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Found 2 results

  1. Here's the deal. When Pokemon Reborn E18 comes out for Public release, I'm gonna be doing a playthrough of it. But here's the catch. I'm only gonna use the Pokemon that are your guy's favorites. So it's simple. Just tell me your favorite Pokemon below. Also, tell me if you want me to nickname the Pokemon after you or whatever you usually name it yourself. Thanks to everyone who participates in this! Btw, I'm also gonna use my favorite Pokemon as well which is Arbok. For anyone new here, I'll list all the Pokemon that have already been chosen here so you don't have to check every post to see if your fav has been chosen or not. 1. Arbok 2. Spiritomb 3. Absol 4. Bewear 5. Gardevoir 6. Roserade 7. Porygon Z 8. Camerupt 9. Garchomp 10. Vaporeon 11. Torterra 12. Wigglytuff 13. Lopunny 14. Hydreigon 15. Venusaur 16. Dragalge 17. Altaria 18. Froslass 19. Ludicolo 20. Sylveon 21. Klinklang 22. Tyranitar 23. Cherrim 24. Honchcrow 25. Shuckle 26. A. Ninetales 27. Silvally 28. Arcanine 29. Ninetales 30. Kricketune 31. Goodra 32. Araquanid 33. Quagsire 34. Kommo-o 35. Poiple 36. Walrein 37. Chandelure 38. Mamoswine 39. Salamence 40. Jolteon 41. Electivire 42. Swampert 43. Lucario 44. Nidoking 45. Crobat 46. Zoroark 47. Sawsbuck 48. Swalot 49. Delcatty 50. Lycanroc Dusk 51. Slaking
  2. Hey everyone! I have a love for field effects(except a few) and I was wondering what YOUR favorite field effect was. Feel free to state why alongside your vote if you so choose to do so. I have to vote for the Chess Board Field because it is a fairly neat idea and concept(especially chess moves) and it is the field of one of my favorite gym leaders.