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Found 11 results

  1. Hey Fam! It's Unknown here! and today I will be Taking Requests for your Custom Monotype Game Run! Anyways, here's what you need to do if you would like me to edit your game: - State the type of playthrough/monotype being attempted, add details about the pokemons you would like. (Name, shininess, nature, gender, ivs, level ect.) - Post in the thread with your save file - Wait til I add the pokes into your save file. plz be patient, ik im a slow worker. - Take the save file and have fun! Please make your request reasonable and fair, and please do not expect me to have everything made exactly the way you want. NOTE: I CAN NOT GUARANTEE THE FOLLOWINGS, BUT I WILL TRY MY BEST ^w^ Gender Nature Moveset Please don't hesitate to ask any questions!
  2. Sephentos93

    Ice to meet you

    Yo peeps, got my ice mono done, I just want to fit in one more hail somewhere, not sure who should get it tho, pls help Alolan Ninetales/snow warning/icy rock Ice beam Moon blast Aurora veil Nasty plot, but not really happy with it not sure what to change it to tho Alolan Sandslash/slush rush/choice band Icicle crash Ironhead Brick break Bulldoze/nightslash/shadowclaw Weavile/pressure/life orb Icicle crash Throat chop (might change to knock off) Brick break/aerial ace Ice shard Mamoswine/snow cloak/leftovers Earthquake Icicle crash Rock tomb Ice shard Froslass/snowcloak/light clay Blizzard Shadowball/hex Will-o-wisp Aurora veil Lapras/shell armor/assault vest Ice beam Surf Freeze dry Hidden power(ground) Currently I think I might give the vest to mamoswine, and give lapras hail instead of freeze dry or ice beam with leftovers to hold, but maybe you know a better way of doing it because it feels off to me for some reason Also I know walrain with ice body would be better than lapras in almost every way, but I love lapras too much to not put it in ice mono Also keep in mind that nasty plot for hail is useless because of snow warning
  3. FillyGrifon

    Rodent Run

    Hello, I would like to try a Rodent Run with the first six generations' first route rodents (Raticate, Furret, Linoone, Bibarel, Watchog, Diggersby). Considering the difficulty of the challenge, I decided to allow myself to breed and trade the necessary rodents and therefore using some useful egg moves. However, it seems impossible to have extremespeed on my zigzagoon, even though in US/UM, by having it mate with an Arcanine, it should be possible for it to learn it. Is the game not updated with the mechanics of US/UM? Is there any other way to manage to have it on my zigzagoon? If not, would someone be able to hack it onto it? The challenge seems really difficult even with the use of bd/es linoone, but without it, it seems borderline impossible. Apart from that, do you have any more suggestions on the team? Should I choose a simple or moody bidoof? Thanks in advance.
  4. Ladies and Gentleman, after days of preparations and waiting, it finally becomes true, my promised Monotype Fairy run of Pokemon Reborn. Now, I am not good nor creative with such things, so it might be short, grammatically incorrect and such. I apologize in advance. I will be posting Episodes soon, so stay tuned!
  5. FromHeavens

    You choose my next monotype run !

