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Found 4 results

  1. Hey there People ! it's me , TheUntitled Again ! Today i'm posting my latest WIP on sprite customization : Aries Shion from Saint Seiya - HADES arc Hope you All like !
  2. Hey Guys ! it's really been a while since i've posted here ! and now i present you my newest creation : Prof.Rebirth Name : Nash Age : 27 Codename : Prof.Rebirth( duh..) Occupation : Professor/Mechanic Engineer. Backstory : Nash was raised in the Reborn Region, by the scientific division of Team Meteor..mostly because of his aptitude in reverse-engineering and mechanics. Nash created one powerful artifact that was named the "Rebirth Gauntlet" for the benefit of The Meteor Leader, infusing it with the fragments of four jewels .. (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Amethyst), the user could bend Time,Space,Reality and Matter to his/her will...potentially endangering the entire multiverse. Realizing his big mistake, Nash fled the region, taking the gauntlet and the original fragments with him, not to risk his invention to fall in the wrong..power-hungry hands of Lyn...but after some time, he returned home..intending to end Lyn's plans and Schemes once and for all. what you think of this one @Amethyst ?
  3. TheUntitled000

    Iori Yagami - Reborn Style W.I.P

    Hey There Guys and Gals ! it's been forever since i've posted anything ..so today i bring my latest creation ..... so,..how is it ?? what do you all think ??
  4. So it's been forever since I posted one of these episodes but I've finally had some time to write again and why not continue the story I love to write. Thanks game for existing. That was pretty cool. So story picks up from episode 9 obviously. Refresher? Sure. Justin and co went to fight Pulse tangrowth, split into teams, Blaze is fighting team magma back at the garden episode ends on a trailer line. Here we go with the aptly named episode 10..... "What did I miss?" ExT. seacrest's garden Its night time and most of the Pokémon are sleeping. Seacrest, Blaze and Soldier are tending to the wall. Lucky is trying his best to help but isn't tall enough to assist. Soldier kneels and signals for the young egg to sleep. He pouts but ultimately follows his father's direction. Seacrest You boys can sleep, I don't mind doing this alone. Blaze caws in opposition and Soldier quietly remains focused on his task. SEACREST Didn't think you'd listen. Nancy walks over to the group. Nancy I spoke with Ame, she'll be sending over a team of workers to do some repairs and reinforce the wall. SEACREST You'd think it was made of kindling at this point. NANCY Perhaps you should get some rest. SEACREST Yeah. You going home now? NANCY I am. SEACREST Blaze come here boy. NANCY This isn't necessary. Blaze joins the two. SEACREST Walk Nancy home and come right back. NANCY I'll be alright. SEACREST Nancy its been a long day and those thugs are out there. Let's just be safe. She looks at Blaze's ready face then to Seacrest's worried expression. NANCY Very well. Blaze- Nancy gestures for Blaze to follow her. NANCY Good night Seacrest. SEACREST Goodnight Nan. Nancy and Blaze leave. Seacrest walks over to Soldier. SEACREST You can get some rest. Someone will come in the morning to take care of this. Soldier nods then goes over to his sleeping child and sits with his legs folded around him like a cradle. After a few moments Seacrest gives Soldier a blanket that he uses solely to cover Lucky. SOldier extends his arm out to shake. Seacrest does so slowly. He then sits down next to the two. SEACREST Thank you for earlier. Solider drops his head. SEACREST No... It makes sense to want to take someone like him out. But these gangs wont fall without the police coming back. For now- Cut TO: ExT. desert Soldier, Lt Surge and Soldier's partner General Daniel Rush, a tall extremely muscular man with an automatic strapped to his back and traditional military garb. Soldier has bandages drenched in blood all over his arms and torso. G.Rush Let's stick to the defensive. You got a bad habit of attacking the leader bud. Lt.Surge Kid ain't stupid. End the leader and the rest fall to pieces. Besides pipsqueak saved all of our shit. So... Rush steps close to Soldier and extends his hand. CUT TO: ExT. SEACREST'S GARDEN Soldier looks up and shakes his head as if exiting a daze. SEACREST I said thank you. Soldier looks and sees Seacrest's hand. Soldier cracks a smile. ExT. obsidia Park The action continues here from last episode's endpoint. Justin and Luxcalibur are homing on the plant and metal monstrosity that sits at the epicenter of Obsidia park. As the two get within attacking range of the monster Tangrowth they are separated by a rampant vine that propels Luxcalibur back towards the group of trainers, Justin continues forward and lands directly at the eye of the storm. Justin Hey... Justin flourishes the glass in his hand and just as he is about to lunge it at the plant's eye several tenrills all come crashing down on him but a flash of green pulls him out of the way at the last second. After a moment he realizes he's next to Florinia, Amaria, Cain, Venasaur, Muk, and Kingdra. JUSTIN Thanks Flo. Florinia You're welcome. I do wish that you'd take some form of caution when attacking opponents. JUSTIN