chapter 5: Gearen City-exploring (and stuff)! Chapter 6: Help Centre initiation and the Garbage Crew! Chapter 7: A Heavenly day turns into Hell! Chapter 8: Queen Beaver goes ham! [vs Venam] Chapter 9: Getting sidetracked to oblivion! Chapter 10: Despair returns... Chapter 11: A new hope! Chapter 12: In the search for purity! Chapter 13: Beneath the veil of serenity... [vs Keta] Chapter 14: Shattered psyche CHAPTER 1: Introduction to the run and rules! Turns out I am addicted to giving challenges to myself... And more difficult ones every time. So, after finishing two Pokemon Reborn monotypes (Bug and Poison) and sharing them with the community in the Forums, I decided I needed a break from Reborn Region! So, I will probably wait for E17 to be released while I do... some other stuff! And the first one in my list is to (finally!) play Pokemon Rejuvenation! I've been wanting to do this for ages, but never actually did it, so it will be my first run of Rejuvenation. A blind run, if you want to call it this way. Well, semi-blind because I had watched playthroughs of Rejuvenation on Youtube, but that was ages ago, and before v9 (and Gen VII) was released. However, because doing things the easy way isn't my style, even though I will do this run in the Normal, Reborn-like difficulty, I will do a custom run! Many people in the Forums are familiar with Danganronpa. It is a Mystery/Crime Case Solving/Horror video game series and anime series, which is quite popular because of the interesting mix of mind manipulation, horror and crime-solving aspects of it. And my favourite character in it, is Gundham Tanaka. He is probably the best animal tamer in the world, with a specialty for rodents. His four hamsters, the "Four Dark Devas of Destruction" are cute as hell, and dangerous demons as he claims! Gundham has an extreme liking for the occult, Dark arts and, of course, in this playthrough, rodents! He can tame any kind of animal, but in the video games and the anime he has been shown to be the Master of his four hamsters, a pomeranian dog, and a bear. Below, you can see Gundham's appearance and even more below, his pets. So, long story short, this is what I will do myself! I will run through Rejuvenation using only Pokemon that Gundham would use! This means rodents, lagomorphs (scientific term for bunny-like animals), one dog and one bear of my choice! Everything else is out of the box! This creates a quite long list of Pokemon, most of which are extremely unimpressive, so this run will be extremely interesting! To myself at least . Also, for this run I will use (a lot) of screenshots, since I want to do a detailed run, and possibly add some gags with Photoshopped pics with Gundham and his Pokemon as they meet, bond, explore and have nice adventures! This is inspired by the amazing work that @DerogatoryTrainer has been doing with his Nuzlocke runs, which I recently discovered and enjoyed with my heart! However, I can't do the same 'cause shyness kills be everyday (), so Gundham will fill in for me! These screenshots will be accompanied by comments on the game, and I will try to add dialog to my main character, Gundham! I refuse to suppress such an strong personality by giving him a mute role, so my comments will make up for this! I will also upload the videos on Youtube and post the links at the end of every chapter, in order for you to see the battles with more detail, if you want to! Please note that I am a complete amateur when it comes to using Photoshop, but I will be doing my best! So, this run will be an educational experience for me, simultaneously! (and very time-consuming indeed ). Finally, for this run, I will use custom sprites of Gundham, made by a really talented and helpful guy, @ken1380! All credits for the sprites go to him, and a million "Thank you"s for his patience with my (absurd) demands, and his excellent work. Ame hire him ASAP, he's got a true talent in spriting. So, this post is only the introduction to the theme of the run and my inspiration/thank you list! In the next post, we will start making actual progress in Pokemon Rejuvenation! I hope you will join me in this journey, in the cross breeding (pun intended, Gundham is the "Ultimate Breeder". Get it? No? I will stop now) of two great games, Pokemon Rejuvenation and Danganronpa! Till then, enjoy everyone! Edit: If this isn't the correct place for this topic, feel free to ask from a Moderator to move it where it should be. I just wasn't sure, so I placed it under Team Showcase...
