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Found 84 results

  1. Hey Guys! I've been playing reborn and love it so far! This might be the first glitch I've truly had. After talking to Blake in the old house and talking to the kid outside who unlocks Blake's home, I go inside and to the top floor and he isn't there. It seems like others have had this problem and it's not too bad to fix. I was wondering if someone h=could help when you get the chance! Thank you so much! Save file attached below Game.rxdata
  2. Goodra Moveset Options?

    I can't seem to build a solid moveset for this mon. Does anyone have any suggestions with the currently available moves in this episode?
  3. For anyone looking to create or update their own pokemon game, I have a large quantity of new/updated items, moves, abilities, pokemon evolutions, gameplay mechanics, and concepts for you to use. These are all meticulously balanced effects designed to fix current problems and overhaul the pokemon gameplay experience. Below are just a few examples of my ideas. Feel free to PM me or comment if you are interested in more. Consider me in any future projects you undertake and I would be glad to discuss my ideas with you. General: Freeze: Frozen Pokemon have their Special Attack halved and have a 25% chance each turn to be fully frozen, and thus unable to take action. (this synthesizes the pre-existing burn and paralysis effects and makes freeze much more interactive) Day Care: Currently, the Day Care automatically teaches your pokemon every new move they learn by level up and replaces old moves without the player's consent. This is very annoying, and can cause your pokemon to forget valuable moves you didn't want them to forget. Now, when you take a pokemon back from the Day Care, the Day Care Lady will prompt you by telling you that your pokemon has learned new moves in her care. You may then decide all at once what new moves you want to teach your pokemon after you take them out of the Day Care. Overgrow/Blaze/Torrent & Pressure: Removed from all starters and replaced with abilities that give each starter more of a unique identity (in addition to other balance changes for starters). Also replaced pressure on a number of legendaries, as well as reworking many legendaries to give them a more unique identity. Updated Items: Focus Band: Holder takes x.75 damage, but only when hard switching directly into an attack, or x.5 damage if the holder is below half HP. Grip Claw: Holder deals x1.3 damage to trapped pokemon. Wave Incense: Holder takes x.8 damage from neutrally-effective attacks. New Items: Terrain Boots: Holder is immune to entry hazards. Master Belt: Holder's Non-STAB moves deal x1.3 damage. Pure Herb: (Consumable) Fully heals the holder and cures their status after they use a 4th unique move without switching out. Updated Abilities: Symbiosis: After the user faints, heals the next pokemon switched in by 1/4th of the max HP of the fainted pokemon (applies before entry hazards). Anger Point: Raises the user's Critical Hit Ratio by 1 stage when an opponent uses a status (non-attacking) move. Unnerve: Makes the opponent unable to use any held consumable item and also prevents them from eating leftovers. New Abilities: Relentless: User damages pokemon switching out for 1/8th of their max HP (rapidash, primeape, dodrio, etc). Indomitable: User takes x.5 damage from moves with a base power of 100 or more (tyranitar, aggron, bastiodon, etc). Buzzkill: If user faints, resets all of the opponent's stat boosts (pinsir, wigglytuff, golduck, etc). Updated Moves: Razor Wind: Now flying-type and executes in one turn. Worry Seed: Now becomes an entry hazard that changes the ability of every pokemon switching in to insomnia (does not affect grass-types). Vicegrip: now 80 base power and traps opponents. Aqua Ring: Now heals the active pokemon by 1/8th of their max HP at the end of each turn. Lasts for 5 turns. Aurora Beam: Now 50 power, 90 accuracy, special; has a 70% chance to raise the user's Special Attack one stage. New Moves: Shock Treatment: electric-type, 80 power, 100 accuracy, physical; suppresses the opponent's ability. Cannonball: steel-type, 60 power, 90 accuracy, special; replaces the opponent's held item with an Iron Ball (or gives them one if not holding an item). Rejuvenate: fairy-type, status; heals a non-active party pokemon by a flat amount equal to 1/3rd of the user's max HP. Pestilence: bug-type, 120 power, 100 accuracy, special; reduces the user's Special Attack and Special Defense by 1 stage after use. Necromancy: ghost-type, x power, 100 accuracy, special; x = 27 multiplied by the number of fainted pokemon in your party. New Pokemon Evolutions: Parastrain: (use dusk stone on parasect) Bug/Dark with Poison Heal/Effect Spore/Damp 75 HP, 115 ATK, 85 DEF, 80 Sp. ATK, 85 Sp. DEF, 40 SPE 480 BST Rumbell: (use shiny stone on Chimecho) Psychic/Electric with Levitate 95 HP, 60 ATK, 90 DEF, 105 Sp. ATK, 100 Sp. DEF, 80 SPE 530 BST Philosiphowl: (from Noctowl at level 40) Psychic/Flying with Insomnia/Keen Eye/Tinted Lens 110 HP, 55 ATK, 71 DEF, 94 Sp. ATK, 106 Sp. DEF, 81 SPE 517 BST Previous Pokemon Changes: Luxray becomes Electric/Dark and has its Special Attack and Speed switched. Dragonite becomes Seraphair, complete with new art patterned after Dragonair, becomes pure dragon-type, and gets Cloud Nine instead of Inner Focus. Wailord gets multiscale instead of water veil, evolves at level 50 instead of 40, and both Wailmer and Wailord gain +15 Speed. New Field Effects: #--------------------------- Imperial Palace [IP] --------------------------------# "All hail her Imperial Majesty..." * Embargo lasts 8 turns * Frisk lowers the opponent's Accuracy * Imprison and Pursuit deal Super-effective damage to Dark types * Track Down does 1/4th Max HP (from 1/8th) * Pokemon with Overcoat take x.75 damage from neutrally-effective attacks * Battle Armor raises both Defense and Sp. Defense on switch-in * Items cannot be stolen * Foul Play always fails * Stockpile heals for 1/8th Max HP * Substitute and Swords Dance have Priority +1 * Entrainment makes the target's ability Truant * Frustration always hits with max power * Torment additionally damages the opponent at the end of each turn for 1/6th of their Max HP * King's Shield protects against status * Beggar's Cup and Leftovers items are confiscated * Heal Order restores 66% Max HP (from 50%) * Harsh Rod's damage becomes x1.5 (from x1.3) * Guillotine becomes a 100 power, 100 acc physical Steel type move with a high Critical Hit Ratio * Pokemon with Serene Grace and Queenly Majesty deal x1.25 and x1.5 damage, respectively * Infiltrator, Magician, and Illusion increases Evasion on switch-in * These moves increase in base power x1.25: * Take Down Punishment Assurance Judgment Noble Roar Attack Order Round Uproar Sacred Sword Secret Sword Saber Strike * These moves increase in base power x1.5: Pursuit Power Trip Rage * These moves increase in base power x2: Pay Day Imprison Justice Hammer Disarming Voice * The accuracy of these moves becomes 100: Take Down Cut-in-Two Light of Ruin Saber Strike * The following moves' and abilities' stat-changing effect is amplified: * Competitive Defiant Captivate Justified Defend Order Confide Leer Iron Defense Riot Shield Barrier * Nature Power becomes Sacred Sword * Camouflage changes the user's type to Steel * Secret Power may lower Attack
  4. I want a female with nasty plot, I'm willing to get you any pokemon you want in return. Full disclosure, I have never traded before, so I will need your help telling me how to trade pokemon. As for IVs Defenses and Sp.Att are important, please give me one with at least 23-25 IVs in them
  5. Ametrine Bug

