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  1. Can you please tell me who the person you are having to fix your save file is? EDIT: Nevermind I have someone helping me right now.
  2. XxAlexxX

    Darclight Cave help.

    NOTE: I have reported this on the Troubleshooting thread and I am honestly trying to not be impatient but I want to get Rejuvenation done before school starts. Back to the matter at hand, Erin is stuck at the elevator and won't move, after I go into the room she's automatically there and no cut scene initiated and there's no option for me to take the elevator. Can someone please help me? Extra note: For some reason my file is 30KB higher than the limit so can someone send me a message on discord? Tag is #2448 EDIT: Sorry I forgot to change this one but I already found someone to help me.
  3. XxAlexxX

    Shared Nuzlock -Real

    I can't do Nuzlockes on Reborn and Rejuvenation. Games are just too difficult for that.
  4. XxAlexxX

    i think mimikyu is a missingno

    i think Mimikyu is just a shadow spirit. Either a demon or a spirit.
  5. XxAlexxX

    The Easiest Gym Leader Battle

    100% Luna. Just get a Dragon Dance moxie Scrafty use Dragon Dance twice then it's a clean sweep.
  6. Link leads to Tokyo Ghoul Live Action but you SHOULD be able to go to other stuff from there. https://archive.org/details/TokyoGhoul2017FullMovieLiveActionInHDENGLISHSUBTITLEByAKKGNAGA
  7. XxAlexxX

    Help with wireless mouse.

    Note to self: NEVER GET BLACKWEB MICE.
  8. Alright I fucked up royally. My mouse won't work even if it has a fully charged battery in it and I have the button switch to on. The light won't light up and the mouse is most likely broken. Reason being: I was a dumbass and I put the battery in backwards to see if it'd work, because some are inverted and I had the exact same problem yesterday but I was able to fix it. I most likely fried something and all I can say for my excuse: It's my first time having a wireless mouse, you're choice if you wanna give me a break or not.
  9. Erin is stuck in this spot and no cut scene initiated. Can someone please help? Game.rxdata
  10. Erin is stuck in this spot and no cut scene initiated. Can someone please help? Game.rxdata EDIT: Sorry for double posting that was a honest accident.
  11. XxAlexxX

    Keep or give Magma stone? (spoilers!)

    I found out how to save em'. All I need is proceed until the next large crystal that's blue then enable it swap back and forth through angry and calm then save them normally.
  12. XxAlexxX

    Keep or give Magma stone? (spoilers!)

    Nope. No matter what I did Kyogre would not spawn in V10.
  13. I'm at the point where I gotta battle Cera for the magma stone and she has a Groudon, now I have 2 questions. Do I need to beat her to progress? Honestly never found that out, and if I decide to give the Magma Stone, is there a way I can save Tesla and Amber? I tried in a pass run but couldn't get Kyogre to spawn. EDIT: Found out from a past thread that if I wanna save Amber then I have to proceed up to the point where Saki pops up then I gotta go all the way down to save Tesla and Amber. EDIT:2 I am a master at grammer ignore last sentance.
  14. XxAlexxX

    Help me with Crawli

    Drop Lumineon and IF you can find a good rock type, if not then use Vikavolt, it has insane Sp. Attack so it'll be good enough to rid the major tanks.
  15. XxAlexxX

    Hitting the bell in Axis High Univ.

    Should be similar to Reborn's bell. If there's a topic look it up because I am not sure.