    Hey there, It's been a while since I've played Pokemon Reborn for the last time. I would like to start a new monotype run but I can't decide which type to use, so I made a poll to let you decide ! I'd like to do a very challenging run which will make me struggle and think, but more importantly it has to be FUN ! I just can't decide which type to use considering that, so if you can tell my what type would you choose and why, that'd be much appreciated ! Thanks
  6. Currently not being updated. Hey guys! I am finally here with my ghost monotype run! Well... Technically I'm not as this is just an introductory post so you guys can understand the rules of this run, what's going on, and that sort of thing... So lets start with what you'll find in this particular post! In this part you'll be able to find a table of contents, which will be separated into pages, allowing you to know which chapter is on what page, meaning you just need to scroll down. My progress! Green Text will mean that chapter is finished and posted, Yellow text means it's finished but just not posted yet, Orange means I am currently on it, and Red means it's unfinished. Every chapter will end with a gym battle, which will leave us with... 16 Chapters... Well who knew? This will be updated on a weekly basis, some may come sooner or later depending on what's going on in my life, but expect the updates to come Friday! Also, this playthrough will be a roleplay of sorts, like @Awesome_One's ground and his ice run! Meaning I will be taking the role of the main character, Sage. Before I get any further introducing you to everything, I want to thank the creator of the pokemon reborn sandbox, this has been helping immensely in the run and makes some cool things possible! I will not be using this to obtain items early or cheat in any way. One last thing, I promise. So you know how @Jess is currently doing a poison mono, and is naming her pokemon after one theme? (Greek mythology) Well I really liked that, so I'll also be doing it... But I thought to myself "What fits ghost types as a naming theme" and then I realized... Our naming theme will be based on demons and demonic things! (I apologize in advanced if this offends anyone) So lets get to the rules now! I) I must have at least 2 of my starting pokemon in my party at a time. II) After I defeat... Lets say Corey, all of my pokemon must be EV trained. III) Mega evolution will be used (Thanks pokemon sandbox!) However it will not be used until we defeat Shade. IV) Mega pokemon can't have any healing items used on them when in the battle, even if they haven't mega evolved yet. They also must be 3 levels below the cap (Number may change). V) All ghosts must be captured, and only ghosts can be used. VI) Any optional story fights must be fought and won (Example would be the first solaris fight, and the last Taka fight) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter Progress: Chapter 1: Julia Chapter 2: Florinia Current point in Chapter: Very end of Chapter 3 Chapter 3: Corey Chapter 4: Shelly Chapter 5: Shade Chapter 6: Kiki Chapter 7: Aya Chapter 8: Serra Chapter 9: Noel Chapter 10: Radamous Chapter 11: Luna Chapter 12: Samson Chapter 13: Charlotte Chapter 14: T3RR4 Chapter 15: Ciel Chapter 16: Adrienn Game/Playtime: 7:46 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents: Page 1: Chapter 1 Page 2: Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 3.5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So lets introduce Sage and her team, why don't we? Bannette/Lucifer Litwick/Levi Honedge/Oni Ghastly/Ghoul So I've told you the stories of how my ghosts and I came to be friends. I should probably tell you how I ended up in this wasteland known as Reborn, shouldn't I? Well, let me start with a bit of a backstory first... *Ahem* Sage I was a lonely girl, not many friends, my parents thought I was going insane as I was claiming "Inanimate" objects were pokemon. Despite what I was told by therapists, my parents, and peers, I always believed they were pokemon, this was not just my imagination. People probably also thought I was insane/evil because I named these "Inanimate" objects I claimed were pokemon after Demonic things. However this cost me later in life. On my eighteenth birthday my parents got me a train ticket... We were at the station, they gave me a ticket, and while the train was MOVING, they pushed me from the docking platform onto the train... I ended up crashing into a woman named Ame... Still a bit shocked I decided to go a bit simple "Where are we going?" She dusted herself off a bit, sat down, pulled me into a seat across from her and simply said "Reborn" She continued "Err... That was a bit strange, when we get to reborn, I can send the train back, or you could start the reborn league, I talked to your parents earlier, they claimed the pokemon were fake... But they obviously aren't!" She points to Dismay who fell to the floor, who was now moving around, trying to steal a bagel from someone. I was a bit shocked so I could only muster "I'll think about it..." She smiles and says "Alright, fair enough. Anyway, we got a couple hours of train, tell me a bit about yourself." So we just talked for awhile... Me saying stupidly I'm from Opelucid town in Unova... Obviously! But little did I know I would not be returning to my home town... Nor region. I probably should've been made quite aware that the man with the bagel was acting suspicious... But I guess everything, even train rides, have to end with a bang. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wow that was a long post.... Anyway! I hope you'll join me again, for the start of Sages adventure.
