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  1. Gummy

    A good pokemon to add to my team

    Ok cool. what about Aggron( sturdy, with metal burst) or Mawile, and Mr Mime or klefki
  2. Gummy

    A good pokemon to add to my team

    ill trade you one. i have a few in my box
  3. Gummy

    Live Stream

    hi everyone does anyone know when there will be a live stream where we can all trade and chat and shiny hunt ect.
  4. Gummy

    please read my message 

    i need help with super rod

    1. Sayia


      Wait patiently. Njab (aka Plok), he can just be busy / not have time right now.

      And from what I know, it does not always repair the save file.

    2. Plok


      I'm not fixing save files over forums anymore because I can't upload them on here nor I have time. Post in troubleshooting like everyone else

    3. Sayia


      There's nothing to fix I guess, beause he uploaded a zip file.