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    Fly HM Location Needed

    hey guys, like the title says looking for the hm fly, dont know where it is, i just beat souta and am in GDC
  2. ya once i get to the starting screen, i click continue the it happens
  3. the thing is I cant even save because it shows that scrren right when i start
  4. Hi all, can u guys help me? So whenever I open v10 and continue my game this screen come up saying 'end of script' or something, can u all help me?
  5. St3ambot

    Submit your Pokemon OC's for my fangame!

    Hiya, I have an Idea that seems pretty cool for a rival character. Name: Alex (Subject to change) Gender: Male Appearance: Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Mediterranean, Minimalistic fashion sense, usually wearing simple sweatpants and hoodies in grey or white. Medium Length hair, falls in his face. Medium Height, Freckles. 14 years old Bio: Very spacy and distant, at first he seems kind of clueless, but as the story progresses, he has situations where incredible intelligence is hinted at. He specialises in Psychic type pokemon, when you first meet him he has an Eevee, which he later evolves into an espeon. Will speak his mind without thinking, but none of what he says is overtly negative, or positive he is pretty neutral. Story: Sorry this was long, but I hope u enjoyed it, and if u don't enjoy the story, than you can change it. I just want to show a character. Pokemon: Hope You Like It! I was bored lol
  6. Hi all, I was just wondering how to patch Pokemon rejuvenation v9 properly, because I am stuck in Sheridan Village
  7. Ok thank you both for the advice
  8. oh that sucks. sorry about that, now I look dumb lol
  9. Hi everyone, I'm starting out my very first rejuvenation playthrough, and here is my tentative team: - Primarina - Alolan Muk - Tsareena - Salazzle - Mamoswine I have 3 physical attackers, and 2 special attackers so i need something special. I also need a fighting type, so I would love for someone to trade me a riolu. I would like the riolu to be timid nature, random IVs and no EVs (to not be too OP) and not shiny. I would like it to have the egg move Nasty Plot. Thanks In advance!
  10. St3ambot

    Reborn characters Hurt/Heal (post E17)

    Cain: 21 Aya: 10 Florinia: 18 Hardy: 13 Samson: 1 Shade: 16 Shelly: 26 Anna: 27 Laura: 23 ZEL: 20 @uberle im sorry i hated on your favourite character ur right, ZEL isnt that awful, but they and Flobot are my 2 least favourite characters left @Dragoknight we know very little about Laura, so i like her so far, but if i know reborn, she could turn out to be awful. but shes nice now so no hate from me. As for why i like terra, I know shes a psychopath, but shes, in my opinion, the most colourful and intruiging member of the cast. All we know about her is that she knows Lin, she came to the circus recently and shes completely out of her mind. she is very funny, and she is super mysterious, and that is why i like her so much. Yeah she has shit morals, literally 3/4 of the cast are trash human beings. They don't have to be a good person for me to like them, for example i sympathize with Corey. As for Cain, I just like his personality, and feel he would be awesome to have around in real life. I don't like florinia, because she just bores me. at least Fern is interesting in an assholey way. Again i don't hate anyone left, the only characters i dislike are Victoria and Sirius
  11. St3ambot

    Reborn characters Hurt/Heal (post E17)

    Cain: 22 Aya: 10 Florinia: 20 Hardy: 16 Samson: 5 Shade: 17 Shelly: 24 Anna: 26 Laura: 25 ZEL: 19 Cain is the best character (left) p e r i o d. best rival team and second best character of all next to the goat terra. he is such a legend, this man will flirt with a n y b o d y. finesse god. he will probably have a massive role late game, and like i said his team is sick. and he didnt kill anyone (yet). so him and terra are the only non-edgelords i like. Cant really mess with ZEL, even though he/she/she has a super sad backstory, they still unleashed like 3 PULSE machines with full intent to kill everyone...... no matter how bad u feel mass murder is still a no-no.