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  1. Using Pichu because he's cute? He also has other stuff that Pika does not. In my case, I'm going to use Pichu over Pikachu for the Nair, the speed, the Size and other things. I've used much him in SSF2 beta where he is a quite good character and he will play not so different in ultimate. He will be mid-high imo
  2. Lorisaur

    Need help with Terra

    Heat wave bug buzz quiverdance and a filler according to what you need
  3. Lorisaur

    Need help with Terra

    Weavile is very very very bad for terra because ice moves become special. He is a good pokemon overall, but Volcarona counters all the game
  4. Lorisaur

    Need help with Terra

    Level up your Larvesta until it evolves and he beats 90% of the gyms alone. However, use gastro acid galvantula to get rid of Swagsire's unaware and use storm drain Shellos to absorb his offensive moves. You basically have to switch in and out Shellos until he wastes all the blizzards, and keep shellos in until he runs out of scalds. I mean... you have shellos in the field, send out kfc or metagross, he uses blizzard, you switch out to shellos, and so on. When he runs out of offensive moves you can send in Volcarona with quiver dance or another pokemon with a sort of setup. Terra should only switch out Quagsire when it goes to struggle. You can finally sweep. If you have trouble with Rawrchomp as the same you can use sticky web with galvantula or toxic spikes with Skorupi when you are aganist Quagsire Soooo yeah Greninja Shellos Metagross Blaziken Skorupi/Galvantula and Volcarone should be the best to beat Terra very easily
  5. Lorisaur

    Rate My Dragons

    Oooook so Let's begin fixing a couple things First of all, Naganadel is the most solid lead of the game. Any good player must have a precise game plan to face a leading Naganadel or they will lose 2-3 pokemons in very little time and Naganadel will start snowballing, as choice scarf isn't a thing, TM ice beam and earthquake are not here yet, and so on. Naganadel is the absolute best pokemon of the game, seriously His major threats are however AV Tyranitar and Metagross, quite common to check Naganadel, as well as Weavile and MegaMawile. The last one is especially good, but cannot safely switch in as you can (and should) Nasty Plot on his switch-in and Mawile is usually a pokemon you don't want to lead with. So yeah that's the thing: you send in Naganadel, you scout his check, you kill it, ggwp everyone Charizard X is one of the best megas to cover Naganadel's weaknesses and can safely get into the random eqs people will try to shoot in the face of Naga. However, I would really teach him dragon dance instead of crunch to threaten some checks in switch-in. You'll never use crunch so much, seriously. Eq is not in the game so you can't teach it at all Flygon is a very interesting pick but I don't appreciate dragon rush. Claw is just better. However, I would reeeally teach him defog and roost, as you must keep it alive to continuously get rid of hazards that are pretty hurtful for your team Goodra is simply good... ra. Assault vest is the best set for him but you have enough fire moves so you may want to run power whip instead of flamethrower for Swampert Jellycent and Gastrodon (while Swampert will be reeeeally uncommon, Gastrodon is fairly good for this metagame ans Jellycent is not a metagame staple but does its job) As for Dragonite, wing attack is just so sad. Probably, it's just better to use roost as the only good fairies of the metagame are Mimikyu, Mawile, Silvally and Clefable and Dragonite just wants to escape in front of them as the same. However, remember that Fire Blast ohkoes 252hp Mawile while you have +2 satk even with a negative nature and no evs at all Tyrantrum is just a bit... bad imo? Ok if you like it play it. But... many other dragons are a bit better. What about Silvally? Is a very good defogger (so you could give Flygon stealth rock) and is the only freakin dragon pokemon in the game that grants momentum with parting shot as you know we have no u-turn nor volt switch for now Hope I've been useful!
  6. Lorisaur

    Balancing Smash characters.

    I have a different pilosophy about this so I want to give my idea and what I would personally patch - and why that would be useless First of all: Smash Ultimate is the second smash game in which developers thought much about competitive play. Smash4 had its flaws, but it was overall well-balanced and even characters like Little Mac or Samus could take very good games at high level (shoutout to Esam and to the LM main who has defeated Tyrant's Meta Knight). However, now they are expert at this: Little Mac, Shulk, Mii Gunner, Pichu and many other low tiers lost many of their most notable flaws. Sakurai wants every character to be competitively viable and I'm pretty sure that he succeded. Nevertheless, there's one true thing Creating the perfectly balanced game is IMPOSSIBLE. Seriously, there will ALWAYS be one of the 80 character stronger than the others, or another one who is worse in competitive play. Additionally, they have to build something that is perfectly balanced in MANY DIFFERENT METAGAMES. They have to create something that is good for top level play, as well as doubles as well as childish metagame. Seriously... if Ridley's downB was faster children would have always used him (and I'm pretty sure he'll be one of the most popular characters among the under 12, while they will find Greninja and Sheik pretty bad. Better buff Sheik?) Assuming that it is impossible to create the perfectly balanced game, some games are more balanced than others and Smash Ultimate is so good. However, it WILL have flaws and there will be of course patches for that. DR. Mario is way worse than Mario? Slight buffs. Diddy's Hoo Ha is back and better than before? Nerfhammer. The game will get more balanced but still not perfect However, we might guess who the low tier characters will be. For example, did they need to nerf so much Samus' dash attack?? Probably the character was too good at lower level play. Think about it. It's not so easy as it sounds. There are a few changes I would personally make, but... I'm not sure it's the best for the game
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  8. Lorisaur

