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  1. Anyone wanna make a anime club?

    TRUE. But what's the harm of having a subforum AND a club? There's a bunch of the site I have no clue about.
  2. I did my research and I found out all I need is a veteran and approval to make a club, so I am asking for a single veteran to help me with this quest. So which of you can please help me? Name: Anime Fan Club. Picture: Neptune from Hyperdimension Neptunia. Wallpaper: Your decision so are the threads.
  3. Hi, I'm wondering if the dubbed versions of Tokyo Ghoul season 3 episode 1/2/3 are out. if so anyone know where to find em'? Also here's a pointless screenshot. I FINALLY FUCKING LEARNED HOW TO DO SCREENSHOTS.
  4. Can't choose which one to play.

    I haven't played Paradox either, and I put Rejuvenation (AGAIN) because I played through v10 at least 2 times. I want to wait a bit before I play it again, maybe a month or two.
  5. I dunno what to play, help? Most votes win.
  6. Any tips to defeat the second gym leader

    Use Hondour, Pancham, Vanillite, Grimer, Shuppet and Quagsire, if that doesn't win the battle I dunno what will.
  7. Garufa ruins (stuck)

    Unless ya got the memory of a damn GOD you need a pic.
  8. Garufa ruins (stuck)

    It's what saved me from 40 minutes of a headache that I got my first time.
  9. Favorite character

    Eh, ignore that. Let's just have that 2nd amber be the Calamity amber.
  10. Garufa ruins (stuck)

    Here's a good trick. Go to the rejuvenation folder, open up 2 copies of the Game.exe and drag them both so they're side-by-side and click on one of them so you can control it, move the character into the room with the solution, and the other game.exe click that and move the character into the actual puzzle and rinse and repeat.
  11. People used to marry Pokemon? Is that true?

    If they still could then hello miss Waifu Gardevoir.
  12. Favorite character

  13. Suggest A Cover Photo!

    I'm a tokyo ghoul nerd. Can't be helped.
  14. Favorite character

    Bull. Ya must've forgotten how he talked DOWN to them.
  15. Guilty Pleasures

    Eh, we all occasionally look at hentai. Don't deny it.