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  1. Dusclops42

    Rate my team

    Hey everyone, thanks for your help! I swapped magical leaf for venoshock, Roserade has poison point(it has been really helpful for me), and mud bomb for earthquake. Also put ice punch on Dusclops instead of shadow punch-I'm going for the dusknoir route. It is a male Meowstic with prankster, I used an ability capsule to get it. I don't have access to waterfall and ice punch tutor for Swampert, but as soon as I do, I'll swap the moves.
  2. Dusclops42

    [Resolved]Tauros glitch

    Got it, A worked, thanks! I originally thought it was the Z button.
  3. Dusclops42

    [Resolved]Tauros glitch

    Hi, I'm in the Route 1/ Aventurine Woods area, and I can't dismount my Tauros. To make matters worse, I mounted it in an area surrounded by tall grass, preventing me from even making it to a building. I have also saved here, meaning there's no possibility of reloading my save to fix the issue. Please help!
  4. Dusclops42

    Rate my team

    Hi, what do you guys think of my team? I've just beaten the ice type gym leader. Roserade Poison point Level 47 Toxic Giga drain Magical leaf Growth Meowstic Keen eye Level 50 Light screen Reflect Psychic Charge beam Swampert Damp Level 48 Mud bomb Muddy water Rock slide Rock smash(placeholder) Arcanine Justified Level 48 Flamethrower Agility Crunch Outrage Scrafty Intimidate Level 49 Crunch Brick break Chip away Ice punch Dusclops Pressure Level 50 Shadow punch Shadow sneak Confuse ray Will o wisp