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  1. Well it took ALL DAY and HALF THE NIGHT but I downloaded v11 (I am going to wait if a patch 2 comes out lol). I started over since I wasn't that far and got a better nature on my Turtwig as well. Also LOVE the changes from v10 and the way the chapters now have names on them is amazing! One nitpick I have is being unable to change the trade Rockruff's name like in Reborn but RNG gave me a Jolly Female with a decent IV line so I can live with it being named Rocky :D
  2. Question, and you may have answered it already, will we be able to use our save file from v10? I just got to the 3rd gym and I got a really great team but would like to know if I have to start over cause I can't download the new version till my internet speed is back to fast (its slow at the moment). If not I may not get to the end of v10 by the time its fast again cause I mainly play it off hand since I'm playing an MMORPG right now. Also can you add a standalone v11 patch to Meidafire as well? My laptop refuses to download from Mega. It always does what I call the download loop where it goes from 50% down to 20%. And did the Cubones in Goldenleaf REALLY have to have fling? I have lost four thick clubs to that dumb move already!
  3. So been fishing for a good Skrelp and finally fished up this little girl lol renamed her Ivy instead of Leviathan. Got her mixed up with the one I fished up right before her. He's modest nature and even though he doesn't have the ability I wanted (I know for sure I have an ability capsule coming up. Playing Rejvenation just so you guys know at what part I'm at, about to face 2nd gym leader). I really wanna use Dragalge cause I like its typing. And it has 30 in its Sp. Atk.
  4. Nue

    Talonflame or Alolan Marowak?

    I'd perfer to catch my own but thx anyway. Playing Rejvenation and idk how to get online with it. Mostly posting here cause Reborn and Rejvenation share the same site (Sorry in adance if its the wrong place lol).
  5. So I planned on using Alolan Marowak as my Fire type pokemon but I went to catch one of the fletchlings on the dock and ran into this little guy before I could save (Mostly cause I wanted a flame body mon for an egg I plan on nature farming). I caught him cause the shiny colors in this game are amazing. If you can't tell the is a Brave nature at the moment. Should I use him later when I can change natures or just till I can get Marowak with a thick club. I do plan on leaving him on Rotation if I need to switch out for certain battles. Though at the moment my team is: Atlas the Careful Grotle He is currently sitting in the back due to me about to fight the posion type leader. Astral the Timid Vivillon Mostly there cause of typing and I wanted compoundeyes to look for things later on. The ivs were also good. Simba the Brave Litleo Here for typing and mostly cause I thought he'd be a good mixed attacking sub till I can get a main fire type. The ivs are one of the best I have gotten. Skoll the Impish Rockruff For any fire flying types that try to ruin my day. I do plan on using midday till I get someone better or I may keep him.
  6. Nue

    This a good Turtwig?

    Will say sorry in advance if this is the wrong place to ask since Rejvenation doesn't have its own area (that I can find that doesn't go back to Reborn forums). Starting with a Turtwig (yes I know the first gym is poison). Its Careful nature (Spent almost an hour looking for decent ivs) and has Shell Armor. I do plan on using Curse (until I can get a rock type move aka Stone Edge).
  7. Nue

    Good Type Null?

    Well speak of the posting, I was about to put up my new one. I honestly thought I wouldn't catch it cause I was out of Great Balls and down to five Pokeballs (out of 45) since I remembered this time I have a ghost type for a starter. For giggles I threw a Dusk Ball (Literately almost noon where I am and sun is blazing in game) and was shocked when I heard the catch theme go off since I was expecting to hear it bust out. Its naughty nature for now (Bare in mind I name all my Silvally Loki) but still has that 31 in attack so I am happy.
  8. Nue

    Good Type Null?

    Kinda thought so. Resetting now, kept a backup of my other in case.
  9. Nue

    Good Type Null?

    So just shiny hunted this guy and he is nice and Hardy natured till I get some heart scales to make him Adament. I mainly wanna keep him for that nice 31 in attack but the speed ivs are a bit worrying. So keep trying or is this a good one? Oh and he almost gave me a heart attack since he kept using Take Down when I finally got the shiny to appear.
  10. Nah I got a decent one thanks anyway.
  11. Ah this one right or wrong one?
  12. K try again. My game closes for some reason when I send them
  13. Sry messed up which one I wanted to send
  14. Doesn't really matter cause I'm going to breed for shiny. K waiting for request now. User name is Nue