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Found 42 results

  1. i was on the last trial, at the mansion, but when i finished it, my character's sprite got back to the "normal" sprite, instead of the A.N.A. sprite (from the password(9494) at the start), i don't want to play with another sprite (cuz i put the A.N.A. was the name of my character....). Look at my save file, after complete this pool trial it comes back to the normal sprite T^T Game.rxdata
  2. Belch mechanics error

    Belch is a move that can only be used after a berry has been consumed by that Pokemon. Once the berry is consumed, for the duration of the battle, belch should be available for use any number of times, even if the pokemon with belch has been swapped out. However, it appears that in Reborn, belch can only be used once after a berry is consumed. A second try with belch will fail. In testing, I used a Slowpoke with an oran berry.
  3. I don't really think that the part of the game I'm up to is relevant, so in order to avoid spoilers for others, I won't mention it. However, what does need to be mentioned is the fact that at the beginning of the game, I chose the dark skinned, black sweater and red shirt wearing male character. However, during a certain part of the game, I was required to play as a different character for a while. After I completed this section, I regained control of "my character", but he had the sprite of the light skinned male trainer with green shoes, a grey sweater and a hat. This kind of ruins the "immersion" for me and bothers me way more than it should, but I can't help it! Does anyone know how I can change my trainer's sprite back to the dark skinned male trainer?
  4. Stuck in corrupted cave

    I just got past the new fighting gym leader and am in the corrupted cave now, ive been stuck here for days, the girls tell me to destroy all the crystals but some are uninteractable. Am I missing something? or is this just a bug?
  5. Bugged trainer

    Hello, i wanted help with somethihng, i just arrived in Gran dream city and found this machine that can change the weather and made it snow, when is snowing, a girl appears next to the machien, i talked to her and she gave me something, but when i talked to her the game bugged. a window just appeared and says ''trainer not found'' and the game closes, has this happened to someone else? Did i do something wrong when installing the game? how can i fix it? P.D: sorry for my bad english.
  6. Sup guys. After browsing the forums I noticed that a lot of people were suffering from this bug where on the 2nd day after the Emma library event, your character permanently changes to either Maria(nette) or other MC. Now while there are of posts reporting this bug, I couldn't find anything about solving this problem. So my question is, does anyone know how to fix this problem? I've been stuck like this for 2 days now and really want to continue playing the game. The link to my save file can be found below: Game.rxdata Or slightly before the event GamePreLib.rxdata Would be really happy if someone can help me out, and also share the method so that other people can benefit from it as well!
  7. Valor Mountain V9 Bug

    I know this has probably been asked before but, I don't really know what to do when the grunt doesn't show up. I didn't get this bug on my first playthrough but I have it now. Someone mentioned that it can be fixed by going to and older version but I don't really know how. I tried opening up V8 and got this error. Is there any way to fix these problems? Love the game btw, hope I can keep playing.
  8. Hi. This is my first post, so sorry if I'm being a noob or something. Here's my problem: I was playing the game, and I noticed the music had been repeating over and over, which was to be expected, but I was changing areas and the music didn't adjust. Since I got to Apophyll Beach, Atmosphere-Bright had been playing. I didn't think much of it until I got to Byxbysion Wasteland and the music didn't change. I tried lowering the volumed that had no effect on Atmosphere-Bright at all, so I knew it was a bug. I went into the audio files of the game and moved Atmosphere-Bright to a different location outside the game, but when I loaded the game back up, it gave me an error message and said it was missing Atmosphere-Bright. Please help, I would love to listen to the real in-game music other than one song Thanks again!
  9. I've been digging around forums everywhere to find apophyll pancakes to evolve my Pikachu to alolan raichu. All the forums point to the shop at route 3, but the girl doesn't sell it and I found no solutions anywhere, please help.
  10. Hello everyone; I have a bug which hides every item, attack and pokemon's name like in this screenshot. What can I do to fix this? Thank you!
  11. Hey there, I did all the things I needed to do in order to unlock the "Blake event" in his own home. Yet, Shelly nor Blake are there. The house is completely empty. I visited the zEL house/ read the notes and met blake there. Then I talked to the kid + shelly outside telling us where he lives. Also talked to the old lady who gives away that Blake is her (grand)son. People in the forum told me I should post it here, so here we are. Can you look at my file and fix it? Yours Sincerely, Magenta Game.rxdata
  12. Text Error

