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  1. Mr. Knightly

    Birb mafia (Day 1)

    I am hesitant to just vote for filthy as he could just be townie acting weird and giving the mafia easy bw, however he is acting really weird. Despite the fact that we have little info I think it is important to try to make some reads. I am slightly suspicious of Lia (for saying we need more posts and then not making them) and Captain Breakfast (voting and babbling with little rhyme or reason (although this could just be cause he is new)).
  2. Mr. Knightly

    Wonderland Mafia(Day 5)

    @purplecicada It seems strange that we would HAVE to hang to the old maid and the like, but works for me, visit me tonight and turn me, or hang me tomorrow. Either way really, but I think you are mistaken. Pretty sure once the rebels are dead town wins and third party wins or doesn't.
  3. Mr. Knightly

    Wonderland Mafia(Day 5)

    @purplecicada I wish the mafia had visited me... Unfortunately even if they had it takes three visits to turn me. Not really sure what you want me to say at this point. We are going to hang the last mafia and town will win (congrats!), but I am still unaligned and will lose. No biggie, but not a lot for me to say. If you guys want my opinions, if you want me to answer some questions, or you just wanna chat, I would be more then happy to do so . [Eliminate] Hypurr
  4. Mr. Knightly

    Birb mafia (Day 1)

    is that slot still open @Bam the 25th
  5. Mr. Knightly

    Wonderland Mafia(Day 5)

    @NickCrash ??? I don't know what happened to Lykos. Maybe he got hit be the wonderland mystery.
  6. Mr. Knightly

    Wonderland Mafia(Day 5)

    @NickCrash @Candy @Venus @Filthy Casual @Psychic Sheep @Alaris @purplecicada @LykosHand @Paul25 @Bam the 25th @Jace Stormkirk Okay guys I just read through everything and if Candy is right we will have found the last of the mafia/third party. The thing is there are 7 evil/neutral roles. We have killed three, Paul is a fourth, and I am a fifth. I am the Ace of Spades, and I am a neutral role. I have no alignment (or the ability to win currently), but as soon as I get visited by three people of either party I will join there side and finally be able to win (and gain a night action). I have been super frustrated trying to get either side to visit me, but currently literally no one has. It looks like town is gonna win, (and that is awesome), but I would like to win too so if somebody could rb me or something awesome. Visit me tonight, somebody pretty please.... [Eliminate] Seel
  7. Mr. Knightly

    Wonderland Mafia(Day 5)

    I don't want anyone to think I am not following the course of the game, but it seems there isn't much to add to this. [Eliminate] Caimie
  8. Mr. Knightly

    Wonderland Mafia(Day 5)

    Alright sweet we got a mafia/third party. @Alaris Did you get anything last night?
  9. @Mazino Divergent What's NAI? I guess what I meant was that it seemed odd that Zeropassion randomly voted Paul out of all of us, and I think they are kinda suspicious in part because of that and the way they asked me to contribute without adding anything themselves and then recently made some more filler posts. Dive being Dive simply means I can't get a read on you yet cause this is how you acted as town in other games, but I think you are skilled enough to use the same manner as town or mafia. I don't exactly "think" Candy is mafia, but while I was writing that post I was thinking about who could be mafia and Candy was the first person I thought of. So mostly just a gut feeling but I thought it was worth mentioning.
  10. Mr. Knightly

    Wonderland Mafia(Day 5)

    @Alaris It seems likely to me that Venus is trying to trick you into disguising as a town and then killing you effectively getting rid of a valuable player and a town role. Personally I would check Venus, but it's up to you. @Corso @Caimie @Candy @Venus @Seal @Filthy Casual @Psychic Sheep @purplecicada @Archeric @LykosHand @NickCrash @Cataline @Paul25 @Bam the 25th @Jace Stormkirk No matter whose role he tries to steal I would suggest if we can someone heal him. If he succeeds we can have another confirmed townie and if he fails we will know a mafia member. Also I would appreciate everyone's opinions on who they think is mafia and who is town.
  11. @purplecicada Honestly, I would'a been less harsh if I knew you were the cook, but yeah, it is bad.
  12. Alright it's time to get down to business. First up is @NickCrash we need to hire a new cook because the food here is garbage. I mean this stuff tastes like doo doo casserole with a side of behind salad. That being said I will continue with business for real. Zeropassion seems suspicious currently voting paul for no reason but not really much to go on right now so it is probably just random. Dives seems, well, like Dive so not much to say there. And I am not sure what else can be read from so little discussion except that it kinda seems like L'Belle was making filler posts. Also I have a giant gut feeling that Candy is mafia but I will wait for more info.
  13. Mr. Knightly

    Wonderland Mafia(Day 5)

    @NickCrash It all makes sense now! Thanks for that load of info. I too had begun to suspect you, but your hesitation to pick sides makes sense now. Ordinarily I would say to lynch alaris to get rid of an obvious third party, but I think it would be better to lynch Archeric and prove this Cheshire/Detective duo trustworthy. I have no reason not to believe them as I had already suspected Archeric myself. I wonder if the detective could tell us who else they invested. Also I think maybe this chat switched when Drak died or it changes every night (wonderland thing) or maybe someone is picking people (meaning they would have been super lucky this time). @Candy @purplecicada @Alaris @Bok Choi @LykosHand (idk who all to ping, Nick is already gonna see it and these are some of the more trustworthy players right now imo (despite the fact that alaris is third party)) Currently my suspicions are on Venus (he still isn't contributing much, voted alaris as an easy way to not vote Archeric, got off yesterday but continues to not do much, and was suggesting the town crier (aka Cheshire cat) reveal themselves as well as possibly the detective), Archeric (need I say more), and Seel (he hopped on the drak bw for poor, at best reasons, and continued to say almost nothing the rest of the day). [Eliminate] Archeric
  14. @Mazino Divergent Ah thanks or clarifying what the roles did. I was unsure hence I placed my vote as I did [Unvote] Detective [Vote] Psychologist