  7. Sooo I'm back. For those of you who remember me, sup. For those of you who don't, I had a grass-monotype going on until my laptop broke down and all my save files just... yeah, it's depressing, so I don't want to talk about it. I want to show it. All my edgy post-teenage angst. With a team of darkness. Terrible jokes and introductions aside, I hate leaving anything incomplete. The grassmono left quite the hole in my heart... Aaand the only way to fill such voids is to do the same thing all over again. However, there will be a freshness about this for me since I haven't gotten to play Reborn from the start with the Gen VII mons, so it'll be interesting to see all the new changes. And yeah, this time I'm picking my favorite type - Dark. (Could you even see that?) So... bring on the hate let's mono! Contents Chapter 1: Darkness... dawns? Chapter 2: BOOM-BOOM Lady Beatdown (vs. Julia) Chapter 3: Too short to be called a chapter, tbh CHAPTER 1: Darkness... dawns? Oh boy is this taking me back, so friggin' excited. NOW we’re talking. Oh wow, it's changed quite a bit since I last played. NICE. This is beautiful. So who is the ultimate edgelord we know LOL Just kidding though no way I’m having him as my main character, edgy though he might be So origininal amirite Favorite color: Blue, Forum name: Red, Game name: Black ‘coz logic Buut at least it’s still edgy and better than Sasuke. OH BOY THIS TRANSITION HAS ME HARD Nice, Ame! So we've had fairly the same bit of dialogue from the past episode up till now. This guy makes quite the early appearance. Which means… Ohhh this is gonna lead up to how the game started in E16 Oh damn the memories... I know it hasn’t even been a year since I last played it but still the game is really nostalgic to play. NOOOO the start of this game. *skip skip* I'm gonna go right to the starter part, it seems like everything went exactly like before. So the two options for me are: Hell no. That’s more like it. I know Froakie is probably one of the most overused pokes but I just can't stand Incineroar's design. I should really stop with the Naruto nicknames. STOP JUDGING ME I’M NOT GOOD WITH NICKNAMES OK So this is what I got after a multitude of soft resets. The best nature + IV set I could hope for. Welcome aboard, buddy! So right after Ame leaves us downstairs, we meet up with good ol' pansexual Cain Establishing our clear superiority here... This guy must be quite the stud in the gay community. Time to my assert my dominion a second time, yay Well hello my starter from a parallel universe! Away with you! Oh boy, this game is fun when you’re destroying your enemies left and right. Anyways, beating Victoria entitled us to the Pokedex. Now off to start my grand and gruesome journey! I really wonder if all the kids who sign up for the Reborn league have to go through such a dark and troublesome adventure like we do. Same old, same old Doesn’t look anything’s changed here from E16. Moving outside... (and yikes again at that Torkoal torture scene) Huh, it’s a Stufful this time instead. Pretty good Pokemon, but I can’t use it in this run, unfortunately :/ So what will I find here? Fucking hell. So checking the monotype guide, doesn’t look I have a lot of options for the first gym area. Strangely thought I'd get an Alolan Meowth or Rattatta here. Unfortunately, I’ve got to just prod through all of that. Me trying to avoid trainers... This game of stealth isn’t too hard tbh oh fuck A master of darkness is no master of stealth, it seems Hrnnnh I swear trainers stopping you is equivalent to harassment, really “Yo lemme stop you real quick to fuck your already tired mons up with my fully healed ones" 5 pokemon battles in totality and 6 levels increased… whoo, finally! Not surprisingly, this is where all the dark types hang around, according to the guide ... and bags of trash They’re pretty high levelled, has it changed from the last episode? I didn’t really explore this area the first time I played this, so I’m not sure. I am getting better at this. These aren't too bad imo, although Rattled ability would have been nice Holy hell these pokes are high levelled I think could probably beat Fern now with these levels. Can't think of anything more apt. KNEEL BEFORE YOUR QUEEN I'm not a huge fan of the speed loss but those stats look really good, and I've gotten a pretty useful ability for the first gym. So, that's it for this episode! I’ll probably defeat all the trainers in our area (while making doubly sure we don't go past the level cap), get one last mon and get to the story part of the game asap before we get on to the next episode. Thank you guys for following! Suggestions, thoughts, criticism, fanmail all accepted! You will die alone if you don't send me fanmail
