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Found 2 results

  1. Part 1 - Shattered Dreams "So, this is the promised land then?" "It´ll have to be." "Well... it looks really good, that´s for sure." The sunlight bathed the metal covered bridge of the Ark where the two people were standing. Beyond the glass of the huge window before them, a new Sun blessed a green world with the light of life. It was a bigger planet than Earth, they could now see, and with much more land than their original home. It´s predominant colour was that of forests and fields, though there were more than enough spots of blue for them not to worry about water. The yellow and reddish of deserts and the white of ice caps were also present, making for an environment as varied as they could hope. Admiral Adalard Sauer allowed himself a smile on his usually stern face. It was true that they still had a lot of work to do, but a finding such as this was a relief after all that time searching. "Truly a blessing of God in the emptiness of space..." The big man completed in contemplation. "There is no God." Answered the girl´s voice from before in an irritated tone, her familiar sillouette still hidden in the shadows. "And we´re better off this way, trust me." Adalard sighed and looked down for a bit. "Right, you know more about that than me anyway. I´m just happy the search is over." His eyes took back their usual severe gaze as he walked to the command panel of the spaceship. He pressed some buttons on the complicated interface and then took a microphone connected to the ark´s speaker sistem. "Attention all personnel of Ark-01 Noah, prepare for landing procedures and posterior Cryosleep release of the settlers on the surface of planet..." He stopped for a bit, thinking maybe Kepler 452b wasn´t such a good name for their new home. "...Canaan." He finally completed. A giggle sounded behind him. "Damn, you don´t look like it but you´re a hopeless romantic, Adalard. You should be a poet or a writer." "Oh well. A man can dream sometimes, right Asuka?" ------------------------------------------------------------ Awakening from Cryosleep was almost like waking up from a really long nap - just colder. After the individual cryo chambers opened, a trained member of Noah´s medical staff checked the basic life signs of it´s occupant. After that they were divided into age groups and sent in line for a more complete medical analysis. A multitude of people, soldiers, doctors, scientists and workers were walking around and talking excitedly. Seemed like they had suceeded in finding a new habitable home. In that ship bustling with activity, in a line like many others at the doors of a doctor´s office, five children ended up meeting - a meeting that would, more than anything else, determine the fate of the whole exodus. ((Just as the post says, fate brings you together at the doctor´s door. Time for some presentations and some reencounters!)) Opening
  2. Banner Theme Setting Sooo I thought I wouldn´t get around to hosting anything again for a while, but while doing some procrastination on class I was hit by an old idea of mine: an Evangelion based RP. So I started thinking a bit, the story started to unfold in my head and now I find myself presenting the idea to you guys. Neon Exodus Evangelion is set more than 150 years after the events of Neon Genesis Evangelion and The End of Evangelion. I´ll not take the Rebuild version of the story into account, seeing as it is not over yet, but some elements introduced on it may appear. Even though not in the same circumstances as the original story, we will be seeing EVAs, Angels, epic fights and deep rooted secrets and plotting behind the scenes - hopefully, everything that made Evangelion the sucess it was. Players will take place of the space pioneers aboard one of the arcs, after a new inhabitable planet has been discovered by it´s systems. As you land and start exploring your new home, the story will unveil with old and new foes trying to stand in your way. Although knowledge of the original story is certainly helpful, I´ll try to make it so people that haven´t watched the anime can hop in and play without worry. Though if that´s your case you should be prepared for spoilers! It´s important to notice that, since it´s such a controversial story and - specially by the ending - many of the details aren´t very well explained, the RP will follow my undestandment of what happened in the original series (heavily backed up by EVA Geeks, a sort of Evangelion Wiki). MECHANICS AND RULES This will be a free-form RP - meaning no numbers, dice roling etc. We will focus solely in the writing aspect, and battle outcomes will be ultimately decided by the host, should any doubts arise in this point. As for rules, first and foremost comes respect for other players and the host (we´re here to have fun, right?). I will also ask for restraint with the use of swearing, sexual content and gore/violence (a bit more freedom than usual with the last one since, well, this is Evangelion). Avoid taking those over the top ok? Bunnying (playing other peoples charaters without consent) is out of the question, as is playing your character based on your OOC knowledge. They should react based on what they know, not what their player know´s, about what is going on. Avoid making your character too Mary-Sueish for the sake of fun and character development. Have fun! World Information (May contain Neon Genesis Evangelion spoilers for those who didn´t watch the show) Discord Server Character Sheet Accepted Characters Kyou Verethragna - King Murdoc Ahmed Albadhinjan IIII - Cronos5010 Beverly Connors - rustytengo Satomi Hashimoto - Twinwolf Ranga Durian - Bfroger6