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  1. Princess Titania

    Tips for making a Pokemon Fangame

    Oh ok. Better add that.
  2. Princess Titania

    Tips for making a Pokemon Fangame

    Thanks! I am going to ask before using characters that I don't own. But at this point in the game, that's not a concern since I only have characters that I made myself.
  3. Princess Titania

    Pokemon Word Chain

  4. Princess Titania

    Tips for making a Pokemon Fangame

    (This post is geared toward Pokemon Essentials games) Making a Pokemon Fangame is not easy. If you want to succeed, you must be careful, dedicated, and patient. If you have or can adapt to these traits, making a Pokemon Game will be much easier. As a Fangame creator, I am currently working on my first project. I would say I'm about 50% of the way there, and that's saying a lot. There are lots of different jobs to do when designing a game, and they are time-consuming (well, most of the time) Here are some tips: 1: Don't give up There have been many times I want to give up, but you can't do that or you won't be able to make a game. You simply should calm down, take a break, maybe eat a snack or take a nap, and come back to your troubles when you can handle them. There are SOOO many things that can go wrong in your game. Pokemon Essentials is a wonderful tool, but it can be touchy. You need to be precise. You can't be making silly errors like misspelling Pokemon names or using the wrong image. There are more important matters to attend to. More often than not, you will be overwhelmed by your game. This has happened to me many times. As previously stated, take a break and come back later. Be persistent with your game (that doesn't mean doing it as fast as possible) and you should be good to go. 2: There is no rush Unlike official Pokemon games, there isn't a deadline for your game. Fans may want it quickly, but take your time so you can make sure your game is as good as possible. 3: Be creative People don't like copycats. Be creative with your game and make interesting maps and characters. This does NOT mean you shouldn't take inspiration from a pre-existing game. In fact, my game takes massive inspiration from Reborn. Reborn was actually the reason I started making a game in the first place. But that does not mean I am copying content from Reborn. Stuff like PBS files, Pokemon sprites and similar things can be copied since they're probably going to be the same anyway. It's just a way to conserve time. Usually, at least. Another thing to do is have interesting characters. They should have varying personalities, varying stories, and varying everything, really. And remember, using references doesn't mean you aren't creative. i plan to use tons of references in my game, and that's fine. I even plan to have a Pokemon World Tournament feature where you can fight rivals and gym leaders from other fangames. And that can't really be considered copying. Well, most of the time. It depends. But the point is, don't be a copycat. 4: Knowledge is power Always know what you're doing before editing something. Diving in with no experience can mess up your entire game. (I found this out the hard way the first time I downloaded Pokemon Essentials and failed miserably) Before I tried again at making a Fangame, I watched tutorials. (They were by Thundaga. Great Tutorials. They explain everything so well. Give them a try on Youtube) Before, I said, "What the HECK is a PBS file?!". Now I have added every single Gen 6 Pokemon and all Gen 6 Moves. So yeah, don't mess with Essentials if you aren't 100% sure what to do. If you do, It may cost you your game. 5: Be truly dedicated. There are two kinds of people that make Pokemon fangames. The people that have a vast knowledge of Pokemon and will stop at nothing to make a game for their self and others to enjoy, and the kid who thinks it would be cool to find wild Mewtwo and Rayquaza. My point is, many people start making a game and get disappointed when they realize that it takes lots of effort. But don't underestimate kids, either. I'm only 11. I'm not a veteran. I used to despise Pokemon until a couple years ago. Then I fell in love. But I'd say I've only been a true fan for a year and a half. Still, I'm doing quite well on my game and can tell my little sisters pretty much any Pokemon fact. 6: Don't use content made by others without permission Some people are OK with you borrowing their resources with credit, but others are not. Always be sure that the the resources you may or may not borrow are OK to be used. And those are my tips. Good luck to anyone making a Pokemon Fangame!
  5. Princess Titania

    Pokemon Word Chain

  6. Princess Titania

    How to fix move animations

    Oh Ok Thanks
  7. Princess Titania

    How to fix move animations

    So I just uninstalled Elite Battle System and realized how much better my game looks without it. However, I have two huge issues with the format change. 1) Gen 6 mons are gone. Their data is there, but in battles, Gen 6ers are invisible. I don't mind putting their sprites back in, but can i fix this? 2) Some move animations I added are all wonky. I put in Charge Beam from Reborn, and the frames of animation were all piled on top of each other. Maybe it's because I changed the name from PRAS-Charge Beam to Charge Beam but I dunno.
  8. Princess Titania

    Chimchar Anyone?

    Woah I got off track there I'm ready now
  9. Princess Titania


    I now despise spiders more 2
  10. Princess Titania

    Chimchar Anyone?

    Ok I’ll be home in about 15 minutes we can trade than I’ll send a message when I’m back
  11. Princess Titania


    ok thanks
  12. Princess Titania


    My god what is going down In Reborn?! The Activity page is crammed with messages about state universities and most of the text is in Japanese or Chinese or something. Someone please tell me what the hell is going on? Is it just my computer or is it something else? WHAT
  13. Princess Titania

    Custom Character Sprites

    No prob
  14. Princess Titania

    Chimchar Anyone?

    Ready Now? My username is Dewott54.
  15. Princess Titania

    Chimchar Anyone?

    I know that, but I chose to renovate the slums and railnet, NOT azurine island.