Flo cmon where's the fun. HOLY SHIT IS THAT CAIN?! Cain Would love to banter but now's not the time for jokes. JuSTIN Ha. CaIN Muk keep the screen up on Venasaur. JUSTIN And... Uh... Who's the lady in blue. Hi, Justin Weyland Terrorist fighter. CAIN Literally couldn't of picked a worse tree to bark up. Amaria Or time. JuSTIN I mean, what's the worst that could- One of the tentacles swoops Justin up and slams him several times into the ground and throws him at the guardrail at the edge of the park. AMARIA This is the talented back-up Rini? CAIN I thought he'd be good too. Looks can be deceiving huh? Justin's head is down but one hand is on his ear and the other is shaped into a gun that points at Tangrowth. JuSTIN 3...2...1... Bang... At that moment. A bolt of lightning slams down and stuns the plan monster momentarily. JUSTIN Sorry guys figuring out if my spine still works can someone else kill it? Every directs their attention back towards the weakened Tangrowth. AmARIA Kingdra ICE BEAM! JuSTIN Yo Cain. Poison gas this place. CAIN That wont hurt- You're not bad Justin. Justin chuckles and coughs up blood. JUSTIN Oh Arceus.. it hurts to laugh. CAIN Poison gas. A smog covers the battleground. The group is all seen with gas masks covering them even the non-poison Pokémon. Luxcalibur makes his rounds to point everyone in the right direction. JUSTIN Lux HIT IT HARD! The forest Pokémon roars and the gas clears the area Luxcalibur is nowhere to be found but it is holding the young Panchams it kidnapped from their parents. Justin leaps from behind the Tangrowth dropping an empty bottle of moomoo milk and snatching the two cubs from the tendrills. JUSTIN Hey. You got about 10 seconds. Justin runs past everyone, kissing Florinia on the cheek before he plunges into the underground. Florinia turns from the group. FLORINIA Still a poor choice of trees. InT. obsidia depths Victoria, Embroar, Scrafty and the Pangoro crew are fighting in the now lit tunnel where a creepy eye covered in moss swings tendrills at the heroes. Victoria Justin. You're okay. JUSTIN Only a few broken bones. VICTORIA Are those the Pangoro children. JUSTIN Yeah so. The lead pandas take notice of their now safe children. JUSTIN Time to go all out boys. Purple fluid leaks from the ceiling. The Pangoros and Scrafty begin ruthlessly beating on the eye of the storm that is the Tangrowth's underbelly. The ceiling is broken in by vines and Justin is pulled up by Venasaur and flung towards the heavily weakened monster. JUSTIN Thanks V. YOU BOYS DOWNSTAIRS BETTER BE READY. The Pokémon underground unleash a flurry of punches and Justin follows suit and begins violently beating down on the main body of Tangrowth and eventually it is knocked out of its PULSE form. Justin crosses his arms. JUSTIN Everyone step back. The team underground exits the monster's nest and the trainers upstairs all run to the park's edge. JUSTIN Here's a real monster's technique. Several tendrills all begin to crash down on Justin mimicking the beginning of their fight. JUSTIN Thunder. Lightning strikes the field around him. JUSTIN Thunder. More lightning strikes the ground. JUSTIN THUNDER! Just before the attacks land a violent crash down of several lightning bolts all scorch the ground and burn away the violent overgrowth. Many plants around the city are destroyed. Finally the body is violently electrocuted and burns away as well. Luxcalibur falls from the sky and lands on the PULSE machine in front of Justin. JuSTIN Thunder cat..... hoooo... Luxcalibur wags his tail. Justin walks over to the trainers in time to see Victoria and company have made their way above ground. Luxcalibur sits behind Justin and stands to rest on Justin's shoulders. JUSTIN So guys, as much fun as it would of been to solo that sin against nature I am very much glad I had a team to work with. That said... WHAT THE FLORGES WAS THAT THING A stange hooded figure steps outside from a decrepit shed. Zel (Eve) PULSE is the proper designation for the creature you just witnessed fight. Cain How did that shed not get destroyed? JUSTIN Professor Oak the Science Folk says its Tangrowth. Zel (ZERO) That hasbeen fool has no idea what power we're dealing with. ZEL (Lumi) I.. ZEL (ZERO) No one cares Lumi JUSTIN This is... CAIN Unsettling. VICTORIA Who are you? Justin whispers in Luxcalibur's ear and he gets off his shoulders. JuSTIN Yeah you umm... Evildoer? FLORINIA They killed well over a dozen people in the last 6 hours alone so yes. This person is well within the boundaries of evil. JUSTIN Makes sense since that eyepatch guy is right behind them. ZEL looks behind themself, Justin takes this moment to jump up and Luxcalibur uses his tail to fling him powerfully towards the individual. Justin throws a punch but goes through a hologram and punches a hole in the PULSE machine effectively shattering his hand. ZEL looks confused at Justin's attack. ZEL (EVE) That was a wise distraction. You've given us much to think about Reborn leaders and slightly gifted trainers. JUSTIN (scoffs) Slightly? AMARIA You will never win Meteor. ZEL (ZERO) We'll see girlie. We will see. The hologram disappears. AMARIA I'm sorry Cain, didn't mean to drag you into this. CAIN No sweat. Always fun thwarting evil and what-not. AMARIA I have to report to Ame. Rini you okay?