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  1. aodo2

    Anyone wanna battle?

    i wrote you a pm
  2. aodo2

    Need help transferring mons

    you can somewhere find the modpack for reborn on this forum, just google it and you should find it. The mod you need is the sharedbox one. It will turn your last box into a shared box, meaning that if you put a pokemon on one save in that box you can pick it up from another save. I am not sure if it is an additional box or if it replaces the last one, so you should empty it on both files before including the mod in your data folder of the game.
  3. aodo2

    looking for ralts

    i don't need anything, i'll wait for a request, my online name is aodo2
  4. aodo2

    looking for ralts

    are you available now? i can give you one.
  5. aodo2

    Razor Fang

  6. aodo2

    Razor Fang

    i already bought one for you when i read your earlier thread but i thought that topic resolved, so pm me if you still need it.
  7. aodo2


    i can breed you a staryu. With decent iv you mean that you are happy with 31 in speed an spAtk, or do you want it to be perfect?
  8. aodo2

    LF mudkip, lileep, cranidos and azuril

    i can give you all from a copy of my save file, therefore i don't need anything in return. Just pm me when you are available.
  9. aodo2

    Looking for a Wimpod

    i can give you one...do you want me to breed some, so it has decent iv's or do you want a random one? Just write me a pm and tell me.
  10. aodo2

    In need of a ice stone please

    i can buy one for you, just write me a pm if you still need it
  11. aodo2

    Move Deleter

    Go to North Obsidia Ward(?, where the big stairs is). Under the building towards lapis ward, he is in one of the two houses.
  12. aodo2

    Lucina's Trading Gallery + Wish list

    i can breed you a whismur, but the rest should be available for you. You should definately check out the under water section of azurine lake. This is a nice sidequest and you can find corsola(in houses i think), frillish, eelectrik(1% outside houses), meranie, wimpod, dhelmise and i also guess relicanth(not sure). Also for dewpider you need to do the nothern part of the heracross/pinsir puzzle. Hawlucha should be obtainable on route 2 in the morning. Surskit is to be found in coral ward. And these are only the ones i know without looking anything up.
  13. aodo2

    anorith and lileep

  14. aodo2

    anorith and lileep

    i can give both to you
  15. aodo2

    LF Misdreavus, Azuril and Bounsweet

    i wrote you a personal message