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  1. AdamJae

    Where can I find a mind plate?

    WOW! That's one battle ready ralts. Thanks
  2. AdamJae

    Where can I find a mind plate?

    That would be wonderful! My name's AdamJae. Is there anything you would want in return?
  3. AdamJae

    Where can I find a mind plate?

    My level 76 Gardevoir actually disappeared into thin air and she was holding a twisted spoon. I don't have a mind plate to boost Ralt's psychic type attacks, so can someone help me find it?
  4. AdamJae

    My save file trapped itself...

    @Walpurgis Thank you! I'm assuming this got rid of the invisible espeon. I'll only be able to check it out next friday though.
  5. Ok so I found out that there's an invisible espeon following me and probably the cause of the "You can't do this while with someone else" message. It's not from any mod an I've never had an espeon on this save file. Another thing, you can make it use future sight an that will make the screen look weird. Help...?
  6. AdamJae

    My save file trapped itself...

    Is there a version for Ep 18? Or can I put certain files from Ep. 17's version? @Kamu
  7. AdamJae

    My save file trapped itself...

    Btw it's not crucial to get the file working properly again. I can play from the start even though I'll lose 200 hours of gameplay.
  8. I had my computer wiped and put my Game.rxdata and one back up file in a usb and now I've downloaded the game again and in the save files I can't surf, fly or ride a bike because apparently I'm with someone even though I'm alone. Could this be because I played with the follower mod before I took those files? Game.rxdata
  9. AdamJae

    [Yes]Is my luck just this trash?

  10. AdamJae

    Custom shiny Milotic desing

    If you haven't resolved this problem yet, use the pixlr online editor. Contact me in pms or look up some guides online for more details.
  11. I'm trying to breed for a shiny Riolu. I'm doing that because I made a custom shiny design for the Riolu line and want to use it in game. The files seem to be in place compared to other pokemon with megas that haven't been touched. All I did to those files was a recolouring and taking away the white background, but it's been around 5 days of grinding and not one shiny! It probably is just my luck but I'm losing hope so can someone reassure me?
  12. AdamJae

    Custom shiny Milotic desing

    MS paint. Bucket tool. I found some color matches on the internet and applied it to the design. TIP: the pencil does paint 1/4 of a pixel so you can use that for more precise areas.
  13. AdamJae

    Custom shiny Milotic desing

    Glad you do!
  14. AdamJae

    Custom shiny Milotic desing

    This one is for the milotic lovers. I've made a dark green/teal desing for shiny milotic and adjusted the colors on the model for the follower mod AND the icon for the pc and menu so they match & look AUTHENTIC. To install, just take out the files with the same names and replace them. For the battle sprites, go to Graphics/Battlers and put these in. The follower models are in Graphics/Characters (Jesus were those tiny worms hard to recolor and reposition). Put the last file in Graphics/Icons and take out the old one. Enjoy!(Btw when you download the files make sure to delete the random numbers at the end and leave the png) Edit: Retouched the follower sprites to fix some unnatural looking places.