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  1. Hey. So, I decided to start a series on Tapas about Reborn. The first episode is up and you can read it, it's not too big. I would appreciate some feedback and/or suggestions to improve the series. As for the help, I was wondering if anyone could make a banner, and/or cover for the book. I tried and I failed. Here's the link to the first chapter:https://tapas.io/episode/1181253
  2. So, I've made a little series where I write the adventure of the game. Or what I could in 15.000 words, while adding some personality, so it wont become just copied dialogues from the game. I would like to add that I'm not a good writer, so it might be shit. But it was fun to write it. Some feedback and suggestions are welcome. I need help in creating a banner and an icon. I tried doing them myself, but they suck. So if someone could help me, or at least give me a suggestion for a placeholder, that would be great. This is the first episode.
  3. MadHappy

    Female Cyndaquil Request

    @Lord Drakyle "The two don'y seem to like each other much." - Day-Care Man
  4. MadHappy

    Female Cyndaquil Request

    @Lord Drakyle Tried it 7 times. The Day-Care Man always said that they don't like to spend time with eachother.
  5. MadHappy

    Female Cyndaquil Request

    So, I leveld up my Quilava to a Typhlosion, only to find out it won't mate with Ditto, so I need a female Cyndaquil to get the egg to complete the starter egg quest. Anyone willing to trade?
  6. MadHappy

    Dissapearing Pokemons

    So, I caught Bagon, saved and went to sleep. Next day I see Bagon is replaced my Gallade, which was missing from the PC as well, and I can't find Bagon anywhere.
  7. MadHappy

    Bagon Question [SPOILER]

    @wcvOh, thx. Forgot about that
  8. MadHappy

    Bagon Question [SPOILER]

    Well, when I taught him to fly, I forgot I melted the snow below, soo... is he ok, do I need a move or an item to wake him up, or is he dead>
  9. MadHappy

    Depths PC

    It's the PC you find when you get teleported by the PULSE-Abra
  10. MadHappy

    (ep 18) Railnet west side?

    @kai2801 No. At least, I think not.
  11. MadHappy

    (ep 18) Railnet west side?

    You finished the story, so the TM and all the other stuff in the railnet will be at the Lost and Found.
  12. MadHappy


    Fund all the projects at the Grand Hall: Azurine Restoration, Obsidia Living Spaces and Railnet Reconstruction.