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  1. It looks alot better already! I do this too when I got bored hahaha
  2. Just buffed my Beautifly via rpgmaker (gave it simple and +50 HP  cuz y nawt o3o) played through half of Reborn and wow I can die now 

  3. Aviagon

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    Heyo! Does anyone know where to get the PBS File for Desolation? If so, please tell me ^^ But if it's not allowed, I'm okay with it. Btw, this game is fantastic! Looking forward to V5~
  4. Aviagon

    Altering BST??

    Finally somebody answered! I felt bad for being ignored and ignored hahaha anyway, thanks alot! Im gonna get rpgmaker now
  5. ughhh how do I edit Base Stat Totals ;-; 😧 

  6. Aviagon

    Altering BST??

    That's it? I did try that but the changes didn't seem to apply to the game... Thanks for answering btw!
  7. Aviagon

    Altering BST??

    Hello, good dayy! Soo I was just wondering if there is some way to change BST of pokemon? I replayed Reborn like 4 times and I'm through with using overrated pokemon over and over again hahaha I'm that kind of guy who has an obsession with overlooked pokemon like Beautifly. Also, is it okay to do this?? For a split second I thought it is somehow not allowed so please tell me if it isn't : ( but yeah, all help will be much appreciated~
  8. yOyOYOOOOOO I know no one cares but I looooOoOoVe Grass types~

    1. CodeCass


      Same here! Grass types are awesome!