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  1. Lorisaur

    Smash Bros roster predictions

    Zeraora is actually released even caused some issues if traded to sun and moon as plasma fists was not programmed in the game An example of bandana dee's moveset can be seen on super smash flash 2 Rundas has been requested by fans as a smash 4 dlc but it's not too well known. However, I think that he is more popular than Sylux but also Sylux would really be ok. However, in the original metroid prime 3 game Samus fought Meta Ridley in the same place where she finds him in the cinematica: planet Norion. In the game, Ridley knocks her off and makes her fall down like in the video, engaging an aerial fight afterwards. If in the game this story is keeped, it's likely to have Rundas in the game, as he saved Samus after the fight Zeraora is not an UB, it's a recently released event pokemon that will be the protagonist of the next movie, if I'm right (not following them atm) but it's extremely fast, humanoid and with special abilities, like most smash characters Hawlucha would be a really great idea, why not? Also hitmontop would be fun, instead. Talking about the leak... I like Gothitelle but I truly hope it is FALSE as I hate Gardevoir and I don't want her in smash
  2. Lorisaur

    Smash U echo fighters

    Oh, I was just going to open a similar thread... maybe I'll do it anyways with a couple differences. However I would raise the point that we have never had the true confirm that Mario odissey and meta ridley are just skins... they may even be echoes
  3. I have no particular interests for these characters... However, if I had to pick ANY three nintendo character for smash ultimate I would of course choose Rundas, Fawful and Palossand. Trust me, I have a wonderful concept for Smash Palossand
  4. Lorisaur

    Analyzing Simon and K Rool

    I think he'll be just slightly better than dedede, that's the character design. They are also pretty similar now that I think about it. They have very similar dash attacks and both can inhale I think she actually is, the only downsides imo might be a slightly lower aerial speed and a taller hurtbox. We don't know about screw attack and regular missiles, either
  5. Lorisaur

    Do you have a signature Pokemon ?

    My signature pokemon is always Silvally. With my dear Silvally-Grass I had achieved top32 in a international championship by also defeating Wolfe Glick and Markus Stadter in a row. He is simply the best one
  6. Steven. He is the only one to have never been defeated in the game as a champion and to not have a weak ace like PIKACHU. Not Red. Steven Stone.
  7. Lorisaur

    Looking for spriters

    Hi guys, is anyone here an italian pokemon spriter? I don't know if that's the right section to post, but I was looking for spriters for an italian pokemon fangame. PM me if you are interested!
  8. Lorisaur

    Best ways to friendzone?

    Oh, that's what I've done. I've suffered much in past for a girl who gave me illusions and wont make the same happen. Never
  9. Lorisaur

    Analyzing Simon and K Rool

    OH, YES! Think about samus, take away 80% of her weaknesses, change the colour/idle animation and you get DARK SAMUS. Way better than in corruption. I'm only disappointed by the final smash as I would have liked a cameo of her soul-devouring form but that's ok, really
  10. Lorisaur

    What you want in gen8

    There's a thing you HAVE to know. Sunflora won a premier challenge in vgc15 in an apparently nonsense team that relied on setting both sun and trick room to sweep with Solar Beam, Earth power and so on. Solar Beam life orb solar power OHKOs Kangaskhan, Kyogre and has even a roll to kill Xerneas in vgc16. It was fairly good for being a meme, but there is a quite notorious italian meme that portraits a good vgcplayer who was saying "YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH DAMAGE DEALS SUNFLORAAAAAA" And it' really hilarous. All this story to tell you what? Sunflora is EXTREMELY underrated. Maybe.
  11. Lorisaur

    [Not a bug][E18] Q.Majesty [Resolved]

    Custap Berry, like the claw, does not increase priority, simply adds "infinite speed" meaning that the pokemon acts first in his speed tier. This means that a lv100 custap Rayquaza will ALWAYS act after a lv1 quick attack rattata (unless he uses a priority move on his own, of course)
  12. Lorisaur

    What you want in gen8

    I don't want anything to be honest, just maybe some alternative forms or new items/abilities to make viable worse forgotten pokemon such as Cryogonal, Octillery, Sunflora, Silvally, Golisopod and so on
  13. Lorisaur


    Of course, it's very good but not the amazing level of super and fusion. I remember when I was 15 and I fell in love with Metroid thanks to the Super Metroid smash4 demo...
  14. Lorisaur

    New Guy here

    Welcome Shirayne! We all love newcomers here Just answer these three questions: 1) What do you think about Golisopod? 2) What's your favourite pokemon move? 3) What do you think about Silvally? Enjoy your stay here!