  8. After reading a few topics discussing which Monotype run would be easiest given available Pokemon, I compiled a list of which Pokemon (as of E17). Each spoiler is a new badge-stretch of the game. Each section includes the baby form of the pokemon (unless it is available only in the wild fully evolved e.g. Beedrill and Sunflora) and does not mention Pokemon available in previous areas. As put on Chubb The Pig's Rejuvenation guide, I italicized the Pokemon that will evolve into a type. All types that do not feature any new pokemon will be listed at the bottom of each spoiler tag. Rules for a Monotype (Just a suggestion): 1. You can only use pokemon of a single type. Pokemon that will evolve into a type may be used. 2. Pokemon that will evolve MUST be evolved at some point [i.e. can't use Nosepass in Steel unless you evolve it before the end of your run] 3. You must only use pokemon of the type for all important battles (Optional: You may use "assist" pokemon to help you catch pokemon for your run. For example, a Misdreavus, to catch Beldum if you're doing a steel run) 4. If you're playing with a type that doesn't have any starters that will evolve into it, you must choose a starter and then ditch it in the PC once you catch your new pokemon and it is able to put up a fight. 5. Depending on how pure you're willing to be, trading is optional. For ice, rock, and ghost, which do not have available Pokemon before the first gym (and Fairy, only Jigglypuff) you may consider trading in an egg of something of the type. Note: For all uses of asterisk, there is a random chance Pokemon (not including mystery egg) that is available maybe early, and maybe late. It's later appearance is guaranteed while it's earlier is random, if that helps. Starters Beginning to Julia Julia to Florinia Florinia to Corey Corey to Shelly Shelly to Shade Shade to Kiki Kiki to Aya Aya to Serra Serra to Noel Noel to Radomus Radomus to Luna Luna to Samson (No return to Reborn City!): Samson to Charlotte Charlotte to Terra Terra to Ciel Ciel to Adrienn Adrienn to E17 End Enjoy your monotypes!
  9. Dartu-san

    Dart's Normal Monotype Run

    Greetings everyone! With the recent release of Episode 17 of Pokémon Reborn, with all the Alola flair that has been added to the mix, I decided I wanted to start anew and what a better way to do this than with a challenge run. Now while I have played a fair share of Reborn before I have actually never completed an entire run and in order to fix this I will share with you readers my first complete experience of this game (I just recently joined the community even if I had been following part of it from the shadows, but that's beside the point xD). Anyway, as with any run of this kind I will attempt to clear this game using only Pokémon that are of the Normal Type (either pure or dual) for all the important story related battles, with the only exception being to breed, hunt for specific items or Pokémon (since I want this to be a complete run I'll also try to catch as many Pokémon I can to fill up dat Dex and make 'ol Oak proud). As a side note I will make a few references here and there to the popular series Danganronpa, which as a few of you might have already noticed by this point is something I enjoy quite a lot :D. I might also quote or reference other animes or franchises, but I'll think about that as I go. With that out of the way I will now officially start this story. Prologue: Hope and ThisBear The Protagonist that shall star in this adventure is Stanley (named after the word Standard). He's your average guy who usually keeps a low profile as to not get himself any unwanted attention and to stay away from trouble in general (which I'm guessing he won't be able to for long anyway). Before moving on I'd like to give a huge shout out to the wonderful people from the Request-A-Mon Thread (Looking at you @walpurgis) who made this run possible by giving me the two central members of my team. This here is Starly: It has been with Stanley pretty much since it hatched from its egg back in his home region. He's Jolly nature and comes with the special move Double-Edge (which packs a punch but I'm pretty such a 'life-risking tackle' can't be good for such a small developing bird). The one other Pokémon that Stanley brought with him to the Reborn region will be mentioned shortly since it has a pretty unique story on its own. It was a normal day just like any other and our hero was getting ready to leave his school and go home, when suddenly the intercom sounded: "Attention. The student Stanley Johnson is requested at the Principal's office." He wandered what this was about. He hadn't done anything that could get him in trouble as per usual, so he just grabbed his backpack and walked in the office's direction. There he was asked to sit down and then the Principal