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  1. Launce

    Still never figured this out

    There should be monitors or something similar around the city that allows you to change the weather.
  2. Launce

    Extremely poor design

    You can battle trainers at the Grand Hall since the first gym. If you're looking to play a pokemon game with just 1 team then this game is not for you. I've already completed this game to its end more than once and I never had any trouble building teams to face the challenges in this game. For someone as yourself with your experience, you should have no problem(Even though you're using 2 fire types on a team......why I don't know) EDIT- Come to think of it. Here's my concern about your team. 2 flying types 2 fire types 2 psychic types I suggest changing your team because you need better type coverage.
  3. Launce


    That is the image. It's a screenshot of Ame's comment.
  4. Launce

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Nexus will be last for sure.....
  5. Launce

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Anyone know if there will be a new episode today?
  6. Launce

    Reborn Ball Use?

    It's reborn's version of the master ball.
  7. Launce

    the event in grand hall

    I always go for it to kick it off but I don't do it right away. In the very beginning, money is very tight so you'll need that 1k to help you. Whenever I start a new playthrough, I don't trigger the event until I'm about 2 to 3 gyms in.
  8. Launce

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    So I missed it. What happened?
  9. Are you only battling with it? Leveling up isn't a good way to build friendship for evolving. Here's how I build friendship to evolve my mons. 1. Soothe Bell(Which you have.) 2. Haircuts 4. STEPS. I usually just do this mostly. Turn on High Speed, open up a Youtube Video(I run a dual monitor) and watch the video while running back and forth until friendship is high enough. There are more ways to increase friendship but this should be good enough.
  10. Launce

    Hidden Message in the Void

    I actually never noticed that.. Interesting.
  11. Launce

    Dragon Scale

    Dragon scale is still in the game. There is a low chance of finding one from a horsea so you just have to keep trying. I'd say I caught about 30 horsea's until I got my Dragon scale. Also make sure your using a Pokemon that increases the chance of wild Pokemon holding an item.