    I downloaded Pokemon Reborn today. But there is some text error in the game which makes me unable to play. My friend had the same bug/error. I thought something was wrong with the fonts, so we both copy and pasted the fonts from the game into the PC font list. For him it works, but i still dont see any text. I know that Options are usually the second options for you to pick, i opened Options, but still no text. I already searched up this bug but i couldn't find that topic. If there is please link it. Edit 1: I checked going and skiping a lot of text in the beginning until the "Please tell me your name" thing, and i found out that i cant even type in my name.
  13. Hey, I'm stuck in Ametrine City Blake don't show up in his apartment. Sorry for bad english, it's not my national language Anyway, greatings from Poland - Mods, you're doing a great work here! Game.rxdata
  14. Hi guys. Can someone please enlighten me on whether the Bug-type pokemon are supposed to be weak to Air in Crawli's gym? Cos I won't lie; it's rather frustrating having to fight an even battle at level 45 when both fire (nullified by rain) and air (???) are ineffective against the bug-type pokemon of Crawli
  15. Sheridan city bug?

    So ive gotten up to sheridan city (2nd city) and i dont know if its supposed to be like this but the chief doesnt activate at all, like the text never comes up. i dont know if i didnt do something or its a bug. someone let me know please, i really like this game and want to continue playing it. thanks in advance!
  16. Level Up Move Mistake?

    I just have a quick question for all of you: I was training a Rowlet for a run I'm doing, and when it evolved into Decidueye, I happened to have it learn a move upon evolution. However, Decidueye does not learn this move naturally. Is this a mistake, or is this a Rejuvenation thing only?
  17. Found Bug Need Help

    I just beat the first gym and on my way to amethyst cave, I healed my pokemon right outside of the cave just before saving so I can close the game. I went back on and immediately was encountered with a battle with the trainer next to the healing station, I saved right after and then realized that the trainer would not speak to me or would any of the others i battled, the cave would not let me enter and any dialog that came up immediately closed, the npc's I encountered before dialog came up but sped right through, the only thing that worked was the kecleon shop. I tried leaving the area but that did not work. I am hoping to see if I can save my game because I am not looking to spend 5 hours trying to get back to where I was.
  18. Hey, I noticed that the PP of a trainers Pokemon will be refilled after it was withdrawn and sent out again. It happened in the following situation: My Pokemon: Misdreavous Opponent Pokemon: Gyarados Opponent moves: 1.TWISTER 2.FLAIL 3.EARTHQUAKE 4.STONE EDGE I depleted the moves Twister and Stone Edge by using Spite. So the Gyarados wouldn't be able to hit my Misdreavous. I'm 100% sure that all PP were gone. Then the trainer withdrew Gyarados and sent out another Pokemon, which I defeated. Then he sent out Gyarados again and it could use Stone Edge again. Even 3 times in a row. Has anyone experienced the same problem? Has anyone a fix for that? Or can someone tell me how the battle system works? And in what script section the code is, that tells the game to store the information about the opponents status problems?
  19. The Bug Run from Hell 2!

    The Bug Run from Hell 2: It Actually Works! Well, it's been a week, but it finally happened! My Bug Monotype Run is back online. Started by a dare from a friend, I finally am starting it today and sharing it with all you wonderful folks. @Jess I imagine you might be interested. ANyways, let's begin! Chapter 1: The Hive Awakens My name here, my friends, shall be Gawain. So I go through the intro sequence, choose my appearance - I play as Kuro and once we get to the Grand Hall, I choose my starter. Now, I'm using Walton's mods, one of which is the Any/Random Starter Mod, and I'm choosing my starter on my own, and said starter would happen to be Venipede. Decent stats, has three stages, evolves at levels close to the actual ones, and has Speed Boost. What more could I ask for? Name: Turbine Level: 5 Gender: Female Nature: Impish Ability: Speed Boost Items: None Moves: Defense Curl Rollout Poison Sting N/A All around, she's okay. Her IVs are 19/3/8/28/27/24. so her Attack and Defense aren't swell, but hey, I'll make it work, y'know? So after getting Turbine, I leave the room, and naturally, Cain shows up, flirts for a bit, and then challenges me to a battle. The battle with Cain: Once that battle was over, I healed up Turbine, got to see Cain call Ame "Master", and then battled Victoria upon her challenge. The battle with Victoria: After winning there, I got my Pokedex and my Running Shoes, and I do believe I will end this first chapter here! I do hope you friends will enjoy this, because there'll be many more episodes to come! Ignore below
  20. Hey im caught up in the game because a friend of mine who played the game taught one of my pokemon waterfall I but never did receive the hm/tmx (I somehow missed the trigger for idk how) im wanting to replace the move on my pokemon but if i do i wont be able to use waterfall anymore. is there a way someone can give me the tmx for waterfall?
  21. The Bug Run from Hell