turned to him and said: "Listen Stanley, I have called you because there is something I must communicate to you. You have been chosen by the School's Committee via a random draft to leave this school and travel to the faraway region of Reborn. It is a wonderful opportunity to improve yourself as a trainer, see other places and meet new people. Hmm, yes... I would even go as far as to say you are our Luckiest student to have been selected like this, it's almost like a talent really!" With that and a few more parting words he bid Stanley farewell and wished him luck on his challenge to come. Still a bit dazzled with this turn of events our protagonist went home to share the news with his parents. They were pretty pleased with this and thought it would be the perfect setup for their son to finally stand up from the crow and make a name for himself (which was by no means his intention). He replied with: "Mom, Dad, we've talked about this before...I use Normal types for a reason. I just want to be myself and live life at my own pace. I don't need recognition from others to be happy you know, since you guys were always there for me for that". They all hugged and Stanley then went to gather up his things to get ready for the trip next day. On the next morning he left his house early with his next destination in mind, the train station. Even though Reborn as quite far away from his region, arrangements were made so he could make the trip by train. On his way there he bumped on a tall and attractive young lady. She had long blonde long hair and piercing blue eyes which immediately crossed Stanley's as they passed by each other. He apologized and was going to keep walking, but she grabbed his shoulder and said to him: "You! You are the one from the news, aren't you? The kid who won the draft and is going to travel to the Reborn Region to challenge its League!" He nodded, and she kept talking, clearly excited (almost abnormally so): "Ah yes! Reborn. Such a beautiful place. Well it was anyway. Seems like a recent traaaagic and awful event shook the entire region on its core. It certainly isn't looking that pretty nowadays from what I've heard. Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Just thinking about it gets my blood pumping! All the destruction, the pain they must have felt seeing their loved ones’ parish under the rubble, their hopes for a normal and peaceful future crushed under such anguish! Ah such beautiful des...Oh anyway, here, take this bear!" She reached for a Pokéball (from her... chest!?) and extended it to Stanley: "Take it, this little guy will help you out on your quest. You'll need all the help you can get since there are many strong trainers still looking for a purpose on those desolate lands. He has a bit of a... personality, but you'll see that it will serve you well. Now good luck on your travels byeeee~!" She left as quickly as she had appeared out of nowhere. Our hero was slightly creeped out by this odd character, but he could tell there was more to her than what her looks suggested. Still she had a point. He had heard beforehand that Reborn as different from every other known region. All their Gym Leaders were absurdly strong, packing full teams and fighting in special arenas which almost looked like they were costumed tailored to their fighting styles. What wrong could an extra team member be? He opened the Pokéball just before entering the station and there it was: A strange black and white Stufful who had a faint red glow on his eyes. It certainly looked a bit unusual even among its species which was known for its violent behavior despite its cutesy exterior. This Adamant little bear proved itself to be strong right off the bat though, being able to envelop its small paws with an icy cold breeze. How the little one could punch like that was a mystery, but nonetheless it was still a Normal Type Pokémon, which was good in Stanley's book. And with that he put his new partner back into its Pokéball, took out his ticked and prepared to board the train. Five others were waiting, just like him, but only brief changes of words were made and they all entered and got on their seats, unbeknownst to the fact that this trip would be everything except... NORMAL (tuduuuuuuuuh). Well guys I hope you had a good read with what I've come with for this introduction. Feel free to leave any feedback as to whether or not you would like for me to keep giving my outlook on the events of the story as they happen besides just listing my progresses on the Reborn League Challenge. That is all for now guys and gals but expect the first Chapter soon! After that I'm afraid that the progress I'll make during this month will be kinda slow because of some external stuff but don't let that concern you. Cheers and see you soon!
