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  1. Veras Lexritz

    [CLOSED]Getting into breeding and is looking for a ditto

    so do you want anything for it??
  2. Hi, I'm trying to fix my team in this playthrough since they have terrible IVs thus am looking for Ditto with decent IVs
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. Veras Lexritz

      Veras Lexritz

      thanks mate 😄 sorry for the late reply

    2. LykosHand


      It's ok ^^ and you're welcome =D

  4. Got the monss.. ayee thanks again shingo sry it took so long trading, my laptop being dumb was the root of it all
  5. LOLL it took me so long to answer you forgot ahahaha They were houndour, larvitar and bisharp
  6. So sorryyy I wasn't playing at all yesterday, had an assignment due earlier today. Are you available now?
  7. @Shingo alrighttt like last time I'll inform you when I'm ready
  8. it was gen 7 poke berry electric type poke grass type move fire type move EDIT: Larvitar: AmbiPOMEGadraINgraINsectplate (Ambipom, Pomeg, Mega drain, Ingrain, Insect plate)
  9. Shingo can i try a diff port :X I just cant seem to get electric type poke, grass type move and fire type move to work man.
  10. Veras Lexritz

    Pokemon Reborn: Sandbox Mode

    Sir Derx, you are a legend for making this awesome mod
  11. @Shingo Houndour: SkoruPIneCOmbuskENigMAgnetrise (Skorupi, Pineco, Combusken, Enigma, Magnet rise) Larvitar: still trying..
  12. Houndour: ChimecHOrSEAdRAwStokedsparksurfer (Chimecho, Horsea, Seadra, Rawst, Stoked sparksurfer) Bisharp: DratiNIdoqueENigMAgoSTeameruption (Dratini, Nodoqueen, Enigma, Magost, Steam eruption) Larvitar's answer soon lol still trying to figure this one out
  13. Shingoo can I try a Port for Larvitar, Houndoura and Bisharp. Or is doing 3 at once too much?
  14. Yess Thankyou Shingo for the Bagon :)))))))))))))))))))