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  1. thechimchan

    Tips and Tricks for Reborn

    Definitely remember that Grand Hall grinding is a thing. Before a certain Psychic gym, I was able to get 8 pokemon up about 5-10 levels in under an hour. That said, have a good number of pokemon on deck. From the third gym onward I had a full team of 6 trained pokemon at all times, and currently have a total of 10 to cycle in and out as needed. Doesn't take too long to do that either. Lastly, before you get an exp. share, just make sure the mons you're using have a good nature. Breeding is pretty time consuming early on since it's a nightmare to train up freshly hatched level 1 pokemon early game, and its far less time consuming to just soft reset for a good nature. Or maybe I'm wrong and am only at the 7th gym badge, who knows?
  2. thechimchan

    My Radical Reborn Adventure - Adrienn

    I'm back, baby~ Pre-Gym I've been pretty pessimistic the last couple posts, but Route 1 and all involved turned me around on that! Super huge route, fun gimmick, ITEMFINDER, good time! And then the stupid Arceus fight spoiled the mood. Really? A battle with a legendary holding leftovers that is 20+ levels higher than me? What is this, Ultra Sun? I've complained about things being kinda cheap before, like Kiki, but never unfair. The opponent was always forced to play by the same rules as the player, except now this enemy is 20 levels higher. I managed it by knocking off its Leftovers with Tangrowth, but it is blatantly unfair and honestly a dark spot on this otherwise really fun game so far. I get that Perish Song or Destiny Bond would do the trick, but its unlike this game to force a specific, optimal strategy. Shade's Gym, my personal favorite so far, had a bunch of ways to play with it. Keep it dark to buff your own ghost types. Don't have one? Use electric. Don't have that? Destroy the field with EQ. Don't have that? The mons aren't overpowered enough to run through a balanced team. All else failed? You still have the option to level a bit if its too much. Ugh. Alright. I'm done. Getting access to the city does mean I get to go on world-tour and find hidden items! YES! Managed to score an ability capsule to make Aggron Rock Head, which is pre-ty busted. Addrien is also a pretty neat character, excited to see more of xem (did I do that right?) eventually. The gym puzzle was also really fun, probably my favorite yet. Oh, and Pengu Heart was useful First Attempt Alright, No complaints this time! This battle was sweet, the chess gimmick really added to Radomus's coverage, and exploited my newfound Rock weakness. Trick Room also messed up everyone but Aggron, though he couldn't solo it himself. i was eventually worn down. In the daycare, however, there was someone who could solo it. Gym 10  Pengu Evil Pengu Bell Pengu Yellow Pengu Freeze Pengu Mask Pengu Orange Boosted Nasty Plot? Synthetic Seed boosting Sp. Atk? Psychic and Normal immunity? I'm pretty sure Evil actually scored every K.O. while the rest just supported him. In the Trick Room he was able to outspeed everything except Reuniclus and Slowking, which were unable to actually stop him from One-Shotting them all. I'm glad a gym made me actually consider strategy again~ Especially after that lame Arceus fight! Ugh. Alright. I'm done. Post-Gym Can i just say Radomus is a really fun character? Also Cain continues to be hilarious! I really like all the rivals and gym leaders so far. Never mind.
  3. thechimchan

    My Radical Reborn Adventure - Adrienn

    From the ashes, like a phoenix, I am born. Pre-Gym Can i say I really like the dungeons in this game? They're such a decent length with temporary heal spots, really good stuff. I'd heard people had trouble with Siegmund or whatever his name is, but honestly none of the battles this time really put up much of a fight. Even the wacky Steelix got bodied by Johnny's Brine shenanigans. So it goes when I can actually buy healing items now that I did a spot of grinding to get relevant members up to 50, I suppose~ Oh, and Pengu Heart was useful, no surprise. Gym 9 Pengu Johnny Pengu Bell Pengu Yellow Pengu Freeze Pengu Mask Pengu Orange Does...does this actually count as a gym? No interesting Terrain, mediocre levels, no cohesive strategy that I saw...I'm a bit disappointed really. Oh, and it's not just due to steel types walling him either! I'm pretty sure any mon could set up on that Girafarig, it was doing like 30-40% with Thunderbolt on Johnny. Well shoot, I don't post in like 4 days and this is how it ends? I want a refund! Give me back my time! RA! Or, y'know, I could just play the game. Post-Gym Yeah, shockingly non-challenging section! I do think it's due to easy access to items now, Knife is rolling in Poke at this point. I also feel like I have good mons at this point too, so I'm somewhat concerned the game will stop pulling any punches shortly, considering we've reached the point where nearly all pokemon can be fully evolved naturally. Only time will tell~
  4. thechimchan

