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Found 11 results

  1. Hey. Finally decided to start this thing. God knows I should finish one run before I start another... But I love the game so far and am hoping to continue loving it. And I have a bit more free time for the summer so I figured I might as well. There's the link to the prologue chapter not much going on yet but there'll be more to come. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Just put it out here but has anyone here crazy enough to do a Nuzlocke playthrough of Pokemon Rejuvenation? Or any YouTuber for that matter? I really really love to watch that if there's one (I has a YouTube channel too but too busy to do LP so :'( besides I am not a very good nuzlocke player)
  3. A discussion forum on what is one of my favorite nuzlockes of all time Most recent episode first episode
  4. Hello i am here to attempt a locke of this wonderful one i need help to decide if i should do a wonderlocke or nuzlocke and then i am going to need advice on doing it(i have tried 5 or 6 times in the last two days) i can not seem to keep my mons alive thanks for the tips
  5. Welp, I pretty much lost interest in how badly the last one was gonna go. Let's see if I can't win this locke. 1:No mons can be kept that have already been caught(including common/tall grass mons that i catch naturally heehee). Can't have a team full of Bidoof. Moody would make it too easy. 2:have to wonder trade everything but said wonder traded mon has to be a level where i can use it. 3:Not counting Solaris' Garchomp and other bosses. If ya can't win it, no point in trying. 4:Having 0 fun. 5:Lets just start this already you know standard nuzlocke rules and ive explained the weird ones. This is my character: Soooooo Who's the first wonder trade gonna be..? Goodbye Froaks. yaaay i got a swirlix. This is actually one of my favorite mons. Lets see how it'll do. Ivs aint perfect but it'll do. Gotta get that Exp share and lucky egg. Whats the first encounter gonna be. A birb. Please become something good. It became a rat. Not that bad if i can get it to raticate. Lets skip over to Reborn City. Beat up some grass trainers pichu. She also had a Tangela and a Budew if you're wondering. ...Gotta get into the alleyway somehow. His sewaddle did ok damage, but everything else was easy. I'll probably skip most boring battles. Why cant i use a trubbish uggghhhh Caught it. Named it Bag. What'll it's wonder traded equivalent become? Ey, a Drowzee. Not bad. With pokerus, it should become pretty tanky. Welp, onwards. Stop missing Rattata. It's getting way too close. Might as well get my Old Rod encounter. We're back on another epsiode of Deadliest Flop and we found..! Caught it. Named it Feesh. it had pokerus as well. Must be running rampant in this city. What'll we get for it? A second piece of cotton candy. Welp, might as well go do a few more encounters and wrap this up. Darn, Whismurs overworld sprite is adorable. Caught it, called it neat. ...Wow this is a bad slakoth. Cute though. After cleaning up the bridge, some of reborn city, and a couple of other trainers, it's time to get our Zigzagoon. It wasnt very hard to win. Got Zigzagoon. Called it Ziggy. I deserve a medal for original names. What'll we get for it though? Well, I got something "sweet" out of the deal. Let's get one more encounter and finish off this opening part. Got a cute lil espurr. Called it Reekum. Don't ask why, that's just how the cry sounds to me. What'll we get for it. Welp, this ain't a bad start.
