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Found 2 results

  1. For those who have seen my previous topic (http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/24751-pokemon-location-guide-based-on-the-number-of-badges-required/), then you know what this is all about! I have decided to add the pokemon as I play the game, so for the time being it will be incomplete, however future event locations are appreciated, along with possible corrections to my guide! The first leader is Venam (Poison): The second leader is Keta (Fighting): The third leader is Marianette (Normal): The fourth leader is Narcissa (Ghost): The fifth leader is Valerie (Water): The sixth leader is Crawli (Bug): The seventh leader is Angie (Kreiss is implied to be the true Ice leader?) (Ice): The eight leader is Amber (Fire):
  2. So I am creating this guide in order to show all the available pokemon in Pokemon Reborn and at which badge you can get them. This is an additional guide to Lostelle's and I would definitely recommend it here: In this guide I will first mention the first location possible of the pokemon and after that I will complete the guide with other locations. So the first leader is Julia (Electric): The second leader is Florinia (Grass): The third leader is Corey (Poison), however the next badge is actually given by the next leader Shelly (Bug): The fourth badge is given by Shade (Ghost): The sixth leader is Kiki (Fighting), however the fifth badge is given by Aya (Poison): The sixth badge is given by Serra (Ice): The seventh badge is given by Noel (Normal): The eight badge is given by Radomus (Psychic): The ninth badge is given by Luna (Dark): The tenth badge is given by Samson (Fighting): The eleventh badge is given by Charlotte (Fire): The twelfth badge is given by Terra (Ground): The thirteenth badge is given by Ciel (Flying): The fourteenth badge is given by Adrienn (Fairy): The fifteenth badge will be given by Titania (Steel): Here is a list of confirmed pokemon you can't get legally: Here I will list all the event pokemon which are available later on (this will include starters):