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  1. Still need Super Rod help!

    ok ill try. are you sure west peridot? dont i need to talk to simon? because i cant find him. thats why im stuck
  2. Still need Super Rod help!

    still needs to activate the diving mission.
  3. Still need Super Rod help!

    can anyone assist me with the super rod? i may have missed it back then and now the quest cant be activated
  4. need a honedge and snivy

    ok cool
  5. need a honedge and snivy

    do you need anything else?
  6. need a honedge and snivy

    ok ill get the pokemon and trade
  7. need a honedge and snivy

    yes bro. read my message i send
  8. need a honedge and snivy

    i send you a massage
  9. need a torchic

    nah i'm good. but we can trade shinies if you want to
  10. need a torchic

    enjoy mate
  11. need a torchic

    ok ill trade you
  12. need a torchic

    ill trade you one. let me know when you are online
  13. Super Rod help!

    Hi. i may have missed the guest and cant activate it now. if anyone can assist me to get the quest. i don't want to loose my progress please thanks. New PowerArchiver ZIP File.zip
  14. please read my message 

    i need help with super rod

    1. Sayia


      Wait patiently. Njab (aka Plok), he can just be busy / not have time right now.

      And from what I know, it does not always repair the save file.

    2. Plok


      I'm not fixing save files over forums anymore because I can't upload them on here nor I have time. Post in troubleshooting like everyone else

    3. Sayia


      There's nothing to fix I guess, beause he uploaded a zip file.

  15. Grand Hall Reconstructions

    i just finished the first reconstruction. how long before i can do the next one?