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  1. smh if you hang me we will lose. I wouldn't blame you if you did, but I urge everyone to read through the posts again, and consider how people interacted with town, how we have played with you before, and the intention of the posts in general. Even if you still want to hang me, at least we will have played our best. Thanks, and gg everyone.
  2. Smh very tough game. Smart of the mafia to let me live, knowing they could probably hang me today. Unfortunately I failed to find a mafia last night. However I can offer this insight. Cataline is town. @Cataline @LykosHand @Captain Breakfast Can you guys listen to me just once more and maybe we can pull this off. I now see the error of my ways. I was foolish not to suspect the quiet people more, and I am sorry about this. But I KNOW that Cass is mafia. My guess is her counterparts are Caimie and bean. How does Cass ordinarily act? Making concrete decisions and accusing people for lynches. What has Cass done this game? Make half-hearted accusations and let me lead us astray. I understand if you guys don't believe me, but the only thing that started suspicion on me was me accidentally helping bok (who was town) hang L'Belle. If you decide hanging me is the best step I get it, no way you could know for sure, but read through the posts and you will see that I am right. If you hang me today we will lose, and all our efforts will be fruitless. [Eliminate] Cass
  3. Mr. Knightly

    confusion mafia [game over town wins]

    @DigitalAmber Okay I can believe that. What did it say in your role pm if I may ask? @Bam the 25th Do you mind explaining what you mean by you were the detective? I mean can you tell me how you were the detective?
  4. Mr. Knightly

    confusion mafia [game over town wins]

    Also I don't see any reason not to reveal if we succeeded on our night actions guys.
  5. Mr. Knightly

    confusion mafia [game over town wins]

    "So L'belle does a dangerous roleclaim this early on? Unexpected, but not entirely unwelcome. " Does no one else find this suspicious? I mean if Amber was actually town he would know that there is no set doc/vig.ect.ect. and that any townie can use these roles. I think this might have been a careless mafia/doppelganger I was waiting to see if any others made this mistake, but my vote goes to, [Eliminate] Digital Amber Also let's remember that L'Belle could be a doppelganger which can kill as well. @andracass Love to help, but I wanna ask bean something first. @Psychic Sheep Are you the one whose detective ability worked? Is amine evil?
  6. @andracass Why do you suspect Caimie? Just curious why she ranks higher than Cataline who has contributed as little. smh maybe we are just all town on town and we should be hanging the quiet ones who might just be getting an easy win. Good question with an easy answer. I didn't suspect her Yesterday. She said she missed that it started and I forgave her lack of activity for that day, but today as she persists to do nothing it seems very strange. Venus seemed strange to me as I stated in my posts at that time. If I was mafia why the heck would I say I invested Dive and Venus? I would be the dumbest mafia on earth. If I was mafia I would'a lied and said I invested Amber, or one of you guys to gain your trust, but I have told only the truth. I revealed because I was in danger of getting lynched and it would be better I died tonight and we possibly lynch a mafia today. If anything I could be a vanilla townie trying to draw fire for the cop.
  7. @Captain Breakfast I hope so too. Personally I don't currently suspect Lykos. If Amber is mafia I would expect Cass is too. I will be dead tomorrow so I just wanna get my suspicions out. If I am still alive you can hang me.
  8. @andracass Maybe. In case you hadn't noticed the phase should change soon, and it's better I die at the hands of the mafia tonight, and we maybe hang a mafia today, then two townies die today and tomorrow. You wouldn't happen to be protecting Amber would you?
  9. @andracass Unfortunately no, wish I had. Not gonna lie, stupid as it sounds, I invested Dive then Venus, who both died. I have no more info then you guys. I think Amber is a good target for today, but if you rather we can hang Cataline and I will invest him (despite the fact that I will be dead).
  10. @Cataline @Captain Breakfast @Caimie @Psychic Sheep @andracass @LykosHand @Bok Choi Alright I didn't want to do this but better I die at night then another townie. I am the cop guys. idk why every one is so quiet and just going with the flow but I bet at least one of the people who voted me is mafia. If you don't believe me you will when I turn up dead tomorrow. [Unvote] Cataline [Eliminate] Digital Amber
  11. @LykosHand Not a-hundred percent sure what you want me to say at this point. I have been doing my best given the limited information, and contributing a fair amount. I guess the main thing I can say is why did I save Dive first day, only to kill him at night? And why did I intentionally stop a three way lynch? If I were mafia I would definitively not have done that. As for voting L'Belle he seemed really suspicious. Plus, I waited for him to make a good defense and he never did. More then that why would I be constantly calling for more activity if I was mafia. I made a poor read I admit it, but I only made one and I protected a townie day 1. smh I am not mafia I hope you can believe me.
  12. Alright guys I am back, sorry I was late had stuff to take care of. It is funny that you placed a vote on me @DigitalAmber because I was considering placing one on you. It has been very hard to read anyone this game due to the lack of talking and as you said pressure votes appear to have no effect. However I am not one to ignore a pressure vote. Despite making poor reads, I believe I have done my best given the circumstances. Now please bear with me as I present my ideas. Alright here is my list of players from towniest to scumiest Towny Bok. I know this seems weird, but he seems legit to me. He has been making points that make logical sense and appears to be trying to help town. Less towny Lykos. I feel like he should be posting more, although this is typical of his play style. I couldn't say for sure. Cass. Seems pretty towny but I would have expected more interaction from her. Plus the way she just said she hoped we were right about L'Belle without adding anything seems kinda like mafia trying to blend. idk these players need to talk more. Bean, Captain Breakfast, and Caimie. Scumier Digital amber. idk I would expect more posts from him, plus he just appears to be throwing suspicion around without actually blaming anyone. He appears to be trying to get others to do the blaming for him. Plus he suspects me over Bok which seems very strange. Not to mention when Zero was playing he seemed very suspicious. Scumiest Cataline I mean really she just keeps yelling about how little she is doing without doing anything. For now consider this a pressure vote. [Eliminate] Cataline This list is obviously subject to change, and please tell me if I overlooked something. I am tired and probably not thinking to straight. Your thoughts please guys. @Cataline @Captain Breakfast @Caimie @Psychic Sheep @andracass @LykosHand @Bok Choi
  13. @LykosHand @Venus @andracass Why are you so quiet this game? I would really appreciate your inputs on all the players. I know there is not much info, but you must suspect someone maybe only slightly, but the way to get more info is by talking yourselves and pressure voting those you find suspicious.
  14. @Cataline The only reason you were top was because I thought Venus had claimed the cop and had invested you, however upon further reflection it may have just been a pressure vote. I just really don't know what to do about Venus because he says so little. And a every little thought counts guys so keep em coming.