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Found 43 results

  1. Help please can't move

    First post, I was in the forest off of route 11 and gave a chestnut to one of those trees with the mankeys in it and my game froze up. I couldn't move or anything. Of course i accidentally saved so even after resetting I'm still stuck and I don't know what to do. I cant use the menu or anything i can only save the game (it's like salt in the wound).
  2. I went yesterday to talk to one of the ladys on the salon(Bottom left), when i tried to start the game it said that the script ws hanging but it still worked, but now, i cant move, cant talk to her, the only thing i can do is the quick save. Please help me. Sorry for the bad english.
  3. [Not a bug]Focus Band bug.

    So I fought Titania for the second time, and I put a focus band on my Reuniclus in case anyone would one shot him before he used trick room. At the first battle, the focus band worked and in turn I was able to use wonder room, but got beat up later on. Came back with a better strategy, but it still involved Reuniclus and the focus band taking the smart strike of her excadrill, but this time it was one shot, with the focus band not doing anything. Tried battling three more times but the focus band still doesn't work. Bought new focus band's and used them, but it also didn't work. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  4. I just began my campaign and I now have a Level 24 Lucario, Level 20 Rockruff, Level 22 Alolan-Ratatta, and a Level 19 Litleo. My Litleo and Alolan-Ratatta didn't evolve when they were supposed to at their respective levels of 17 and 20, but my Riolu evolved at level 17. Why aren't my Litleo and Alolan-Ratatta not evolving? I already beat the first gym btw.
  5. [Resolved]Can't Move Bug

    (SOLVED) Please help I just started the game and I can't move after the fight with Pretty Boy Cain. I've restarted the game and computer multiple times but nothing seems to work. Thanks. Game.rxdata
  6. Hi everyone, So here is my problem: I gave the applications to the 4 members of the Team Aqua, but then, when I have to speak to the leader to continue the quest, he keep saying to me that I still need to give job applications to the other members. I searched about it on the forum and found out that this is a bug that is possible to happen, since I had already given 2 job applications before talking to the leader. Someone who knows how to fix this, can please fix it on my save file?
  7. [Resolved] Crustle Puzzle bugged!!

    In route 2, there's a puzzle that you need to make in order to keep progressing in the story, i was doing the puzzle with only one crustle left to keep going, when i were going to push him a trainer battle occured and him fainted me, the problem is that, when i came back, the crustle wasn't there and when i tried to spawn another to keep going, it just stay still, i can't interact with him, i can't use sleep powder and i can't battle with him in order to spawn another, i tried to go back to the circus and then go and try it again but the new crustle appeared with the same bug, without the crustle you can't keep advancing in the main story, so, if you have this bug, i got the solution the solution is very simple, the only thing you have to do is go for some red powder, as it is programmed diferent, the red powder will allow us to interact with crustle, so we will engage combat and when we do so the game will re-calculate the crustle, so it will debug I want to report this, i hope that i can help someone that has the same problem to save their games
  8. [Resolved] Blake Bug

    Hey there, There seem to be a problem regarding my game where Blake doesnt show up. I have talked to the necessary people in game (at least i think i did), and he still doesnt show up in the upper-floor apartment. Was told im supposed to just upload my game file here. so here it is. Thanks in advance. Game.rxdata
  9. This is self explanatory really, but I levelled up a Kakuna to level 10 in my bug monorun and it evolved into a Beedrill as usual, but it did not get the Twinneedle move automatically after evolution as it is listed as doing in Bulbapedia. I have tried to reload the game three different times and even sent my save file to a friend of mine to evolve the Kakuna into a Beedrill again, to absolutely no avail. I have attached the save file to this post for obvious reasons. Game.rxdata
  10. So after we destroyed the satellite and went into the warden i went out and saw the satellite next to the guard, i went to check on him cause it was funny. After i was done and i wanted to go down the stairs... i stumbled upon a bug. I can move one block to the left but that's it and can't get out. But my main problem is that i went to the menu and wanted to quit the game i skipped trough the "are you sure you want to quit?" and accidentally saved my progress while being inside the bug.... i was wondering if i have to start all over..?
  11. in the mashroom quest, only left 1 to finish up and i've made sure to find all of them. please help : Game.rxdata
  12. So is that a Thing ? It happend by using Surf in the Spot down left. E17 Public version if thats nessecary :x
  13. [Not a bug]Fake Out Bug

