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    [Resolved]Girl won't give me the sticker #2

    Hmmm, I was able to go to F3. When I checked my membership card at F3, the card said I had 3 stickers. Before entering the third floor, my card said only 2 stickers. That was weird, but thanks anyway.
  2. BuppoPuppo

    [Resolved]Girl won't give me the sticker #2

    I talked to both the girl asking to find the friend and the rescued girl, but both of them aren't giving me a sticker
  3. Like the title, the girl in the Peridot ward isn't giving me the sticker for saving her friend. I saved her friend after beating the PULSE tangrowth, but did not get the sticker then. When I went to get it after beating Aya, she didn't give me the sticker. I currently have 2 stickers, one from the department store and one for stealing the tv. Is this a bug or something else? Thanks in advance.