    My Radical Reborn Adventure - Adrienn

    WASSUP Replies Arys: Pengu Heart may not be in the party, but he still provides the ultimate support! You'll see! Also I really wish mine had Pickup... Nerd: Yeah, it seems like Leaders always use their ace last, except Aya for some reason. I think your best bet is probably just trying to buff someone on the Machamp and go crazy on her team. Sandyghast might be good too, I caught one just in case prior to the battle. BIg, Meaty, Pre-Gym This was a really long section! Or maybe not playing for 3+ hours a day just made it feel that way... Either way, screw multi-battles, man! Sirius was a nightmare thanks to Cain's "help." Ugh. Chandelure is the worst! Either way, finally, after like 3 gyms or something, the way to the Holy Ground, aka the Railnet, is open! That means... The promised day has arrived! MOVE RELEARNER HYPE! BAM! Brave Bird Dodro! Bam! Knock Off Tangrowth! Bam! Ancient Power Piloswine! Bam! Head Smash Aggron! Wait. I need an Aron first. BY THE POWERS THAT BE, I SUMMON A GOOD NATURE ARON! I'll take it. Thanks again, Pengu Heart! You always bring good things! I will say, I didn't exactly expect to leave the city. I kinda forgot to look at the map -_- A bit laggy, but seeing normalish Pokemon environments is actually kind of relieving! The atmosphere of this game is way too good for a fan game! The music out here is also outstanding, really good stuff. Anywho, onto Spinel Town for the next gym! ...Which is evasion themed. Cool. Great. No, it's fine. That's a really fun mechanic. WAIT STOP I WASN'T READY FOR A MIDBOSS! He has my favorite mon though, so i guess I'll forgive it. This time. Also Sturdy Aggron being able to Head Smash anything near guaranteed is amazing and I love it. Still want another Ability Capsule for him though... Gym 8 Pengu Johnny Pengu Bell Pengu Yellow Pengu Freeze Pengu Nis Pengu Mask This one was really, REALLY dumb. Does anyone actually like unavoidable evasion gimmicks? No? Okay then. RNG happened to be in my favor, so the fight mostly consisted of heal spamming Aggron and Rock Sliding everything in sight until I was able to Earthquake with Pengu Freeze, destroying the field. After that, I went right back to Rock Sliding. Literally nothing fun or interesting happened. Please never have an evasion gimmick again. Post-Gym Ame I forgive you entirely.
  5. thechimchan

    My Radical Reborn Adventure - Adrienn

    Shock! Intrigue! A Double Battle Event!? Gym 7 Pengu Johnny Pengu Bell Pengu Yellow Pengu Freeze Pengu Onyx Pengu Purple Somehow I seem to be rocking these Double Battles! My strategy mostly consisted of having Steelix Curse up while his teammate supported him by trying to take out the opposing Pokemon or healing. In doing so, the Toxapex literally could not damage Onyx or Johnny, leading them to be the stars for the first half of the battle--until Salazzle showed up and Steelix had 1 too much HP to proc Sturdy off of a single Hyper Potion. Past that point, however, my boy Purple was able to come back for the first time since the last double battle and clean house with Empoleon. They were nigh unstoppable in this gym, since they were both practically immune to Toxapex. I will say though, the Entry Hazard absorption gimmick is one of my favorites thus far, way better than the simple stat boosts the last gym used. I'm not sure if I like it more than Shade's field switching, but it's certainly a contender. My boys
  6. thechimchan

