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  1. So with Season 2 coming to a close here soon, it's a good time to look back on all that's been done and what we can learn from it. So let's talk mons. Here, please feel free to talk relevant discussion on the current metagame of Redemption, particularly specific mons. Note this this will have no effect on the current Season, only afterwards. Mega Metagross Greninja Aegislash Comment Section
  2. I had a move at 0 PP from overuse (Scratch, if it matters) and went to my inventory mid-battle to restore PP via Leppa Berry. Upon using the Leppa, it successfully restored 10 PP... then went right back into the same screen again asking to restore another 10 PP. I didn't try this on my other moves, but I used it on Scratch until it was all the way back at full PP, then the Leppa Loop stopped and everything went back to normal. Despite being used 4 times, I only lost 1 Leppa Berry from my inventory (I had 2 going into the battle, only 1 after)
  3. I use Paint.Net and haven't run into any transparency issues with .png. At first it tries to save everything to .pdn or .jpeg, but you can change that easily. GG and Gimp take a bit more effort to learn than Paint, but they have more tools available if you're into those. I've found everything I need for spriting on Paint for the past several years. It's all on preference, really.
  4. I don't know if this was brought up anywhere and I haven't seen anything here but spoiler tags are kinda ugly: Spoiler tags have a bad tendency to doublespace the whole comment for no apparent reason when posted. Only happens during the first post, editing a spoiler doesn't cause this. If you put a spoiler inside a spoiler, and then continue typing after the second spoiler (but still inside the first spoiler) it'll post fine. When you go back to edit the message, you cannot edit anything past the second spoiler. I couldn't even select text to Ctrl+X, but I could Ctrl+X the entire spoiler. Basically get your spoiler tags right the first time or else. And given the above bullet, that's rarely the case. Probably some more stuff, I haven't looked into spoiler tags much myself, but these are some things I've ran into. I know I'm not the only people who've ran into these either.
  5. EDIT: Stupid Forum formatting destroyed this post. Half of it's out of order and this is just a huge pain. Will fix this when possible. I'm not a good teacher or anything so I'll just give the step-by-step of what I normally do. I'll try to answer questions and the sort
  6. These look pretty good, but some things look a little too angular and straight, namely the spots. Eyes are pretty hard to do too. As for the differences in front and back, since I assume you pulled these from Reborn, that's because Reborn uses HGSS front sprites but BW backsprites, so some sprites have differences across generations (I know Gardevoir line and Ivysaur do, there's several others) In my opinion, the BW pallets are much better, so if you'd want to unify the colors, take from the backsprites. If I have anything else done I'll post it here. Also should get a tutorial going so more people can try this...
  7. Blaziken can't learn Close Combat. This is why we use the Rate My Team Thread first...
  8. That was the original intention yes, but one person can't do all 800 Pokemon + forms + backsprites + everything else realistically, plus I'm busy with other things like life. Would be nice to see an entire game in high res.
  9. This is sort of a resurrection of an old thread of mine. It takes a bit of time, but it's not too difficult to make these kinds of sprites. I might try to make some kind of tutorial in the future (might) but I recommend trying to make one yourself, it's pretty enjoyable. The title says it all, really, here's some stuff:
  10. Sure, you can battle him if you restart! ^u^
  11. You don't need Rocks on both Marowak and Empoleon. Rock Slide is probably better than Stone Edge on Golem because it hits both enemies in Doubles/Triples. You also have nothing immune or even resisting Earthquake or Ground in general. Your own Earthquake will hurt you a lot if you're not careful. Dazzling Gleam and Moonblast on Gardevoir isn't necessary, maybe drop Gleam for Hyper Voice in case you wanted to use Mega Gardevoir for some battles? No Trick Room, Taunt, Fake Out, or Tailwind, so most Triples-based leaders will not be kind to you with their speed control. Nothing with setup means bulky Singles-based leaders like Ground, Water, and Normal can wall you pretty easily since you have almost no way to get around their various wall cores (Gliscor + Gastrodon, Quagsire + Mantine) Just some ideas.
  12. Booboo Keys is open? 👀 I can wait
  13. Sign me up
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