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  1. naohime

    Looking for a Choice Band

    I need a choice band for my Lucario for when I face Hardy, and unfortunately I chose Team Aqua over Magma. Also, I guess I didn't help that hiker at the beginning find a house because now I don't have another way of obtaining it. Thank you!
  2. naohime

    Bounsweet Starter Help!!

    That worked!! Thank you so much
  3. I downloaded the mod pack for Rejuvenation, which included the mod that allows you to change your starter in the beginning. I decided to go with Bounsweet, as the evolutionary line is pretty similar and it's a good Pokemon, but upon looking at her moves she only has "Splash" and "Play Nice". Is there a mod that can allow me to add a simple attack move to her? Or is there anything I can do to make her useful? If not, that's fine, I'll pick another Pokemon, but I really wanted Bounsweet. Any help is appreciated!
  4. Alllllll right so after a really emotional ordeal at the Glass Workstation I've finally been able to compile my thoughts into coherent sentences, and something that was mentioned there stuck out to me. I don't think Anna says anything if you took the Zekrom route (which I haven't done yet) and I'm not sure if she's there, but I took the Reshiram path, and as we all know Taka is unfortunately killed down this path. When you wake Anna she says something along the lines of "the boy with the broken wings didn't have to die...I can fix this. I have to fix this." or something like that. Considering the fact that we were saved from the void (and surmising that Cain is still stuck in there despite "dying" from the black hole), is it possible that the void is what is considered death in this universe? And, if we were saved and considering Anna's word choice, is it possible that Cain and Taka could come back? Both of them are dead (or at least one of them, if Cain isn't), but what really piques my interest is the fact that Anna said "I can fix this". Is it possible for her to bring Taka back? I was really emotionally distraught after his death, so maybe it's just me clinging to hope, but what does everyone else think about her wording? Any theories or thoughts? I'm really interested in hearing what everyone else has to say!
  5. naohime

    Reshiram Route Help

    Okay don't know how to resolve this but I just beat him by some swift luck so just ignore this topic haha.
  6. naohime

    Reshiram Route Help

    Okay so like I'm struggling so badly I'd rather not lose like 30000 money to some dumb statue but if that's what it takes to switch my team and win then i'll do it Right now I'm really having trouble with Reshiram. He simply outspeeds and OHKOs all of my Pokemon. I tried giving my Alolan Ninetales an Elemental Seed to give her Flash Fire but apparently she doesn't get it even though the Field Notes say that it gives the user a boost in Sp. Atk and ability Flash Fire. I don't know if telling y'all my team will help considering they can't even touch Reshiram...they are all at 85 tho and getting their asses handed to them. I can't find any other topics about this and maybe I didn't search hard enough but I'm having so much trouble with this. Like I said I don't want to have to go all the way back (I don't know how I'd come back to this specific spot anyway since Lin knocked me out and brought me here). Any help would be great because honestly I'm a bit frustrated at being stuck.
  7. naohime

    Looking for an Ice Stone!

    Thank you so much!!!!
  8. naohime

    Looking for an Ice Stone!

    okay then i need to go to my box to grab a pokemon cause this is the team i'm training. is that all right?
  9. naohime

    Looking for an Ice Stone!

    do you just want a random pokemon? and are we going to trade back?
  10. naohime

    Looking for an Ice Stone!

    Thank you so much! I'm actually free now.
  11. naohime

    Looking for an Ice Stone!

    That would be great! Is there anything you want in return?
  12. naohime

    Looking for an Ice Stone!

    Hello Reborn forums!! I'm fairly new to the forums so please ignore any errors I might have made in creating this post. I don't really post in forums that often; usually I can find an answer to a question I have since there are a plethora of topics. Anyway back to the main reason why I started this. I reached the Ametrine Mountains and caught one of my favorite Pokemon, an Alolan Vulpix, but I realized I don't have an Ice Stone. Apparently you can only get them from a certain side of Celestinine Mountains which is accessed from Reborn (which I cannot go to right now). Is anyone willing to trade me one? I don't know how online trade works or if I even have anything somebody wants. I have a couple shinies and like two boxes full of Pokemon, so if you're not looking for items, I have some Pokemon. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!