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  1. Thanks I knew something looked weird with her sprite, I forgot shading. That was really helpful.
  2. Hey in my spare time I've been working on my own Pokemon fan-game and I just started doing some custom sprites and I would love some feedback on how to make them seem believable, add perspective, different color pallets that work, anything you can think off really. These are the sprites i've made so far. 1.Piper 2.Emi 3. Undecided (Work in Progress) Extra notes. 1. I need help figuring out how to make the back of number 3 believable as in I don't get what he/she's hair should look like from the back. 2. Also I haven't decided if 3 should be a girl or a boy what do they look like to you? 3. Is there some way that I can add some slight detail to Pipers hair or clothes without it going over the top or is it fine the way it is currently. 4. ( Something about Emi ) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 5. Also I did use Cain's sprite from Pokemon Reborn as a base for making 3. I hope this doesn't count as some type of plagiarism or something since i'm changing it into something different but if so, i'm sorry and i'll be glad to make any changes necessary. 6. If any of the characters look like too similar too any other sprite you've ever seen please tell me so I can make it more unique. Thank you for reading and giving any Feedback!!!
  3. AquaMacaw

    New Pokemon Nerd Here !!!

    Only a couple Megaman X style platformers and 1 short rpg about creating the universe, they were all really short and not super coherent since I didn't post them anywhere and I made them mostly for myself.
  4. AquaMacaw

    COGA: On Immersion: Silence vs Likable Characters

    I pretty much made an account to reply to this topic because I found so interesting. First of all I do like Silent protagonists a lot more than I like talking ones, especially when there are "boring main likable ones" as you described. This a little hard to describe but i'll try my best I guess the big problem with someone silent is that it is very VERY easy to forget that they are "part of the story" they do things and beat the bad guys while the rest of the cast sits on the sidelines cheering and advancing the plot. Most of the time when a silent protagonist has to say something the screen will go black and it'll say "_____ explained what was happening" which basically means they have a voice they just don't have personality which is terrible, it's the job of the world, the choices the game gives you(seen and unseen) and the other characters to give your character a personality and since it's something you shaped with the game its way more immersive then a pre-set main character. silent protags are great in scenarios of humor especially if you establish early on that their silence is a weird thing, if no character ever brings it up the game and the player will likely forget about it. And in a dramatic story actions speak louder than words, giving the main character a choice to confront the main villain now or going to get reinforcement is more immersive to me than any "I'll defeet u than save da wurld" dialogue that I would never say in real life. Really I just think people don't use silent characters to their fullest potential especially since they are so moldable.
  5. AquaMacaw

    New Pokemon Nerd Here !!!

    Hey, i've been lurking around around this community for upwards of a year and I finally decided to make my own account and join. First of all because of a mutual love for Pokemon but also because of the overwhelming Positivity and encouragement that goes on around here that's unlike any forum i've seen before (Granted that's like two but it's still something). I have an absolute big love for video games as they've helped me out with a lot and would love to eventually become a video game designer, i've made a couple games in the past and am even currently working on my own Pokemon fan game mostly because of this community. I'm usually not the most talkative person so you might not be seeing me post the most but i'll try making an effort to meeting some of the people here. Thanks for reading and may your Pokemon be forever Shiny.