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  1. Kostas_GR

    Any place/way to train and lvl up?

    @DreamblitzX Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone, I have just won the 3rd gym badge but I'm finding it very tough to progress because I raised pkmn in parallel and are all around 35 lvl. is there any place I can get them to train and receive adequate exp instead of grinding endlessly? Thanks
  3. Kostas_GR

    Trading Shiny Beedrill

    @tamamonomae0 Many thanks!
  4. Kostas_GR

    Trading Shiny Beedrill

    Great. What's your online username?
  5. Kostas_GR

    Trading Shiny Beedrill

    @tamamonomae0 Any chance it could be good nature (Adamant) ? Will you breed it?
  6. Kostas_GR

    Trading Shiny Beedrill

    Hi everyone. I caught a shiny, naughty Beedrill but I have no interest in it whatsoever. Anyone interested can propose a trade below. Out of interest, I could use a carvanha/ larvitar in my team but all offers are welcome.
  7. Kostas_GR

    Animated sprites??

    @LeoYT Thank you! I will give it a go.
  8. Kostas_GR

    Hi All!

    Thanks, everybody for the warm welcoming
  9. Kostas_GR

    Hi All!

    Hi everyone, I'm new here to this forum. Childhood nostalgia drove me to seek a pkmn fan game that is a bit more "adult" than the conventional games available, aimed at children. I've played desolation up to latest episode and now I have just started reborn in my free time, away from life and all its difficulties/demands. Looking forward to meeting you and having fun. Yours sincerely, Kostas.
  10. Kostas_GR

    Animated sprites??

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this game. I was wondering if it's possible to use animated sprites in this game and if yes if you do know where I can find them? Thanks in advance
  11. Kostas_GR

    LF Ghastly- Trade

    Many thanks again!
  12. Kostas_GR

    LF Ghastly- Trade

    Would you mind doing the request again as I have trouble logging in so I created a new one?? Kostantinos95 is the new username
  13. Kostas_GR

    Online Usernames

    Username: Kostas_GR Trainer Name: Kostas
  14. Kostas_GR

    LF Ghastly- Trade

    Will do! Sounds great. Thank you! My in-game ID is Kostas_GR
  15. Kostas_GR

    LF Ghastly- Trade

    Oh god, I'm new to this forum, as you probably figured out haha Thank you for offering. I would like a lvl 1 please. How long will you be online?