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  1. Autumn Zephyr

    I’d just like to point this out.

    PULSE=J-E-N-O-V-A, confurmed? Both have the grotesque thing going on, at least.
  2. Autumn Zephyr

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    Specifically, the Goldenwood Cave uses GlitchXCity's remix of Waterfall, which uses the same motif as Undertale (the song) and Spear of Justice, to name a few. Jan hasn't been especially picky with what series the original song was from when it comes to using Glitch's work (FF7 has a piece in the game, and Sonic 06 used to, for further example), so I wouldn't be too surprised if one of her Octopath pieces wriggles its way into V11. Also, the time doth draw ever nearer! Mwahahahahahahahahahahaha!
  3. Autumn Zephyr

    Smash Bros: The Last Directbender Part 2

    Not gonna lie, I kept thinking of how utterly salty you must be throughout the Direct. Everything you were hoping wouldn't happen did, all at once! Personally, I'm glad we don't have Decidueye hogging both of Pokemon's fighter slots. Sure, we could probably have gotten something that wasn't quite so obvious, but Inceneroar was practically made for a fighting game and is certainly a better pick than, say, crabominable, so I'm chill with that. The fact that the other character was an Echo of a third party rep. I don't care for myself was a bit of a bummer, but that's probably to be expected from a series that's trying to be The Greatest Crossover Fanfic of All Timetm. I was admittedly surprised that wait until the end of the last Direct to reveal this game's Lethal Joke Character (a gosh darned Pirhana Plant, of all things!), but considering that they didn't formally reveal the Duck Hunt Duo in the last one, I'd say that's still making a stride or two. Spirits being Stickers+ was unexpected, though the story aspect is a little lacking from what little we've seen so far. Speaking of- Dammit, Sakurai, quit giving your OC the spotlight! Though, this is admittedly the sort of situation Kirby has to deal with every other month, so it does admittedly make sense that he, of all characters, survived, but still... Oh, and let's not forget this man's tendency to deal in false securities: Sakurai: "This game's story mode is intended to be more fun than serious." Story Mode: *Murders everyone in the multiverse and reanimates the corpses a few powerful individuals* Well, that certainly escalated far quicker than it had any right to! Whoops.
  4. Autumn Zephyr

    The Time Has Come! Our Pokemon Reborn Adventure!

    ...I thought you'd have access to Surf by that point in the game already, though? Huh, guess not. I also thought dewpider would be fishable, but that seems to be off as well. Welp, that's unfortunate. From what I've seen, people tend to either go full-Physical with silvally, or give it a more supportive role. Naturally, having an IV spread like that leans you toward the latter option, especially ion a game where a pokemon's Nature can be changed. Granted, you can't go all in with Z-Parting Shot shenanigans for a long while yet, but it's not like that's the only trick the chimera's got in its arsenal anyway!
  5. Autumn Zephyr

    The Time Has Come! Our Pokemon Reborn Adventure!

    Not necessarily all of it- I don't believe there's anything on the to-catch list in the infamous southern portion- but North Adventurine Woods is the only place you can find dewpider in the game, and the Fire Gym notably occurs during the period where the area is unavailable. There's also the Pikachium-Z, but I doubt that's ever gonna be useful!
  6. Autumn Zephyr

    The Time Has Come! Our Pokemon Reborn Adventure!

    Hi, I'm Severely Behind, and I'm here to declare that It'll be a while before i get anywhere close to on track. Halloween Season is always the most packed one for me IRL, more serious goings-on are at play behind the scenes, and I've got a few RPs vying for my attention as well. I'll probably do short, couple sentence summaries of the vids i haven't seen yet when I get the time to actually watch them, though, worry not- Autumn's Autistic Episode Review shall eventually return! maybe... Judging from the lack of notifications I've gotten from this side of the universe, I believe you haven'y dealt with the Adventurine Woods quite yet? You're starting to cut things a bit close there, methinks- Radomus isn't all that long before much of the Region is locked out, after all!
  7. Autumn Zephyr