  6. Welp, I was incredibly bored, and I'm sure most people are these days. wait didnt episode 16 just happen So I decided to make a Hardcore Reborn Wonderlocke. Here's the rules! 1:No mons can be kept that have already been caught(including common/tall grass mons that i catch naturally heehee). Can't have a team full of Bidoof. Moody would make it too easy. 2:have to wonder trade everything but said wonder traded mon has to be a level where i can use it. 2:I'm keeping the starter and kind of making it unkillable, mostly to make sure I have something not totally worthless. Kind of cheap, but I don't really wanna give it out after it got exp (ESPECIALLY SINCE THIS IS HARDCORE). However, there's a catch. If the starter dies in battle, I'll not only have to reset the battle, but all mons killed in the battle will stay dead. We'll see how bad this can end. 3:Except Solaris' Garchomp and other bosses. If ya can't win it, no point in trying. 4:Having 0 fun. 5:Lets just start this already you know standard nuzlocke rules and ive explained the weird ones. 6:im gonna be crucified for keeping my starter arent i Welp, considering my avatars name, I'd say that this run is looking to be very.... I'm not sorry for that joke. Ill probably die for it anyways Anyways, only member so far is Froakie. Not that bad actually. knows Quick Attack, Growl, Pound, and Bubble. I think he'll be fine. Standard First Encounter honestly. Rattata isn't that bad in hardcore actually...Maybe i'll get one- a F***ing quick attack crit. Thanks froaks. Should be easy right? >level 6 patrat >level 6. And this is just his first mon. Yikes. Second mon was a level 7 rattata. hit really hard with quick attack, but froaks took it- If Froakie didn't have protean, this run would be over. HC devs, why do you try to ruin lives so. That was a little too close for my liking. but hey, froakie learned lick! Whats in these? Well.... sweet, sweet loot. This was put here for a good reason, TRUST ME. Back to the center but first... You all know what happens next. *Sigh*..... Bought 6 potions, 2 antidotes, and 5 balls with the remaining money. Might as well enter the city. But first, i gotta get the free zigzagoon. SMACKDOWN TIME!.... Froakie actually gets smack down eventually. Look it up. Anyways, a level 6 starly, a level 6 rattata, and a level 7 bidoof later, he's done. On to the rest of the bridge! So one of the trainers says "Guess what the cat dragged in.." And what does she send out? ....Best Writing 10/10. She also had a level 7 Glameow and a level 6 Skitty. At this rate, Froakie might evolve into frogadier by the time I reach where Budew is at. Just another day in reborn... Drowning a random squirrel. Se Jun Parks would be mad. Anyways, dont mind me.... Just cleaning out the trash I actually don't hate the trubbish line to be honest. Maybe I'll get a garbodor sometime. ....fml we can't battle them till we get another mon. We'll have to save pachirisu some other time i guess. TO REBORN CITY! Entered the City and Beat this person: Had a level 6 pichu, level 7 tangela, and level 7 budew. Really low levels so far....was reborn hardcore nerfed or am I glitched...? Im probably just imagining things. Ill get my butt wooped soon enough. ...Oh boy will i lose soon. Anyways, with the rose incense, I should be able to find a budew now... Might as well speedrun through some more fights. -To be continued..
  7. Greetings! My name is Mr. SU.(Thunder45 was my old name I had back in 2013, disregard that) I'm starting a grass type monolocke! it's been a very long time since I've played Reborn, now that I've been doing videos with my friends, I've decided to do my first LP alone, my commentary isn't the best on the first episode, I mess my words up a lot and I made some questionable decisions. But I assure you this will be a learning experience and I hope to get better at commentating as I go along. I haven't been keeping up with this game at all for the past few years so I'm looking forward to playing through it, to my understanding it seems to be close to completion (or it already has, I don't really know). So I'm looking forward to playing through it, I hope it can be as challenging as I remember it, it'll be even better since I'm using a team that has several weaknesses! Here's the first episode, I plan to post each episode in this thread as I continue. Here's a playlist, I put each episode here a day after they are out
  8. I'm not entirely sure if I should post this here or the art forums, so if this isn't the correct place I apologize beforehand. Visuals partially made in collaboration with Ruby (link pending) Hello, and welcome to my attempt at a Pokemon Reborn Nuzlocke! The rules I'm following can be seen below under Prologue: Rules. A section will be provided below for a short, quick report on my team, current progression, et cetera, in addition to a condensed version of the rules in text form. As I'm reporting on my run in comic form, it will definitely take longer to update than it normally would, and I would be considerably ahead in-game when compared to the reports. Hopefully, though, the payoffs will be well worth it. Feel free to comment with feedback and/or what you feel about this! I would greatly appreciate both, and I'm interested in hearing what you think about the comic and the run. Condensed Rules Progress at a Glance Prologue: Names Prologue: Rules Chapter 1: Dulce Et Decorum Est Chapter 1 Progress Report -