  10. Table of Contents: Chapter 1: Introduction and poisonous rules! (Current Chapter) Chapter 2: Poison in its natural habitat [vs Julia] Chapter 3: Through Grass and... Desert?! [vs Florinia] Chapter 4: Revelations and Poison clashes! [vs Corey] Chapter 5: Gym Leaders are easy... What about the others though?! [vs Shelly] Chapter 6: Rivals, trick cyclists and... omens! [vs Shade] Chapter 7: Volcano or beach? [vs Kiki] Chapter 8: Dragonslayers and Poison overload! [vs Aya] Chapter 9: Destiny cannot be evaded! [vs Serra] Chapter 10: Return to normality! [vs Noel] Chapter 11: Strengthen your mind... Om...... [vs Radomus] Chapter 12: Cultists, gangs and a Dark Dreamer! [vs Luna] Chapter 13: I hate clowns. [vs Samson] Chapter 14: I hate barbeques. [vs Charlotte] Chapter 15: Snow White and antivirus system installation. [vs Terra] Chapter 16: So much suspense! [vs Ciel] Chapter 17: In the end... [vs Adrienn] Chapter 18: Death is only the beginning [vs Titania] Chapter 19: Love and Sorrow [vs Amaria] CHAPTER 1: Introduction and poisonous rules! Alright! How do I start? Well, from the beginning, I guess! Welcome everyone! I'm Jess, some of you know me from my Bug Monotype playthrough of Reborn and some of you don't know me at all (just a handful of people don't know me). In this topic, I will do yet another monotype run of Pokemon Reborn, a Poison Monotype! No bets with friends force me to do it this time, I just want to do it! Firstly, because I like Poison types. Yes, I have a thing for underrated Pokemon with designs that most consider awful. Also, in my three previous playthroughs (Original, Shiny and Bug Monorun), I've caught many shiny Poison types that I just had to get boxed with misty eyes, for various reasons. Either my team was already full, either the Poison type spot was already covered, or I just couldn't be a$$ed to train another pokemon at that moment! So, I thought to myself, why not trade them to myself at a new playthrough and actually use them?! Additionally, I tend to feel guilty when my 'mons stay boxed... Especially when I had bred some 'mon, then I encounter a shiny version of it in wild, catch it and replace the initial member of my squad! This is another thing we will come to, as this is actually an introduction post! So... I decided my run should be an homage to Pokemon Rejuvenation character, Venam! So, my character will be a female, called Venam, and have her sprites replaced by Venam's sprites taken from the Rejuvenation folders! I'll have to never bike and fish during recording, and keep Surfing and Diving to a minimum due to the lack of those sprites, but who cares. Don't ask me why Venam would travel to Reborn City, maybe she wanted to meet her fellow punk enthusiast, Aya and wait for the beats to drop together! They could share their experiences of getting launched for a roof-piercing trip by their bossy mothers! Or she could try to seduce Cain and get him straight again. Or just catch new variations of shiny Grimers and Trubbishes in the filthy-as-hell Reborn shitty City! Ahhhh, but this isn't the point! The point is that Venam gets her new starter and some 'mons traded from me, her alter-ego in our demention. Ooops, dimension I mean. Poison already is taking its toll on my clarity. To avoid getting drowned by the hallucinogenics emitted from my mons, lets get to introductions! Character: Name: Venam Gender: Female In a final note before introducing the starting squad, some rules! 1) Every 'mon that I got traded will only be available for me to use AFTER the location where I can rightfully acquire it in-game is accessed (or the respective event is triggered and can be completed). 2) Because I'm Greek (and inspired by @Orasha, who uses Japanese-mythology themed names for every squad member), every Pokemon in my squad must be named after a monster/deity/person of the Greek mythology! So, without further ado... Our squad members after clearing the first casual fights vs Cain and Victoria quite easily are the following! Starter: Narcissus, the Bulbasaur (Male) Shiny: No Hardy/Chlorophyll Tackle Growl Leech Seed Name origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissus_(mythology) Traded in by my other save files: Typhon, the Trubbish (Male) Shiny: Yes Jolly/Aftermath Pound Poison Gas Recycle Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typhon Medea, the Grimer (Female) Shiny: Yes Timid/Sticky Hold Pound Poison Gas Harden Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medea Achlys, the Stunky (Female) Shiny: Yes Adamant/Aftermath Scratch Focus Energy Poison Gas Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Achlys, http://greekgoddesses.wikia.com/wiki/Achlys Cerastes, the Ekans (Female) Shiny: No Docile/Intimidate Wrap Leer Poison Sting Sucker Punch Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerastes Harpy, the Venonat (Female) Shiny: No Hardy/Compound Eyes Tackle Disable Foresight Giga Drain Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harpy Charybdis, the Tentacool (Male) Shiny: Yes Relaxed/Liquid Ooze Poison Sting Supersonic Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charybdis Dryad, the Bellsprout (Female) Shiny: Yes Lonely/Gluttony Vine Whip Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dryad Myrmidon, the Skorupi (Male) Shiny: Yes Quirky/Keen Eye Knock Off Leer Poison Sting Bite Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myrmidons So, here they are! Starter and old-familiar faces (to me) which I was sad to box and will now reclaim their rightful position in a squad! And, of course, the links with their name explanations, as I don't expect from all my readers to know every tiny detail about Greek mythology! And so, the journey begins... Feel free to join, give me feedback, and as always... Till the next chapter, enjoy everyone!
