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Found 60 results

  1. Bugs.. I need help

    I need some help After downloading some pokémon games i started to have "copy" bugs, i save in one game and the same save is on another game and i lost some saves too.
  2. I went yesterday to talk to one of the ladys on the salon(Bottom left), when i tried to start the game it said that the script ws hanging but it still worked, but now, i cant move, cant talk to her, the only thing i can do is the quick save. Please help me. Sorry for the bad english.
  3. so im about to finish version 9 but i would like to end it with a full team ready to go into the next version so i would like suggestions for a good fighting type and a special mega pokemon to finish the squad what are your suggestions based on my team
  4. Hey, i was wondering if someone could help me out with a tradeback? i'd like to transfer one of my pokemon to a new save file but i cant really do that by myself. I can trade you some shinies I have in return for your troubles. Thanks in advance
  5. I just began my campaign and I now have a Level 24 Lucario, Level 20 Rockruff, Level 22 Alolan-Ratatta, and a Level 19 Litleo. My Litleo and Alolan-Ratatta didn't evolve when they were supposed to at their respective levels of 17 and 20, but my Riolu evolved at level 17. Why aren't my Litleo and Alolan-Ratatta not evolving? I already beat the first gym btw.
  6. Just updated the game, started the game, left it for a while, script hanged, saved the game, and then this happened. Please help ;-; Game.rxdata
  7. Blocked in odd house

    New to the forum. I'm playing pokemon rejuvenation and I'm doing the Odd House quest. I just finished my 9th gym and decided to do the quest and I'm stuck in the last room. The seal is broken and I can't interact with it. The exit tells me I can't leave and I'm stuck. Can someone please help!!
  8. Move set help

    So I don't know if these are the best movesets for these pokemon, but I would like an opinion about them, and see how I can improve them Serpirior (Contrary) Leaf Storm Giga Drain Dragon Pulse Nature Power Porygon-Z Hyper beam Dark Pulse Discharge Signal Beam Swampert Hammer Arm Earthquake Protect Curse Nidoking MegaHorn Earth Power (Once I find earthquake I'll switch this one) Thrash Dragon Tail Florges Moonblast Solar Beam Petal Dance Wish Mimikyu Play Rough Pain Split Destiny Bond (I want to change this one, I'm nuzlocking) Shadow Claw If any one can help that would be amazing
  9. Incinaroarium

    I did the school gift quest in a previous episode and now I can't get the incinaroarium, can someone help me? Here is my data Game.rxdata (Also I'm sorry if this is the wrong spot to post this)
  10. CIty hall trainer

    does the pokemon lvl of city hall trainers change every time i get a new gym badge??
  11. Type:Null

    So, I know that you have to do a pretty big trade in 7th Street to get it, but what are the other pokémons to give apart from Luxray and Unfezant? Also do I get to keep those pokémon or are they gone afterwards (I want to know if I trade my beloved Luxray or its baby)
  12. Leaving the Titania' gym

    I walked into the area below Titania's gym with the wrong team, but I can't find my way out, help?
  13. RMT- Dry Sand

    Hello Everyone. I've had this team for a while, and I was wondering how I could(obviously) improve upon it. I am not that good of a team builder, so criticism is welcome(and wanted). I mainly don't know what to put into the Quagsire spot, as I want to counter water types there, but Quag somehow joined(not that I mind) The team is: Garchomp, Tyranitar, Excadrill, Volcorona, Starmie, Quagsire Garchomp Tyranitar Excadrill Volcorona Starmie Quagsire
  14. Gamesave opening

    Is it possible to open different gamesaves at a same time on a single pc?? I have 2 save files game.rxdata and game2.rxdata Can i open both of them at the same time on my pc??
  15. stuck in 7th street

    the thing is i tried to pass these to grits over a hundred time but can not do it can u guys plz help me?? i saw some youtube vedios but still cant do it plz unstuck me (sorry if i post this topic in wrong section) Game.rxdata
  16. Ice Stone needed!

    Hi everyone, I just got A-Vulpix and I need to evolve it, but I don't have an Ice Stone from Dpt. Store/Celestine Mountain 2F. Is someone willing to trade a pokemon with this item for me please? My online name is Illu. I can trade something back if needed.
  17. Sharpedonite

    Where is the sharpedonite? I've been looking in the adventurine woods for hours. HELP.
  18. How to screenshot Reborn?

