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Found 27 results

  1. PLEASE READ THE BUGLIST BEFORE POSTING. THIS IS NOT THE SAVE FILE TROUBLESHOOTING THREAD. Green - Fixed in current patch. Red - Still present Yellow - Fixed, but not in the current version Buglist:
  2. Floss the Sharded

    Gamebreaking softlock

    I believe that i was able to move so fast with the built in speedhack that i got stuck inside the wall before it could load properly. my most recent backup was 3-5 hours previous to this one so im not a fan of going back to an old save state. i do have access to the save file in a notepad however if that helps.
  3. Whenever i enter the onyx ward once the town got repaired, i get an "ActiveMovie Window Error" Pop-Up. It looks like this: http://prntscr.com/jvcf50 I can close it but then i have no music inside Onyx Ward and the Pop-Up recur everytime the game wants to load the music again. If i try listening to the song via the jukebox i get the same error. When i open the mp3 file outside of the game i have no problem listening to it via media player. I also didn't encounter this bug anywhere else in the game (so far). It's not gamebreaking but it is pretty annoying. I can kinda "fix it" by renaming or deleting the White Onys soundfile but then i have no music there and thats kinda lame. Version, as said in the title, is 17.1 . This is also the first version of the game i downloaded, so i don't have old files flying around somewhere.
  4. Esos

    [Resolved]No sound

    Hey just wanted to get into pokemon fan games so I downloaded reborn, when I tryed playing there was no sound at all this doesn't happen just for reborn but also all other fan games iv'e tried (Rejuvenation, insurgence, ruby red) I have hit f1 and checked that the sounds are on but I still have no audio. Im using the lastest version and windows 7
  5. I've found what I believe to be a bug. While farming Alolan Sandshrews/Sandslashs in Citrine Mountain's 2F, I decided catching a Magnet Pull Magnemite would make things easier, since the Alolan Sandshrew/Sandlash encounter rates are pretty low. After catching the Magnemite I verified that it had the ability Magnet Pull, then moved him to the front of the party. It says on Bulbapedia that Magnet Pull should have a 50% chance to force an encounter with a Steel-type Pokemon if one is available, which should include Alolan Sandshrew/Slash since they're Ice/Steel type. For some reason, Magnet Pull has not increased my Alolan Sandshrew/Slash encounter rates. To test if Magnet Pull was not working at all on Reborn, I tested it in the Abandoned Power Plant to see if it increased the frequency of Magnemites/Klinks, and it did. It seems the game is not considering Alolan Sandshrew/Sandslash to be Steel-type Pokemon, maybe because Sandshrew/Sandslash are Ground-type normally? Is anyone else able to verify this bug in their own game?
  6. Searched the forum for a solution to this, didn't find. Apologies if I missed it. I went to Dr Jenkel's machine without any shadow mons in my party, and since then it's always recharging whenever I go. Got a few shadow mons ready to purify, so this is pretty annoying! It's been well past 24 hrs. Anyone know what to do/should I post my savefile? . . . . ...so I guess I didn't realize how close I was to the next option, in Sheridan Village. Still would be good to fix the Jenkel problem though, for people earlier in the game!
  7. Hello, I know that this issue is pretty common in the forums cause i look it up and many experience this problem. Yeah the NPC is keep telling me that there's one left even though i look everywhere there isn't. ( I think it could have been my fault cause i kinda killed one before accepting the quest or talking to the NPC.) Game.rar On a side note, I have been experiencing this issue for about two episodes now (including this ep.) every time i access my Pokedex, there's this message come up and closes the game. I really expect that the update would eventually got rid of this bug but its still there, If it isn't any problem to anyone i hope you may check this one if someone has time.
  8. I was playing pokemon rejuvenation where love lies my laptop accidently shut down while I was playing the game. and before it did it offered me to save which I did. after that the game will not let talia read her script that was given to her due to her being shut down before her speech, it just make the entire game move without me or her moving before the cutsean. and non of the current patches help with this bug.
  9. theagente00g

    dendenne god(bug)

    i gave to my dedenne with cheek pouch a leppa berry, now every turn he actave cheek pouch 3 times, i think he transcended to god mode.Also Parabolic Charge has 50 power, intead of the 65
  10. MelihDelibal

    SP Defense Room and Mantine

    Well I posted this yesterday but in the wrong part of the forum ups. But I am not able to enter the SP defense ev room even though I have the card. And I why can my mantine not learn roost? Game.rxdata
  11. As i fell down the leaf trap in Darchlight Forest, I got stuck while activating one of the mirrors. The game then autosaved, rendering me stuck in the object. I then use the escape rope only to find im in Valor Mountain entrance for some reason. I need help getting back into the leaf trap. I tried to enter through the trap again in Darchlight, but to no avail. Please, is there an easy way to fix this, or is it a bug. HELP PLZZ!!!
  12. DraqZ