    My Radical Reborn Adventure - Adrienn

    Oh, didn't see you there. Welcome to the topic. Enjoy your stay~ Pre-Gym WHY CANT ANYONE JUST HAND ME ANYTHING. i'll be honest, its getting a bit frustrating that people can't just give me something. I feel like I wanted the Byxbysion Key like 10 hours ago, Corey seriously couldn't just hand me a badge, Kiki couldn't just hand me a badge... AGH. This section felt pretty bland. The Ashen Beach was full of really easy, 1 pokemon trainers, and the constant Magcargo fights in Pyrous Mountain were frustrating. The fight with the Fire Guy was pretty nice though~ Thank you Pengu Heart, for your beautiful gift. Gym 6 Pengu Johnny Pengu Bell Pengu Yellow Pengu Freeze Pengu Nis Pengu Onyx Hmmmm, I didn't like this one. The Ashen Beach is ludicrously overpowered (though one could use it themselves, I suppose) making it impossible to really use much strategic play I feel. This is the only gym so far that I simply swept through with Dodrio Swords Dance and in the rain Empoleon. After a Sticky Web, nothing could stop him, but it felt like if I DIDN'T sweep, I would get swept myself. That's probably just me liking the tension that comes from full team battles though~ Post-Gym ...What did having a battle have to do with her health? Why is Victoria being like this? WHY CANT SHE HAND ME A PIN AND A CD *sigh*
  7. thechimchan

    My Radical Reborn Adventure - Adrienn

    Post 4 Pre-Gym FINALLY This was such a long time coming! Sticky Web and Empoleon's bulk are going to be so good. Especially considering the non-gym difficulty is definitely increasing! Fern's Roserade came incredibly close to sweeping my entire team, as did Cain's Nidoking. I have a feeling that they're ev'd at this point? While exploring for Rock Smash spots I also ended up in an ice mountain with different battle music! The exploration in this game is super rewarding, especially when a Jolly Swinub is part of that~ Seeing as Ghost is next up, I'm doing the unthinkable: removing Linoone. You'll be remembered, buddy! The orphanage was also great for getting Swinub up to speed, same with the Tangela I've had in Daycare for the entire game. That said, it's gym time! 5 MYG Pengu Johnny Pengu Bell Pengu Yellow Pengu Freeze Pengu Nis Pengu Onyx Annnnnnnnd swept by Gengar. Okay, Piloswine was able to tank a hit and Earthquake, but he was wiped by Banette the next turn. A bit disheartening that. But I believed! And I didn't want to grind! Mostly the second one! 4 or so attempts later, I managed to nail it with an insane combination of prediction, planning, and luckskill. Upon entering the field, Pengu Yellow immediately laid down a Sticky Web and Charged the battlefield before going down to Shade's Gengar. By some miracle, Piloswine was able to enter the field, take a Shadow Ball, and dish out an Earthquake that took the Gengar down. Unfortunately, this knocked out Galvantula's Charge, which allowed Banette to revenge-kill Freeze, but not before he got off a desperation Ice Shard. With that, Empoleon scored a critical Brine, finishing off the Banette. In retaliation, Shade let loose his Rotom that Charged the battlefield with his Discharge. Unfortunately for him, I predicted this and swapped into Onix, who was able to hang on with sturdy and set up Stealth Rocks before going down the following turn. Inadvertently, because Rotom Charged the field, Tangrowth was able to consume his seed, gaining a Special Attack boost and Laser Focus, allowing him to one shot the Rotom. The Dhelmise and Doublade that followed suffered a similar fate, going down to 3 Giga Drains due to the Stealth Rock support from Onyx. The real battle, however, was just beginning. Unbeknownst to me, Shade's ace Mimkyu's Decoy was not shattered by the rocks, which forced Nis to do it himself while the foe proceeded to Swords Dance. With one Shadow Claw, Nis was brought down. With his decoy removed, and minute damage from the rocks, Dodrio hit the field and Plucked the Mimkyu's Sitrus Berry, which, unknown to me at the time, was key to victory. By some stroke of luck Pengu Bell avoided the super charged Play Rough and landed one more Pluck, putting the opponent in Brine range before going down. With just Pengu Johnny remaining, I had faith he could survive one Shadow Claw and went for the Brine. Shade countered this with a Hyper Potion, making me doubt my ability to win since brine did under half. I repeated the action, still hoping that I could eat one hit and, luckily, I could. With one more last-ditch Aqua Jet, the Mimikyu was taken down, and the 4th Badge was finally mine. Post-Gym I said the second gym was one of the most intense I've ever had, but that didn't even hold a candle to this. Every single turn, every Pokemon on my team, mattered from start to finish. If one thing had changed, if I didn't Ice Shard the Banette, if I didn't charge the field turn one and than break it immediately with Earthquake allowing the Rotom to recharge it later, if Mimikyu's Play Rough hadn't missed, I wouldn't have won. I had actually heard about this gym being particularly brutal a long time ago, and I'm pretty interested to see how it went before Mimikyu was a thing. The gen 6 and 7 integration is really natural, I'm kinda surprised this was originally a gen 5 game! Makes me wonder, really, how there are still at least 12 more gym leaders yet to fight. What sort of nastiness do they have prepped!? I'm certainly excited to find out.
  8. thechimchan

