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  1. Nue

    Can you get Charizard Y?

    K I'm watching Sacred play through the new episode and noticed he was using a Charizard Y though everything I look up says its not in the game yet so was it added in for e18 or something cause I will 100% start over and play with Charmander if you can get it due to Charizard Y being one of my favorite megas to use and also my very first starter (yes, I chose the fire lizard for the first rock and water gyms even after I knew).
  2. K decided to go back cause of my OCD with natures and on day two of resetting I got this. (I have lowered my IV standred to 10 in usable stats). I finally got this little guy here. Its Sassy nature (Cause Rowlet's speed isn't that good to begin with) and it defense is already a low base anyway so I don't care much for its IVs. I think it could serve as a good Sp wall if I need it. I can change its ability to long reach if I need too. Thoughts on it???? And before you start saying use another starter Rowlet is one my favorite grass types (Grass being my favorite type to use) and I love the shiny in this game.
  3. Thx playing with it now and looking for some good early mons to use. Know any good ones? I have a Minccino and Pachirisu right now. I swear it was an espurr when I checked before restting for Rowlet.
  4. I take anything over 15 in IVs that go into its main attacking stat. Since I posted this I've run into two shiny Modest ones almost back to back. I swear it trying to mock me lol.
  5. So after around an hour of resetting I got this little guy here. Its Naive nature and has a good set of IVs so just wondering if it would be worth keep and changing its nature later on or should I just keep hunting for a Naughty, Adament, Jolliy, or Sassy nature one?
  6. Nue

    Shroomish and Eevee CLOSED

    Thx PM when your rdy. Need to switch to my ep18 file. Playing on 17 at the moment.
  7. I am in need of a Shroomish and a Eevee so I can breed out my own and finally have full team of six Pokemon I really want to go through the game with. I would prefer if the Shroomish is Adamant and the Eevee Modest with a decent IV spread. If they're not those natures I'll just breed till I get the natures I want. I know of the Eevee event but I think my game is broken due to fact that it is pouring down rain while the TV says its a nice clear day so I will likely never get Windy weather in the seeable future and as for Shroomish, he just won't spawn for me and I was grinding my team for an hour where he is found (Unless he was moved).
  8. Moved over to the academy to train and haven't gotten one yet but training up my Cubone I kept getting an error message while in the Wasteland. It still gave the exp to Cubone, just thought I'd post it. Don't have a pic but will post one when it happens again.
  9. Nue

    How does this team sound?

    Well The Saga of Cubone has come to an end finally. Thx to Starry Knight for giving me a Cubone to breed with! I spent over 4 hours trying to get this guy and finally decided to just breed him out. Well, she is adament and has battle Armor at the moment but I will change that when I can. Also, SHE IS SHINY! Asura is what I usually name my Alolan Marowaks (who are male) so I just decided to call her Hela. I breed her out with my event Ditto that I guess I was lucky to get before the seventh street I heard people taliking about. I did do the daycare quests after the plus Tangrowth and before my second gym battle.
  10. Nue

    Is Cubone in the Wastland?

    Thx Starry Knight for giving me a Cubone now to hunt down its Club, hopefuly these Dusk Balls will help with the Fling. How is it the moment I finally get one they start spawning like crazy? Oh the level 30s don't know the move but still didn't encounter one with club. Going to breed the one I got so it doesn't go over level cap too much.
  11. Nue

    Is Cubone in the Wastland?

    Fell off one of sides while running around but I'll go back and check.
  12. Nue

    Is Cubone in the Wastland?

    Here? ran back and forth didn't get anything.
  13. Nue

    Is Cubone in the Wastland?

    Need to fight Cain's sister for her badge.
  14. Nue

    Is Cubone in the Wastland?

    Ya I'd rather get it now then wait till my 12th or 13th gym badge. I need a Fire type and the ghost typing is an added bonus.
  15. Nue

    Is Cubone in the Wastland?

    I may wait for it to stop raining before trying again. Messing with the time makes some of my other online games mess up for some reason. When is Glitch City? I'd rather get Marowak early.