    In The Beginning... There was a Challenge I, my friends, didn't start this run without reason. I initially just wanted to do some sort of Monotype run - maybe Dark or Poison, perhaps Fighting or Flying - and I brought this up to my closest frenemy, Cat. She, being a nefarious fiend who'd grow annoyed when I'd bring up Reborn, decided that rather than shutting me down when I brought it up, she'd get nefarious on me. So, when I asked her what type I should do it with, she eventually came to a conclusion: Bug types. But not every Bug type. No Bug-Poison. No Scyther line. And with that, the gauntlet had been thrown, and I was ready to accept her challenge. Admittedly, this is probably gonna start as some very brief accounts and mostly just team updates, barring bosses and other notable events, like evolutions and such, but hey, I'm not required to have incredible writing skills for this sort of thing. And who knows? Maybe I'll get better. A Late Start to Documenting So, I start this account of my journey a bit late. I just finally finished Julia, and dear Arceus man, she was ridiculously hard to beat. I eventually beat her having only lost 3 Pokemon of my 5, but that took a combination of luck, RNGesus deciding one of her Voltorbs would miss Roll Out on Maestro the Kricketune, Maestro the Kricketune cooperating somehow while both paralyzed and overleveled, Aizawa the Swadloon secretly having a just powerful enough Bug Bite to 2HKO her Emolga I never noticed because I'd keep spamming Razor Leaf, and so many other flukes and bits of dumb luck there's no way I'd ever beat her again with my team. But I somehow did. And here, my friends, they are (admittedly, the levels are post-battle): Musashi (Male, Lvl 12, SHINY) No item Nature: Adamant Ability: Compound Eyes Moves: Leech Life Scratch Harden Sand Attack Cole (Female, Lvl 16) No item Nature: Quiet Ability: Early Bird Moves: Tackle Reflect Comet Punch Light Screen Meepmorp (Female, Lvl 14) No item Nature: Calm Ability: Compound Eyes Moves: Tackle Sleep Powder Confusion Poison Powder Aizawa (Female, Lvl 20) No item Nature: Adamant Ability: Leaf Guard Moves: Tackle String Shot Bug Bite Razor Leaf Maestro (Female, Lvl 21) No item Nature: Relaxed Ability: Technician Moves: Leech Life Bide Struggle Bug Fury Cutter And t'was these magnificent Pokemon who somehow pulled me through that hell gym. I am aware it's only gonna get harder, but with some more luck, strategy, careful team-building, and once per gym trades (I know, I know, I cheated this one time with Nincada and Sewaddle, but it ain't happening again) I'll be able to make it far on this run. Wish me luck! Oh, and I had 2 friends who weren't present for the battle. This gal was boxed: Katara (Female, Lvl 14) No item Nature: Serious Ability: Rain Dish Moves: Bubble Quick Attack Sweet Scent Water Sport Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I have a new pokemon, thanks to Amine on the Discord server! Hail to the oncoming queen, Reginapis! Reginapis (Female, Lvl 10, SHINY) Exp. Share Nature: Jolly Ability: Honey Gather Moves: Sweet Scent Gust N/A N/A And with that, I leave you for now. I'll probably edit this later or add a reply if this gets some reponses, but y'all will definitely hear from me and my Bug Run from Hell again. And thanks to @Jess, a fellow participant in this damned thing, who finished her Bug run and has been providing me tips and general advice for the future, and has offered to help with breeding and the like as well. Thank you kindly, my friend.
  22. Hi I've just made it to Corey's Skunktank but since my Silver Ring's not a Key item he's not responding. I've looked on this site and seen my game needs fixing so if anyone can help it would be very much appreciated! Game.rxdata
  23. Okay so normally we would get the HM waterfall from blake's room after choosing an answer, but i didn't go to blake's room after talking to the kid that would open the house i went directly to the mountain ( i didn't know that the house was that one at the time) so at the mountain i found blake and i fought him and defeated him after that i went back to the circus and defeated Terra and got my badge and all and then i found out that i didn't get the HM Waterfall. Is there a solution to the problem or is my journey dead since i can't advance without waterfall ? Thanks for helping And btw yes i check many times my bag and inventory.
  24. Game frozen

