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      A community-wide Spoiler Lock is in effect for Reborn's Episode 17 until 1/1/18.   Please make sure any content/discussion regarding a new episode is enclosed in spoiler tags until that time. Also be mindful of your topic titles, since they show up on the forum index. For instance instead of "Help beating Adrienn" title it "Help beating new leader"   Thank you for being courteous to your other users!

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Found 2 results

  1. Need some idea about Alolan Pokemon

    I know the upcoming episodes for pokemon reborn are coming...... Then again, there is pokemon rejuvenation. So I was thinking about these upcoming alolan pokemon and I am one of those guys who didn't get a 3DS and didn't play Sun Moon. Plus I hate the horrible graphics of the new pokemon anime.....so......yeah......I didn't experience any of it. As for my current reborn team, I have greninja espurr and noivern from gen 6. Based on stats, I loved Decidueye and Vikavolt. So, can anyone give a good idea about alolan Pokemon's?
  2. I can't believe we're finally at the end. Let's end it with a bang. Nothing different here, but I do have a warning for people who want to participate. If you aren't good with color usage or management, I would advise staying away from the Ultra Beasts + Legendaries (Cosmog and Cosmoem should be fine). When I had to do the official shinies, it was a lot of extra effort and painful nights of cutting and pasting and making sure everything looked legit. Its... it's rough. That said, if you're up for the challenge, go for it. Vivillon I did not expect to get as many Vivillons as I did. I was thoroughly impressed with the community's response with this one. Unfortunately, because of this, I'm going to have to limit the Vivillons from now on. We got a ton. A TON. Please only submit one design per person. That's really all we need anyways. Silvally We're going to use Reborn's Silvally shinies. While I was making them with the others, I realized that we probably can't top this- So Ame has given me permission to also use these shinies as well. Thus, Silvally has been removed from the list. Type: Null needs a shiny, though. Rules: You may only claim 2 lines at max. Let's give others a chance to claim stuff. You must WAIT for me to approve your work BEFORE going onto others. If you do not update me on your work in 2-3 days, I will release your claim. Parenthesis indicate a specific look I want the shiny to have. If you take one Pokemon that has an entire line, I would expect you to do the whole thing, not just one. If you cannot do the whole line, please say so beforehand. Please put your claim in Gold so that I won't miss it! Things that may be required to work on this project Basic knowledge of color usage Basic knowledge of programs that can be used to edit sprites Your creativity! Red = Claimed Green = Completed Yellow = In danger of reclaiming (Basically people who haven't updated in a few days.) You can get the sprite pack here. Missing Sprites Gen 7 Also this is the 1000th topic! Fitting!