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  1. MadHappy

    Simon Quest Woes

    You had to talk to them in Tanzan Mountain to trigger the quest, before it blew up. Hopefully, when a new version is released, Simon will be added without needing to talk to them in the base.
  2. MadHappy

    Ferroseed Catch Location

    Titania's Gym. Headbutt trees.
  3. MadHappy

    Lore Episode 2 - PULSE

    (Regarding my last lore post, I was pretty tired and IDK why I said it was a theory) Yesterday we discussed about the enigmatic ZEl, a being which was created by fusing together three living beings, in an accident involving a machine designed to amplify the healing powers of a Pokemon. Instead, it was used for destruction, by Team Meteor, a crime organisation unlike any other we see in the Pokemon series. The PULSE Device/Machine uses a Pokemon strapped into it. By means unknown to us yet, it infuses the Pokemon with power, amplifying it's abilities. This, however, comes at a cost. We learn that using a PULSE causes great strain on a Pokemon's body. The exact amount is again, unknown, but we can assume it's not enough to make a Pokemon faint or die, as we see some still working after a lot of time. To our knowledge, we learn of eleven ( correct me if I'm wrong ) working PULSE devices throughout the game: The first is the Tangrowth-PULSE we meet twice, in Onyx and Lapis Wards. It causes Tangrowth to summon vines from the ground, causing destruction around them. We see Tangrowth still able to control the vines, as we see it strangling Amaria and Florina in Onyx Park. Second is the Muk-PULSE, which we meet in the Blackmoss Factory in Jasper. It was used by Meteor to poison Azurine Lake and stop sea work, in an attempt to make people leave the city. With Amaria's help, we succeed in stopping the PULSE and heal the lake, only for a little. The third one is the Camerupt-PULSE atop Pyrous Mountain. It was to be used to destroy Apophyll Academy, and thus Reborn. Cal was helping Team Meteor install it, but sabotaged the device to save the Academy. However, without knowledge, Kiki tried to destroy it with her Medichamp, only for her Pokemon to be thrown into the volcano's lava by Cal's Magmortar by Solaris's orders, and Kiki meeting her end sooner, by Solaris's Garchomp. This made Cal renounce his ties with Meteor, destroying the device. The fourth one we meet is the Abra-PULSE, in the Tanzan Mountain Meteor Base. While not under control, the device enhanced Abra's teleport power, making people and objects in the near Spinel Town teleport in random locations, such as the train at the entrance of the town, or the PokeMart teleporting near the Tanzan's entrance. After dealing with Abra, we learn that the machine enhanced objects with Abra's power prior its destruction, which means they will keep teleporting. For the fifth, we learn about the Jigglypuff-PULSE. It's purpose it to make everyone in Agate City to fall asleep, leaving only Agate Circus to tend to the refugees, or survivors in Terra's victims case. We don't see it, we only learn from it throught dialogue. The sixth is the Avalugg-PULSE in Ametrine Mountain. It's role is to block off access Ametrine City, as the mountain route is the only way to reach it by foot, by creating a big sturdy dome, whose walls can't be destroyed or melted, as we see in Hardy's Gigalith's case. This way, the city would've starved, if not for Heather and her Salamance. We destroy it after we use Dive to reach underneath the walls and resurface inside the dome. The seventh PULSE is the Clawitzer-PULSE, used as a cannon from Labradorra City. It is used to fire blasts at Saphira and her Dragonite. We first learn about it on Route 3 where we see Cain nearly killed by a blast as attempting to reach Calcenon's entrance. Again, we only learn about it, we don't see it. But we do deactivate it from underneath Labradorra, after we fight Aster and Eclipse. The eighth PULSE we learn about it Mr.Mime-PULSE. It is used to block off access to Labradorra by using Barrier. While being able to see through it, you can't get pass it. We don't see it in-game yet, but we do see it's effects. The PULSE number nine the Swallot-PULSE we see in the Water Treatment Center ( WTC for short ). After getting Waterfall, following Titania down the cascade and teaming up with her, while watching her murder Meteor Grunts, we reach the Main Room. There, we have the option to fight or not Taka, a choice which will affect the game's story. As we drain the water and leave the room, we stumble upon a Swallot rigged to a PULSE, to keep the WTC from cleaning the Lake. After taking it down, we see that Azurine Lake is restored, with sailors eager to restart working on ships, and finally being able to Surf and catch new Pokemons. The tenth PULSE is a secret one. While exploring Byxbysion Wasteland, we have a chance to reach Byxbysion Grotto. Without Flash, it is tricky, but manageable. However, when we enter a room, without flash we only hear someone called Mr. Bigglesworth, before being attacked. With Flash, we can quickly learn it is in fact a Garbodor. After taking it down, we can see a destroyed PULSE in the corner reading PULSE-01. We can assume this is the source of the waste and the main reason of Byxbysion being a toxic wasteland. The first cleanup attempt worked, only for Garbodor-PULSE to poison the land a second time overnight. Reborn decided to build walls around it to stop the waste from spreading, deeming Byxbysion a lost cause. Only the waste dug pass the walls, or went right through them, due to the multitude of objects we find, as well as the tombstones of Corey, his wife and Kiki. The eleventh and final pulse in the Magnezone-PULSE. As I talked about it in my last lore post, it was used as an energy source by Meteor in their Hideout, and it is the main cause of creating ZEL. After we defeat it in a battle against ZEL, the shockwave destroys the base and separates ZEL into Zero, Eve and Lumi. Zero is the only one left, while we don't know what happened to Eve and Lumi, and we're left to assume they were erased after the separation. While Meteor Members are indoctrinated in their ideal of a new world, there are a few who oppose this. Some were forced to join, others volunteered. Some members secretly fight against it, acting as double agents. A few people are worth mentioning. But that, is a story for another day.
  4. MadHappy

