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  1. Bullet Hell(Day 2)

    No idea, but I took the chance. I knew my gun wasn't rigged, but it could have been fake anyways. Oh well, GGs
  2. Bullet Hell(Day 2)

    Yeah yeah, I'm the Mafia. But I'm the Saboteur, so don't try anything ;P
  3. Bullet Hell(Day 2)

    Why not go out with a bang?
  4. Bullet Hell(Day 2)

    The Day wouldn't have ended if they'd voted so quickly. It'd be too bandwagonny, so of course they wouldn't blindly vote right away. They'd need to be cautious. Of course they could be Town, and that has a much higher odds of being the case, but I've grown to not trust the "most likely scenario" so early into the Day unless it's a last resort, so sorry for not agreeing to that so soon. I'll keep my vote where it is until I hear a response from Crimson.
  5. Why was I the only RNG role I hate RNG...
  6. Bullet Hell(Day 2)

    I lied, Drakyle could be Mafia if Lykos was the coyote.
  7. Bullet Hell(Day 2)

    I was just going off what Drakyle said about you working with Lykos yesterday, since I admittedly trusted him too much. Given how Lykos was a Mafia, it's likely that one of you 2 were is ally. So we know that there is only one Mafia or Third Party left. Lemme break down my process of elimination. If Crimson is the Mafia: They didn't vote Lykos in order to try to protect him. Didn't post or respond afterwards to avoid falling into traps later in the day. Drakyle calling him out would have been the right call then. If Crimson is the Third Party: Then yesterday doesn't really matter, as they would've just looked out for themselves. If Drakyle is the Mafia: It wouldn't make sense to Bus an ally so quickly, so Drak couldn't be an ally to Lykos. There is a chance Lykos was also a Third Party as well, but I'm personally doubtful as I haven't seen a Potato or RPS game the whole time. If Drakyle is the Third Party: Then they started a quick bandwagon and fought off all threats to try and shift as much blame away from them as possible. He also wouldn't know what alignment Lykos had then, so killing him off wouldn't appear suspicious. Those are my observations. The only thing I'm fairly certain on is that Drakyle is not Mafia.
  8. Bullet Hell(Day 2)

    Let's end this [Vote] Crimsondragon
  9. Bullet Hell(Day 2)

    [Vote] Lykos Speak.
  10. Bullet Hell(Day 2)

    Right... coyote shenanigans. [Vote] Corso You've done us well
  11. Bullet Hell(Day 2)

    Just got out of class and wow are these bandwagons going fast. [Vote] Drakyle
  12. Bullet Hell(Day 2)

    Flavor text suggests coyote got his kill last night, so keep that in mind.
  13. That's not true, Newt. I can still be recruited, as shown by my being protected. One last thing, since not one person has pointed this out yet: There's 14 Warriors and 5 Summoners, but only 11 and 4 roles, meaning some are doubled. Oh well, I've done what I can. Have fun I guess