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  1. @Jеriсhо: Oh right @Jеriсhо: Haley has nothing up top @Jеriсhо: Unlike her sister %RLDR Ariel: How original. %RLDR Haley: Says the one with nothing between his legs #Noble Kakyoin: r i p +Jmanultrax: burn %RLDR Ariel: hah. pyrromanis: damn! get burned! Sarunae V: Quite a burn from an Ice leader. #Noble Kakyoin: >When haley becomes the fire leader for a sec
  2. well fuck

    1. Bazaro


      >stealing my shit w/o permission


  3. Classic Pyrrhon @Ringаbel Torkoal gets rocks? That's crazy @Bazaro ... yep no recovery tho R: It's always something with weather setters though The only one that actually has any great form of recovery is bazaro B: pelipper d'aw R: K hold up My brain died B: LOL brb qb R: I saw "Bazaro is typing" and typed Bazaro and not pelipper W H O O PA
  4. So there's the event on the outsides of staircases that cause the player to move diagonally across them. When going up stairs, there's no problems, but when you go down, I've found a slightly annoying thing. I mostly tested this with Citrine Mountain F2 (right outside Shade's Gym), with all of the 1 tile wide sideways stairs it has. If you move onto a staircase on your way down the staircase, stop on the staircase (on a tile that would normally "event move" the player diagonally), move up or down (bumping the walls so you don't actually move) and then continue down the staircase, the player cannot move down it. The only fix for this I've found is to go back up the staircase and go straight down it (no issues there.) Staircases, amirite?
  5. AI doesn't recognize that Grass Pokemon are immune to Powder attacks (Poisonpowder, Spore, etc) and will try to spam them. Just keeping a log here.
  6. So our staff and leaders are having a bit of scheduling issues, and here's a good fix for us, but what do you think? On a side note, we are permitting Rock (Helen) to use Aggronite to help cover the type's several otherwise uncoverable weaknesses. The "same type before-and-after mega" rule will still apply to Flying currently, we may re-review this later.
  7. Bibs smells... nice
  8. I pause to have existential thoughts about how I even got in this scenario before punting Santa like a soccerball as far as inhumanly possible.
  9. Can't help noticing you have 2 EQ users, 2 weak to it, and only one frail resist. It's workable but you should be careful about dropping EQ's in triples/doubles. Aside from FraRPetO's suggestions, you have no way to stop Trick Room aside from Sleep Powder. Investing in at least one Trick Room on Chandelure or Porygon might prove useful. Also maybe Crunch over Bounce on Gyarados in case you wanted to use Mega?
  10. I just realized I meant to say "make /back check for authority level" instead of "/away" my bad. I... suppose making both check wouldn't hurt, right?
  11. What do you mean "removed audio files" and "delete unnecessary files." Tearing apart files is a good way to break things. Also specifying which files got affected specifically would help others help you fix the problem
  12. Quick question, if you find the "end path" and find the Elite Four, you still need 8 badges, right? And what about the Gym Leader/E4 teams, would they all be randomized too? Random selection of types, or would it be the same Gym Leaders every time, just in different places?