    ZEL Lore

    ( For the best experience, make the little voice inside your head sound like the big armored fellow here , or here for a better voice ) So, I'll start by saying this will include spoilers of the game. Most of you have finished the game already, but some might just be playing for the first time. So keep that in mind. ZEL. A Team Meteor Admin, put in charge by Solaris to oversee the PULSE Machines wreak havoc on Reborn, with the sole purpose to push the people out of the holy land, and the mystic chamber buried under the city. We first meed him in Onyx, where we defeat the PULSE Tangrowth, after seeing what the what the PULSE can do. We also get insight on the personalities which form ZEL : Zero ( Zel ) - the violent persona. We see him arguing, threatening, and trying to intimidate the other personas. He ( as it's confirmed he's a male in the journal in Ametrine City ) was tasked with capturing and supplying the PULSE Prototype for Team Meteor, only to wake up fused with 2 other persons. Eve Seijaya ( zEl ) - The second personality. The protective one. She protects the third personality form Zero's threats, unfazed by him. She hates him, as Zero is the main reason they are stuck together. Evelyn and Lumina are both sisters, which lived in Reborn, only to move when their father died due to a disease from the smog. Eve, Lumi and their mother went to Ametrine, to escape the smog, but it was too late. The mother contracted the same disease and died. Shortly after, Lumi had contracted the same disease. Wanting to cure her sister, Eve invented the PULSE to amplify the healing powers of a Pokemon, thus creating a cure. Only Team Meteor heard of the machine and sent Zero to claim it. Holding Lumi hostage, Zero forced Eve to keep building the device. When doe, Eve tried to rescue Lumi, only for a Magneton to be sent into the PULSE and evolving. ( I;ll continue after Lumi ) Lumina Seijaya ( zeL ) - The third personality. The shyest and kindest personality. She is the little sister of Eve, and the main reason for the existence of the PULSE machine, to be honest. Her disease made Eve create the device, thus giving Meteor their actual weapon. As continuing from where I left off at Eve, In the struggle A Magneton was sent into the PULSE, causing it to evolve into Magnezone. And as the device activated, something else happened. As told in the journal, and on the Wikipedia page, Magneton evolves by fusing 3 Magnemites together into 1. As the PULSE was active, the PULSE also amplified the evolution, causing Eve, Lumi and Zero to fuse into ZEL. Zero took control, as Eve and Lumi inhabited his body, and gave the PULSE to Meteor. With it, they caused a number of disasters, most notable being Byxbysion Wasteland, using Garbodor ( Mr. Bigglesworth ) and PULSE-01 in the caverns. That;s why the first cleanup failed. The filth was gone, but the source was still active. Later, after we fell into a trap, defeat Victoria and Archlight, and we witness Ame's death at the jaws of Lin's Hydregon, we find ZEL and the same Magnezone ( given the concern Lumi showed for it's well being, unlike to Tangrowth ). After the battle, Eve tells her sister she loves her, as she knew with Magnezone defeated/dead, they will be gone too. The shockwave after the destruction of the PULSE separated Lumi, Eve and Zero, the latter being the only one left. Alone for the first time, he couldn't cope with the sensation of loneliness, running off. So now, we only have Zero left. The other personalities either died or unfused in some other place. We shall wait and see. Of course, we still have the PULSE. What are they, how do they work, how many there are? But that, is a story for another day. (i'm trying to find a new catchphrase ) Tomorrow or Saturday, I'll make the theory about PULSE. If you like me typing these sort info stories/theories at 2 in the morning, comment down on what should I make my next theory ( and to show some support to see if people actually like these).
  5. MadHappy

    Titania's Diary Scenario?