    Hey guys, I'm new to Pokemon Rejuvenation. I just started today and chose my first starter Pokemon. I fought the girl and then this Ren guy, but after I defeated him and the professor was done with talking the game froze. I can't move or press x. The music is still going on btw. Is there any solution for it? Thank you.
  25. Table of Contents: Chapter 1: An explosively lucky start! (Current chapter) [vs Julia] Chapter 2: Rivals, Vines and Deserts [vs Florinia] Chapter 3: Forests, Jungles and Revelations... Chapter 4: Release your soul from Poison... [vs Corey] Chapter 5: Gang wars and kidnappings Chapter 6: Insect Wars [vs Shelly] Chapter 7: Chasing the pretty boy Chapter 8: Straightjacket jam and ghastly encounters [vs Shade] Chapter 9: Buzzing on Ice, ft. Deliverance Chapter 10: Through Fire and Water [Fight vs Cal] Chapter 11: Try punching Skydancing bugs... [vs Kiki] Chapter 12: Forbidden allies and death by Dragon [vs Solaris' Garchomp] Chapter 13: (Still) chasing the pretty boy... and other grassy problems Chapter 14: Cleanse the Poison with Steel [vs Aya] Chapter 15: Rescue time and Yureyu raid! Chapter 16: Now you see me... now you don't... through the mirror [vs Serra] Chapter 17: Establishing... Shocking defences! Chapter 18: From chasms to peaks.... and off to sweeps! [vs Noel] Chapter 19: Endless grass and rivalries... Chapter 20: Lies and truth... among the fake gods [vs Dittoceus] Chapter 21: Entomophobia [vs Radomus] Chapter 22: Heretics, Lepidopterists and... the Twilight Zone [vs Luna] Chapter 23: Post the gate to Agate... Circuses, Strongmen and Quiver Dancers... [vs Samson] Chapter 24: Revelations, desperation and flames that burn souls. Chapter 25: Bugs vs Firebug! [vs Charlotte] Chapter 26: Winter Olympics, Reborn Style! Chapter 27: Ice Age, the Meltdown! [vs Blake] Chapter 28: "How to eliminate your brain cells", a best seller by M3G4T3RR4 [vs Terra] Chapter 29: Every Teardrop is a Waterfall Chapter 30: Maginot Line [Fiore Mansion Battles] Chapter 31: Waltzing through the Clouds [vs Ciel] Chapter 32: Claustrophobia Chapter 33: Another one bites the dust: Guilt and Desperation Chapter 34: Here comes your Angel... ft. the Pixies! [vs Adrienn] CHAPTER 1: An explosively lucky start! About three months ago, I was discussing with a friend about pokemon, so chat went to our most hated typings, to which (ofc) I chose bug, which I absolutely hated with a passion, apart from a couple exceptions (looking at you Butterfree <3). So, he wanted to make a bet that I wouldn't be able to beat Current episode of Pokemon Reborn by using only Bug types. Of course, I couldn't say no to such a challenge, and I accepted (bracing my heart to use pokemon I didn't like at all till then...). So, I began my playthrough, after running some research on Bulbapedia to not be a complete noob... Character name: Angel Sex: Non-binary Since I don't have the know-how to hack a bug-type starter for me, I decided to pick one based on breeding purposes. And since bug types lack (till gen VI) a good water type, I decided to pick Squirtle in order to breed Hydro Pump on a Surskit! My squirtle had great IVs, which was a great start for the game. I named her Respect (cause I'll eventually store her in box, but I'll always respect her) and she defeated easily Cain's Nidoran and Victoria's Tepig, before heading outside to get my first little bug... And, oh, the joy! It was a shiny Spinarak. And it has a 30 Attack IV, god damn! I caught her and named her Happiness. This run honestly couldn't have started any better! By wandering around I saved the Zigzagoon from the Bridge, it learned headbutt, so I managed to get a Combee (took ages of Headbutting a tree, I even found a shiny male Combee, fml, I know) and a Pineco as well. I also got a couple Burmy's but I never liked the idea of using Wormadam, so I boxed them. I also picked Kelly's Kricketot and a couple more catches, in the form of shiny Caterpie and Wurmple. Soon, I had a team consisting of: