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Found 7 results

  1. Recommend me a team :D

    So yeah, after beating the pupeteers on normal and the subsequent quests. I'm willing to for an intense run. Don't know what to go for so I'll lay down my personal preferences. A fire type, A water type, an electric type, a grass type and the other two slots can be anything. What should I use
  2. Hey all, if this belongs elsewhere, feel free to move it. So, a wild thought occurred to me today as I installed the Reborn update-- What Pokemon would non Pokemon related anime or video game characters have as a team? I decided to post a topic and see where it goes! I am using gifs but nobody else needs to. Lets begin with the character that started this little idea in the first place! Character: Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus Franchise: FATE Pokemon Team: 1. Roserade: 2. Volcarona: (Shiny) 3. Typhlosion: 4. Pyroar: (Male specifically) 5. Incineroar: 6. Solgaleo: Explanation: Why did I choose these Pokemon? Simple. Nero is called "The Flower of Rome" and is "The Empress of Roses". She values beauty, power, elegance, honesty, and kindness. She is also a bold, charismatic ruler who was beloved by her people in life. I will explain each choice by number. 1. Her affiliation with roses. 2. Her Noble Phantasm: Aestus Domus Aurea: Golden Theater of the Flamboyant aka Golden Theater of the Deranged. To summon it, she says in Fate/Extra: “Behold my glory... Hear the thunderous applause... Sit down and praise... My Golden Theater! Kingdom of Heaven and Hell... My heaven, reconstructed! This is where the limelight shines!” Shiny Volcarona is gold, in other words. 3. Typhlosion is straight up powerful, fast and a pure Fire-type. 4. Male Pyroar are regal and powerful. Plus, from behind, their manes look like flowers. 5. Incineroar is a showoff and would meld with her nicely. 6. She manifests as a Saber class. Steel. Solgaleo is regal, cute, and again, the mane is flower-esque from behind. Plus, Solgaleo would easily wreck armies so there's that too. Please remove the highlight effect behind Golden Theater of the Deranged up above please and thank you.
  3. Pass-time run

    uh, ok. So I've completed my 'actual' playthrough of rejuvenation, and am now looking for something to just dick around with on intense mode, but I don't want to have bad pkmn. Instead I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help my 'in-game allstars' run come true. These are all pokemon I've used in main series cart game and pmd playthroughs that really came thru in the clutch for me a lot of times over the years. That being said if someone could edit this into my game, or tell me how, or both, that would be greatly appreciated. Gen 4 mvp Alakazam: starting as an abra ofc, just give it like psychic and fblast pls, 5 perfect ivs and 252 speed and spatk--everything but atk ivs, timid Gen 2 remakes mvp Gengar: starting as gastly ofc, start it with shadow ball and sludge bomb pls, same ivs and evs as above, timid Gen 5 mvp Hydreigon: starting as deino ofc, give it max friendship and draco and dark pulse pls, same ivs and evs, modest PMD 2 EoS mvp Lucario: starting as riolu obviously, give it close-to-max friendship; close combat and bullet bunch pls, 252 atk and speed evs, all ivs perfect except spatk, jolly 1st Rejuv. run mvp Serperior: Already picked as starter, just need to edit data I guess. Give it leaf storm, giga drain, hidden power, contrary, and set the ivs for hidden power ground please. same evs; ivs and nature as zam/gar cool filler mon Lando-T: this can start as lando-i, provided i have the mirror glass or whatever changes it's forme. Give it eq, rock slide and uturn. Max atk and speed, adamant, all perfect ivs except special attack. Also need two link boxes for zam and gar, please. I know this might seem incredibly casual and pointless for someone to do, and that might make you not want to help me out, and if that's the case fk u I'd appreciate it if you would at least explain to me and/or link me a tutorial on how to do this for myself. Thanks in advance, Someone patiently waiting for version 10 . Game.rxdata
  4. Gym puzzles

    Post your gym puzzle ideas here
  5. Fan game functions

    What functions would you have added in a fangame that using normally in the games
  6. Route Ideas

    Throughout the Pokemon games a good amount of time is usually spent traversing from route to route. We've had a great number of different routes, from marshlands, to deserts, to water, to volcanos, to empty spaces(looking at you Kalos route 1 and 13) Some ideas Game Freak still hasn't made, like a route in space. What are some of your ideas for new routes?
  7. Hello guys! I started this topic as a way to keep track of my own Rejuvenation version 9 playthrough, because to be honest I can never keep track of everything significant happened in the game. Besides the main plot there are multiple side plots, each will have its own set of characters (or mutual characters) and it's really hard sometimes to remember what the heck this guy/girl/whatever gender they're was talking about. I will just talk about the events that I considered "big" or "important" but if I missed anything, feel free to let me know! (that's why I started this topic, lol) Also, I will occasionally, here and there, discuss some theories I have about the plot, and I really want you to join me (I have no friends, plz =)))) (Last note before the real notes: I finished Version 8 months ago and now I started version 9 at the end of version 8) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------