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Found 42 results

  1. ShadowSabreX

    Script error

    I’m trying to use the online play feature on the poke gear but every time it saves and tries to access it the game says the script is taking too long and restarts someone please help
  2. kithas

    Help Completing the Team

    I made a similar team some time ago but as I'm still not very good with this I'll ask again for help: I've got this sandstorm team: It works good in most cases, I've got Hippowdon for sandstorm and rock traps, and then I go on depending on the type of enemy I go against. So I need to have viable choices to that last spot, and I wanted to include a rock type just for the Sp. Def boost the sandstorm provides. Some of the candidates are Mamoswine (For the Physical bulk and Ice cover), Cradily (Rock type for the said above, plus its Storm Drain + Sludge wave totally saved me agains Amaria) or even a defensive Mega Steelix... Or maybe It would be better to just keep Sp. Atk Lucario or Physical Metagross there, but I fear that would leave a lot of weaknesses or slow mons... When EP18 comes around, I'm going to get Tyranitar for sure, but I will probably intersect it in another mons' space.
  3. Gray/Zero

    Restarting a nuzlocke

    Hello, all I am restarting my nuzlocke. I would appreciate any tips you can offer, such as which starter to pick, which mons to try and catch and any other tips I plan to start in an hour or two. Any tips tricks and advice is appreciated. Also, what do you all think should I breed? Should I wonder trade off the trade evolution mons? Let me know your opinions
  4. Hi! I recently tried downloading the sandbox mod to fool around with. I'm a little bit of a noob when it comes to mods and data files, but I know how to install mods that are already in a .dat file. The download for sandbox was in a .rar file and I have no idea what to do with it. I would appreciate if anyone could guide me through what to do. Thanks in advance!
  5. Just a disclaimer: I really don't like using Smogon at all. So story-wise I'm heading back to the Coral Ward after defeating El's Ditto-Arceus, just FYI. I'm trying to figure out good movesets for my Gardevoir and Araquanid. Also could use some help determining optimal abilities and/or held items. I'm aware my options are fairly limited when it comes to TMs as well. But any and all help is greatly appreciated! Also, yes, I know they are under-leveled. I'm currently in the midst of level-grinding! My Gardevoir is currently: Gardevoir "Alustriel" Lvl 52 Ability: Telepathy - Moonblast - Psychic - Magical Leaf - Wish I feel like Magical Leaf and Wish could be swapped for something better. Also not sure if her ability is the best, or what held-item to give her! Now for Araquanid: Araquanid "Bell" Lvl 42 Ability: Water Bubble - Bubblebeam - Leech Life - Crunch - Bug Bite I really want to use this guy as my main water type. I'm assuming Liquidation will be an obvious choice, and I'm under the impression Water Bubble is godlike. Not sure about good items or other moves though to make the most out of this buggy boi. Thanks so much for any and all help folks! I greatly appreciate it!
  6. So I had just finished beating angie and I walked outside then i battles alieta but I was like in a hurry cause I had to go out irl so I ended up skipping most of what alieta had to say and now I don't know where to go . PLEASE TELL ME SOMEONE!!!
  7. So if anyone else out there is like me, playing Pokémon Reborn is about 30% catching Pokémon, and 70% staring at that Nickname text box trying to come up with a clever nickname for my new teammate. After countless hours playing through various incarnations of the games, there are only so many naming conventions you can have stored up in your head! So here's a place you ask your fellow Reborn players for suggestions on your hard-to-name Pokémon! I know we've got some crazy-clever folks here on the forums that can help! I'd suggest listing the Pokémon you need help with as such: [EXAMPLE:] Need a name: -Persian (male) -------------------------------------------------------------------- And then a suggestion can be made with a simple @ tag for the person's name, with maybe an explantion of your suggestion choice. For example: -------------------------------------------------------------------- @CodeCass: Suggestion: - Persian (male) = Orion (Cat from MIB) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Just something I thought folks might find helpful and fun! I'll start off! Need a name: - Nidoqueen - Toxicroak (male) UPDATE: Now "Rina" and "Dart" respectively! Thanks for the help folks! Thanks folks! Hope this thread can be helpful!
  8. MegaRekhytX