  11. Table of Contents: Chapter 1: An explosively lucky start! (Current chapter) [vs Julia] Chapter 2: Rivals, Vines and Deserts [vs Florinia] Chapter 3: Forests, Jungles and Revelations... Chapter 4: Release your soul from Poison... [vs Corey] Chapter 5: Gang wars and kidnappings Chapter 6: Insect Wars [vs Shelly] Chapter 7: Chasing the pretty boy Chapter 8: Straightjacket jam and ghastly encounters [vs Shade] Chapter 9: Buzzing on Ice, ft. Deliverance Chapter 10: Through Fire and Water [Fight vs Cal] Chapter 11: Try punching Skydancing bugs... [vs Kiki] Chapter 12: Forbidden allies and death by Dragon [vs Solaris' Garchomp] Chapter 13: (Still) chasing the pretty boy... and other grassy problems Chapter 14: Cleanse the Poison with Steel [vs Aya] Chapter 15: Rescue time and Yureyu raid! Chapter 16: Now you see me... now you don't... through the mirror [vs Serra] Chapter 17: Establishing... Shocking defences! Chapter 18: From chasms to peaks.... and off to sweeps! [vs Noel] Chapter 19: Endless grass and rivalries... Chapter 20: Lies and truth... among the fake gods [vs Dittoceus] Chapter 21: Entomophobia [vs Radomus] Chapter 22: Heretics, Lepidopterists and... the Twilight Zone [vs Luna] Chapter 23: Post the gate to Agate... Circuses, Strongmen and Quiver Dancers... [vs Samson] Chapter 24: Revelations, desperation and flames that burn souls. Chapter 25: Bugs vs Firebug! [vs Charlotte] Chapter 26: Winter Olympics, Reborn Style! Chapter 27: Ice Age, the Meltdown! [vs Blake] Chapter 28: "How to eliminate your brain cells", a best seller by M3G4T3RR4 [vs Terra] Chapter 29: Every Teardrop is a Waterfall Chapter 30: Maginot Line [Fiore Mansion Battles] Chapter 31: Waltzing through the Clouds [vs Ciel] Chapter 32: Claustrophobia Chapter 33: Another one bites the dust: Guilt and Desperation Chapter 34: Here comes your Angel... ft. the Pixies! [vs Adrienn] Chapter 35: Teamwork and iron will! [vs Titania] Chapter 36: Never get drowned in sorrow [vs Amaria] CHAPTER 1: An explosively lucky start! About three months ago, I was discussing with a friend about pokemon, so chat went to our most hated typings, to which (ofc) I chose bug, which I absolutely hated with a passion, apart from a couple exceptions (looking at you Butterfree <3). So, he wanted to make a bet that I wouldn't be able to beat Current episode of Pokemon Reborn by using only Bug types. Of course, I couldn't say no to such a challenge, and I accepted (bracing my heart to use pokemon I didn't like at all till then...). So, I began my playthrough, after running some research on Bulbapedia to not be a complete noob... Character name: Angel Sex: Non-binary Since I don't have the know-how to hack a bug-type starter for me, I decided to pick one based on breeding purposes. And since bug types lack (till gen VI) a good water type, I decided to pick Squirtle in order to breed Hydro Pump on a Surskit! My squirtle had great IVs, which was a great start for the game. I named her Respect (cause I'll eventually store her in box, but I'll always respect her) and she defeated easily Cain's Nidoran and Victoria's Tepig, before heading outside to get my first little bug... And, oh, the joy! It was a shiny Spinarak. And it has a 30 Attack IV, god damn! I caught her and named her Happiness. This run honestly couldn't have started any better! By wandering around I saved the Zigzagoon from the Bridge, it learned headbutt, so I managed to get a Combee (took ages of Headbutting a tree, I even found a shiny male Combee, fml, I know) and a Pineco as well. I also got a couple Burmy's but I never liked the idea of using Wormadam, so I boxed them. I also picked Kelly's Kricketot and a couple more catches, in the form of shiny Caterpie and Wurmple. Soon, I had a team consisting of: Valor, the Pineco (Male) Careful/Sturdy Protect Bug Bite Take Down Self-Destruct Valiant, the Kricketune (Male) Bold/Swarm Growl Bide Struggle Bug Fury Cutter Braveheart, the Butterfree (Male) Timid/Tinted Lens Confusion Sleep Powder Stun Spore Gust Patience, the Dustox (Male) Calm/Compound Eyes Gust Confusion Poison Powder Moonlight Happiness, the Spinarak (Female) Hardy/Sniper Poison Sting Leech Life Night Shade Scary Face Royalty, the Combee (Female) Bold/Honey Gather Sweet Scent Gust Bug Bite The evolutions were the result of grinding, destroying Fern's ass outside one of the two factories (the wrong one, idiot was waiting at the wrong place, then blaming others for his incompetence) and struggling through double battles in the correct factory... I don't know which was worse, having to survive Rock Tombs of Arons and Roggenrollas or admit that Fern carried me through that hell. At least I made it up to him by managing to handle the Magby while he was using Growth for 27 times in a row and getting annihilated. Bless the Lord for Night Shade, Spinarak saved the day, as well as Dustox with Poison Powder/Moonlight Stall. So, after that and with the aforementioned team, I went happily to fight Julia... VS JULIA Happily before the fight... I swear, this fight gets harder every time I replay Reborn. She leads with Helioptile and proceeds to Glare at my Valor, who is the slowest thing on Earth anyways! My Pinecone... errr Pineco, escapes through Paralysis and takes down Helioptile with a Bug Bite spam. Then, Julia sends in her first (small) ball of doom, and I consider it a good time to stack up Fury Cutter with Valiant. My Kricketune takes down Voltorb and wastes Julia's first potion with 3 Fury Cutters, but is in the red, so I swap him with Braveheart, who has to face the second Voltorb. Voltorb and Butterfree exchange Charge Beams and Confusions, but thank God, it gets zero Sp.Atk. boosts, and Julia has to waste a potion to take down my Braveheart. I send in Happiness, happy that I will just Night Shade and kill it... NOPE! This round m***fucker decides to explode, killing my spider and itself in the process.... There goes my easy fixed damage on Electrode plan! Julia sends in Emolga, so I say "Fuck this shit" to myself, and send in Combee to take a shot, as I heal Valor to full HP. Combee dies to 1 Acrobatics and my Pineco lives another Acrobatics with Sturdy, to perform the sequel of the previous round. It Self-Destructs in the face of the flying ele squirrel, killing himself, and its opponent! Dustox single-handedly kills Blitzle by an alteration of Poison Powder, Confusion and Moonlight, while I wonder why the Flame Charge isn't even taking half of Dustox's HP... This thing is a legit God! Finally, Electrode comes in. It is my third attempt, so I know that I need some luck. I leave Dustox in, and Poison Powder it, getting the damage going. At least, Julia has used her 2 potions already. Electrode Decides to go for Charge Beam, but fails to get the stat boost, as I start using Confusion/Moonlight in turns. However, it begins to Rollout (please miss, ffs) and in 3 turns, my Dustox is murdered from full HP... I send in my Kricketune, who has about 8 HP. AND YES, ROLLOUT MISSES! Knowing that if I attack it with Fury Cutter, Aftermath will probably cost me the win, I had selected Struggle Bug in advance. It leaves the Electrode with 7 HP and Poison Powder damage secures the kill, granting me my first badge (highly useful), my first TM (Charge Beam, highly useless) and a sleepy ex-cheerleader. I scream YES-YES like a maniac though, since it was my 3rd attempt to beat her and I start to get hopes that mono-Bug might be possible actually! Hugely surprised by Dustox's resillience and by Pineco's and Combee's sacrifices! Bugs gaining my respect! Now I shall go take care of weird plants that wreak havoc, as Victoria informs me... Good luck myself! PS. Stay tuned, and feel free to provide any feedback guys and girls! Hope you enjoy!