    It is painful. It depends on what angle you look at it. Titania and Amaria became lovers because Titania knew how mentally fragile Amaria was due to depression (we learn she has depression from Amaria's journal in Onyx ) and she became her SO out of pity. Not love. I was never in love but I can imagine how painful it could be to find out. Even if you tell Amaria, she won't believe you. I mean, can you blame her? Would you believe someone when they'll tell you the one you loved for many years, slept in the same bed for so many nights, shared beautiful memories, did all of that out of pure mercy or pity? No. And her suicide attempt was to be expected. Depression makes you incredibly sad. Combine that sadness with the shock explained above, and boom. Recipe for disaster.
  6. MadHappy

    Magnezone Help

    I reckon you got the Yureu Key
  7. As far as I know, they might serve a role in the end-part of the game, where if you have X-amount with Y, you unlock something, or they have another role. I wonder if anyone has an idea.
  8. Today, I am happy to announce the making of a new club for you, sharp and curious minds. Today, I present to you : Reborn Theory! ( no, we don't have an intro. Yet ) The club that focuses on theories and easter eggs from games, movies and TV shows. It's an open club, so you can join in and post your theory, for others to debate on it. Link : Thank you for reading, and remember the club's motto: It's our job to Reborn Theory!
  9. To make sure everyone succeeds to create a theory of their own, we gathered these simple and easy guidelines to help you: 1. Set your goal Write down the goals of your theory paper clearly and succinctly. Start with a topic sentence, making sure that your argument engages or sparks interest for both you and your audience. You can't hope to interest your reading audience unless you're passionate about the subject, too. Do keep your goal in mind during the process of coming up with a written theory. 2. Wonder "Why?" Look for patterns between seemingly unrelated things. Explore the root causes behind events, and try to predict what will happen next. If you already have the seed of a theory in your head, observe the subjects of that idea and try to gather as much information as possible. Write down the "hows," the "whys," and the links between things as you piece them together. If you don't have a theory or a hypothesis in mind, you can begin by making connections. If you walk through the world with a curious eye, you may be suddenly struck by an idea. 3. Think outside the box. Yes. I know. Everyone says that. And it's true. Most of the theories I came up with are because I began thinking outside the box, taking pieces of information and putting them left and right, to see where they could fit. Some failed to produce anything, while others took form and evolved while being supported by the information from the games/movies. 4. If you think you're wrong, dig deeper. I cannot tell you the amount of times where I gave up as I reached a point where I began thinking "Nah, that's impossible.", only for me to return and realize it was possible. If you think your theory is wrong, think again, search for more information. 5. Take one good look Compile and organize the findings. Does the hypothesis still hold true? If not, rework it according to the results. Try and figure out how X fits into Y, and why it doesn't fit into Z.
  10. MadHappy

    [spoiler] regarding Kiki

    All I can say is that the tombstones are all recreations ( 'cept the one in the cemetery, that one is legit ). My guess is that the waste "duplicates" items it finds ( as I suspect the waste grows underground and the walls aren't exactly stopping it anymore). It came upon the crosses and the tombstone in Beryl - it made its own ( and my main argument is that it created tombstones instead of crosses, showing some sentience ). This deserves it's own theory, which I will make, after my Exam Simulations.
  11. MadHappy

    Who beat you the most times?

    30 God-Damned times by Julia. I am ashamed by myself.
  12. MadHappy

    Looking for a Muddy Starter

    Have Fun
  13. MadHappy

    Looking for a Muddy Starter

    Get online. Im waiting
  14. MadHappy

    Looking for a Muddy Starter

    Done. Might throw in a Yanma for free too. I have a lot of them ID MadHappy Edit: Hew, would you happen to have a Helix Fossil laying around I could borrow?
  15. MadHappy

    Looking for a Muddy Starter

    I can breed you one. Hang on