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  1. I just checked the original sprite and you're correct. But there's still Hoopa and probably a few other extra pixels out there...
  2. There's some extra white pixels on the back of the neck... And several places, mostly around the earrings and the arms. They were already there on the base sprites, @Jan might want to go over the base sprites that have the extra white pixels.
  3. The smaller snowflakes are the wrong resolution. I don't know what Jan says to this, but I do know it won't show up pretty in a small window of the game. On my side of things, have a dog
  4. The biggest problem I'm noticing with the Goodra colors is that the different shades are too close together. Try making the darer shades a little darker (so the darkest green looks nice next to the black) and keep the lightest green where it is. It's good for the spacing between shades to be as equal as possible across the whole sprite unless you want a particular detail to stick out.
  5. This saturation is... overwhelming, to say the least.Needs to be toned down a good bit so it blends to the black outline parts better Try making the grey outline parts a darker black (or just pure black) Otherwise looks fine to me And my vote goes to Fabuslash EDIT: Fabuslash has some erroneous pink pixels on the right side of his conehead
  6. What's with the black circle behind their necks? I don't get what it's supposed to be, and it looks pretty out of place
  7. Once you start a search, there's a second tab in the new window called "Member Search." It would be much easier if the search categories were unified though, I agree.
  8. [13:36] +RBRN Azery: I D O NOT CARE [13:36] Gоd Bibаrеl: shame cuz I do [13:37] Gоd Bibаrеl: :] [13:37] +RBRN Alex: aww bibs cares for u azery [13:37] Gоd Bibаrеl: what [13:37] +RBRN Azery: knew he did [13:37] Gоd Bibаrеl: what no [13:37] +RBRN Azery: :^) [13:37] +RBRN Azery: played you [13:37] +BazаrО🌀: Bibzery [13:37] +RBRN Azery: like a book [13:37] Gоd Bibаrеl: STOP [13:37] +RBRN Azery: I PLAY BOOKS OK [13:37] Gоd Bibаrеl: you didnt even play me azery [13:38] Gоd Bibаrеl: someone else had to do it for you [13:38] Gоd Bibаrеl: ... [13:38] +RBRN Azery: yes I did [13:38] +RBRN Azery: this was my gameplan all along [13:38] +BazаrО🌀: bibs might wanna [13:38] +BazаrО🌀: rethink your wording [13:38] Gоd Bibаrеl: .. [13:38] +BazаrО🌀: you know what, I'll QB it anyways [13:38] +BazаrО🌀: yw

    Pokemon Crystal "Randofuser" Homhack if anyone's interested. I know a lot of people already play it on the Showdown server.

  10. ( ´‿ゝ`)we are men( ´‿ゝ`)

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    2. Hycrox


      ( ´‿ゝ`)men are we, except for @The Caveman( ´‿ゝ`)

    3. Maelstrom


      Take it from the ranking male around these parts- You are mere boys.

    4. Hycrox


      who's the ranking male? dan?

  11. Ame wanted those shinies to stay the same intentionally
  12. Is this the most recent version of the game? I know I sent Ame a version of the game with all of the corrected backsprites before e16's release.
  13. Ampharos and Sceptile do nothing to address the issues Penelope is having (Fairy and Ice spam) and would just never be used over Altaria outside of some bizarre counterteam. There's no point giving any leader something like this unless it achieves something. Yes, it's mostly just for testing a new system to reward people besides only the people who would win every tourny. There's only been two raffles so far, and they both happened to be in Late Session, and we are bringing them to Early as well. The system certainly needs some work, and we might try some different ideas to see what works best. If the leaders want help with teams, that's all their choice. Rewarding players so hard just for something like this doesn't feel right, to me at least. And that's another issue, if the players build the team, they'll know exactly what the team is capable of and how to counter it (perfect speed EVs etc) and if the leader changes their team to best prepare for specific challengers, that's the definition of counter-teaming, which is kind of taboo around here or something. Some leaders might need to counterteam to an extent in order to provide challenge on a player-by-player basis since sometimes using the same team all day sometimes doesn't go very well when players later in the queue are scouting the match prior.
  14. This might not even be Reborn related at all, the teaser was listed under "other games" tab. Ame has a whole section cut out just for dptg on her Patreon. My mistake here. Maybe.