    [IC] 4x Magical Girl Crossover Battle☆Royale

    Haven Haven facepalmed and groaned inwardly, grasping at the centermost pin on her hat. If what Rust said was correct, then Goldie was certain to be a serious thorn in her side. 'Dealing with people really isn't my strong suit...' More importantly, though, if Rust was telling the truth about the whole seeing souls thing, then perhaps this trip wasn't so bad after all. That's a sort of power that's almost always going to find a way to be useful when people are involved, and notably shores up one of her own weaknesses- it would be selfish to ask for more of a potential ally this early in the game. Which, of course, meant that she had to be really careful to mess this up as well! Which, in turn, meant that she shouldn't openly express her doubts about Rust being exactly as she appears quite yet. Fortunately, the world decided that it would be best to postpone any more awkward conversations. Unfortunately, it was by way of exploding walls, free flying shortcakes, and a red-headed girl who was clearly waaaay too hyped up on sugar and adrenaline. And possibly even herself, judging from her insistence on being 'the best magical girl'. "Tch, 'action' seems like a mild way to put it," she muttered as the shockwave died out, letting her take notice of a second newcomer- most likely Rust's partner- descending towards them. Was that parasol part of her arm? That was certainly weird, but there were bigger things to worry about right now. She nodded in acknowledgement as the hasty introductions proceeded, as aware as the others that the blazing blood knight before them was not going to let them chat the time away while she was around. "I believe I understand the situation well enough. Feel free to call me if you feel you need help." She leapt to the side, both to get of Rust and Veronica's way (and the path of the aggressor's attacks) and to keep from reentering Goldie's territory. Tension mounted all around her, the music changed to a dramatic pace (were there guitars before?), Veronica revealed herself to be the parasol, and both parties began to radiate absolutely absurd amounts of power that she never would've bothered to put out even if she could. It was probably mostly theatrics in this place, but it was initially overwhelming nonetheless... But even the strong have weaknesses, and she was going to see if she could pinpoint Nova's. But why wasn't...? "Don't tell me that you forgot that your vision's restricted here already," Bulla's voice chided behind her. "...Habits are hard to break." Haven sighed- this wasn't the time to be bickering. "Whatever. I'll just transform and get it over with." "Understood." The sprite's form quickly changed to a mass of azure magic, then divided into six portions that flew into Haven's pins, initiating the girl's shift in attire. Haven adjusted her newly formed goggles as magic seeped into her eyes, enhancing her vision significantly. 'Now, let's see here...' From what she could tell, Nova's power was more akin to a star's energy than standard light magic- brilliant and barely filtered, showcasing extremely little of the variance she could typically catch in this state. Which meant that if she wanted to pinpoint the wholes in the aggressor's magical defenses, she'd have to get creative. Looking at Rust and Veronica revealed a bit of a curiosity- their guards manifested not like a mystical haze like most, but as a pair of spheres that seemed to be gradually approaching each other. Even with her gift, they seemed hazy and indistinct, leaving Haven with the impression that the only reason she could see them at all was because the pair drew their power from them- basing off of Rust's commentary earlier, Haven was looking at their very souls! She didn't take the time to dwell on the sheer surreality of the situation quite yet, however, and quickly scanned them for points that weren't quite as strong as the rest. Presumably, Nova has a soul as well, so a little bit of cross-referencing should... 'There!' Sure enough, there a couple marginally darker gaps in her aura that roughly corresponded with what she saw in the locals'. 'Looks like I've found a couple sunspots!' 'Sure, but you can't exactly relay that information without the Starmantle's telepathy or one of the Technomancer's gadgets,' echoed sardonically in her head. 'You can't just let me have my moment, can you?' Haven shrugged the sprite's ire away and refocused on the battle itself. It wouldn't do to be distracted when a shot is flying at her or her assistance was called upon, though it seemed like the former was a more likely outcome by a long shot at this point... Haven gains 1 EXE from the Seamless Sight of the Shallow Seas
  8. Autumn Zephyr

    [IC] 4x Magical Girl Crossover Battle☆Royale

    Haven It took a moment, but it seemed that Haven was able to get enough of an immunity to the square's enchantment to actually hold a sensible conversation. She wasn't sure if all territory hazards were like this, but considering that the rain in her area never even seemed to threaten to soak her before she left, she figured that this was probably a special case. Regardless of the logistics, though, she couldn't help but feel a bit relieved anyway. She never had been the most graceful of dancers... Judging from the look on Rust's face, it seemed she hadn't noticed Goldie's shift in attitude. Understandable, given how laid back the reddish girl seemed, but still a little annoying. "Um, sorry about skipping out back there. It seemed like i was starting to push a few buttons, and, well... I don't think making enemies would be too beneficial for anyone at this point. Figured it would be wise not to push my luck." There was something else to the pale lady's shift in mood, though, and Haven wasn't quite sure what to make of it. She seemed to think that she had something to hide, which didn't make a whole lot of sense if they all had similar amounts of information accessible (though Bulla never had been one to paint the whole picture). Which meant that it was probably something about herself. Strategically, it was a good idea to keep your capabilities hidden at this point, but seeing as it was the mention of Stanza that triggered the change... was there possibly something wrong with their pact? Or maybe she was just used to trying to hide her magical nature that the urge came up even in such a nonsensical moment? Whatever it was, it was probably a mystery best saved for a later time.
  9. Autumn Zephyr

    [IC] 4x Magical Girl Crossover Battle☆Royale

    Haven "...Okay, then." She hadn't expected the term to offend anyone, given how commonly used it was back home, but it did make sense in retrospect- after all, the chances of there being anyone else from that world here probably weren't very high. She'd have to figure out what if this place had a generalized term for them later. For time being, it seemed to be more wise to give this woman space. "Right. Anyway, thanks for putting up with my inquiries. Hopefully you'll find a way for the rest of your day to be good despite these bizarre circumstances." She bowed stiffly, and tried to subtly motion for Rust to join in her departure. 'I have no idea how Cer does it...' she bemoaned to herself as she tried to prepare to defend against the neighbor's magical music.
  10. Autumn Zephyr

    Set or Shift?

