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Found 2 results

  1. Amakeyasiru!

    Mythos League Popularity Poll

    Alright seeing as the league's first season is ending soon, here's a popularity poll. multiple choices ofc.
  2. Amakeyasiru!

    Mythos: A-League

    Welcome to the A-League! Also known as the after league of Mythos, it's purpose is simple, which is to provide a challenge for those who beat Aine. @Shinyrio got past first, but thankfully we got past suspects quickly for the most part! Now what do I mean by suspects? CAPs of course, which are from the Create a Pokemon part of SD. After beating the champ, one gets an option of one of these or an extra legend to switch a team member out for! CAP Banlist: Should be all self explanatory, if something comes up, we'll suspect it asap. Next up is what the leaders get, which is all the ou legends/megas that were banned, they get 2 legends max, and since Acera's the only one with an unbanned mega, she'll get that and her 2 legends. -When B4 or above is reached, the leaders obtain uber megas. -The E3 have free picks among their ou-legends (Limited to 2) -Finally the champ has some exclusive caps, but they count for one of her ou-legend slots. She also gets an uber legend of her choice, with the mega not factoring into this (this might be changed if it's too destructive). However, if she goes for a uber legend, she has one ou-legend instead of 2. Now, for the challengers, you get the aforementioned bonuses post champ, but once you reach B4 and up, you have the oppurtunity to get a ubers that isn't banned for one of your mons Ubers Banlist -Bar that, regardless of the party, you are allowed one CAP at most, and one NFE or LC CAP in addition Also there's new brackets. System's the same as regular with completion. Here's a taste down below Edit: Tapu Lele is a Universal Ban, meaning leaders or challengers can't use it