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  1. The mystery deepens... Olimar: Visitors We can’t keep this up, it’s too strong! It can’t reach the Observatory, not yet. I’m sorry, Fox, I have to pull back. … Dammit, we’re never going to keep it back long enough. Next Time: The Girl and the Goddess
  2. Where are the rest of our Pokemon friends? Hoopa: World of Fire We’re almost there. Halcandra? Yes. The planet of the Ancients. Do you know if Magolor is on our tail? Oh, I have no doubt that he is.
  3. What could come of this, I wonder? Rosalina: Vivication Did you see that? His bracelet? I thought I was the only one. You remember, right? Too well. The Dark Star. He has it.
  4. It's been a while, but I'm baaack~ Meta Knight: The Starcutter This wasn’t supposed to happen. You want her safe, don’t you? … She’ll be free when what I need is in my hands.
  5. This was really fun to write. Enjoy the cliffhanger! Link: The Hylian Oli… Is he still like this? He hasn't moved. He’s just… Staring. His eyes… They have a glow… We can't just leave him here. We won't. We can keep him safe. We have to, after what we’ve seen. Let's move him to the Dolphin.
  6. Well that was nothing short of a complete disaster. You can still do this guys I think, go team!
  7. Bok Choi

    confusion mafia [game over town wins]

    Ok, so I think- Oh wait I died. bye
  8. Cass, I'm not trying to get, nor do I need a pity defense. I felt my posts justified my votes on Nicki and Belle (Even if I did end up being wrong in the end) Again, I don't find fault in Cass for voting me, because all I've been doing is lynching people on our team, so don't jump all over her for voting me. I placed my vote on Belle after Knightly did, so I'm inclined to townread Knightly. On the other side of that, I can see one or both of either Amber or Capt. Breakfast being mafia for a couple reasons. 1) Before Amber replaced Zero, Zero was hella strange. I'm pretty sure it ain't just me who thought so. 2) They both voted for Nicki, in quick succession at the end of the day phase, not giving Nicki a chance to counter my arguments. 3) This line from Zero: "This is an okay post from Bok and also mirrors my view that I stated before". When checking over posts again, he never stated or said anything related to my arguments, but then proceeded to say my post mirrors whatever unsaid view he had? Captain Breakfast is contributing a lot though, he did acknowledge his scum-ness earlier, and he is trying to scumhunt, so I will let it slide for now. [eliminate] DigitalAmber About the others: Caimie is quiet as usual, but I do find her literal last minute post on day one suspicious. Maybe she just missed Filthy's end of day announcement on the maf server? I'll be watching, but there's not a whole lot to watch. Bean is Bean. I have great difficulty reading him. So. I noticed he seems more rational when he's maf tho, so I doubt he's maf here Cataline has really quieted down this past day, which matches what I usually do when I'm maf. Slight scumread, but I'll see when/if she posts more. Lykos: I think he's town, but I realize I haven't played with Lykos, and haven't ever seen him be maf, so it's hard for me to read him. I understand his points though, so mostly townread. Cass: Slight scumread, a little more confident about this than about Cat, but I can't really put my finger on why. I think it's a mix of her quickly antagonizing Dive day one, and her weirdly strong defense of Cat day two. If one flips one way, I think I can be confident the other is the same. Just something to think about for the coming phases.
  9. sigh. So clearly I should just shut up and stop suggesting people to lynch. Yes, Belle and Nicki's deaths were both entirely my fault. Yes, I'm town, and yes, my explanation is pretty much entirely my rationale for my votes day 1 and 2. No, I won't blame you if you vote me because I suck, and I really don't have any way of proving my innocence.
  10. And with this, you've met all the major players. Enjoy! Fox McCloud: Star Fighters Are we going? It’s now or never. His forces are focused on getting Hoopa back. … Have you heard anything from home? Nothing. Not a word. As much as I’ve fought them… I hope they’re okay. … Me too.
  11. Erm, what conclusion did I jump to? The whole point of my suspicions were to see what people would say and how they would defend themselves before I voted someone. Captain Breakfast's point makes sense, so based on that, the one other possible situation is that maf killed Dive to throw suspicion onto Belle and subsequently take attention off of someone else, like Bean. I gotta mull over this for a bit because I'm still not entirely sure of Belle's innocence. All your points have merit, which is why I'm not a hundred percent confident in my read, but your touchiness in counter-voting people who try to get you to defend your actions rubs me the wrong way. Venus also hasn't said a thing since voting for Cat, so unless he claims he has solid proof, this'll be my vote: [Eliminate] L'Belle
  12. Ok. Thoughts thinking right now. Dive flipping town makes me think even more suspiciously of L'Belle. Dive's only real suspect was Belle, and he gets lynched the following night? That can't be coincidental methinks. Yes Dive is strong, but if he was going after the wrong person, why wouldn't maf keep Dive alive? of course I might be wrong AsYouveSo ClearlySeen but Sooo, my strongest suspects for Mafia are Belle and Cass (because she was the first one besides him to retaliate with a vote against Dive). Yes, she rationalized it but still something nags at me. I also want to hear thoughts from ZP and Breakfast on why they jumped so quickly onto my Nicki vote with little more than an "I agree". About Cat, it's not the first time Venus would have lied to stir up activity, but I don't see anyone counterclaiming "you couldn't know that" so I don't quite disbelieve him yet. Cat is an option to lynch if my mind changes about Belle. I'll cast my vote tomorrow
  13. Dammit guys, I told you I could be wrong >_< I don't blame you if you want to kill me rip. I gotta think about how the votes panned out last day, so I'll give more thoughts later on.
  14. Dive does tend to be quite aggressive in scumhunting the first days, so I wouldn't call that very suspicious, it's just how he plays. However, Belle's statement gives me the opposite feel, because i think Belle was just frustrated that Dive found his explanation scummy. Nicki piling a fourth vote on top of bean with little reason makes me suspicious. If you really didn't know who to vote, vote for someone else that won't be lynched, because there are already enough votes on others for this day not to end in a tie. The "lynching bean does no harm" is also suspicious. I believe you yourself said recently in another game that every townie matters, and we have little reason to believe anyone is either town or maf. Tldr, I don't think town Nicki would vote Bean with just the reason "it wouldn't hurt" [Eliminate] Purplecicada Urrregh but my gut tells me Nicki is innocent. Nobody follow my vote, but I'm gonna be keeping a close eye on Nicki.