  17. Chapter 1: New Game New Story Welp, Here we are, Pokemon Spork. The reason the title says ''Half-Blind'' is due to the fact t hat i completed some parts of the game before this thread, but i sadly forgot to backup my save while i wiped my PC for personal purposes. This thread will help me reflect on my adventure and help me get the best out of this spectacular game! (Want to point this out real quick, this may not update too frequently as i'm playing through rejuv right now, thanks for being patient!) Anyways, let's get started So, when you start the game you find yourself in a dream, an adorable litwick comes to greet you and tells you that you're on a vacation with your sister! Time to pick a name, my keyboard had the amazing idea of VVVVVVV, but i decided to name myself Karma, which is a reference to a particular red headed maniac in a japanese anime. Spork has a VERY wide variety of starters to choose from.... and i mean the entire pokedex aside from legendaries! this is a fantastic idea as it doesn't limit the player to use 1 out of 3 mons to start with everytime, and allows pokemon found way later in the game normally to be obtained at the start. It also allows the picking of unique pokemon like seviper and heracross as starters. And just a heads up, i'll not be choosing or using any UBs as my starter, or overly used mons like aegislash. Alright let's see what we'll pick as our starter! After choosing our starter, litwick awakens us and our sister emily comes to greet us! she hands us the pokegear, running shoes, a bottle of freshwater for the journey, and challenges Karma to a pokemon battle! We were then told about the celios league, consisting of 18 gyms with ramping difficulty, we'll explore a bit of the hotel and see what adventure delivers! After we obtained our new team member, we decide to train a bit more before heading outside to Virima city! We want as much diversity as possible, so we decided to add more members onto the team! After we obtained a new member of the squad, we stumble across a bike shop, we obtained a free bicycle from the generous owner. And....... Erm. After the battle, we find another questionable person. And she challenges Karma, here we go... After our visit to the library, the gym opened! we'll train a bit before i enter the gym for my first badge! After i balanced out my levels, i enter the gym. First gym thoughts: The game is put together VERY well, the casual feeling of gameplay i only got when playing pokemon emerald, while giving the player freedom and creativity. The idea of choosing any mon as a starter is very well polished aside from a *Certain* Type of mons allowed. Otherwise, the level curve isn't too harsh, the battles feel casual and entertaining, i really recommend this game if you like the old school theme of pokemon. That ends chapter one, see you in chapter two of this playthrough!
  18. Alright. The poll has been done, the rules are up. Now the playthrough starts. Thanks to everyone who voted. For now, you are allowed to comment on this, but please be restrictive with it. I'm happy to read elaborate posts or feedback on here, but if it's several "small" comments (like for example: "This is gonna be interesting"/"Good work so far"/"You're shit"), please comment THERE instead. Chapter 1 - Aufbruchstimmung Alright, here I am. Off to a new adventure. I'm close to arriving in this new region. It's called Reborn. I don't know much about it, but I've heard it's quite the challenge. We're already driving through a desert, where I can see an Absol. Feels like it's staring at me. It's kinda unsettling, but I'm nervous anyways, so that's probably it. As I'm thinking about what the future will bring, a young woman comes over and starts talking to me. Something about her is... impressive. I can feel some kind of strength coming from her. As we're talking, she suddenly shouts "Watch out". After that, everything happens in an instant. Both of us make it out of that train, as it explodes in the station. Despite everything, that woman - her name is Ame - seems calm and tells me to go to the Grand Hall. Apparently she's working with the Reborn league and will offer me a Pokemon to start my journey with. This isn't exactly gonna be my first Pokemon though. I know that my beloved Cyndaquil has been transferred to me via PC. I can't wait to see my dear friend again, but for now, it's time to go to the Grand Hall. By the way, my name is MRC, just in case you wondered. I've come here alone to find something. I'm not quite sure what it is yet, but there's this restless feeling in my heart. I may have an idea what I'm looking for, but it's probably too soon to tell. Anyways, I've arrived at the Grand Hall and was greeted by a girl named Victoria. She seems like she has a sense of duty. We enter the great hall and reunite with Ame, who guides us to a room with A LOT of pokeballs. We have to choose one each and I'll be the one to go first. When standing in front of the pokeballs, I'm a bit unsure at first, and for some reason, I can hear a voice in my head that resembles Ame's. It says: "If you can't decide, go for Bulbasaur". I'm inclined to follow that impulse for a short moment, but something stops me. I pause for a moment and go to the blue row, where I look at the second pokeball. "Totodile, huh? I know you from back in Johto." While I'm saying those words to myself, I grab the pokeball. It feels exciting, and my decision has been made. Totodile it is. I go downstairs while Victoria is picking her Pokemon and meet this violet-haired guy, Cain. He seems to be a decent fellow, albeit a bit on the sassy/pervy side of things. Definitely has got an interesting personality. We decide to battle and I emerge victorious. Right afterwards Victoria wants to test her new partner as well, however, her Litten is no challenge to me. After some bureacracy and recieving my gear, I'm finally free to go. First of all, it's time to get my dear partner out of the PC. After that? Who knows. I leave the Grand Hall, and I get a feeling that this is gonna be something special. I don't know what's the future gonna bring, but as I look to the setting sun, I feel exhilaration. I look at Totodile and Cyndaquil and make my way towards Peridot...