    I have something I wanna show but I don't no how to screenshot and where my screenshots go can anyone tell me?
  19. 5th gym is giving trouble

    Hi! it's me again, this is my second post today (Maybe some of you have seen my post asking for help in the lapis gym) and now i'm having some trouble with that creepy shade, the thing that i know is that after two attacks of electric type, the machinery turns on, with my pachirisu i can defeat gengar, but that rottom has no mercy... him hit most of my pokemons with shadow ball, and uses discharge to turn de lights down and give more power to its shadow ball if someone has any strategy that can help me with this, i will gladly try it
  20. Help with Lapis Gym please

    Hi, i really enjoy this game, but i'm in trouble, i just hit a metaphoric wall in the story as i try to beat the gym leader of Lapis Gym, she has bug-type pokemons, and she is very though the problem is that, because of me losing several times against her, i do not have money I have the following pokemons captured: woobat pancham pidove mankey makuhita electrike loudred eevee koffing yungoos stufful beedril scatterbug sewadle trubbish morelull growlithe oddish weepingbell arbok ledian stunky mareep grimer lillipup pichu riolu (i got it trough wonder trade) glameow onix happiny carnivine phanpy doduo fletching spearow seel vanillite pidgeotto hypno numel cricketune swirlix burmy ponyta aron fearow marshtomp litleo magcargo pachirisu Please, i can level up the pokemons that i already have, but i have almost no pokeballs to catch new ones, i need to beat the gym leader i can provide more details, if someone want to trade i can do it and, if you are wondering; i'm in team aqua
  21. So after we destroyed the satellite and went into the warden i went out and saw the satellite next to the guard, i went to check on him cause it was funny. After i was done and i wanted to go down the stairs... i stumbled upon a bug. I can move one block to the left but that's it and can't get out. But my main problem is that i went to the menu and wanted to quit the game i skipped trough the "are you sure you want to quit?" and accidentally saved my progress while being inside the bug.... i was wondering if i have to start all over..?
  22. [Resolved]Exp Share

    Can anyone help me? I traded a mon holding an "exp share" and I really would love someone to help me. Does anyone have a spare one to give me? Thanks
  23. help

    Does anyone know how to download chapter 17 for pokemon reborn?
  24. Moveset help

    I would like help my a few of my pokemon's moves (I am training like 60 pokemon for a nuzlocke, and I would like a little help with a few of their moves) Roseraid: Giga drain, Toxic, Venoshock, Petal dance, (Should I keep it or replace a move for dazzling gleam?) Mamoswine: Ice Shard, Hail, Ice fang, Earthquake Torterra: Curse, Crunch, Earthquake, Synthesis Charizard: Dragon claw, Fire Fang, Slash, Dragon Dance (Physical attacker) Lapras: Surf, Hydro Pump, Toxic, Ice beam Sceptile: Detect, Dragon Pulse, Leaf blade, Leaf Storm Floreges: Moonblast, Solar Beam, Petal Dance, Wish Lopunny: Drain punch, Dizzy Punch, Return, Charm Nidoking: Megahorn, Earthpower, Thrash, Surf Nidoqueen: Superpower, Sludge wave, Earth Power, Flamethrower Rampardos: Head smash, Screech, chip away, Zen headbutt Empoleon: Brine, Hydro pump, icy wind, agility Serperior: Giga Drain, Dragon Pulse, Leaf Storm, nature power (Contrary) Raichu: Thunder Punch, Rock smash/Strength, nuzzle, Volt tackle (physical) Delcatty: Echo Voice, Solar beam, Charge beam, sucker punch Lilligant: Synthesis, Quiver Dance, Petal Dance, Giga Drain Meinshao: U-Turn, Quick Guard (Probably going to replace with Drain punch), Acrobatics, High Jump Kick Swampert: Hammer Arm, Earthquake, Protect, Curse Gallade: Close combat, Leaf blade, night slash, psycho cut Honchkrow: Wing attack, Sucker punch, Foul play, Night Slash (Moxie) Ariados: Pin Missile, Cross poison, poison jab, Shadow Sneak If you have any suggestions please let me know!
  25. I started a new run for episode 17 and I got to tanzan mountain. I'm not actually frozen, but I can't progress in one of the rooms with the panels. I can't interact with it at all! If someone could help it would greatly appreciated. Game file Game.rxdata