    My Radical Reborn Adventure - Adrienn

    Yo yo yo party people, what is up! It's your boy PenguMaster97 back at it with another hip update. Pre-Gym Not much to say really, pretty standard section. Really feeling the whole pokemon that don't evolve until 35+ grind though... Story also continues to be pretty interesting, which is odd. Normally when things get remotely serious in these games I tune out, but Reborn is keeping momentum really well. Probably due to the frequent fun battles. Again, pure genius. Gym 4 Pengu Johnny Pengu Heart Pengu Purple Pengu Yellow Pengu Orange Pengu Bell So, funny story with this one. I meant to bring Onix to this one since he's got Rock Slide, but I was training Growlithe on the trainers, accidently solved the puzzle after nearly gaining a brain tumor, and decided to just give it a shot to scout her out. If the other fan games I've played have taught me anything, it's that I suck at double battles. Imagine my shock, then, that I actually first tried this without my assumed ace! Struggle Bug Illumise was irritating as it crippled Johnny even in the rain, but it was still enough to take down Masquerain and Yanmega while Pengu Purple played cleric with Super Potions and Lemonade. He was useful for once! After Johnny eventually went down, Pengu Bell descended with his Telluric Seed boosted Pluck sweep and managed to wipe out the rest of Shelly's team without any hassle. I totally expected to need to train up my Fletchling or something, but nope! Fun battle! Indeed Post-Gym ...Pengu Heart is worse than Dodrio in literally every stat sans hp. I love this Dodrio, but I have a feeling the Linoone dream is ending shortly That said, Dodrio is MONSTROUS. I didn't realize he was buffed in 7th gen and man, he cleans house! I'm also incredibly hyped to get some of these boys evolved! Joltik is suffering the most, being one shot by pretty much everything, but I think Sticky Web will make up for that. Empoleon's steel typing will also give me some more bulk, which is very nice. Anyhow, I'm off to go hunt a Lunastra.
  9. thechimchan

