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      A community-wide Spoiler Lock is in effect for Reborn's Episode 17 until 1/1/18.   Please make sure any content/discussion regarding a new episode is enclosed in spoiler tags until that time. Also be mindful of your topic titles, since they show up on the forum index. For instance instead of "Help beating Adrienn" title it "Help beating new leader"   Thank you for being courteous to your other users!

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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, So while doing the diamond ring/classified information sidequest, the game freezes there after I defeat the policeman in a battle and when Looker(?) gives a little dialogue. I noticed the meteor grunts there are from the Igglybuff event/quest. I guess I forgot to do that part before the city updated, so maybe that is related to the bug? I've saved before entering the building and restarted the game maybe three times now. Still freezes. I've looked around a bit hoping maybe someone else ran into the problem, but not surprisingly couldn't find much since E17's release is still relatively new. (Unless this happened in E16 too?) Thanks c: Game.rxdata
  2. Game frozen

    Hey guys, I'm new to Pokemon Rejuvenation. I just started today and chose my first starter Pokemon. I fought the girl and then this Ren guy, but after I defeated him and the professor was done with talking the game froze. I can't move or press x. The music is still going on btw. Is there any solution for it? Thank you.