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  1. Ah so if CrimsonDragon blocked Seal, then Seal's probably Hacker D Alaris' reasoning seems solid, so we'll go with that. @Mr. Knightly What reason do we have to vote pcmay? CrimsonDragon's info points towards Seal much more [unvote] Alaris [eliminate] Seal
  2. It seem very likely Alaris is Hacker D. However it seems he didn't do anything last night for some reason [eliminate] Alaris
  3. Mafia Championship Season 5 Nominations

    I second the vote for Anti
  4. Well let's see how we do. [Killer] Venus [Weapon] Morningstar [Room] Kitchen [Nominee] Alistair
  5. The Master Crown [CW/Feedback/Discussion]

    Now we can start getting into this~ Luigi: Aftermath I have to thank you. I had fun today. No problem. You don’t get it. This meant a lot to me. I don’t ever get to get out like this. … I really should get going. … … Wait. What is it? Would you like to come in for a few minutes? Next time: Welcome to Inkopolis~
  6. I found nothing in the kitchen my luck oof I've found nothing useful, sorry T_T
  7. Wait um @CrimsonDragon21 Why is Corso confirmed town? Did I miss something? I think Alaris knows Corso is innocent and was trying to see who would jump on the 'eliminate a town' train without thinking very much, and Mr. Knightly happened to be the first to jump on without thinking. I guess I'll do this [eliminate] Mr. Knightly
  8. See? That helped. It also seems you have some kind of access to dead chats (?), which could be pretty useful. Or you could be outright lying. Please don't be a liar [unvote] Corso [vote] Amber
  9. The Master Crown [CW/Feedback/Discussion]

    This one's a doozy. Prologue 2: The Mushroom Kingdom Does he ever wonder? Wonder what? Why you keep letting yourself be taken. We both know you can take care of yourself. Can I though? I feel trapped. There’s no way I can ever have what I want. You can. And you can be free. I’m here after all.
  10. This is a story of how the multiverse came together. As with any massive change, some people came out better, and some people came out worse. New bonds were forged between time and space, that would remain unbreakable for eternity. Other bonds were shattered. Completely and irreparably. But the seeds of the events you see before you were sown long before these beloved heroes were brought together. In fact, you may come to find you don’t know these beloved heroes at all. You may come to find that the heroes and the villains are one and the same. They all have something to hide. And they all have everything to lose. Hi everyone! I want to just say have fun (hopefully) reading, but I should probably put a few introduction tidbits. 1. This is loosely, and I mean very loosely inspired by Smash brothers. Long story short, the new game is coming out, so I replayed Subspace Emissary and thought "If I were to write a crossover event, what would I want it to be?" Well here we are. Sorry if your favorite characters aren't in a spotlight at some point, but I don't want to overcrowd the story 2. I don't claim to follow the lore, backstories, or mechanics of these games 100% at all. I've taken a few creative liberties in changing a few things, so don't expect things in this story to follow every bit of history from these games at all. THAT BEING SAID, I don't want characters to be unrecognizable. They are still the video game characters you know and love, just with a small twist. (Think Once Upon a Time but with Nintendo characters) 3. Feel free to give feedback, thoughts and discuss in this thread, no need to PM, and I don't think I'm going to make a separate thread for feedback. As you will see a few chapters in, there'll be plenty to discuss. If you're still reading, wow I'm impressed, and thank you. Without further blabber from me, here we go~ Chapter Links Prologue 1: The Sorcerer
  11. Erm Corso. If you really want to prove your innocence, why not reveal whatever information you have to change our minds and show us that you're actually trying to help? Because saying you have info and not revealing it is not helpful at all. In fact, it's kind of the opposite of helping us. I think my vote is going to quite firmly stay on Corso now.
  12. But does anyone have information? Killing someone with no information will get us nowhere. Does anybody have light to shed on anything? As of what we know right now, we don't have many options. Option one: Abstain/not lynch again (Which is bad) Option two: Eliminate someone random (Which is bad) Option three: Eliminate someone by gut (Which didn't work out last day) Option four: Eliminate someone who's quiet and not posting (Which may be our best bet at this point, buying us time) My VERY TENTATIVE vote at this time, simply because he's barely contributed: [eliminate] Corso
  13. Guess I'll follow my gut like everyone else is doing. (No, I don't have a rationale for this, I only hope we have more info next day :/) [eliminate] Hypurr
  14. To recap I was wrong, Lykos' source is untrustworthy, and the Hackers and Trolls took one of each other out. Alaris' hunch was right about Lía being untrustworthy, it seems, and now we're back at square one :/ Lykos, any ideas?
  15. The Pheonix Wright is a bit much Venus huuuuh? Lykos died, which means he was at that point in the dead chat, which is when Nicki claimed she was the only lurker. He said that a couple of days ago. If Sailboat answers my question we have our answer. You killed Newt, that much is true. Whether you did it intentionally or unintentionally is going to make or break your innocence. Lykos could very well be right. So sailboat didn't answer my question it seems. Which means there's a 1/3 chance of his innocence. Troll who accidentally killed his teammate, or Hacker/User who happened to kill a troll on the first night with his bomb. The odds are not in your favor, and I think I'm inclined to trust Lykos. He has absolutely no reason to intentionally deceive us [unvote] Hypurr [vote] Venus (again)