    Ariados wont reset

    In rejuvenation v9.1 i am having a problem in the bug gym. There arent all of the ariados in the gym theres only 2 and it says i cant cross. I have also tried resetting and that wont work either.
  13. Silvermyst

    Blackcastle stairway bug

    Since the bug thread is closed and I did not see this issue posted on the list or in the fixed list of the Episode 10 patch: Trying to go down the right stairs causes you to go into the castle. Literally. And you cannot get back out afterwards, requiring you to reload
  14. xPhinGaming

    Gearen City Bug v10

    There is a bug in Gearen City where if you try to go to the right you get a message that involves repositioning your character in order to deliver a letter. The problem with this is that it puts you in a softlock that involves you closing out and restarting.
  15. Bella the Eevee ~

    [Not a bug]Flying type Silvally glitch

    Hi, so I just found what seems to be a bug with Shiny Silvally. Whenever I use the Flying type Memory on Silvally and send it out to battle, it looks really blurry and it looks like a normal shiny Silvally instead of the flying type. I would upload a screenshot, but it's over 1.01MB. Can someone tell me why is this happening?
  16. LosPablos

    Help please can't move

    First post, I was in the forest off of route 11 and gave a chestnut to one of those trees with the mankeys in it and my game froze up. I couldn't move or anything. Of course i accidentally saved so even after resetting I'm still stuck and I don't know what to do. I cant use the menu or anything i can only save the game (it's like salt in the wound).
  17. I went yesterday to talk to one of the ladys on the salon(Bottom left), when i tried to start the game it said that the script ws hanging but it still worked, but now, i cant move, cant talk to her, the only thing i can do is the quick save. Please help me. Sorry for the bad english.
  18. Potatough

    [Not a bug]Focus Band bug.

    So I fought Titania for the second time, and I put a focus band on my Reuniclus in case anyone would one shot him before he used trick room. At the first battle, the focus band worked and in turn I was able to use wonder room, but got beat up later on. Came back with a better strategy, but it still involved Reuniclus and the focus band taking the smart strike of her excadrill, but this time it was one shot, with the focus band not doing anything. Tried battling three more times but the focus band still doesn't work. Bought new focus band's and used them, but it also didn't work. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  19. I just began my campaign and I now have a Level 24 Lucario, Level 20 Rockruff, Level 22 Alolan-Ratatta, and a Level 19 Litleo. My Litleo and Alolan-Ratatta didn't evolve when they were supposed to at their respective levels of 17 and 20, but my Riolu evolved at level 17. Why aren't my Litleo and Alolan-Ratatta not evolving? I already beat the first gym btw.
  20. EpicD0m

    [Resolved]Can't Move Bug

    (SOLVED) Please help I just started the game and I can't move after the fight with Pretty Boy Cain. I've restarted the game and computer multiple times but nothing seems to work. Thanks. Game.rxdata
  21. Hi everyone, So here is my problem: I gave the applications to the 4 members of the Team Aqua, but then, when I have to speak to the leader to continue the quest, he keep saying to me that I still need to give job applications to the other members. I searched about it on the forum and found out that this is a bug that is possible to happen, since I had already given 2 job applications before talking to the leader. Someone who knows how to fix this, can please fix it on my save file?
  22. Ladrillomagico

    [Resolved] Crustle Puzzle bugged!!

    In route 2, there's a puzzle that you need to make in order to keep progressing in the story, i was doing the puzzle with only one crustle left to keep going, when i were going to push him a trainer battle occured and him fainted me, the problem is that, when i came back, the crustle wasn't there and when i tried to spawn another to keep going, it just stay still, i can't interact with him, i can't use sleep powder and i can't battle with him in order to spawn another, i tried to go back to the circus and then go and try it again but the new crustle appeared with the same bug, without the crustle you can't keep advancing in the main story, so, if you have this bug, i got the solution the solution is very simple, the only thing you have to do is go for some red powder, as it is programmed diferent, the red powder will allow us to interact with crustle, so we will engage combat and when we do so the game will re-calculate the crustle, so it will debug I want to report this, i hope that i can help someone that has the same problem to save their games
  23. Hey, I have a small problem. I have beaten Blake and Terra but i can't find the HM waterfall. Also Blake wasn't in his apatment and i have never freed Heather. Sorry for my english. Game.zip