    Stuck In Chrysolia Forest

    hey guys I came out of Spinel City after the 2 team meteor grunts taunted me to meet them in the cave outside the Chrysolia Forest and after I was done with them I can't find the path back to the city, Usually there was a clear path from the guys house where you could get a trapinch but there is a tree blocking it. I tried going back and forth to make some trees vanish but I don't know how to do it. Please help
  9. Hi, I'm playing Rejuvenation Version 10, without having played any of the earlier versions before. And all the walkthroughs or videos are about different versions and don't really fit. On route 2 that girls stole my money, so I followed her and she wanted to fight me whe I caught her, but after I won, nothing happend. And I can't enter the cave until I got my money back from her, it woudn't let me. So I'm stuck. The thief only says: "Perhaps I'll actually just stay here." I really hope some of you know why, or have an idea what I can do. Did I do something wrong or did I forget something?? Heeelp
  10. Maurício


    I've started a mono run and I have a pretty good variaty of pokemons at high level... BUT I CAN'T TAKE THAT SWALLOT DOWN. I would like some help... Talonflame/ calm/ flame body/ lv70 - tailwind flare blitz steel wing brave bird Blaziken hardy/ speed bost/ lvl 75 high jump kick brave bird bulk up flare blitz torkoal lax/ drought/ lvl 75 - heat wave shell smash inferno yawn volcarona lv 75 naught/ swarm - fiery dance hurricane quiver dance bug buzz camerupt lvl anger poin/ bashfull/ 66 - yawn/ fissure/ earthquake/ rock slide tentacool hm slave lvl 30 I need tentacool in my team... i had in the computer too lvl 75 Houdoom with dark pulse foul play nast plot flametrower lvl 74 Chandelure will o wisp shadowball pain split flametrower lvl 73 Arcanine thunder fang crunch flare blitz heat wave lvl 75 incirenoar shadow claw darkest lariat flare blitz outrage lvl 51 charizard dragon claw dragon rage flametrower shadowclaw lvl 60 charizard (hm slave) lvl 37 emboar lvl 10 cyndaquil extrasensory (i find it out now. i'm gonna raise it) lvl 49 rapidash lvl 61 oricorio lvl 45 heatmor lvl 7 pansear lvl 50 maccargo shell smash anciet power lava plume recover ya'll have any ideas? if you have any
  11. Hi, so i didnt encountered any problems with the game right now, im playing on the lastest version (e17) if im correct, and im on the water treatement center with titania. im at the level where she hops on the blocks and rest, i can move the blocks but if they are too far from each others i cant jump on them, if they are very close to each other i can. been looking up on youtube and no problems for the others. am i missing something ? i do gave titania a blue moon ice cream if that can help. before asking me my save file, tell me if i can manually fix it as im not confident at all about giving my save files to a random guy.
  12. I accidentally traded away my exp. share during the type null quest. I have been unable to access a save that is pre-exp share trade. Could someone please add my exp. share back through Cheat Engine or Pokemon Essentials? Game.rxdata
  13. Muffinman

    Help with RPG Edit

    I keep getting the error below and I don't know why. I followed the steps in this youtube link and I keep getting the error below. When I would test it, the game would ask me if I want to add any trainers and if I said yes it would crash. When I say no to about 100 trainers, it would run until it gets to New Game/Continue game screen. The error would pop up there, unless I have a no save file. In which it would start a new file normally and MPU (my player units) sprites are goon and I'm walking around the world invisible. Finally I can't exit because if I try to load the file again, the same error from before pops up. Exception: NoMethodError Message: undefined method `width' for nil:NilClass PokemonLoad:165:in `pbSetParty' PokemonLoad:331:in `pbStartLoadScreen' Main:6:in `main' Main:51:in `mainFunctionDebug' Main:29:in `mainFunction' Main:29:in `pbCriticalCode' Main:29:in `mainFunction' Main:61 Main:60:in `loop' Main:69 Sorry guys, my English sucks but I edited the link above. I'll try to answer your questions. I'm using RPG Maker with essentials. I replaced the audio, data, font and graphics folder with the ones in Pokemon Rejuv. I replaced the PBS folder in essentials with the newest version from this site. Version 9 I believe, note I also did not update my game to version 10 yet. I want to edit my Pokemon since Altaria sucks and I'm stuck on Valerie. But I get the error when the game loads any save file. MY theory is that something is not right with the sprites. Please help if can.
  14. Fluffyowner

    Where is shadow ball?

