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  1. S3 Redemption Sign-Up Thread.

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news actuallyidontiloveit but @Cobalt996 your Smeargle set is illegal. Smeargle - Spore- Baton Pass <--- this- Quiver Dance <--- and this- Wide Guard Baton Pass Clause - Speed and another stat may not be passed on with the move Baton Pass As for me, I'm going Rainbow Card and:
  2. ~The Reborn Quotebook~

    [11:16 AM] King MUrdoc-12: @here
  3. In this case, it was Sitrus Berry (but I assume it applies to Oran, Wiki and the sorts too) and the berry is supposed to heal before EE scares the user off, potentially preventing a forced switch-out. Currently in Essentials, the switch-out happens before the berry is consumed.
  4. This song needs more views. Please fill Status Bar so we can spread this song's glory.



  5. Meet the vets!

    N E A T O . I'll write what I can now, will edit in more tonight when I'm off phone General Info: Known as: Bazaro, Baz for short Age: 20 years old Gender: Male Birthday: May 31, 1997 Location: MURIKA (Ohio) Height: 6' 0" Hair Color: Dirty blonde Eye Color: Blue Lives with: Dad, stepmom, younger brother Pets: One super old black-lab-border-collie named Sally Relationship status: Forever alone Favourite Food: Burgers tacos and sghetti. How can I choose just one? Favourite Drink: lemonades and sweet teas Favourite Color: Orange Favourite kind of Music: Pretty much anything, mostly alternative and rock Favourite Band: I DON'T KNOW I'M INDECISIVE AAAAAAAA Favourite Album: AAAAAAAAAAAA Favourite Song: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Favourite Game: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Favourite Genre of Game: RPGs in general but also hard-strategy games. Favourite Hobbies: Spriting, listening to music, playing saxophone and bassoon, destroying psyches, swimming, solving puzzles, RPG Maker Favourite Movies: I don't watch movies much but the Avengers and Dark Knight series are pretty great Favourite Shows: I don't watch TV really but I watch animes? I'm pretty casual about it but I'll watch pretty much anything. Community questions: So, who are you?: Resident spriter, d a n k memer, self proclaimed philosopher and therapist, and prone to changing my attitude at the drop of a dime. People often feel estranged by my inherit unpredictability, but I've also made some of my best friendships here. Your call. I just entered my third year of service in the US Army, but I tend not to dwell on that little slice of heaven. Anything you're responsible for? Most of the Mega Shiny sprites, several Reborn shiny sprites, leading the Amazon Nation to second place in Pokenations 2, hosting the second (and third?) season of the Redemption League. If you had to choose one of your posts as your way to introduce yourself, which would it be? I never made a real introduction thread but maybe choice would easily be there Mega Shiny thread I made way back when. (Will archive later) What can I talk to you about? DON'T TALK TO ME DON'T TOUCH ME DON'T LOOK AT ME DON'T THINK ABOUT ME REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEjk I'm still lurking around Discord, namely the LoL, Competitive/Redemtion, and Creative Works channels. I'm a big fan of theory-monning (CAPs and the such especially) sprites and memes, but I like to think I can talk about anything. Tell me your problems cuz I've been told I make a good therapist, and honestly enjoy listening and reflecting. How I got into the community: So way back when, 12yo me wanted to play Pokemon online to be cool n stuff. One day he discovered... Pokemon Online, and jumped from server to server until he found a nice little hole to sit in: a small community called Mysidia. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) Mysidia crashed and burned. After a period of uncertainty, young bazaro89 found where several of the Mysidia members funneled to: another PO server called The Battle Tower. Then that died too. So sad. He kinda gave up at that point and went to some tiny 12-person server called Pokemon Reborn, where he saw some familiar faces. He's been there ever since mid-2011, and joined the forums in Feb 2012 to participate in the second season of the Reborn League, becoming the last champion in the Reborn Hall of Fame in season 3. (Will archive) Ties to the game: I've played it ever since the very first episode, however long ago that was. Several of my first real spriting works were for Reborn so there is a bit of personal attachment here. Amethyst's inexplicable hated for Budew: I for one stand strongly opposed to discrimination of Budews and actively support genetic splicing in retaliation. #BudewLivesMatter (Will post later) Closing statements? Be yourself, be happy with yourself, don't hurt others or prevent them from being happy and just be mindful. Dunk scrubs who deserve it, consume at least 4 souls a day, and don't forget to hate on Azery and Bibs. Have a better day than yesterday, and make tomorrow even better.
  6. Pokken new Pokemons

    Where are the Hitmons at? Those 3 deserve this more than anyone else
  7. If you could make your own ability...

    Secondary effects and Status moves are completely different, so most likely no. My question is, what if the ally is holding a King's Rock or has Serene Grace? Do those effects carry over to the user? What happens if the ally has multiple moves with Secondary effects? Just some mechanical questions I had. It's always important to make sure you got all of your bases covered
  8. If you could make your own ability...

    Absolute Zero: All attacks become Ice Type as long as this ability is in play. -ate abilities still increase the damage of Normal Type moves, but convert to Ice Type (essentially turning them all into Refrigerate.) Absolute Zero applies before STAB is calculated. Starstruck: Doubles power of user's moves if another Pokemon with Starstruck of the opposite gender is active. Once both genders of Starstruck are on the field at the same time, both become Infatuated until one of them leave the field. Specific notes:
  9. If you could make your own ability...

    Tenacity: The user takes 1% less damage from direct attacks for each 1% missing HP. Caps at 90% reduction at 10% HP.
  10. High-Resolution Sprites [Feedback Thread]

    Looks nice. Legacies are weird. The frontmost arm is a little wonky from the elbow up, maybe just check the outline and straighten up the top border a little? As for flames, they're typically wide and wavy, with wispy "arms" instead of one single bulb.
  11. I actually completely forgot to give Despair Vivillon a shiny. Looks like someone already made one, so I won't bother unless provoked EDIT: Just noticed Mega Zam's frontsprite has a white spot by his head and feet. It's easy to miss stuff like this when you make a buttload of tiny aura wisps
  12. Bazaro out 👋

    1. Nice Day

      Nice Day

      wait what

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      Enjoy yourself as much as you can buddy

    3. Bazaro


      Going on an Army "camping trip" for the next ~3 weeks

  13. Freeze Dry alone hits 392 different Pokemon Super Effectively, not counting Mega Evolutions or Arceus/Silvally. Add in Electric, Fighting, Ground coverage, and you hit 728 Pokemon Super Effective, the only thing resisting you being Shedinja. Mathmatical.

  14. Can we get it so Poll votes can be changed later (by the voter)? If you try adding questions to a poll after people already voted, they can't vote for any more questions either, and it could be solved the same way.