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  1. Where are the Hitmons at? Those 3 deserve this more than anyone else
  2. Secondary effects and Status moves are completely different, so most likely no. My question is, what if the ally is holding a King's Rock or has Serene Grace? Do those effects carry over to the user? What happens if the ally has multiple moves with Secondary effects? Just some mechanical questions I had. It's always important to make sure you got all of your bases covered
  3. Absolute Zero: All attacks become Ice Type as long as this ability is in play. -ate abilities still increase the damage of Normal Type moves, but convert to Ice Type (essentially turning them all into Refrigerate.) Absolute Zero applies before STAB is calculated. Starstruck: Doubles power of user's moves if another Pokemon with Starstruck of the opposite gender is active. Once both genders of Starstruck are on the field at the same time, both become Infatuated until one of them leave the field. Specific notes:
  4. Tenacity: The user takes 1% less damage from direct attacks for each 1% missing HP. Caps at 90% reduction at 10% HP.
  5. Looks nice. Legacies are weird. The frontmost arm is a little wonky from the elbow up, maybe just check the outline and straighten up the top border a little? As for flames, they're typically wide and wavy, with wispy "arms" instead of one single bulb.
  6. I actually completely forgot to give Despair Vivillon a shiny. Looks like someone already made one, so I won't bother unless provoked EDIT: Just noticed Mega Zam's frontsprite has a white spot by his head and feet. It's easy to miss stuff like this when you make a buttload of tiny aura wisps
  7. Bazaro out 👋

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      Enjoy yourself as much as you can buddy

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      Going on an Army "camping trip" for the next ~3 weeks

  8. Freeze Dry alone hits 392 different Pokemon Super Effectively, not counting Mega Evolutions or Arceus/Silvally. Add in Electric, Fighting, Ground coverage, and you hit 728 Pokemon Super Effective, the only thing resisting you being Shedinja. Mathmatical.

  9. Can we get it so Poll votes can be changed later (by the voter)? If you try adding questions to a poll after people already voted, they can't vote for any more questions either, and it could be solved the same way.
  10. Added Porygon2 to the vote list. So let's discuss again. It's bulk is out of this world with Eviolite and Recover, can run powerful utility in Toxic and Trick Room, and gets strong coverage options in Ice Beam and Thunderbolt, with Tri Attack and even Foul Play to hit threats. It get 3 very versatile abilities in Trace, to use opposing Abilities against them, and Download and Analytic to get extra damage out. With 105 Special Attack and possible boosts from an ability, on top of Beambolt or STAB Tri Attack, P2 can deal lots of damage without sacrificing any bulk. A respectable base 60 speed lets it function well in Trick Room, while also outspeeding other defensive mons. Of course for challengers, choosing only 4 moves is a problem, with Recover and Ice Beam being on virtually every set run. Toxic, Trick Room and Tri Attack are extremely common as well. Due to being near impossible to one-shot on top of having an offensive presence, P2 is arguably the best Trick Room setter in all of Redemption. Many challengers will tell tales of how useful P2 was regardless. Similar to Greninja, Porygon2 when used by the Normal Leader and our Champion this Season can tune its movepool to wall entire teams. Porygon2 always runs Eviolite, so Toxic and Knock Off are the apparent best options here. Not everyone runs these, and they're both fairly simple moves to play around (Poison/Steel types, Heal Bell, Mega Evolutions, countless bulky Pokemon who don't need an item) Paired with other walls, it forms a near unbreakable team. Almost any hyper offensive team has nearly an entire defensive core in one single mon. Strong Fighting types like Heracross, Hariyama, and Conkeldurr can turn Toxic against it and hit with powerful Fighting moves, and certain setups are possible against it, depending on the moveset. It's not entirely passive, but it's damage isn't anything special either. Porygon2 will not be OHKO'ing things without a 4x weakness to its fairly obvious movesets. It can't hit absolutely everything, either, it always wants more moves than its set can hold. I want thoughts. EDIT: So polls are broken on the forums, so adding new questions won't work yet. Until this gets fixed, please just discuss.
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      This is the best thing I've seen all month, and I've seen Stefan Karl's covfefe.

    3. Hycrox


      This is the best thing I've seen all month, and I've seen Stefan Karl's covfefe.

  11. Thank you everyone ^^//
  12. Aww you guys~ Cheers NP my dude, I will Thanks, I will (try) Thanks! Thanks No <3 Thank you, but strangers are just friends you haven't met yet Heck off scrub
  13. Happy Birthday :D, i hope you will have a great day ^^ 

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      May God bless you. :D 

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  14. Did you know Burmy gets Quiver Dance when it evolves? Fun, right?

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      wormadam really appreciates the buff with its 36 speed

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      now i know what moth i will train at my next run

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      Assuming it doesn't get axed =w=;