    So, When i use fake out (with my makuhita) it do not work the right way, the pokemon does not flinch. Sorry if there is any spelling mistake
  14. Someone help me to get super rod and finish application quest. Can't find simon and "Can't use that here" to aqua leader. Game.rxdata
  15. On Ep17.1, the public release, there is a problem with mega evo and z moves on the online platform. For now, mega evolution works as intended only for the user. i.e. The notice of mega evo only appears for the user of the mega evo, but for the opponent, mega evo doesnt occur. Refer to the picure below. Idk if its because im testing it this way that causes this glitch or it is an actual bug, but also sometimes with mega evolution, it can affect sync between the 2 battles resulting in different happenings too. Also, Z moves doesnt work even if we have say normalium z and the corresponding normal type move, the Z move button does not appear. Didnt test with other z moves.
  16. Thousand Arrows Dun Wurk Errolog.txt Exception: TypeError Message: true can't be coerced into Fixnum PokeBattle_Battler:4464:in `+' PokeBattle_Battler:4464:in `pbProcessMoveAgainstTarget' PokeBattle_Battler:4364:in `each' PokeBattle_Battler:4364:in `pbProcessMoveAgainstTarget' PokeBattle_Battler:5122:in `pbUseMove' PokeBattle_Battler:5074:in `loop' PokeBattle_Battler:5125:in `pbUseMove' PokeBattle_Battler:5862:in `pbProcessTurn' PokeBattle_Battler:5861:in `logonerr' PokeBattle_Battler:5861:in `pbProcessTurn'
  17. LF Dewpider Please

    Hey guys, I'm doing a bug-type monorun and wanted to use Araquanid, but I read that you can't catch Dewpider until kinda late (plus I'm not tryna slog through the Adventurine Woods again lol). I was wondering if anybody could spare one, any individual will do. Since I'm at the very start of the game I can only offer the Froakie I picked up as a starter unfortunately. Thanks in advance.
  18. [Not a bug] Blake's Apartment Key

    Not sure if its my save file, Ame changing the location of where Blake's key is hidden, or something else, but I seem to be unable to find the key. I tried clicking the trashcan in Blake's room, and nothing seems to happen. Game.rxdata
  19. Hey, I have a small problem. I have beaten Blake and Terra but i can't find the HM waterfall. Also Blake wasn't in his apatment and i have never freed Heather. Sorry for my english. Game.zip
  20. Moomoo Milk is supposed to heal 100 HP but in case it is used by enemy, it will heal 110 HP. Mistake is in PokeBattle_Battle as pictured: Apologies if this is in the wrong place. Relatively minor bug but related to battles so put it here.
  21. I tried teaching Swampert TM 98 Power-up Punch to see that it's not able to learn it. As of Gen VII it doesn't exist as a TM so it 's not possible to teach it in Sun & Moon. But Reborn has the Gen VI TM/HM system (as evident by power-up punch still being a TM) so my guess is that it should be able to learn it. Is it a consious decision or a bug/error?
  22. please help rejuvination

    i defeated the sensei in the vilage end started talking to people but one of the girls says : whats going on. what happened to the sensai ? nonstop and it does not let me move or save help
  23. Dragon Z-Move Bug

    When I try to use the Dragon Type Z-Move it generates the following error, does nothing and the turn ends (bidoof doesn't attack as well) I'm using an Haxorus, Moveset is Outrage, Dig, Poison Jab and Dragon Dance, using the Z-Move with Outrage Enemy is a Bidoof outside the Grand Hall grass in the Renovated Reborn City Rain weather is active
  24. Found a bug: The Alolan starters are unable to be taught the pledge moves from the tutor in Lapis ward when they should be able to, just like the other starters. tested with Popplio, Primarina and Decidueye. Also apparently Silvally should also be able to learn them, but I'm not sure if that requires it to have the corresponding memory equipped and I don't have any of the relevant ones to test with. I'd say there's a good chance it's broken too though. apparently this is USUM content so not part of the bug.