    I could use some help here; it seems that I ran into a bug in Ametrine City that made it impossible to progress further in the game. Basically, when Shelly went up to Blake's apartment to talk to him, I followed her up there, but neither she or Blake were there.
  6. For anyone just starting Reborn Hardcore; The party system is unlocked shortly after defeating Julia. It allows you to effectively play as some other significant characters in the story and use their teams. the catch is, you have to find them first. So I figured we could get together a bit of a guide to the party members in the mod. This definitely isn't also because I'm bad at finding them and want help from you guys I'm currently in the middle of hardcore myself, So I'm past some stuff and haven't reached other parts yet. If you have any information not currently in the guide, please share! Party Members: Fero: Fern: Victoria: Shelly: Cain: Aya: Cal: Julia: Florina: Misc Special Move Tutor: Checklist: Awesome People who Contributed If you're playing through hardcore and want to help, please share any new information, corrections to current information or screenshots that you have =).
  7. Okay me and my brother are making a Pokemon fan game and I'm curious how do we work together my brother was hoping that we can do the mapping together but I'm not sure if we can literally work on the same map I'm such a noob >.<
  8. Help with finding rogenrola

    I would like help with finding Roggenrola! According to the "monotype-pokemon-availability-guide-updated-to-e16" page in On the Hunt section, so should it be possible to find a Roggenrola after shade is defeated, anyone knows where or how? Or is it simply an error in the guide?
  9. Igglybuff and Zorua.

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this community and I've been playing the game as of recent. I just recently got to the renovation of Reborn City and I was wondering if anyone had a spare Igglybuff for the event where the woman asks for hers back (even if you didn't take it before). I was wondering if the Zorua event still worked with the city having been renovated; if it doesn't work, then does anyone have a spare Zorua that they wouldn't mind trading? EDIT: Well, I have the Zorua, though I still need the Igglybuff. I had gotten one in a trade, though what I'm looking for is the Igglybuff from the woman who wants her Pokémon back. Which the one I got, did not have the right ID. If anyone has a spare one, and can trade it, thanks in advance.
  10. So I'm kind of aiming at a fan game that has all Pokemon available to obtain. So I need suggestions in which area's certain Pokemon appear. That means I'm asking you which kind of Pokemon would fit in an Amazon Forest kind of environment and would be unlikely to appear anywhere else?
  11. Welcome to this topic, with the purpose of providing quick answers to your E16 questions. You can ask and recieve help for playing through E16, finding newly introduced stuff, ask help for quests and puzzles, whatever. First, to get out some of the important stuff out of the way... Community release and info Online Play subforum E16 Un-stuck me - Save File fixing Bug reporting subforum Up-to-date Obtainable Pokemon List Topic guidelines: Ask anything you want that doesn't fall into the above threads Use spoiler tags for both questions and anwers. It's the eye icon on the text editor. Make things easier. If asking, give a hit about what you're asking beforehand. If replying, quote the post you're replying to Don't rely too much on this thread and enjoy the game. Go out there, explore, adventure, battle, DIY Use the in-game resources, the Pokedex and Field Effects app Help without giving it all on a plate. Try to point to the right direction, not spit everything out
  12. [Corrupted]Save File Help