    I beat Narcissa, in fact I'm just about to battle Crawli. I have yet to find ANYTHING pertaining to getting Narcissa's TM, which many sources say is shadow ball. Can someoone PLEASE tell me exactly where to get it instead just saying you get it from Narcissa after beating her. Edit: I also cannot find her currently. Looked everywhere, even went through gym puzzle again (twice) and her house.
  15. mars018

    Pokemon Locations

    Hi, i'm new to playing pokemon rejuvenation. not sure if this is the correct place to post this. i'm currently aiming to have a ralts, and a magnemite or pikachu on my team to build in the future. where can i find them?
  16. Illumi

    Mirage Tower

    Hi again. I heard that gaining access to Mirage Tower is by finding 3 mirages on desert, but thing is, I found them not at the same time. Will they spawn back, or I just missed Honedge, Mimikyu and items inside it?
  17. Illumi

    In need of Sweet Heart!

    I need a Sweet Heart to finish Spyce sidequest and get 2nd reward from it, please tell me if anyone will be willing to give it to me, I will appreciate it! ;-; Edit: Forgot to mention that I used mine in battle already.
  18. DraqZ

    Ariados wont reset

    In rejuvenation v9.1 i am having a problem in the bug gym. There arent all of the ariados in the gym theres only 2 and it says i cant cross. I have also tried resetting and that wont work either.
  19. I had to use a older safefile, because I traded a pokemon to the type:null woman that was holding xp share. so I used a safefile before I went to 7th street. at that moment I had my main team with me, because I was doing klefki quest. after I started the older safe file ( right after I finished flefki quest) I now have a exact copy of the last 5 pokemon from my shared box with me, so 5 pokemon are doubled now and 6 are missing wich makes me super sad. can anyone please help me?
  20. smithdeanj

    Episode 16

    Hey guys, I downloaded this game back in college and loved it. I got up to episode 15 and the game told me it was over until episode 16 was released. I recently had to check and see if the game had updated and it had indeed been updated!!! I downloaded the new content, but I am unable to activate it. I watch a YouTube video of how it looks when you start episode 16 and the leave the upstairs section of the gym in agate circus. In the video, a prompt comes up and says welcome to episode 16. I have not seen that prompt. I'm not sure what to do. Maybe I am just not doing what I am supposed to. Please help. Its been a while since i have played and I cannot remember what to do when I do get the game updated. Anyway please help!
  21. so I just saw Melia fight with Venam at Tesla Villa but I can't find Venam anywhere. Could anyone please help me?
  22. waynejoker251

    Lost save files

    So I reinstalled my windows because my laptop was constantly crashing and lagging 24/7. I copied the game and my save into my external hard-disk before doing so. After I reinstalled my laptop everything else is doing fine but when I opened my Reborn game, there was no previous save files. The only option was to start a new one. Any methods to get the save files back? I kinda spent a lot of time on the game and I don't think I have to mood to grind through the whole game again. Please help me.
  23. ThiagoRiolu

    Bugs.. I need help

    I need some help After downloading some pokémon games i started to have "copy" bugs, i save in one game and the same save is on another game and i lost some saves too.
  24. I went yesterday to talk to one of the ladys on the salon(Bottom left), when i tried to start the game it said that the script ws hanging but it still worked, but now, i cant move, cant talk to her, the only thing i can do is the quick save. Please help me. Sorry for the bad english.
  25. so im about to finish version 9 but i would like to end it with a full team ready to go into the next version so i would like suggestions for a good fighting type and a special mega pokemon to finish the squad what are your suggestions based on my team