Valor, the Pineco (Male) Careful/Sturdy Protect Bug Bite Take Down Self-Destruct Valiant, the Kricketune (Male) Bold/Swarm Growl Bide Struggle Bug Fury Cutter Braveheart, the Butterfree (Male) Timid/Tinted Lens Confusion Sleep Powder Stun Spore Gust Patience, the Dustox (Male) Calm/Compound Eyes Gust Confusion Poison Powder Moonlight Happiness, the Spinarak (Female) Hardy/Sniper Poison Sting Leech Life Night Shade Scary Face Royalty, the Combee (Female) Bold/Honey Gather Sweet Scent Gust Bug Bite The evolutions were the result of grinding, destroying Fern's ass outside one of the two factories (the wrong one, idiot was waiting at the wrong place, then blaming others for his incompetence) and struggling through double battles in the correct factory... I don't know which was worse, having to survive Rock Tombs of Arons and Roggenrollas or admit that Fern carried me through that hell. At least I made it up to him by managing to handle the Magby while he was using Growth for 27 times in a row and getting annihilated. Bless the Lord for Night Shade, Spinarak saved the day, as well as Dustox with Poison Powder/Moonlight Stall. So, after that and with the aforementioned team, I went happily to fight Julia... VS JULIA Happily before the fight... I swear, this fight gets harder every time I replay Reborn. She leads with Helioptile and proceeds to Glare at my Valor, who is the slowest thing on Earth anyways! My Pinecone... errr Pineco, escapes through Paralysis and takes down Helioptile with a Bug Bite spam. Then, Julia sends in her first (small) ball of doom, and I consider it a good time to stack up Fury Cutter with Valiant. My Kricketune takes down Voltorb and wastes Julia's first potion with 3 Fury Cutters, but is in the red, so I swap him with Braveheart, who has to face the second Voltorb. Voltorb and Butterfree exchange Charge Beams and Confusions, but thank God, it gets zero Sp.Atk. boosts, and Julia has to waste a potion to take down my Braveheart. I send in Happiness, happy that I will just Night Shade and kill it... NOPE! This round m***fucker decides to explode, killing my spider and itself in the process.... There goes my easy fixed damage on Electrode plan! Julia sends in Emolga, so I say "Fuck this shit" to myself, and send in Combee to take a shot, as I heal Valor to full HP. Combee dies to 1 Acrobatics and my Pineco lives another Acrobatics with Sturdy, to perform the sequel of the previous round. It Self-Destructs in the face of the flying ele squirrel, killing himself, and its opponent! Dustox single-handedly kills Blitzle by an alteration of Poison Powder, Confusion and Moonlight, while I wonder why the Flame Charge isn't even taking half of Dustox's HP... This thing is a legit God! Finally, Electrode comes in. It is my third attempt, so I know that I need some luck. I leave Dustox in, and Poison Powder it, getting the damage going. At least, Julia has used her 2 potions already. Electrode Decides to go for Charge Beam, but fails to get the stat boost, as I start using Confusion/Moonlight in turns. However, it begins to Rollout (please miss, ffs) and in 3 turns, my Dustox is murdered from full HP... I send in my Kricketune, who has about 8 HP. AND YES, ROLLOUT MISSES! Knowing that if I attack it with Fury Cutter, Aftermath will probably cost me the win, I had selected Struggle Bug in advance. It leaves the Electrode with 7 HP and Poison Powder damage secures the kill, granting me my first badge (highly useful), my first TM (Charge Beam, highly useless) and a sleepy ex-cheerleader. I scream YES-YES like a maniac though, since it was my 3rd attempt to beat her and I start to get hopes that mono-Bug might be possible actually! Hugely surprised by Dustox's resillience and by Pineco's and Combee's sacrifices! Bugs gaining my respect! Now I shall go take care of weird plants that wreak havoc, as Victoria informs me... Good luck myself! PS. Stay tuned, and feel free to provide any feedback guys and girls! Hope you enjoy!