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  1. What do you look like?

    *Shudder* You guys are weirding me out!
  2. What do you look like?

    @Mr. Finn Ouch. That wasn't very nice... Mr. Knightly used hurricane spin and Metagross fell before him like wheat in a field! Also I figured out my magikarp team: Magikarp, noibat, feebas, wimpod, abra (or beldum cause i like em), and... COSMOG!
  3. What do you look like?

    @Mr. Finn Oh that's harsh... and also makes no sense AND THEN MY MEGA MEWTWO USED FLAMETHROWER ON HIM!!!
  4. What do you look like?

    Hmmm... You make a good point... *Pulls out a houndoom with a houndoomite* As a member of team Magma I will SMITE THEE!!
  5. What do you look like?

    @Mr. Finn You too!? I guess I have to fight both of you... *pulls out a SECOND sword!*
  6. What do you look like?

    @LemonJones What's that? You'll have to fight me for her!
  7. @CrimsonDragon21 What no! Come on we can be friends! *Pulls sword out behind his back*
  8. @CrimsonDragon21 Oh my goodness, that is the exact same thing I voted!
  9. What do you look like?

    @Mr. Finn I agree with you. I would say you look pretty cool!
  10. What do you look like?

    @Mr. FinnI like it but it's just not quite as, how do I say this... beautiful as Caimie's.
  11. What do you look like?

    @Caimie Please accept this sword in a humble offering of my service milady.
  12. Oh, wouldn't it be fun if someone did a run with the magikarp pokemon, like feebas, magikarp, and wimpod. I don't know who else to put in but the first couple gym battles would be awful.
  13. @Thundermaze Do whatever you need to do, we don't care when you start the giveaway again. As long as we know you're okay, I for one wouldn't care if you didn't giveaway one more pokemon. Do whatever you need to, we can always wait.
  14. @Candy How did you learn my se... *AHEM* I mean, what do you mean?