    I was in Iolia Valley in Reborn, when I saved and quit my game. When I came back, I got these messages saying that something was wrong with my save file. I tried using the back-up file, but I got the same messages. Can someone look at my file to see what went wrong? Do I have to restart my game from scratch now? Game.rxdata
  13. Help what is this

    what is this door for
  14. Hello all! Are you having a tough time with a Gym Leader? In this thread you can ask for help from your fellow Reborn players as to how to best go about getting over that hump. Please fill out the below information to the best of your ability so that we can know what you have at your disposal. (Format optional) [[Leader you are facing]] --Your current team-- [species] | [Level] [Hold Item] [Ability] [Nature] - Move 1 - Move 2 - Move 3 - Move 4 ((Do this for each of your 6 current party members)) ---- --Other Pokemon you have in your PC-- [species] | [Level] ---- Additional useful info such as money available, items you currently may have if they're relevant etc. (This is completely optional) Hopefully with the advice you get here, you can conquer your enemy and progress forward on your quest!
  15. Hi. I've completed my v9 version of Pokemon rejuvenation. I've went to Wispy Ruins and collected all the key cards for each of the ev training rooms except the defense ev room... I'm not quite sure if it is accessable but I do have 1 broken key card shard so maybe thats how I need to get inside there, but I don't know.
  16. Just beat Kyogre, I have no idea where to go. I searched up videos and after beating it, they like touched a red crystal and heated up the mountain again? But when I go to the crystal, it's just white. PLZ HELP.
  17. sorry, if i make a stupid mistake im new with these kind of things. I downloaded the file for rejuvenation off of mega, and looked up some stuff online and supposedly I need the wine emulator? im not on mac or linux though so i thought i would be able to play it immediately. Do i need to download pokemon reborn as well along with rejuvenation?
  18. Hi! No music plays while I play the game. I have windows 10, I downloaded some codex, I tried run as administrator, I have Windows media player, I restarted the computer. Ingame I can play music through pokeradio, works like a sharm, but no battle music and other music will play by itself, which is distrubing. Some soundeffect isnt working either, when enter wild pokemon battle and open certain doors, like in some castle I'm at. I have the full game and the patch that say V9 v.2 Or something like that. Note: I had the game on my stationary computer (where all worked fine) and wantet to start play on my laptop instead. I only downloaded all the files and patch from this site again, and only saved my save-file from my other computer, to open my saved game works fine, only that the music stopped working, which destroys the experience , I loved the music! Is there any1 that can help me? I would be so happy if so.. Best regards/ a poke-fan
  19. So... I played through the entirety of Reborn ep 16.2 and it was only after the Reborn was restored that I realised I'd missed a bunch of stuff (namely stickers and some event pokemon). I've looked around and tried to send my game back to episodes 9 & 13 to tie up the loose ends, but the "SpriteResizer" error stops me from playing them. I've looked around and noone seems to have any solutions (plus I really don't want to have to restart). Can anyone help out?
  20. Accidentally release a pokemon with my destiny knot attached to it... If anyone out there has a spare for me, I'd really appreciate it. thank you
  21. Hey everyone, new to the forums and fairly new to the game, I was told it would be hard but with Kiki I've just come up against a wall and I'm not sure what to do. Here's my team: Dusclops L40 Hex, Shadow Punch, Pursuit, Confuse Ray Camerupt L45 Lava Plume, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Earth Power Blaziken L43 Flame Charge, Peck, Blaze Kick, Quick Attack (He didn't get double kick because douchebags fainting him at evo level delayed his evolution) Meowstic (M) L45 Psybeam, Reflect, Lightscreen, Psychic Ampharos L43 Power Gem, Charge Beam, Discharge, Electric Terrain Gothitelle L42 Psyshock, Psychic, Future Sight, Dark Pulse Could anyone maybe suggest a strategy I could try with my team or substitutions I could make? I've already put hours into grinding subs for the team and Kiki still just keeps kicking me to the kerb. Thanks in advance!
  22. Has anyone gotten this error before, and possibly fixed it? If so what should I do I don't wanna lose all the progress I made after helping Maria.
  23. Help with Crawli's gym

    I am stuck at the part where you need ariados' help to proceed and I have found all 4 of them but only one has appeared at the end. I have also stepped in the warp pad which I found out just know that it may be bugged. How can I fix this? Here is the file if you need to see the problem. Game.rxdata
  24. My Pokemon rejuvination game wont save at all no matter where i try to save it just says "Save Failed" please help. http://imgur.com/FzF3flh and in case its needed Game.rxdata
  25. My Pokemon rejuvenation keeps crashing. It keeps showing this message: script interpreter line 517: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method unlocks for nil:Nilclass.