  19. As the title says this thread will detail my adventures in Ground Types Only. The rules are simple enough: Only Ground types and Pokémon that will evolve into Ground Types are allowed for any and all Trainer or Boss Pokémon Battles. Pokémon of other types may be used for breeding, capturing or getting items. I'll mostly cover the important battles and skip over all the moving from point A to B-stuff. Screencaps will mostly be put in Spoilers to cut down on length. With that out of the was let's get right to it! Chapter I: One Mon Army First things first: protagonist and name This time I decided to go with one of the female protags and since I majorly suck at creativeness she gets stuck with her default name. And more importantly: our starter! Damp isn't a particularly useful ability, but that's easy to take care of. Those measly 8 HP IV are bothering me a lot more, but oh well. Though I've got a feeling Speed will be the greatest issue in this run. Moving right on to our first two Rival battles: Cain's Nidoran misses two times with Scratch thanks to Hustle. Meanwhile Mudkip already knows Water Gun thanks to Gen VI, so this is an easy battle. Victoria... she has a Tepig, so that battle went pretty much exactly like you would expect. With that done and after getting our Pokémon Trainer Starter Kit ™ it's about time to move out and beat up a bunch of random trainers for their lunch money experience. It's Raining outside, which helps in quickly getting rid of enemies. After a number of battles and LevelUps we soon reach our first destination, as well as our first obstacle: a Grass Type Trainer - cue battle VS Swag Jockey Fern All in all, that battle took only about a dozen tries, a fair bit of luck and all four of the potions I had collected so far; and I still almost lost. Yaaayyy... Off to a great start! (There would've only really been two other strategies to get through this: 1. Using the power boost from Evolution to get an advantage against his unevolved team, but the resulting double weakness to Grass probably would've turned Budew into an even greater issue. 2. Cathing a Burmy - the at this point only other available Pokémon that (potentially) evolves to a Ground Type - and training it to Lv. 15 so it learns Bug Bite. ´But to even get one I would've first needed to capture and grind a Pokémon that learns Headbutt and then baby Burmy until it learns Tackle at Lv. 10. And then probably baby it some more.) Anyway, this first (somewhat) major victory has also resulted in this run's first Evolution and therefore first actual Ground type, hooray for that! It also immediately learns Mud Shot. Now it's time to go kick some Meteor butts! Yaaay! Unfortunately that means having to team up with Fern... Marshtomp easily rips through the Grunts while Budew just kind of flails around. Soon enough we reach the control room which means... cue Battle VS Meteor Grunts Aster & Eclipse Question Marks-Man agrees that this was a poor performance and the three of them hightail it out of there through the Secret Villain Teleporter Exit ™ . Julia then blows the whole place up for no reason whatsoever. Could've at least tried to check if those Computers still hold some valuable information. With that done, the party splits up. Fern buggers off back to somewhere, Florinia has something to attend to in Obsidia Ward and Julia goes back to her Gym so guess where we're heading next. Unfortunately Marshtomp is already very close Lv. 21 and thus the point where it stops obeying. I decide to ignore that because I loathe wasting experience, so it'll have to work out. Cue Gym Battle VS Cheer Captain Julia Beating her nets us our first badge, raising the level cap to 25, as well as the TM for Charge Beam, which I suspect will be supremely useless throughout this entire run. Outside the Gym Victoria is already waiting for us and delivers some notable news: Apparentally Obsidia Ward is getting attacked by plants! We all know what that means. Next Destination: Obsidia Ward But before that there's some new stuff still to do in Peridot Ward. Namely getting some Additional Team Members! First up is this Numel just chilling in the rain. Feeding it causes it to decide to join our team; that was easy! This girl will actually be a quite important party member since it's one of the very few available Ground Types with a usable SpAtk. stat. It's also super effective against Grass and Ice Types and only takes neutral damage from them, making the (not yet present) other team members less vulnerable against those types. Next Up: This hiker is stuck in Reborn City due to the train station being destroyed and is now looking for a house to rent. Helping him out rewards us with an Onix: Not much to say about this one. Onix's only good stat is Defense so I'm for now mostly using it as a placeholder to have a less empty team. And that concludes Chapter I. No major happenings so far, but there's still plenty of game left. Current Play Time: 1:05h Expect the next Chapter sometime tomorrow. See ya!
