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Found 3 results

  1. hey everyone, I'm Starli! kinda like that little Sinnoh bird except with an i because it's derived from Starlight — but regardless, hi I'm new to the forums, less new to the game. I haven't played it in a while, but I've decided to start another run of it. I've forgotten almost everything about this game but hopefully another playthrough will be a good refresher. my old team consisted of Charizard, Pachirisu, Exploud, Donphan, Walrein, and... a Butterfree (or possibly Pelipper) that was recently replaced by a Lucario in training. no, it's not really ideal, but I did manage to win every single battle except that... one person. so I'd say I was doing surprisingly well. I do plan on starting with Charizard again but we'll see if I fall in love with something else. so... yeah! I'll probably just be lurking around for tips most of the time. hope to see you all around!
  2. So... you just walked in here unannounced? Yeah, that's cool. Not rude at all. Not one bit. I could've been half-naked, you know? Though I'm not. But I could've been! You know the trope! But this isn't THAT kind of story. >_> Me: -turns to director- "It's not that kind of story, right?" Director: "No, this is a gory horror story." Me: "Oh, good. Wait, what?" Director: "AXE MURDERER, YOU'RE UP!" Me: O_O Anyway, with my awkwardness out of the way, HI! (^_^)/ I usually go by Tim because the full nickname is hard to pronounce and ain't nobody got time for that. I only got into Pokemon a couple of years ago, when I discovered the miracle of technology that are emulators. I went from playing Sapphire to a buggy fan-made MMO to watching Showdown vids on YouTube to playing the online TCG to Pokemon Uranium to Reborn. Been here for about a week now, and I really like it. My current goal is to continue being the only person using Random Matchup until the system gives me an achievement for it. >:( I'm a guy in his mid-twenties who can't break the habit of using emoticons at the end of his sentences. >_< My interests include video games, anime and manga, psychology and reading. I'm super positive and friendly. I specialize in writing walls of text and making witty and/or sarcastic one-liners that often include movie references and are sometimes funny. (keyword: sometimes) Let's see... Favorite video game: Transistor. Favorite anime: Steins;Gate. Favorite Pokemon: Absol *_* ; Favorite Reborn character: Terra (So funny! But a villain. BUT SO FUNNY!) That about covers it. Hope I get along well with everyone! Hit me up if you want to become a magical girl. :3 And now to mess up everyone's generic replies: - I already feel welcome by reading through other threads here for the past hour or so. You guys are sweet; - I'm a retired bard who already finished E16 and gets his daily dose of memes from 9gag; - I lost my sanity while trying to breed perfect Pokemon before knowing about Destiny Knot and Everstone. Let me know if you find it somewhere in a dark alley; - I already managed to snag one of the ice-cream sandwiches being passed around.
  3. Heya there lads, been lurking here for a while now so I figured, hey why not introduce my tired British butt! I'm pretty much your basic nerd on the Web, been playing games since I was 5 starting off with Pokemon Coloseum and I've preety much continued gaming to this day, I'm also a fan of cooking albeit it's mostly tossing rice and anything that cooks well together on the pan. I've arrived here after some YouTuber was playing a bit of insurgencies which eventually led me here and hoooo boy, It showed me how indepth pokemon actually can be. so yeah, it's a pleasure to meet you folks feel free to ask me almost any questions and I'll attempt to answer em! p.s Forgive me if my engrish is poor, I'm on a boat to France and haven't slept for an entire day.