    I'm personally a Shift user, for a couple reasons. First and foremost, I'm just too lazy to go into the Options Menu every time I start a new file. Why bother hiding that? The second thing is that I don't like complete surprise- so if the game's going to give me part of the puzzle for free, then I'm gonna take that! It's important to note that in most cases, just knowing what species the opponent is packing isn't always enough to hold an advantage- they could always be running a bizarre but effective set, or outspeed your sweeper with a Choice Scarf, or something else along the lines. And that's to say nothing of pokemon with multiple forms: if the game says you're about to face a rotom, and your opponent isn't a Monotype Specialist, then you have to decide whether you should risk your Water 'mon in case it's a rotom-H, leave your already set up Ground Type out and hope you can coverage it to death fast enough, or possibly pull some other trick entirely! Yes, Shift helps a bit, but it can easily catch you offguard anyway.
  11. Autumn Zephyr

    [IC] 4x Magical Girl Crossover Battle☆Royale

    Haven "Riiight." Haven was a little unamused by Rust's nonchalance about it, but she decided to let it go. After all, it wasn' the stranger's title that got lost in translation. More importantly, her choice of words suggested that she was likely the pactmaster of her pair, and thus an individual with significant personal power- especially considering her apparently human form. Even if that power was backed by a lack of skill, it would still be wise to avoid angering them... And then there was the matter of the pale lady. "...That's an understandable decision, given the situation. Besides, Rust and Goldie are both names derived from metals. That should keep things simple for the time being." She focused her attention to Goldie again, and kept Rust in the corner of her eye on the off chance that the newcomer tried something. "You mentioned someone called Stanza earlier. That'd be your pactmaster, I take it?"
  12. Autumn Zephyr

    [IC] 4x Magical Girl Crossover Battle☆Royale

    Haven Haven's attempt at voicing her own agreement with the pale lady's musing was interrupted by the newcomer, so she kept her mouth shut and let them say their piece. She was quick to notice that this off-colored girl's friend hadn't come with her, and figured that they must be trying to cover more ground by visiting two places at once- certainly a distinct advantage of having two humans on their team. One of them probably saw her pass through their plot while they were arguing with each other, so the other girl probably went to the bakery or even whatever landscape was to their north- assuming, of course, that she was right in their motives. You can't always tell with people, yet alone people from other worlds... "Nice to meet you, Rust," she responded, hoping that this would prove to be the truth. "I am Magical Girl Shimmer☆...Haven." Her face took on an increasingly confused expression as she attempted to process what exactly was rolling off her tongue. "...Weird. That's not quite the title I meant to give."
  13. Autumn Zephyr

    [IC] 4x Magical Girl Crossover Battle☆Royale

    Haven "Seems like we came to the same conclusion regarding the Purgatory bit," Haven confessed. 'Why does everything seem to lead to violence?' The group had hoped that they wouldn't have to fight anywhere near as much with that last battle, but it seemed that she wasn't so lucky. This did mean that she had to look at every single person as a potential enemy again, and that was rarely a pleasant experience. More importantly, that meant that the entity, or entities, that gathered them all here was unlikely to let whoever survived this experience return home without a whole bunch of strings attached... "So, some higher power snagged a bunch of warriors when their disappearance would be most unobtrusive to their realms, and had them beat each other down to see who is the strongest of the bunch," Haven shook her head. "This feels like a situation that won't end well to anyone who loses a match, or makes it all the way to the end. Though that's a fitting predicament, considering the previous conclusion..."
  14. Autumn Zephyr

    [IC] 4x Magical Girl Crossover Battle☆Royale

    Haven Crossing the border between regions was a bit... different from what she was used to, audibly speaking. That was probably to be expected, though- back home, the change was typically a little more gradual compared to the abrupt nature of this one. That didn't stop the change from simple but calming rainfall to lively song from being any more jarring! Haven was more of a hip hop type of girl, but even she had to admit that this piece sounded good enough to... '...No! This is some sort of siren's song!' She snapped herself out of the trance and forced her way back toward her goal, heaving a sigh of relief when she found that the next border hid no similar traps. 'Guess I'll have to stay on my guard here...' Haven halted when she saw that this quadrant's resident had noticed her, and tried to look as non-threatening as she could while the lady approached. Between the overall pale complexion and the golden eyes, Haven couldn't help but wonder if she might be related to an old friend of hers, though their demeanors and senses of style seemed to be quite different so far. "It certainly is," Haven answered the local's inquiry. "Especially the place behind me- there's some sort of enchanted song that can only be heard in its borders." She shrugged and shifted to a more comfortable stance. "Anyway, I was wondering if it was possible that different people were given different bits of information when we arrived here, and figured that it might be worth it to ask around."