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Found 84 results

  1. Memory Locations? [Solved]

    Hi! I managed to actually snag a 4 IV Silvally, which I went ahead and EV trained. Unfortunately i've only got a few of the memories to change its typing, most of which are useless. So far i've got Bug, Dragon, Steel, Fighting, Ice, and Dark. Could someone point me in the direction of the rest? Thanks in advance!
  2. Please help - Event Pokemon

    Please, could someone tell me how to catch Gible in the Gible Event?! I have tried catching one in the Suigiline Ruin B1F but till the moment I only failed.
  3. Hi! I'm trying to complete the quest from the Grand Hall, but I must've released, traded, or simply lost Loundred, Jigglypuff, and Vanillite at some point since getting them from the 7th street quest. If anyone has an older save (or simply doesn't want to complete the quest) id really appreciate the help. I can breed any of the mon's listed below to trade in exchange. Thanks!
  4. So every time I try to connect to online play it says my password is incorrect while I'm 100% sure that it's the right password. Are the servers offline or did I just forget my password?
  5. So when it comes to making your own fictional stories and such, how do you give a place a fitting name? You know something like a forest or a town.
  6. So I'm stuck in the blacksteeple prison wall, and I have no way of getting out. I thought quitting would fix it, nope. Is there anyway to get out? And before you ask, yes I do have the latest patch
  7. Battling Charlotte

    Alright everyone, I'm up to Charlotte. Golem - Level 69 - Rock Blast, Heavy Slam, Earthquake, Rock Smash Arcanine - Level 69 - Fire Blitz, Flamethrower, Heat Wave, Close Combat Magneton - Level 69 - Gyro Ball, Zap Cannon, Discharge, Flash Cannon Medicham - Level 69 - Hidden Power, Calm Mind, High Jump Kick, Counter Dusclops - Level 70 - Payback, Strength, Shadow Punch, Shadow Ball Sharpedo - Level 67 - Surf, Ice Fang, Night Slash, Crunch
  8. Is Swirlix a good pokemon and is it worth it to have Swirlix on a pokemon reborn team? I need some opinions, thanks.
  9. I need a Marill

    Hello, I really need a Maril to make sure that team is balanced, I got a chinchou from the egg, I know lanturn is a great pokemon, but I will have to many ground weakness because of it, so can anyone tell me how do I edit my file, or better yet, edit it for me??
  10. I decided to start a new reborn game, and i normaly trade one pokemon on wonder trade until i get one that i never used before and i see it have potential, so with that i got a eevee, what would be eevee best evolution for reborn knowing i started with torchic and for now only have torchic and eevee.
  11. Hey Everyone. I'm replaying Reborn after my old hard drive died and I'm up to Shelly.....and I have no idea how to beat her. Here is my current team: Bayleef (Level 31) - Cut, Nature Power, Razor Leef, Magical Leef Pansear (Level 34) - Bite, Flame Burst, Flame Blast, Aerobatics Growlithe (Level 35) - Reversal, Flamethrower, Flame Burst, Close Combat Kricketune (Level 35) - X-Scissor, Slash, Struggle Bug, Fury Cutter Pachirisu (Level 35) - Spark, Sweet Kiss, Electro Ball, Thunder Wave Graveler (Level 34) - Rock Blast, Smack Down, Bulldoze, Stealth Rock Other higher level Pokemon I have used in the past include: Noctowl (Level 35) - Confusion, Uproar, Reflect, Echoed Voice Trubbish (Level 34) - Sludge Bomb, Take Down, Clear Smog, Toxic Spikes Any help would be appreciated
  12. Where to view screenshots???

    Hello, i'm relatively new to the game, played episode 15 last year but then got stuck and put my playthrough on hiatus. Got back into the game about a week ago, made a new character and everything, and i was wondering if anyone knows where to find screenshots once you've saved them? I took a few screenshots of nice battle photos, but i don't know where to find them. Thanks!
  13. Sand Team help Needed!

    I'll go to the point: I am trying to make a sandstorm team (absolutely not because EP. 17 looks like we're about to go to a desert) but I am currently a mess, knowing I lack coverage and have too much leads. I've got this: And I also have these mons on training (They're not actually in their 80's yet) And I would like someone else's opinion on who should go and who should I take to complete a team. Thanks!
  14. Hey Guys! I've been playing reborn and love it so far! This might be the first glitch I've truly had. After talking to Blake in the old house and talking to the kid outside who unlocks Blake's home, I go inside and to the top floor and he isn't there. It seems like others have had this problem and it's not too bad to fix. I was wondering if someone h=could help when you get the chance! Thank you so much! Save file attached below Game.rxdata
  15. Goodra Moveset Options?

    I can't seem to build a solid moveset for this mon. Does anyone have any suggestions with the currently available moves in this episode?
  16. I want a female with nasty plot, I'm willing to get you any pokemon you want in return. Full disclosure, I have never traded before, so I will need your help telling me how to trade pokemon. As for IVs Defenses and Sp.Att are important, please give me one with at least 23-25 IVs in them
  17. Okay me and my brother are making a Pokemon fan game and I'm curious how do we work together my brother was hoping that we can do the mapping together but I'm not sure if we can literally work on the same map I'm such a noob >.<
  18. Help with finding rogenrola

    I would like help with finding Roggenrola! According to the "monotype-pokemon-availability-guide-updated-to-e16" page in On the Hunt section, so should it be possible to find a Roggenrola after shade is defeated, anyone knows where or how? Or is it simply an error in the guide?
  19. Igglybuff and Zorua.

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this community and I've been playing the game as of recent. I just recently got to the renovation of Reborn City and I was wondering if anyone had a spare Igglybuff for the event where the woman asks for hers back (even if you didn't take it before). I was wondering if the Zorua event still worked with the city having been renovated; if it doesn't work, then does anyone have a spare Zorua that they wouldn't mind trading? EDIT: Well, I have the Zorua, though I still need the Igglybuff. I had gotten one in a trade, though what I'm looking for is the Igglybuff from the woman who wants her Pokémon back. Which the one I got, did not have the right ID. If anyone has a spare one, and can trade it, thanks in advance.
  20. So I'm kind of aiming at a fan game that has all Pokemon available to obtain. So I need suggestions in which area's certain Pokemon appear. That means I'm asking you which kind of Pokemon would fit in an Amazon Forest kind of environment and would be unlikely to appear anywhere else?