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  1. Who beat you the most times?

    30 God-Damned times by Julia. I am ashamed by myself.
  2. Looking for a Muddy Starter

    Have Fun
  3. Looking for a Muddy Starter

    Get online. Im waiting
  4. Looking for a Muddy Starter

    Done. Might throw in a Yanma for free too. I have a lot of them ID MadHappy Edit: Hew, would you happen to have a Helix Fossil laying around I could borrow?
  5. Looking for a Muddy Starter

    I can breed you one. Hang on
  6. Bug Gym Mayhem 3: The Flames of Defeat

    A Swamper is god against her. Earthquake to kill her Pokemon ( yours too, but acceptable casualties of war, that is if you don't use a Fying type ) and a water type move to cool down the terrain ( forgot if you get Surf before battling her. It works wonders). Take 1-2 fire types too, as they can resist the fire attacks as you heal the rest of the team. Take some good denfense ones.
  7. [Art: Sprites] Torterra Through The Seasons

    Autumn and Spring Torterra
  8. Pokemon Reborn Book Pool

    From my previous topic, I said I will create a pool to determine the fate of my writing. Check the topic here to understand what I'm talking about.
  9. Pokemon Reborn Book Idea!

    Hello everyone. Some might remember me for my theories ( Here ) and my custom shinies ( Here and here ), but I wanted to try my hand at writing a second time. After a little considering and re-reading my attempt to a written run ( I'll link the run in the description ) I came to realize that it wasn't an actual written run, but more like a book. So, I came to the realization of my new project : Pokemon Reborn The Book (ofc, I will change the title. I couldn't come up with another 2 good words related to the main plot of the game) I'll transform the attempted run into an actual book, if the feedback is good. The first chapter can stay as it is, but I may change the starters. I'll probably start a pool to decide what Pokemons will the main character use ( I have a few chosen already ). I will introduce all the characters you can choose from in the beginning of the game. If the book is well received, I might continue writing chapters. I might come up to a chapter 19-20 until the game is on hold again until the release of the next ep. Just for the sake of writing it, I made a new save file and I look and write the exact words of the NPC's to be accurate. You don't know how frustrating and painful it can be. If there's a script, please link it to me. Here's the link to Chapter 1, tell me what you think of it, and vote in the pool that I will upload after this post if should I try writing the book, keep up with just a run, or stop writing and wasting people's time reading these.
  10. Looking for a Shinx for Event (Cyndaquil request)

    Shinx was for Null, right?
  11. (Closed)

    Well, Chandelure's PokeDex entry reads as follow : So, her spirit was burned, leaving the body behind. Think about it this way: The driver ( the spirit ) is gone while the car remains ( the body ). And I agree with @Josef. Cait ( Eclipse's real name ) will most probably return in the new world. And you find only terrain info about the new world .
  12. Simon Quest Bug

    Thanks, @walpurgis. Guess I won't be helping Simon any time soon. Only if Ame makes it so Simon goes to Peridot regardless.
  13. Simon Quest Bug

    First, I don't know if this is a known bug, so if it is, sorry. I know I talked to Simon and Tara in the mountain base, and I couldn't find Simon after returning to a restored Reborn. I like Toxic, especially with Venoshock, plus, I want to finish all the other quests before EP 18 ( at least leave the Aqua Job still on hold till it's fixed ).
  14. X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    I am curios of one thing ( and forgive me if it was asked in this thread before, I didn't checked all the pages, I'm half asleep as it is right now ) that might/might not be added into the game. As the game is like Emerald, as it says on the Pokemon Reborn page, I was curious if we'd have a secret base of sorts. In Emerald, you had to hunt these wall markings and use Secret Power to open them. In Reborn, I thought it will be incorporated later in the main story, as the secret base mechanic was pretty major ( for me at least, as I love decorating my bases with all the plushies, leaving only 1 space open to take one step ). I figure adding the code to make wall markings open, and to reset the old base if you open a new one is a bother. So, as a friend said in an old post of his, a good space could be the rail cart we get when we arrive in the Scrapyard, form Europa ( I got Taka with me when we got the cart, and as Taka is one of my fav Characters, I grew a little attached to the old rusty thing ) with another Department Store being specially focused on furniture and decorations, or upgrades such as expanding or at least repairing the thing.
  15. Pokemon Reborn E18 Sneak Peek Theory Part 2

    @Tribey, my dear co-theorist, you've reminded me of Gothitelle ! I'll go in depth later, in another theory. Also, don't forget what the Medium, Miss Direction says when you speak to her after you return her crystal ball ( Spoink quest ): "What I see in your future...is hard for me to understand. It is a future where you do not exist. It is a future where there were never any traces of you existing." I know it's a lot more, as she talks about the city and other people , I'll make a theory about that in a few weeks, but the passage about us gave me chills. If the club application passes, I'll dive deeper in another post there.