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  1. Concerne

    SpeedBreed [E18] [Updated 2018/08/16]

    This...this is beautiful.
  2. Concerne

    [E18] Minor Errors

    Minor error: Zorua and Zoroak´s ability. Zorua/zoroak take the form of your last pokemon, but when you last pokemon faint and you take zorua/zoroak out, zorua/zoroak´ll take the form of your fifth pokemon but the text will still use the name of your last pokemon even when it has fainted. That and the fact that A.I doesn´t care about the ability,.
  3. Concerne

    Dragonium Z And Nagandeel Pre evo

    Yes... that sidequest was bugged, but there is a patch somewhere in the forum. Download the path and problem solved.
  4. Concerne

    E18 Game Crashes

    Delete the egg´s mod before picking it.
  5. Concerne

    egg bug

    Yes.... It happens when you use the eggmoves´ mod. Just delete the mod for a moment, take the egg and reinstall the mod if you want.
  6. Concerne

    Egg crasher.

    TIf you are running the eggs´ mod in ep18. The game will crash when you pick an egg.