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  1. Kouteshi

    I can't speed up the game

    Thanks for the reply. So i already know i can use alt to speed up, but the thing is i still get laggy in some places when i do it.
  2. Kouteshi

    I can't speed up the game

    So i used this program called "RM FPS CONTROL" Pretty obvious what it does, basically you can set your FPS to 30,60,120 etc. I've followed this tutorial on how to use it. I opened the game, clicked the program, selected XP and selected my FPS. Then i went back to the game and i was still laggy and it didn't make any diference. My question is, does this program really work? I mean, i've tried using Cheat Engine, but my game just crashes when i set up the speedhack..and my game is getting really laggy in some places. My computer is actually decent, but still.. Can anyone help a desesperate lil' boy out?
  3. Hum, it's a "boost" but i'm in this gym for hours trying to win to her and she ALWAYS lands a critical hit. If it's a "boost" then it's a 100 % boost because i can't win this gym. My team is really strong because i asked a friend to get me some good pokés. I got a really OP metagross that can sweep most of the pokes but i can't do anything if she lands critical hits in every hit :/ I mean, this is so broken
  4. i used all my potions (i had about 17) and she literally landed a critical hit every move she used. Is this luck based or is it normal because i'm gonna ragequit lmao
  5. Oh, yes i remember. I downloaded it but i forgot to install it. Thank you
  6. So, it was the first time i entered there, there was that scene with Anna and stuff, and when i leave (forced by anna, telling me that the doctor isn't the doctor i want) i get stucked You can see a screenshot of it here: https://imgur.com/a/uYcxw Also i'm using the following pokémon mod, but even when i dont got the pokémon following, i still get stuck..