    Pokemon you wish did not evolve

    Shuckle is so bad and beautiful that he can also live without his obvious evolution Oh wait he does not evolve (Real answer is Murkrow, he has a different personality from Honchkrow and he is much cooler imo)
  9. Lorisaur

    Cameruptite Event broken?

    Noooo don't say depressed it sounds too sad ahahahah These days I'm a bit busy but I'll try to give a look... maybe
  10. Ok first of all: I feel really stupid at asking an help here, but I really don't know how to do and I have not many alternatives I'm studying the electric field at school, and I have all the formulas under my eyes but I can't solve as the same the exercise. Can I give you a couple here? Just so that you explain me how do they have to be solved so that I can work out by myself everything else. Thank you so much guys! A Q charge produces an electric field of E = 2.0×10^-7 N/C in a P point distant 40cm from it. How strong is the charge Q? Two positive charges 9.2×10^-7 and 4.15×10^-7 are 6.47 cm distant and immerged in a liquid. As they repel with a power of F = 39 mN, calculate the relative dielectric constant of the liquid. Trust me, I've tried so much but always failed... I'm sorry if some specific terms are wrong, but I don't really know how to translate them in English from Italian. However, I would be really happy if anyone could help me!
  11. Lorisaur

    Predict the Next Person to Post

    Nope, sorry But I want seki108 here
  12. Lorisaur

    From Italy con furore

    Benvenuto nel magico forum di pokemon Reborn!!
  13. Lorisaur

    To be fair, I did like Litten.

    Do you think we may get Rex as a DLC? Sakurai clearly said that he did not make the roster because he came out too late, but they are still in time to add him as a DLC... and I hope they wont, I really hate Xenoblade for personal reasons. The same argument could be applied to Zeraora, who I instead like so much, as he would fit the game very well and he was released too late to be in smash ultimate. However, we have enough pokemon and probably Sakurai will focus on underepresented franchises or stuff like that. I want Lupin III in smash bros. Maybe
  14. Lorisaur

    To be fair, I did like Litten.

    As soon as I heard of Incineroar in smash ultimate I thought "hey! ShadeStrider will be horribly pissed, let's check reborn forum to see how raged he is" but I've been into busy days so I couldn't come online before now. However, here's what I sincerely think about him: they added Incineroar because he was Incineroar. In smash ultimate they have often added characters just because they were popular or requested (aka Chrom, Dark Samus, or even Ridley and K. Rool in a certain way) and unexpected characters like Wii Fit Trainer, Duck Hunt Duo or Piranha Plant are quite rare right now. I understand your personal hate for Incineroar, if they added Gardevoir I would have reacted so much worse than you did. But really, really much worse. However, he's pretty bad competitively tbh. As someone may know here, I'm a Rosaluma main, and while my queen isn't having the best time ever she has godlike matchup aganist him (like almost any character with decent neutral lol). I'm pretty sure his nightmares will be Greninja, Sheik, Wolf, Dark Samus, Villager, Duck Hunt, any zoner and any aggressive character with at least ranged tool As for the character design I like it, the idea to make it more a wrestler than a pokemon is really good on basis. I don't think Hawlucha was good, but, going outside from wrestling, there would have been many pokemon who could play in a much more unique way than him. Talking about how "unique" Incineroar is... revenge is a cool mechanic but I don't belive it's so good exept for doubles. I mean... It's a regular counter, but it counters later. Just that. However, I've made a full thread about my idea of Hitmontop, he could even fit well in the trailer instead of Incineroar as a semi-boxer. My wet dream is Palossand in smash and I have a very good concept for him, but as for gen7 pokemons Silvally, Golisopod, Tapu Koko, Buzzwole or even ARAQUANID could be so good. Talking about Buzzwole, he could just fight almost the same as Incineroar while being... unexpected. Golisopod was leaked by someone, and Silvally/Koko are notorious among players as Incineroar but, once again, different Nonetheless, he's been ported in smash in a cool way and the idea to make it taunt every second is also nice, so he is an overall decent addition to the game (instead of Isabelle), but many vgc players I know, who are fed up of Incineroar having 97% usage rate in battlespot, are really pissed about him. I do not use Incineroar as I'm in the 3% who uses Arcanine so I'm fine P.S. praise the Piranha Plant
  15. Lorisaur

    Pokemon Word Chain