    My Radical Reborn Adventure - Adrienn

    Alright, so I had a free day and basically didn't stop playing after the last post -_- Seriously man, this game is too good. Also tried some formatting stuff, my text walls probably look a bit better now~ I should also mention that i'm playing on set and with a couple mods. No HMs, weather control (only using it to get specific encounters, and then reverting it to whatever it was). Pre-Gym Anyhow, I figured I may as well chime in about stuff that happens pre-gym if I think it's neat or whatever. I'm pretty into the story right now. After Zeta, Uranium, and Insurgence, having actual characters I care about is neat! I already hate a couple of them (I WILL NOT BEG, FERN) but it's better than whatever Suzerain does. The normal trainers are also pleasantly moderate to deal with. Tough enough to maybe injure a member or two, but not so much that I need to heal after every 2 battles. That said, the double battle with Zel and Taka was intense. I came incredibly close to losing, and if Linoone and Delcatty weren't double-headbutt flinching the Tangrowth I totally would have suffered my first loss. That happened at the next gym. First Attempt Corey whooped me the first time! I managed to get to his Crobat with ludicrous dodges, crits, and flinches, but I was totally unprepared. Nothing on my team actually directly countered him or benefitted from the terrain, unlike the previous gyms. Grimer is really, REALLY, falling behind at this point. Thusly, I grabbed my backup boys out of the daycare, grinded for an hour, stole a Quick Claw, hatched an Azurill, found 3 shinies, and had at it again! The shiny Sprite Artist is a genius. Gym 3 Pengu Johnny Pengu Heart Pengu Purple Pengu Yellow Pengu Onyx Pengu Hop This one was REALLY rough. I managed to take down his Skrelp with Yellow, but he managed to set up a layer of Toxic Spikes beforehand. Following that, his Sucker Punch Croagunk pushed in a few peoples teeth due to my forgetfulness. I gotta hand it to the designer though, that Mareanie was amazing! Combining permanent Merciless and Venoshock was brutal. Or, it was on my first attempt, before I had given Pengu Heart the Telluric Seed! Baneful Bunker Protection and sweeping prowess allowed Heart to, as usual, not dissapoint. He crushed Mareanie and Skuntank before going down to Aftermath. Purple and Hop unfortunately got bodied by Nidorina, leaving only Onyx left. So, one Stealth Rock and 3 Curses later, I took out the Nidorina. And with every fiber of my body tense, Onyx tanked a crit Venoshock with single digit hp and brought home the W! Post-Gym Yikes, this game is brutal! Super fair though, and grinding isn't too big a hassle. I have this whole Sandstorm thing pseudo-planned out, but this fight really made me want a Mareanie too! Gotta say, Onix was way better than I thought having both Stealth Rock and Curse, and Pengu Heart is the gift that keeps on giving. Totes my new profile pic. That said, I'm happy that I'm (probably) only one gym away from evolving most of my team! By the by, how would I go about putting the majority of the post in a "hidden content" tab? Would make it a lot easier to scroll through this.
  10. Hi-ho fellow Reborn players. Or something. Seeing as how this game will probably have me swapping mons a lot as it gets further in, I figured it might be fun to document the team after winning important battles, maybe write about them if they were interesting. That said, I'm currently in the Beryl ward, so the first couple will be posthumous. Or something. Oh, and my naming scheme is Power Rangers Pengu Force. Definitely. Gym 1 Team: Pengu Johnny Pengu Heart Pengu Purple Pengu Yellow Pengu Splash This one was relatively uneventful, with the caveat that Zigzagoon's Mud Sport (that I hoped would just weaken attacks) destroyed her gimmick! After that, Joltik and Grimer were able to clean up until Electrode, which I managed to poison and stall out. Gave a pretty good idea of what to expect going forward, such as reasonable pokemon levels *cough* Insurgence *cough* Gym 2 Team: Pengu Johnny Pengu Heart Pengu Purple Pengu Yellow Pengu Shine Compared to the first gym, this was incredibly tense. I had no idea what the desert did going in, but it ended up helping me more than her. Pengu Heart stole the show once again with a powered up Pin Missile and double-power Sand Attack. It was smooth sailing until the Ferroseed, whose Telluric Seed made it nigh unkillable until I scored a lucky crit with Purple's Mud Bob. Following that, Yellow managed to Thunder Wave the Breloom before going down, which allowed Delcatty to Zen Headbutt Paraflinch the thing. In the end, however, that Cradilly was the real monster. I was running low on potions, and was completely reliant on maxing his accuracy debuff and praying the Prinplup got Metal Claw attack boosts. After about 15 minutes, it ran out of recovers and went down once and for all. This may have been the single most intense gym battle I've had in a non-nuzlocke, I was full clench the entire time. Definitely way more attached to this Linoone than I thought though, figured I'd dump it past the first gym but it keeps coming through! Assuming this isn't the wrong board or something I'll probably keep posting after gym battles, it's pretty fun to recount these intense battles!
  11. thechimchan

    Beginner Questions

    Wow, so much Trapinch debate @_@ I totally forgot he had Dragon Dance (never got into gen 7 competetive), but that sounds amazing! Thanks for all the help guys, this community is pretty swell, isn't it
  12. thechimchan

    Beginner Questions

    1) Yikes, good thing I split the exp then, might've cost me the match if I didn't... 2.) Welp, the sandstorm team dream is delayed~ My rag tag group will survive until! Thanks for the advice, though I will say beginning to disobey mid battle is a bit lame since I assumed level cap was where you wanted to be. I'll shoot for ~2 levels under from here on.
  13. thechimchan

    Beginner Questions

    Hey all, pretty sure this is the right place to post this? Just finished up the second gym (what a doozy, haven't lost yet though), and had a couple questions: 1. If a pokemon were to pass the level limit mid gym-battle, like if my Linoone had hit level 26 in the Flobot fight, would it stop obeying me then and there, or would I at least get to finish the battle first? I wasn't sure, so I had to incorporate exp splitting into my strategy so it wouldn't level up and it made things pretty tense. 2. Can I catch Trapinch and Roggenrola relatively soon? Don't tell me where exactly, but maybe a ballpark estimate of how far off I am? To end, just wanted to say the difficulty in this game right now is great, I love how well done the level curve is. Even with 5~ pokemon right now, it feels just right.