  20. Table of Contents: Chapter 1: An explosively lucky start! (Current chapter) [vs Julia] Chapter 2: Rivals, Vines and Deserts [vs Florinia] Chapter 3: Forests, Jungles and Revelations... Chapter 4: Release your soul from Poison... [vs Corey] Chapter 5: Gang wars and kidnappings Chapter 6: Insect Wars [vs Shelly] Chapter 7: Chasing the pretty boy Chapter 8: Straightjacket jam and ghastly encounters [vs Shade] Chapter 9: Buzzing on Ice, ft. Deliverance Chapter 10: Through Fire and Water [Fight vs Cal] Chapter 11: Try punching Skydancing bugs... [vs Kiki] Chapter 12: Forbidden allies and death by Dragon [vs Solaris' Garchomp] Chapter 13: (Still) chasing the pretty boy... and other grassy problems Chapter 14: Cleanse the Poison with Steel [vs Aya] Chapter 15: Rescue time and Yureyu raid! Chapter 16: Now you see me... now you don't... through the mirror [vs Serra] Chapter 17: Establishing... Shocking defences! Chapter 18: From chasms to peaks.... and off to sweeps! [vs Noel] Chapter 19: Endless grass and rivalries... Chapter 20: Lies and truth... among the fake gods [vs Dittoceus] Chapter 21: Entomophobia [vs Radomus] Chapter 22: Heretics, Lepidopterists and... the Twilight Zone [vs Luna] Chapter 23: Post the gate to Agate... Circuses, Strongmen and Quiver Dancers... [vs Samson] Chapter 24: Revelations, desperation and flames that burn souls. Chapter 25: Bugs vs Firebug! [vs Charlotte] Chapter 26: Winter Olympics, Reborn Style! Chapter 27: Ice Age, the Meltdown! [vs Blake] Chapter 28: "How to eliminate your brain cells", a best seller by M3G4T3RR4 [vs Terra] Chapter 29: Every Teardrop is a Waterfall Chapter 30: Maginot Line [Fiore Mansion Battles] Chapter 31: Waltzing through the Clouds [vs Ciel] Chapter 32: Claustrophobia Chapter 33: Another one bites the dust: Guilt and Desperation Chapter 34: Here comes your Angel... ft. the Pixies! [vs Adrienn] Chapter 35: Teamwork and iron will! [vs Titania] Chapter 36: Never get drowned in sorrow [vs Amaria] CHAPTER 1: An explosively lucky start! About three months ago, I was discussing with a friend about pokemon, so chat went to our most hated typings, to which (ofc) I chose bug, which I absolutely hated with a passion, apart from a couple exceptions (looking at you Butterfree <3). So, he wanted to make a bet that I wouldn't be able to beat Current episode of Pokemon Reborn by using only Bug types. Of course, I couldn't say no to such a challenge, and I accepted (bracing my heart to use pokemon I didn't like at all till then...). So, I began my playthrough, after running some research on Bulbapedia to not be a complete noob... Character name: Angel Sex: Non-binary Since I don't have the know-how to hack a bug-type starter for me, I decided to pick one based on breeding purposes. And since bug types lack (till gen VI) a good water type, I decided to pick Squirtle in order to breed Hydro Pump on a Surskit! My squirtle had great IVs, which was a great start for the game. I named her Respect (cause I'll eventually store her in box, but I'll always respect her) and she defeated easily Cain's Nidoran and Victoria's Tepig, before heading outside to get my first little bug... And, oh, the joy! It was a shiny Spinarak. And it has a 30 Attack IV, god damn! I caught her and named her Happiness. This run honestly couldn't have started any better! By wandering around I saved the Zigzagoon from the Bridge, it learned headbutt, so I managed to get a Combee (took ages of Headbutting a tree, I even found a shiny male Combee, fml, I know) and a Pineco as well. I also got a couple Burmy's but I never liked the idea of using Wormadam, so I boxed them. I also picked Kelly's Kricketot and a couple more catches, in the form of shiny Caterpie and Wurmple. Soon, I had a team consisting of: Valor, the Pineco (Male) Careful/Sturdy Protect Bug Bite Take Down Self-Destruct Valiant, the Kricketune (Male) Bold/Swarm Growl Bide Struggle Bug Fury Cutter Braveheart, the Butterfree (Male) Timid/Tinted Lens Confusion Sleep Powder Stun Spore Gust Patience, the Dustox (Male) Calm/Compound Eyes Gust Confusion Poison Powder Moonlight Happiness, the Spinarak (Female) Hardy/Sniper Poison Sting Leech Life Night Shade Scary Face Royalty, the Combee (Female) Bold/Honey Gather Sweet Scent Gust Bug Bite The evolutions were the result of grinding, destroying Fern's ass outside one of the two factories (the wrong one, idiot was waiting at the wrong place, then blaming others for his incompetence) and struggling through double battles in the correct factory... I don't know which was worse, having to survive Rock Tombs of Arons and Roggenrollas or admit that Fern carried me through that hell. At least I made it up to him by managing to handle the Magby while he was using Growth for 27 times in a row and getting annihilated. Bless the Lord for Night Shade, Spinarak saved the day, as well as Dustox with Poison Powder/Moonlight Stall. So, after that and with the aforementioned team, I went happily to fight Julia... VS JULIA Happily before the fight... I swear, this fight gets harder every time I replay Reborn. She leads with Helioptile and proceeds to Glare at my Valor, who is the slowest thing on Earth anyways! My Pinecone... errr Pineco, escapes through Paralysis and takes down Helioptile with a Bug Bite spam. Then, Julia sends in her first (small) ball of doom, and I consider it a good time to stack up Fury Cutter with Valiant. My Kricketune takes down Voltorb and wastes Julia's first potion with 3 Fury Cutters, but is in the red, so I swap him with Braveheart, who has to face the second Voltorb. Voltorb and Butterfree exchange Charge Beams and Confusions, but thank God, it gets zero Sp.Atk. boosts, and Julia has to waste a potion to take down my Braveheart. I send in Happiness, happy that I will just Night Shade and kill it... NOPE! This round m***fucker decides to explode, killing my spider and itself in the process.... There goes my easy fixed damage on Electrode plan! Julia sends in Emolga, so I say "Fuck this shit" to myself, and send in Combee to take a shot, as I heal Valor to full HP. Combee dies to 1 Acrobatics and my Pineco lives another Acrobatics with Sturdy, to perform the sequel of the previous round. It Self-Destructs in the face of the flying ele squirrel, killing himself, and its opponent! Dustox single-handedly kills Blitzle by an alteration of Poison Powder, Confusion and Moonlight, while I wonder why the Flame Charge isn't even taking half of Dustox's HP... This thing is a legit God! Finally, Electrode comes in. It is my third attempt, so I know that I need some luck. I leave Dustox in, and Poison Powder it, getting the damage going. At least, Julia has used her 2 potions already. Electrode Decides to go for Charge Beam, but fails to get the stat boost, as I start using Confusion/Moonlight in turns. However, it begins to Rollout (please miss, ffs) and in 3 turns, my Dustox is murdered from full HP... I send in my Kricketune, who has about 8 HP. AND YES, ROLLOUT MISSES! Knowing that if I attack it with Fury Cutter, Aftermath will probably cost me the win, I had selected Struggle Bug in advance. It leaves the Electrode with 7 HP and Poison Powder damage secures the kill, granting me my first badge (highly useful), my first TM (Charge Beam, highly useless) and a sleepy ex-cheerleader. I scream YES-YES like a maniac though, since it was my 3rd attempt to beat her and I start to get hopes that mono-Bug might be possible actually! Hugely surprised by Dustox's resillience and by Pineco's and Combee's sacrifices! Bugs gaining my respect! Now I shall go take care of weird plants that wreak havoc, as Victoria informs me... Good luck myself! PS. Stay tuned, and feel free to provide any feedback guys and girls! Hope you enjoy!