  9. Right I've finished the first episode of my Nuzlocke and I hope to god it isn't shit I now know that I am the greatest there ever was so boo on that previous humble junk Oh well Might as well go for broke and leave a link So...uh...thanks for reading then
  10. Come one, come all! To the mysterious adventures of Butts and his Hole squad through Unova! From catching and beating Patrats to taking down PETA, Butts has done it all! So starting now I am going to post my experiences with Butts and the Hole Squad here. Throughout their adventures Butts and the Hole Squad will go through a lot of pain and hate cause gdi game but they will prevail! After a short decision from the RNG Gods Butts' starter was decided! Meet Grasshole: After that fated encounter between Butts and Grasshole their adventure was almost cut short by Cheren and his Tepig who critted, leaving Grasshole with just barely 2 hp when the RNG Gods smiled upon them and coursed them to victory! After that moment Butts and Grasshole introduced another member to the glorious Hole Squad, Tooth-Hole! After their fated encounter Butts and the Hole Squad met Cheren in Accumula Town and they stared at some old guy talking about PETA stuff and then got challenged by a mysterious young'un named N! After wrecking N's face Butts and the Hole Squad went onwards to Striaton City! And that's all for now folks! If this was placed in the wrong thread blame DD
  11. シュバアーン!!! Hello everybody!! It is I, TACHIBANANA SYLPHYNFORD! I have decided to go on a super-amazing and fun adventure into the world of Pokemon. I am going to grace you all with the tale of my glorious journey to become a master (OOC: There'll be a doc here at some point. In the meantime enjoy reading... whatever this insanity is) (OOC: PokeDoc) Update 1: Making Lots of Friends \o/ This update I made lots of friends, that's why the title is about making friends I woke up and was so excited I rushed out the door. I didn't find Professor Oak in his lab so I decided to go to Viridian to go shopping like I usually do. But then Professor Oak showed up out of nowhere and stopped me! It was weird because I thought I saw him coming out of my house, but my mom hadn't mentioned him visiting. He seemed to be in a rush so I followed him back to his lab and he said I could have a Pokemon. I picked the green dinosaur because it looked super cute and named her Tulip. Then my long-time rival, Baka-kun, challenged me to a battle. It was a hard fight, but of course I, the amazing TACHIBANA SYLPHYNFORD, won. Unfortunately, Baka-kun didn't want to become friends even after I beat him and he ran out of the room Now that I was done with Professor Oak, I decided to finally go on my shopping expedition. I took a walk up to Viridian, Pokemon jumped out at me like usual, but I was able to fend them off with Tulip. I got to the PokeMart where I wanted to buy some Pokeballs, now that Professor Oak trusted me with a Pokemon then I had to be responsible enough to not put balls in my mouth anymore. But before I could show them Tulip they gave me a package and told me to take it to Oak. :c I took the package back to Professor Oak, who was very worried that I might have looked inside for some reason. I don't know why he was worried, it was open when I got to it and just had some weird fashion magazines in it. Then Baka-kun showed up again. I was surprised to see him back after how mad he seemed after losing earlier. He looked like he was really mad still though. Professor Oak then said he had something for us. He went over to his desk and got some red book things. He handed both me and Baka-kun one and told us they were called Pokedexes. Then he asked us to go catch Pokemon and fill them up with souls so we could open the gateway to Gehenna. I didn't know what that meant but I was happy to help. Then he gave me five Pokeballs and sent me out into the world I immediately ran into some knee-high grass so that birds could jump out and surprise me. I very quickly found a female Pidgey and caught her easily, naming her Ebina after my friend. (OOC: Too bad it wasn't male so I could name it Haru, would have given a great chance to perform a rare double reference) Then I went to the path towards Victory Road and caught a male Spearow; the voice in my head told me to name him Thug Seme, and I always listen to the voice in my head. I especially listen when I don't understand what it's saying And that's how I met all my new friends today desuwa! See you later, Sylphyn