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  1. Erin is stuck in this spot and no cut scene initiated. Can someone please help? Game.rxdata
  2. Erin is stuck in this spot and no cut scene initiated. Can someone please help? Game.rxdata EDIT: Sorry for double posting that was a honest accident.
  3. XxAlexxX

    Keep or give Magma stone? (spoilers!)

    I found out how to save em'. All I need is proceed until the next large crystal that's blue then enable it swap back and forth through angry and calm then save them normally.
  4. XxAlexxX

    Keep or give Magma stone? (spoilers!)

    Nope. No matter what I did Kyogre would not spawn in V10.
  5. I'm at the point where I gotta battle Cera for the magma stone and she has a Groudon, now I have 2 questions. Do I need to beat her to progress? Honestly never found that out, and if I decide to give the Magma Stone, is there a way I can save Tesla and Amber? I tried in a pass run but couldn't get Kyogre to spawn. EDIT: Found out from a past thread that if I wanna save Amber then I have to proceed up to the point where Saki pops up then I gotta go all the way down to save Tesla and Amber. EDIT:2 I am a master at grammer ignore last sentance.
  6. XxAlexxX

    Help me with Crawli

    Drop Lumineon and IF you can find a good rock type, if not then use Vikavolt, it has insane Sp. Attack so it'll be good enough to rid the major tanks.
  7. XxAlexxX

    Hitting the bell in Axis High Univ.

    Should be similar to Reborn's bell. If there's a topic look it up because I am not sure.
  8. XxAlexxX

    dO yOu WaNt T0 pLaY?

    Amy from Sonic X being possessed.
  9. XxAlexxX

    dO yOu WaNt T0 pLaY?

    Before anyone comments and a mod gives me a warning for wrong thread, don't give a warning because this belongs in the wasteland.
  10. XxAlexxX

    Has anyone ever won a legitimate Masterball?

    It's sure as hell possible, just difficult.
  11. Time to spend SEVERAL HOURS on the damn puzzle....
  12. Crud, even Lostelle will need help, and they are the main puzzle guide!
  13. XxAlexxX

    If you were a polar bear, what would you name yourself?

    Sven. Gotta go with a name from my 2nd favorite book series Guardians of Ga'Hoole. EDIT: Sorry, I didn't read the thread, I'm partly Rose but mostly Hydrangea.
  14. XxAlexxX

    Who Is Your Least Favorite Character In Pokemon Reborn?

    Fern needs to BURN.
  15. XxAlexxX

    Good 6th pokemon?

    @Filthy CasualSure. Don't worry about good nature