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  1. Burningchill


    Thank you
  2. Burningchill


    Where do i fnd feebas in rejuvenation and how do i evolve it in this game?
  3. Burningchill

    Just a question

    Thank you
  4. Burningchill

    Just a question

    The mawile gift in rejuvenation has a role later in the game or is it just another pokemon ?I'm debating whether i should or shouldn't keep it on my team
  5. Burningchill

    Pokemon teams

    Just for fun let us see your favorite pokemon teams in your favorite games (oficial and fanmade alike). Here are mine: Pokemon black 2: Pokemon crystal: Pokemon emerald: Pokemon light platinum(gba romhack): Pokemon insurgence: Pokemon rejuvenation:
  6. Burningchill

    Just for fun

    Is clockwork completed?
  7. Burningchill

    Just for fun

    I love it's lore and shiny and i didn't play with an aegislash yet.
  8. Burningchill

    Just for fun

  9. Burningchill

    My team

    Any suggestions for my sixth member? I am at Crawli gym. Lycanroc - Rock tomb - Rock slide- Crunch - Stealth rock Lurantis - Leaf blade - Petal blizzard - Synteshis - Slash Charizard - Wing atack - Flame burst - Fire fang - Dragon rage Muk - Gunk shot - Poison fang - Crunch - Knock off Mawile - Iron head - Crunch - Vicegrip - Sucker punch
  10. Burningchill


    I'm at the Crawli gym and venam music kicked in but she is nowhere to be found, do i need to start over? 45 - Burningchill - 23h 59m - 5 badges.rxdata Never mind I found her